Thursday, May 24, 2018


The SUN began it's yearly gallop through the perceptive, versatile sign of Gemini Sunday, May 20th, at 10:15 PM EDT ... this is the final astrological sign of the Spring season in the Northern hemisphere and the Fall season in the Southern hemisphere ... Gemini energy is all about acquiring knowledge, communicating in a variety of ways, and constantly being on the MOVE ... so ... get ready ... get set ... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ??? ... just keep in mind that Mars is slowing down having entered its shadow point back on May 12th in advance of its upcoming retrograde journey for 2018 beginning on June 26th !!!

In Gemini, the Sun encourages us to shine fluently - one may gain or seek recognition for their verbal skills and their ability to be highly creative through perceptiveness and the ability to compare, contrast, and find connections between ideas ... there is a need to shine by being versatile - here is a natural drive towards a wide ranging curiosity which could also get you into trouble or end up causing you to be too scattered ... a wide variety of talents, social contacts and hobbies will assist one in their self-expression ... there is also a need to shine for ones agility and flexibility - one could achieve recognition through their dexterity, adaptability or enhanced eye-hand coordination ... and there is a need to seek recognition for ones mental brilliance - one wants to feel proud of their intelligence, rationality and logic ... there is a tendency here to be ego-vulnerable regarding ones mental and communication skills ... pride and shame issues are tied to the mind in this sign ... and ultimately one needs to express themselves verbally and to achieve positive recognition for their intellect !!!

Gemini is a masculine/air/mutable(flexible) sign ... its symbol is the Twins - associated with duality, humanism, versatility and communication ... the picture is that of two figures standing side by side with a line over the top and the bottom - also known as the glyph for the Roman numeral 2 ... symbolically, these two upright lines bounded on the top and the bottom represent wisdom, learning, and the power of the mind to synthesize information ... Gemini's key phrase is "I THINK" and its keyword is "VERSATILITY" ... Anatomically it rules the hands, arms, shoulders and lungs thus making this energy prone to strains and accidents with the arms and hands as well as being prone to bronchitis and respiratory ailments ... Gemini is the sign opposite to Sagittarius in the zodiac !!!

As you are certainly aware of by now, Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini in addition to the sign of Virgo ... Mercury - the ancient messenger of the Gods ... in astrology it rules travel and communication with its main emphasis being quick cleverness and a nervous temperament ... but it also bestows somewhat of a fickle nature that tends to arouse unexpected anger in others sometimes the depth of which Gemini energy misjudges ... its keyword is "REASONING ABILITY" ... it therefore rules reason, mental and cerebral capacity, ability to communicate, intellect, awareness, dexterity, rationalization, transmission, words, opinion, and sensory perceptions ... its action is quick, uncertain, and volatile ... it deals with travel - especially short trips, brothers and sisters, children, clerking, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighborhood activities, letters and mailings, means of transportation, trade, and techniques ... in your natal chart the place where you find Mercury shows how and where you communicate the best ... anatomically, Mercury rules the  nervous system, brain, sight, hands and arms !!!

Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of the horoscope ... this is the house of side-by-side relationships whose keyword is "AWARENESS" ... the 3rd house shows the local environment you live in, your brothers and sisters, and all forms of communication - speaking, writing, and singing ... it indicates all means of transportation including short trips ... it shows the adaptability of ones mind to learning and to new ideas, the ability to relate to ones environment, and ones taken-for-granted skills ... this house shows the conscious and objective portion of ones mind as well as ones primary schooling !!!

The Sun in Gemini teaches us all about learning to live through being able to COMMUNICATE !!!  ... here we have the contact maker ... one who is forever young ... Gemini is famous for its duality and sometimes contrary nature ... word and mind play is an endless source of amusement here ... versatility rules - everything is equally interesting to Gemini therefore making it most likely one of the least prejudiced of the 12 signs of the Zodiac ... Gemini has an extremely lively imagination making it also one of the most artistically creative signs as well ... ironically one can lack the imagination to see that in using ones imagination it draws one into a closer intimacy with life itself, but getting deeply involved is the Twins weakest ability ... ultimately one must realize that the answer to the eternal Gemini questioning lies within the imagination and not the brain!!!

The energy of the Sun in Gemini can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: amusing, perceptive, witty, eloquent, swift, ingenious, quick on the uptake, mobile, versatile, flexible, adaptable, imaginative, non-dogmatic, sees both sides, light touch, objective, clever mind, informative, resourceful

NEGATIVE: cheap, glib, sarcastic, chatterbox, fly, devious, shifty, evasive, dabbler, two-faced, fickle, "chases rainbows", non-committal, indecisive, superficial, aloof, unable to see the whole picture, bluffer, involved in excessive gossip

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN GEMINI BORN !!! - part of your reason for being here is certainly to not only learn about a lot of different information yourself, but to educate the rest of us as well, keep us on our toes and help us understand that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER when used positively !!!

The Sun is currently transiting through Gemini all by its lonesome self but not to worry as Mercury will join the communication heyday on May 29th !!! ... the Sun remains in the sign of Gemini until June 21st ... to that end, respect your own dreams and avoid cutting corners in your pursuit of them ... more importantly, pay attention to the "value" of what you say !!!

Gemini is truly a very youthful oriented energy, so for the next few weeks just enjoy "being a kid again" and think about what it must be like to be "FOREVER YOUNG" ... and with all this energy driving us to pursue so much information from so many places, we may end up feeling as though we are indeed moving at the speed of light !!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


VENUS - the planet of love, affection, attraction, social interactions and desires began its emotional swim through the nurturing, intuitive sign of Cancer Saturday, May 19th, at 9:11 AM EDT  ... Venus was last in Cancer from July 31st through August 25th/26th 2017 !!!  

Venus transiting through a WATER sign such as this takes on an even more emotional rather than an intellectual connection to everything it is attracted to ... Venus in Cancer enjoys home, food, nurturing and/or dependency ... it can be very sensitive and protective in relating to people, and it appreciates emotional warmth and attachments ... affection is expressed protectively, tenaciously and in a nurturing manner ... pleasure is found through security ... ones comfort level may well depend on feeling like part of a "family" !!!

Venus in Cancer produces a preference to share within a very closely attached group ... if one should lack faith under this energy, there could be a result of moodiness, shyness, over protection - including self and others, and stinginess which could interfere with the potential for closeness and the ability to enjoy life ... money and possessions are usually handled cautiously ... there is a desire to nurture and/or be nurtured in ones love relationships ... closeness involves dependency, care taking and receptivity ... this Venus energy can be somewhat thin-skinned and truly needs to hear the words "I love you" often !!!

Venus in Cancer teaches us to learn to love oneself as well as others through the process of nurturing ... it believes that home is indeed where the heart is ... the expression of love here is tied into the need to give or receive comfort and security ... there is the trap to become so concerned with receiving love that you forget the quality and quantity of love you actually give ... this love is usually of the most instinctive kind ... there is a romantic leaning towards the sentimental ... there also comes a rather changeable nature in showing or accepting affection which usually is a result of doubts about ones own attractiveness ... home and family are central to ones happiness here ... there is the possibility that one possesses cooking, decorating, or other domestic skills under this energy ... sometimes the fear of change and/or disruption within the home and family produce worry which physically expressed manifests in the form of stomach or throat problems ... the  energy of Venus in Cancer can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: gentle, kind, tender, romantic, sentimental, sensitive, compassionate, dreamy, devoted, loyal, unselfish, dependable, caring, protective, motherly, sympathetic, home-making, reassuring, comforting

NEGATIVE: timid, gooey, fawning, easily hurt, moody, muddled, clingy, too attached, weak-willed, dependent, fussy, shy, insecure, fears unfamiliar, gluttonous, vulnerable, taking others for granted, emotional threatening, inhospitable

Cancer born individuals, this is your time to "glow" as Venus moves through your birth sign and shines its "love light" on you ... be nice and kind enough and you just might get what you ask for !!!

Venus is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Cancer ... Venus remains in the sign of Cancer until June 13th !!!

For the next 26 days, try to relax and enjoy as the Universe is guiding us and teaching us how to gently navigate through the emotional "waters" of love !!! ... perhaps we all now could try and use Mother Nature as a "role model" for how to nurture and nourish  ourselves as well as others ... allowing others to sometimes lean on you will help prevent you from continuously leaning on others too much ... by admitting to our hopes and what hurts us we can ultimately encourage others to do so as well !!!

Be on guard though because, with the potential for the love of food being greatly heightened, as the old saying goes, ONE WHO INDULGES - BULGES ... and in the case of this particular "loving" energy, it could be in more than one way !!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


MARS began its initial transit through the rebellious, progressive sign of Aquarius today, May 16th, at 12:55 AM EDT ... Mars functions well in Aquarius, perhaps a little too well at times, since it is an Air sign and what does Air do ???? ... that's right - IT GIVES LIFE TO FIRE !!! ... the last time Mars transited the sign of Aquarius was November 9th through December 19th, 2016 - anything come to mind from that period that included taking initiative in getting what you want, sexual drive, using strength and courage in pursuing your desires ... all areas Mars naturally rules ??? ... no telling what kind of aggressive actions will be manifested with Mars being influenced by the energy of the ruling planet of Aquarius - Uranus the planet of the sudden and unexpected !!! ... so now Mars is in a "planetary relationship" with Uranus as Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius ... and when this duo gets together - LOOK OUT !!! ... but haven't we been experiencing this recently while Uranus was transiting through the sign of Aries ???

In Aquarius, the energy of Mars is expressed on a mental plane ... actions may be quick, but one must be committed intellectually ... this energy makes one very people-oriented and often involved in a wide variety of projects ... usually there is some element of reform or fighting for freedom somewhere in the outlook ... Mars in Aquarius can be high-strung and unpredictable creating a struggle between wanting to do things independently and getting involved in group activities ... one usually tries to deal with sexual relationships here rationally but may swing back and forth between passionate involvement and detachment ... this energy often bestows acute insight into human nature !!!

Mars in Aquarius is naturally independent, unconventional and unique ... being a distinct individual is essential with this energy ... spontaneous inclination is geared towards tolerance, openness, and a willingness to fight for equal opportunity ... identity is tied to progress, the future and anything new and on the cutting edge ... there is a strong need for free expression and broad perspectives ... passion sometimes ends up being sidetracked into a detached or scientific perspective ... physical energy and sexual drive are fueled by variety, mental stimulation, freedom, experimentation and the possibility of something new on the cutting edge that is moving towards the future ... one needs openness and free flow in life here !!!

Mars in Aquarius teaches all about getting what we want through liberating ... this is the freedom fighter - the leader  of the pack !!! ... one is usually willing to go out on a limb to get what they want when inspired by this energy ... what truly motivates one here is having to "buck" some kind of system - be it family, partners, friends or anything that seems to be limiting ones freedom ... without sufficient freedom ones personal vital energies become blocked up inside ... one is often motivated by goals for the common good that often involve benefiting all forms of life in addition to human ... ultimately ones interest in ones self must be aligned with the interest of others ... the ultimate lesson of this energy is that inventiveness and the quickness with which one learns from their mistakes become shining examples of how human beings can best get along in this world!!! ... the energy of Mars in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: independent, unconventional, complex, original, progressive, reformist, humanitarian, idealistic, resolute, resourceful, group leader, co-operative, surprising, high-spirited, active, stimulating, sexually free, sexually experimental, non-possessive, cool

NEGATIVE: cantankerous, perverse, contrary, peculiar, impatient, rebellious, superficial, escapist, inconstant, loner, uncooperative, erratic, disruptive, indolent, shocking, sexually loose, sexually irresponsible, unfeeling, cold

Aquarius born individuals, what a week you have had as your ruling planet just changed signs and now you are being infused with an extra shot of energy - like you really need !!! ...  you are potentially enabled to get a lot of productive work accomplished - just as long as you don't get too explosive and run over the rest of us!!! ... but the question now becomes what truly will occur as your ruling planet has "slammed" into the sign of Taurus which, being an earth sign, likes to take things at a very slow and steady pace ??? ... Aries born, as well as Aries Moon and Rising sign born, your ruling planet is now a "partner in crime" with Uranus so take care not to go too far too fast !!!

Mars will not complete its transit through the sign of Aquarius until - WAIT FOR IT - November 15th !!! ... Mars will begin its next retrograde period on June 26th when it reaches 9 degrees 13 minutes Aquarius and go back to 28 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn where it will conclude its retrograde journey for 2018 on August 27th ... it will leave Aquarius on August 12th and then return, once back in direct motion, on September 10th !!!

During this extended transit through the sign of Aquarius, perhaps many of us will realize that the purpose of being alone is to ultimately discover one is for all and all is for one  !!!

Monday, May 14, 2018


MERCURY began its highly focused and concentrated transit through the sign of Taurus on Sunday, May 14th at 8:40 AM EDT ... our mode of thinking and communicating now shifts from the rapid fire energy of Aries into the slower and more methodical energy of Taurus ... Mercury was last in the sign of Taurus from March 31st through June 6th, 2017 ... a longer than normal due to its second retrograde period for 2017 !!!

The keyword for this energy is "factual" !!! ... here the mind and tongue work deliberately and steadily with the tendency to sometimes get stuck in mental ruts ... this energy can be highly practical and grounded ... business skills or any activity that incorporates the use of common sense usually accompanies this energy ... often there can be learning through tactile contact or actual physical manipulation of the world ... perceptions can often be limited due to a desire to learn slowly and carefully ... there is a desire to bring ideas down to earth, and there are usually interests in money, sensuality and physical comfort  !!!

Mercury in Taurus loves to read - ANYTHING !!! ... time is taken in order to arrive at all decisions ... this Mercury likes to "sleep on it" and needs solid, tangible, physical proof in order to really believe in anything ... the thought pattern is developed in terms of worth thus making "value" the ultimate selling point ... there is usually an excellent memory bestowed by this mercurial energy and it makes one a good observer but ironically one is apt to listen inattentively as their mind is almost always already made up and will rarely be changed !!! ... even though there is a love of reading, it is ultimately realized that experience teaches one the most valuable lessons in life !!!

Mercury in Taurus teaches us to think through stabilization ... it's all about the concrete mind - SEEING IS BELIEVING !!! ... the mind here likes to chew things over and over in order to acquire a true depth of knowledge ... and frequently because this energy takes longer to reach a decision, opportunities may be missed ... this energy has its definite likes and dislikes ... there is more of a taste for the traditional rather than the abstract and the avant-garde, and one finds it is steady working habits that produce thorough and solid results ... ultimately there is a gift given here to see how any plan will work out in physical terms ... the energy of Mercury in Taurus can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: sound mind, thorough, patient, cautious, shrewd, resourceful, sensible, realistic, good concentration, mentally sure, deliberating, practical thinker, sense of form, steady mind, enduring, mentally laid-back, docile, undemanding

NEGATIVE: slow minded, plodding, tardy, guarded, mean-minded, money-grubbing, boneheaded, one-track-minded, overburdened, limited thinker, stubborn mind, lazy-minded, dumb, misses the point, couch potato

Mercury now joins the Sun already in transit through Taurus with the really big news that Uranus begins it's initial transit through Taurus on May 15th ... and anytime an outer planet changes signs it is a major shift of usually great significance !!! ... Mercury remains in the sign of Taurus until May 29th !!!

Taurus born individuals, are you beginning to feel the tempo picking up in your thinking and communicating somewhat ??? ... now is your chance - along with the rest of us - to get a lot accomplished and get our minds anchored to a firmer foundation of rational and practical thinking with this earth energy !!!

Thinking and rethinking is exactly what Mercury in Taurus naturally likes to do ... and that is no "BULL" !!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


VENUS  - the planet representing love, affection, attraction, beauty, happiness, value and values, indulgence, superficiality, social and artistic expression, and harmony - began its transit through the charming and versatile sign of Gemini Tuesday, April 24th, at 12:40 PM EDT ... This Venus is both lighthearted and emotionally objective, and Gemini,being an air sign, encourages Venus to move about a lot and variety is indeed the spice of life which includes objects, foods, experiences, and most importantly PEOPLE !!! ... Venus was last in Gemini from July 4th through July 31st, 2017 !!!

Venus in Gemini likes intellectual stimulation as much as romance ... there is a tendency towards a lack of commitment as Gemini makes Venus way too lighthearted to remain in one place for too long and can cause it to be very flirty ... often there is literary talent along with a love of language as well as sociability ... it enjoys mental stimulation as well as learning ... there is a pronounced casual air in relating to people ... this Venus just loves good ideas ... affection is expressed playfully, youthfully, verbally and lightheartedly ... the handling of money and possessions is usually objective and logical !!! 

Venus in Gemini is extremely oral, so to speak, as it thrives on good communications and intellectual give-and-take in love relationships ... flirting and engaging in superficial relationships could occur due to the desire for a lot of variety and new stimulation as well as a desire to keep things cool and steer clear of too much emotional intensity ... intelligence and quick wit is highly attractive here ... this Venus enjoys being amused and entertained, otherwise there will be the tendency to look over ones shoulder at whoever is passing by ... Venus in Gemini is frequently drawn towards younger partners !!!

Venus in Gemini teaches us that the most effective way we learn to love is through communicating ... it can be a sparkling personality ... there is a strong desire here to prevent stagnation and maintain fluidity so if you fall in love under this energy blindly expecting security and predictability you could be in for great disappointment ... Venus in Gemini is a budding love rather than love in full bloom so it has to be allowed to develop ... loving through communicating means letting the one you love know it rather than sitting on your feelings ... this Venus likes to get around - it is said that sexual or family ties are your "heart", but it is the diversity of social relationships that are the "lungs" which breathe life into your very being ... being a sign of duality, Gemini will cause Venus to be more aware of what it wants than what it thinks it wants ... it is most likely that under this energy one will only attract what they truly desire ... the energy of Venus in Gemini can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: amusing and friendly, coolly affectionate, light-hearted, emotionally objective, socially at ease, emotionally buoyant, stimulating company, lively conversationalist, ear to the ground, good-humored, expressive, agile and witty, socially adaptable, emotionally flexible, well-connected, charming, courteous, tactful, co-operative

NEGATIVE: overly flirtatious, flippant and flighty, makes light of others feelings, emotionally distant, social butterfly, superficial values, lack of commitment, meaningless banter, shallow gossip, empty gestures, verbose, restless and fickle, double standards, inconsistent partner, social opportunist, insincere, easy come - easy go

Gemini born individuals, this is your time to "glow" and become more "attractive" - the "love light" is shining on YOU ... as always, you should seek out and ask for what you want ... you just might get it !!!

Venus is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Gemini, and will conclude its transit right before the Sun enters Gemini on May 20th ... Venus remains in the sign of Gemini until May 19th ... during the course of this Venus transit, we all should try to tap into our natural wit and appeal - it's there somewhere !!! 

Try listening to your heart and not your own voice as well as other peoples voices ... others will appreciate you if you truly appreciate them ... expressing your feelings verbally, without being overbearing, will open new doors both socially and emotionally ... time to get out there and experience the reality of variety truly being the spice of life ... and while you're at it, you just might become proficient at speaking the "language"of LOVE !!!


PLUTO - whose cosmic energy has the potential to bring about empowerment, destiny, awareness of obsessions, penetration to divulge hidden causes, to produce profound levels of consciousness, can bring about death - not necessarily of the physical body - rebirth, regeneration or destruction, transformation, harming or healing, depth and insight, and  has the energy to enable us with self-renewal began its retrograde journey for 2018 Sunday, April 22nd, at 11:23 AM EDT ... this Pluto retrograde will occur from 21 DEGREES 17  MINUTES CAPRICORN back to 18 DEGREES 45 MINUTES CAPRICORN !!!

As Pluto has been slowing down, astrologically speaking, and vibrating sending out its intense energy of transformation and change - much of which we either hadn't expected or in some cases really wanted needed even if we really didn't want to admit it - the last several weeks ... Pluto has been in the 21 degree area of Capricorn since March 19th !!! ... it has probably produced a lot of intensity and restless tension in many peoples lives somewhere ... if you've had a natal chart done and know where 21 degrees 17 minutes Capricorn falls, then you might understand where in your life this  impending shift was preparing to take place ... check to see if you have any natal planets at 21 degrees or within one or two degrees of that in any sign to determine whether or not Pluto is making a stressful or favorable aspect influencing your life !!!

While Pluto is in Capricorn, we can expect deep-reaching transformation of the social order and laws, corporate structures and in the areas of personal responsibility, fulfillment of duties, and general awakening as to personal destiny ... we might also expect some changes in the geographical structure of the earth as well - noticed the increased frequency of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since Pluto entered Capricorn in January of 2008 ???

Pluto is an outer planet and its energy is directed towards not only personal but generational transformation, so it makes this a time for everyone to step back and review how each one of us is contributing to the future and evolution of mankind and the Earth, or perhaps how we are working towards destroying it ... it’s important to become more conscious of how we individually and collectively impact the Earth and our fellow human beings ... and how willing are you to take an honest look deep within yourself and be open minded and have faith enough to face your inner truth in order to determine where change must take place ???

Scorpio and Capricorn born could be especially sensitive to this shift and what it produces, as well as Cancer born as Capricorn is the sign in opposition to your natal sun placement ... but we will all feel this energy somewhere in our lives both individually and collectively ... keep in mind the tearing down yielding rebirth and change is needed in order to promote further personal and spiritual growth ... in some cases it may be very drastic and challenging while in others it may not have quite the forceful impact !!!

Scorpio born individuals, this is your yearly period of review and reflection of what is transpiring in your life, and especially what has transpired in your life since September 28th of 2017, that is urging you to release, allow transformation, regeneration and healing to take place in some area of your life - in other words, where must change take place due to a "cracked" or severely weakened foundation that will not support further personal and spiritual growth ??? ... and that goes for all of us as well !!!

If you have a Scorpio Moon or Ascendant you may be more sensitive to the retrograde period as well - Moon people through emotional issues and Ascendant people through issues of how you project yourself out into the world ... also if you know which house in your natal chart Pluto is currently transiting through, that "stage" where life plays out will produce some interesting and possibly challenging energy ... I have also read many times that when an outer planet - Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - shifts directions, a slightly increased number of "souls" tend to leave the planet ... particularly those who are elderly ... something to watch for especially at the very beginning of the retrograde period and at the end !!!

Pluto naturally rules the elimination and reproduction systems of the body so there could be issues there ... maybe, maybe not ... Pluto is also the natural ruler of the 8th house - which includes the support you receive from other people including financial, moral, spiritual and physical ... it addresses legacies, trusts, wills, taxes, insurance matters and lets not forget "secrets", sex, spiritual and physical regeneration, psychological rebirth and degeneration and death - not necessarily actual physical though .... also occult matters, sleep, deep research, investigation, hidden assets - including the assets of partners and alimony, and finally, surgery - any of these areas are fair game during the Pluto retrograde ...

Pluto remains retrograde until September 30th ... as the harbinger of powerful upheaval, transformation, destruction, "death", rebirth and deep healing, Pluto retrograde certainly has the potential to and will most likely shake things up ... and one thing is absolutely for sure where Pluto is involved whether in forward or retrograde motion - THERE WILL BE CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION !!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


SATURN - the planet representing the urge for security and safety, that is also known as the taskmaster teaching us the lessons we must learn in life, shows us what we are unsure of or truly fear, and forces us to find the means to acquire discipline, effort and sense of order so that we may overcome limitations and obstacles, and most importantly known as Father Time - began its RETROGRADE journey for 2018 on April 17th at 9:47 PM EDT ... this Saturn retrograde period goes from 9 DEGREES 09 MINUTES back to 2 DEGREES 33 MINUTES CAPRICORN ... if you've had a natal chart done, then you know in what area or areas of your life, depending on whether or not this retrograde period will take place in one or two houses in your natal chart, Saturn has, and will continue for a while longer, be making you focus your attention on to improve and make sure your foundations are more secure and solid !!!

The main objective of a transiting Saturn retrograde is RESTRUCTURING, if necessary, our foundations to make sure they are strong and solid ... since Saturn is the planet which represents systems and organizations,  during its retrograde period the time has come to re-examine these areas and find ways to improve them and elevate them to a higher level of efficiency ... it  is now time for every one of us to restructure systems, programs,  organizations, and even rules in order to make them function more productively  ... processes and policies will all benefit from re-examination during this period even though it may not always be easy but very challenging as well as frustrating !!!

Saturn is currently transiting through the sign of Capricorn which it began back on December 19th, 2017 ... this is the sign it naturally rules and is therefore is considered to be in dignity operating very powerfully ... Saturn in Capricorn is all about organizing ... this placement frequently gives rise to desire for power, prestige and some kind of authority ... it is considered to be an excellent placement for those interested in politics, business, science or any kind of career that brings public acclaim and recognition ... after all, Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house which is concerned with career and public image !!!

Saturn in Capricorn is persistent, calculating, very careful, highly practical and very good at organization with its razor sharp focus ... but it can also yield a rather cold and reserved air at times ... it is often a marker of those born with this placement who had to struggle to gain personal security early in life ... as a result, one is willing and understands the necessity to work hard to achieve in life and fully expects others to do so as well ... this placement of Saturn can lead one to the highest levels of personal evolution and understanding, or it can cause one to lean towards being overly materialistic and selfish ... one definitely needs to learn to develop a sense of humor as this energy can be so driving and demanding !!!

My fellow Capricorns, this begins our yearly period of review and self introspection as this is our ruling planet ... what has been going on in your life since Saturn stationed back into direct motion back on August 25th, 2017 ???  ... what have you been working on and possibly rebuilding and restructuring that now needs some re-examination and reevaluation to determine whether or not you are on the right track to produce the desired results you are working towards ??? ... or what did you start working on during the last Saturn retrograde period - April 5th/6th through August 25th, 2017 - that now MUST be addressed and either improved upon or simply let go of in order to facilitate personal and spiritual growth ??? ... this applies to everyone as well !!!

Usually people are not very happy when Saturn comes into the picture to teach us and make us learn life lessons that often are very daunting and difficult, but we native Capricorns understand how hard Saturn's "weight" which can bear down on us ... so its retrograde journey each time becomes an opportunity for everyone else to feel and hopefully come to understand what we have to live with all of our life ... challenging - you bet !!! ... and no one would ever say it is an easy task, but the potential for rewards are unlimited if you open your eyes, ears and hearts, allow the universe to lead the way and be willing to go the distance ... after all, if you don't learn the first time, you can make sure the Universe will bring the lessons back around again, and the next time they may end up being even more difficult to deal with in your life !!!

Saturn retrogrades roughly every 12 1/2 months for a period of about 4 1/2 months ... Saturn remains retrograde until September 6th at 7:10 AM EDT ... indeed Saturn teaches every one of us different but difficult lessons in life ... but if you keep your feet firmly planted and try to stay positive and understand that the "light at the end of the tunnel" usually signifies greater personal as well as spiritual growth, you will definitely come through a much stronger person and better for the lessons you have taken seriously and made great personal effort to learn from ... you will definitely be better equipped to deal with life and its many challenges as well as being able to determine if you are truly standing on solid ground or teetering on faulty foundations that will eventually collapse beneath you creating who knows what kind of havoc in your life !!!