Friday, December 1, 2017


Venus began its transit through the enthusiastic, broad-minded sign of Sagittarius today, December 1st, at 4:14 AM EST ... this Venus is all about the adventure and excitement that love can bring, and therefore ends up being a love that doesn't always last ... but friendships have longevity and they are usually numerous ... Venus was last in Sagittarius from October 18th through November 11th, 2016 ... this is a much lighter, happier version of the pursuit of love than Scorpio yields !!!

Venus in Sagittarius energy enjoys travel, philosophy, education, and anything which will broaden ones horizons and perspective on life ... it is friendly, expansive and philanthropic towards people ... affection is expressed generously, grandly, extravagantly unless one becomes disillusioned when their ideals are denied ... in fact, this Venus can give so much that it forgets it deserves to receive as well ... honesty is valued and one can be quite broad minded in terms of love ... pleasure is found through ideals and ideas !!!

It may be difficult getting settled down into one relationship because there is the enjoyment of exploration and adventure along with the constant seeking of the ideal relationship ... comfort and harmony here requires the freedom to roam, explore, and always be able to look for something better ... NEVER try to tie down or fence this Venus in or it's over in the blink of an eye !!! ... the handling of money and possessions is usually optimistic and often can lead one to getting overextended ... this Venus wants "THE BEST" in its love relationships ... both partners must agree on goals, values and their world view ... philosophical harmony is absolutely essential ... being direct and honest is required ... there is also an increased benefit through foreign travel, people and their cultures ...this Venus energy can be extremely flirtatious !!!

Venus in Sagittarius teaches us how we love through what it is we are seeking ... it's the joy of love - here we find an awareness of the inexhaustible bounty of love ... one understands that there cannot be the good times without the bad, and through thick and thin faith in love and spiritual quests is never lost ... the unbounded and expansive sense of love and pleasure can inspire and warm ones heart ... along with the awareness of the infinite supply of Love, it is important to give something of value to others !!!

Venus in Sagittarius is also concerned with the bonding of physical and spiritual love ... it is important here to learn from actual experience rather than from a book ... ultimately a set of beliefs and principles will dictate that ones manner of loving and relating is essential to ones happiness ... this Venus likes quick emotional responses, honest and upfront relating, playing around and philanthropy ... it dislikes holding back, leaving things unsaid, restraint and inactivity and flattery and phony facades ... the energy of Venus in Sagittarius can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: romantic imagination, light-hearted, warm and affectionate, generous, guided by particular standards, benevolence and loyalty, idealistic, demonstrative, non-possessive, emotionally frank, honest with ones lover, broad-minded, socially active, vivacious, popular, friendly

NEGATIVE: easily attracted, impressionable, overly flirtatious, broken promises, forces beliefs on ones partner, unable to face emotional truth, hard to please, escapist, scatters emotions, fickle, brutally and offensively tactless, impersonally affectionate, amoral, name-dropper, promiscuous, a "groupie", squanders affections

Sagittarius born, the "love light " is shining on you for the next few weeks ... in fact Sagittarius Rising and Moon born will benefit as well !!! ... you just might get what you "desire" so go for it !!! ... just remember that chasing your hearts desire could prove to be very challenging as Mercury's next retrograde journey will probably affect this transit of Venus for 22 of its 24 day transit !!! 

Venus now joins the Sun, Mercury - set to begin its final retrograde journey on Sunday, December 3rd, and Saturn which is about to complete its two and a half year transit through the sign of Sagittarius on December 19th !!! ... Venus remains in Sagittarius until December 24th/25th depending on which time zone in which you live !!!

As Venus transits Sagittarius, it is important to remember to set a higher value on yourself which ultimately may lead to others appreciating you more ... you will be truly loved for expressing how you truly feel about yourself ... identify your ideals and needs and seek to express them ... understand that love grows through its own trials !!! ... and due to its nature of being extremely frank and direct in communicating its feelings, it might be best to heed the sage advice to take caution and remember - "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS" !!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


NEPTUNE - planet of the spiritual, the universal, the ethereal, the mysterious and mystical, enlightenment and/or delusion, sensitivity, imagination, escape, release, surrender, sacrifice, compassion, suffering, meditation, healing, artistic inspiration, music, drugs and alcohol, glamour, fantasy, religious drives, romantic love, film , altered states, dissolving, uplifting experiences, confusion, consolation and dreams - completed its retrograde journey for 2017 Wednesday, November 22nd, at 9:21 AM  EST  - "WAKE UP" !!!

Neptune has been retrograde since June 16th of this year, and therefore requiring all of us to go inward and seek to attempt to tune into the collective unconscious and try to understand how our fears, illusions, confusion, or personal spiritual journey are connected into the energy of what is happening with humanity ... This retrograde journey of Neptune occurred from 14 degrees 16 minutes Pisces back down to 11 degrees 28 minutes  Pisces ... if you've had a natal chart done, you might find this was a sensitive point in your chart in regards to Neptune and its retrograde ... and especially sensitive is wherever 11 degrees 28 minutes Pisces falls as Neptune stationed at that degree and takes a few days to exit that degree ... that time frame being roughly from 11/15 through 12/2 ... in fact many may have felt confused, foggy, listless or even completely drained of energy while Neptune was stationed at 11 degrees 28 minutes Pisces beginning around 11/14 !!!

Hopefully we have been able to determine whether or not we have been applying our own personal energies in a positive manner in order to develop faith and spirituality ... it is possible that many of us have discovered that we have been aimlessly following a path of escapism and disappointment ... it has been a time to develop a rational objectivity concerning the intangible aspects of life which would include truth, fear, hope and inspiration ... many artists, musicians, poets and those who lead highly spiritual lives may have been able to tap into their higher selves and find inspiration to further their abilities !!!

We all should have been paying extra special attention to our dreams, even though we should always be doing this, as they are sure to have brought us important messages from our unconscious state ... unfortunately there are those who may have been driven into drugs and alcohol as a way to "escape" what is perceived as the pain and suffering of daily life ... people born with Neptune retrograde in their natal chart are usually those who at some point in their lives find the need to question and test all aspects of faith and beliefs ... Neptune is currently transiting through the sign of Pisces ... in case you're a little "foggy", below is a review of what the energy of Neptune in the sign of Pisces, which it naturally rules, is all about :

Neptune was last in the sign of Pisces from 1847 – 1862 … some of the events occurring during that time included Brigham Young settling in Utah with the Mormons, John Sutter starting the California “Gold Rush”, Ferdinand de Lessups building the Suez canal, Marx and Engels writing “The Communist Manifesto”, Darwin developing the theory of Evolution, and this period saw the beginnings of the study of oceanography …

Some of the areas Neptune rules include: maritime matters, liquids, movies, stage and television, glamour, dreams, illusion, delusion, spirituality, mystery, anesthetics, love of poetry, color, dancing, drugs, drug addiction, alcoholism, hypochondria, hypnosis and abnormality …

In Pisces, Neptune’s qualities of spirituality and creative genius will be enhanced, especially for those born under this energy, and therefore may produce many great and gifted mystics, artists and spiritual  leaders … these people will be deep thinkers with a profound understanding about the meaning of life … their compassion may be enhanced by intense psychic powers … there are many astrologers who think this generation could possibly bring in a period of ultimate self-realization and hopefully be able to bring peace and tranquility into the world … Neptune here does NOT value materialism, so this generation will be interested in exploring the inner man and woman …

In Pisces, for all of us, Neptune produces the potential for great strides and enhanced creative expression for  people in any field of the arts … new medical discoveries will occur … new cultural concepts will be developed … there will most likely be a change on the face of religion in general but not necessarily in a bad way … there will be more of a tendency to explore and develop our inner selves yielding the possibility of attaining the capability of harmony between the physical and spiritual world … this energy will make us potentially more psychic, generous, understanding, responsive to the environment, more mystical and compassionate ... but it could also lead us in the other direction making us more gullible, passive, self-destructive and likely becoming a victim to all kinds of addictions … it is definitely a good time to start paying attention to your dreams as the Universe will undoubtedly be bringing us vital information while we sleep – keep a dream journal close by !!!

The ultimate question here becomes whether we will give in to numerous savior/victim associations becoming separated from reality and runaway into escapism lost in a world of illusion, or will we reach new heights of empathy, compassion and spiritual attainment … If we use this energy positively we indeed will be more compassionate, self-sacrificing, intuitive, artistic and creative … used negatively we will end up melancholy, an escapist, a procrastinator, vague, and likely to become a victim of many forms of addiction including drugs and alcohol …

Pisces born, this is your ruling planet so it is time to "wake up" and begin to move forward on goals, desires, and dreams once again ... what have you been rethinking and reviewing in your life since June 16th of this year that you now understand is productive and what have you discovered that may be a hindrance and detrimental to your personal and spiritual growth ??? ... especially if you know which house in your natal chart Neptune is currently transiting through thus giving an indication where in your life the transformation from this energy is taking place ... the same could be said for the rest of us as well !!!

Neptune remains in direct motion until June 18th,2018 with this forward journey going from 11 degrees 28 minutes up to 16 degrees 30 minutes Pisces - reaching just barely over its halfway point of this transit ... its journey will be especially significant if it should begin the transit of a new house in your natal chart ... Neptune will not complete its transit through Pisces until January of 2026 - still a while to go but that's the way a slower moving outer planet rolls - or transits - for you !!!

No matter what dreams may come - and they will in numbers - know that with Neptune in Pisces, dreams will definitely have the potential to become reality, and perhaps as a result we will all rise to new heights of spiritual compassion and not fall into the depths of despair, deception, delusion and addiction !!! ... and as it has been said that a "dream is a wish your heart makes" - may each one of us find our dreams becoming a reality in our lives !!! ... it is time to immerse ourselves in the "waters" of compassion, creativity and spirituality !!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


The Sun emerged out of the dark, brooding sign of Scorpio blazing its way into its exuberant, joyful transit through the cheerful, optimistic and highly adventurous sign of Sagittarius yesterday, 11/21, at 10:05 PM EST ... this is probably the most positive sign of the Zodiac !!! ... Sagittarius needs to shine for its benevolence, shine through its optimism and enthusiasm, and seek recognition for its ideals ... freedom is sought and valued on all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ... this is the sign of straightforwardness and absolute honesty - in certain cases a little too much !!!

Sagittarius, naturally energetic and outgoing, usually attains its goals through THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING !!! ... here we have serious thinkers concerned with the well  being of mankind as well as their own lives ... often the truth is spoken very frankly and undiluted so it's best to develop a thickened skin with this energy ... there is a desire here to expand into previously undreamed of realms viscerally through experience and the excitement of adventure ... there is strong inward drive to travel far and fast either geographically and/or in thought ... the creative urge is also very strong in Sagittarius which can truly help make the Holiday season "the most wonderful time of the year" !!!

Sagittarius is a mutable (flexibility), masculine fire sign ... it's glyph is the Archer's arrow ... it is ruled by the planet Jupiter whose keywords are benevolence, expansion and protective urge ... its key phrase is "I UNDERSTAND" and keyword is "VISUALIZATION" ... anatomically it rules the hips and the thighs - and there certainly can be the tendency for a lot of "expansion" in those areas of the body especially during this season of the year, right??? ... Sagittarius is the sign opposite of Gemini in the natural zodiac ...

Sagittarius it the natural ruler of the 9th house - a house of "LIFE" whose keyword is "ASPIRATION" ... the 9th house denotes your higher mind and the super conscious ... it relates to law, religion, science, ideals, higher learning, philosophy, psychology, profound mental study, personal dreams and visions ... it shows distant travel, foreigners, foreign dealings, commerce, big business, imports and exports ... the 9th house also represents the church - as a spiritual factor, the clergy, in-laws, grandchildren, intuition, ethics and public opinion in general ... it indicates the lessons we learn through living ...

The Sun in Sagittarius teaches us how to live and thrive through seeking ... it is the adventurer ... life is seen as an opportunity ... it never really matters how hard the road ahead is because it is still a road to be traveled on and go places ... there is an intuitive grasp here of how life works - this is the "manager" of the Zodiac ... there is great power at ones disposal under this energy - if you let the proverbial "horses run wild" you might end up the victim of a big crash and be torn apart ... under control and with a high target to aim at, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !!! ... and so the energy to be harnessed can be any of the following:

POSITIVE: benevolent, generous, enthusiastic, jovial, optimistic, lucky, far-sighted, positive thinker, stimulating, outspoken, colorful, open and honest, able, good judgment, honorable, mobile, expansive, carefree, vital

NEGATIVE: promises too much, excessive, over-zealous, overbearing, blind to details, jumps to conclusions, contentious, inconsiderate, tendency to exaggerate, embarrassing, boastful, moralizing, pompous, volatile, scattered, irresponsible, careless, lascivious

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN ALL SAGITTARIUS BORN - THIS IS YOUR TIME OF YEAR TO SHINE !!! ... it's the beginning of a new Solar year for you, so you have the chance to wipe the slate clean, to a point, and aim for lofty new goals which is right up your alley ... in fact under this energy, we all should be aiming for lofty new goals as we pursue this amazing journey we are on called LIFE !!!

The Sun now joins Mercury and Saturn already transiting through Sagittarius ... consider the Holiday season officially underway as the excitement of a young child's imagination - as well as anyone who is young at heart - shifts into high gear, and hopefully as well as the benefit of good will towards each other !!!

The Sun remains in Sagittarius until December 21st when it will begin its transit through the MOST FABULOUS sign of the zodiac - CAPRICORN !!! ... right my fellow Cappies ???

As the Sun blazes through Sagittarius keep in mind - there is always a direction in which to head and with this comes the encouragement and urge to climb every mountain and reach for the stars ... Each journey begins with one step forward so look upward and focus on one thing that will satisfy you and keep you on track, be true to it, and then - like the Centaur's precisely launched arrow - you will surely hit your intended target !!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


VENUS began its lusty, sensual transit through the penetrating and sexually charged sign of Scorpio Tuesday, November 7th, at 6:39 AM EST ... Venus was last in Scorpio from September 23rd through October 18th, 2016 !!!

Venus in Scorpio is considered to be operating in detriment ... that means it is transiting through the sign opposite to the one it rules which in this case is Taurus ... it is also considered to be in detriment in Aries which is the sign opposite to the other ruled by Venus and that is Libra ... in detriment, the planet is said to not be operating at its full power taking on more of the sign's rather than the planets "coloration" ... it's like visiting somewhere that you have to conform to others rules and regulations ... however, this is no less of a powerful transit for Venus - as long as it doesn't get out of control which is so easy to do !!!

THIS VENUS MEANS BUSINESS !!! ... it is highly emotionally driven and enjoys intensity and getting to the bottom of things - in more ways than one !!! ... it can be demanding, forceful, and absolutely unflinching in the way it relates to people ... affection is usually expressed passionately and accompanied with consuming and obsessive feelings ... great pleasure is found in figuring out hidden motives and meanings ... here one needs to penetrate deeply into a relationship in order to feel closeness and develop an emotional bond ... love and social needs can be hindered as a result of secrecy or a reluctance to trust others - an unwillingness to let ones guard down ... sharing the sexual, sensual, and financial areas of life may be difficult due to the need to become overindulgent or falling into the trap of denial ... becoming involved in a give-and-take scenario with others can yield transformational and transmutable energy ... a desire for loyalty and the need to be swept away, seduced, fascinated and totally absorbed in love may manifest in your life with this energy !!!

There is a tendency towards jealousy and being secretive ... sensing other peoples feelings may sometimes be difficult ... one can sometimes be very idealistic, religious or even mystical ... if advances are rejected under this energy, one can be desolated and the love becomes hate ... this Venus can forgive but it NEVER forgets, and once scorned you will NEVER get back in as close as you used to be !!!! ... an attribute with this energy is the ability to be financially skilled with an eye for rewarding investment opportunities !!!

Venus in Scorpio teaches us how we find love through what and/or whom we desire ... it's all or nothing ... harmony created through conflict ... with Venus in Scorpio comes a necessity to control ones strong emotional awareness of what turns people on or off ... ultimately the Power of Love is what Venus in Scorpio is about - and the Power of Love usually has its way with you rather than you having your way with it !!! 

Due to deep emotions and very strong and passionate sexual desires, the appetite for love here is like a bottomless pit ... when you discover that you cannot get enough, it might be best to turn the tables and start giving all you can give - it will TRANSFORM you !!! ...  there is the possibility that there may exist a feeling that something is desperate or fated about ones love life ... there is also a deep desire to find a true genuine love that purges you and transforms your life towards its destiny ... love may be withheld in order to control a partner with this energy due to the inability to handle the depths of  your own emotions and vulnerability that accompanies them !!!

Venus in Scorpio likes heartfelt emotions, gutsy  experiences, sexual revelation, a depth of aliveness ... it dislikes superficial beings, lack of soul, a boring lifestyle and exposure to ridicule ... inevitably the expression of Venus in Scorpio leads to an unavoidable intimacy with ones self ... the energy of Venus in Scorpio came be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: sexually aware, sensuous, colorful, rapturous, stimulating, magnetic, influential, sultry, subtle, self-controlled, self-sacrificing, dignified, confiding, secretive, intimate, faithful, passionate, gives all, intense

NEGATIVE: sexually obsessed, blue, depraved, hurtful, bitter, hateful, poisonous, immoral, underhanded, manipulative, self-destructive, tight-lipped, not forthcoming, possessive, jealous, expects everything, fanatical

Venus now joins the Sun and Jupiter currently transiting through the sign of Scorpio - a lot of energy driving us deep within to face who and what we are and whether or not we have the courage to change what is necessary and allow growth to take place !!! ... Venus remains in the sign of Scorpio until December 1st !!!

Scorpio born, the universal love "light" now shines on you for 24 days - go after, which you usually do anyway, and ask for what you want as you just might get it !!!

Just a heads up for those that like to be "in the know" - Venus will be taking it's next retrograde journey in 2018 from October 5th through November 16th going from 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio back to 25 degrees 14 minutes Libra - and that could prove to be very interesting !!!

Venus in Scorpio is magnetic, mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful ... it sees, it stalks, it conquers ... it can change your life forever ... but be aware you just might discover that what you think truly stirs your passions during this transit may not be what you really wanted once this transit is over and normal unbiased reasoning returns when Venus moves into the open-minded and freedom loving sign of  Sagittarius making it release it's unrelenting grip in the matter of the affairs of the heart !!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


MERCURY begins its transit through the philosophical, visionary, idealistic, inspirational sign of Sagittarius today, November 5th, at 2:19 PM EST ... Mercury was last in Sagittarius from November 12th, 2016 through January 12th, 2017 ... a  longer than normal transit due to its final retrograde journey for 2016 and that will be the same situation this year !!!

Mercury in Sagittarius is in a sign opposite to one of the signs it naturally rules - that being Gemini - and is therefore said to be in "detriment" ... it is considered less "visible", appearing to not operate at its usual full power, but not less effective though ... it is visiting a sign where it must conform to rules and regulations that it wouldn't normally have to do in certain other signs !!!

This Mercurial energy learns by gaining an overview of the Big Picture ... it wants to know everything !!! ... it can use way too many words and use great hand gestures sometimes knocking things over, and talk much too loudly at times !!!

But for all its challenges, this Mercury can be quite funny, bluntly honest, and entertain so well that you might find it appealing ... here we have a sincere energy with a great sense of humor ... sometimes things are blurted out without considering the consequences ... there can be highly intuitive flashes of truth ... there is also such an overabundance of varied interests that one can scatter their mental forces too thinly ... here the mind does not need sharpening, only good direction ... generous, progressive and honest, this Mercury does not like deception on any level !!!

Mercury in Sagittarius can produce great interest in higher education, philosophy and religion ... intellectual status is admired and one could become a non-stop talker ... there is a love of travel of any kind found here - foreign places, cultures and people can inspire ones mindset ... the mental approach is broad and quick ... communication is made enthusiastically, openly and optimistically ... the desire to be direct, truthful, generous and broad-minded aids in connections with other people ... thinking and reasoning are usually influenced by long-term goals rather than specific or short-term desires and needs !!!

Honesty is usually a major focus with this energy ... one is likely to be quite articulate and gregarious ... there can be a tendency to leap to conclusions, overgeneralize and possibly over exaggerate ... one can inspire others through their ideas ... there is a natural inclination to learn and to teach other people what one knows ... there could also be an interest in writing or the law as well !!!

Mercury in Sagittarius teaches us to learn to think and communicate through what it is we are SEEKING ... its the eternal student ... the mindset is broad and active and capable of cultivating itself and being aware of a variety of life's aspects ... there needs to be a focus here otherwise the knowledge and experience can yield a personal philosophy that is merely a scattered collection of ideas and thoughts that are disconnected ... here we have a seeking mind that is looking for the meaning of life and how we are a part of that !!!

One usually speaks their mind yielding a refreshing clearing of the air in order for one to see where they stand with others, and where others stand with you and themselves ... getting things off ones chest is important with this energy - left unsaid it could lead to difficulty with communications and evening with breathing !!! ... here is a mind filled with wonder at all this world has to offer - everything is there for the finding ... mental freedom, a good hot debate, laughing and joking, great thoughts and the promises of life are liked ... not so well liked are an overabundance of ideas, long sad faces, small minded people and those who are wet blankets ... the energy of Mercury in Sagittarius can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: frank, sincere, open-minded, speaks ones mind, versatile mind, speculative, intuitive, noble-thinking, thinks big, learned, clever, far-sighted, philosophical, fair judge, sees truth, enthusiastic, cultured, eclectic, informed, well-connected

NEGATIVE: indiscreet, irreverent, overly talkative, scattered mind, irrelevant, illogical, poor concentration, overly-grand ideas, too academic, impractical, short-sighted, sermonizing, opinionated, self righteous, trendy, conceited, pompous

Mercury now joins Saturn nearing the completion of its transit through Sagittarius which will occur on December 19th ... Mercury remains in the sign of Sagittarius until - WAIT FOR IT - January 10th/11th depending on which time zone in which you live !!! ...  Mercury will almost complete its transit the first time through Sagittarius on December 2nd/3rd where it will begin its final retrograde journey for 2017 at 29 degrees 18 minutes Sagittarius and go back to 13 degrees 0 minutes Sagittarius ... Mercury enters its next shadow point on November 13th when it reaches 13 degrees 0 minutes Sagittarius !!!

Just a heads up for those who like to be in the know ... all three personal planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars - will be taking retrograde journeys during 2018 ... the potential to make a very interesting and perhaps challenging year with all the other heavy duty energy being produced !!!

Sagittarius born, we anxiously await all of the scathingly brilliant ideas you are going to come up with while Mercury transits your birth sign !!! ... we all may come up with some as well !!! ... just be aware that many of these ideas will most likely have to be revisited and revised in some way due to the retrograde period - especially those we come up with from November 13th through December 2nd/3rd !!!

Nevertheless, during this time, each of us has the potential to enhance our native born intelligence with formal training if we choose ... we should look AND listen ... gear your thoughts to an end that is lasting or even a cause that will inspire and enlighten others ... and what is the ultimate truth one can learn while Mercury transits through Sagittarius ??? ... By opening your mind you will surely come to understand one very important fact of life - KNOWLEDGE IS TRULY POWER !!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


MERCURY began its transit through the dark, brooding sign of Scorpio Tuesday, 10/17 at 3:59 AM EDT ... Mercury was last in Scorpio from October 24th through November 12th, 2016 !!!

Mercury in Scorpio is intense, probing and filled with boundless determination ... this is the placement of the natural born detective always wanting to get to the bottom of things and ferret out information and hidden motives ... it loves tuning into underlying messages ... communication is usually done very passionately and intensely ... a lot of messages are delivered non verbally ... intimate bonds are frequently formed through ones communications ... superficiality is not tolerated ... what is spoken emanates from the depth of ones psyche !!! 

One often thinks about secrecy and silence and sometimes withholds information on purpose ... though the mind is usually thorough and organized, it can be easily swayed by powerful emotions and obsessions ... one seeks the underlying root causes here and is usually unyielding in their quest for information ... detective work might appeal to one here along with anything that looks beneath the surface such as psychotherapy, archaeology and, of course, the occult !!!

Mercury in Scorpio can make one critical, skeptical, secretive and suspicious ... opinions are set and difficult to change ... one can also be shrewd, forceful and given to being very incisive through speech or writings ... sometimes one can needlessly wound others and also come across as being rather nosey and invasive ... this position of Mercury is good for the healing professions, chemistry, photography, research and big business ... ones mentality can become so deep and fixed it can overcome any and all obstacles to get what it wants ... one must learn here to avoid using others weaknesses for ones own personal advantage and passing judgment on those less fortunate than ones self !!!

Mercury transiting through Scorpio teaches us all about how our thinking is influenced by what we desire ... it is the super sleuth of the zodiac ... what you desire and what you fear are tightly entangled in your mind ... this mind sees through people and situations ... this mentality rarely misses anything ... a warning here would be not to fall into the trap of being suspicious of malice of intent when it does not exist ... sometimes this energy can create intrigue just to keep the mind on its toes !!!

This mind is basically sharp and efficient knowing that there is always something that needs looking into thus constantly exercising the mental muscle ... the sign of real mental power and superiority here is learning when to leave well enough alone which is usually understood here ... insight is sharpened with the ability to watch and wait silently which this energy bestows ... others can often benefit greatly from the penetrating insight found here ... one is happiest here when not overcome by personal fears and phobias as they end up clouding ones judgment ... this energy likes brain-teasers, mental control and intrigues ... it dislikes mental inactivity, weak-mindedness, lack of subtlety and mincing words ... the energy of Mercury of Scorpio can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: sharp, incisive, subtle, satirical, perceptive, penetrating mind, stealthy, audacious, accurate, investigative, emphatic, determined, good concentration, quick-minded, profound, confiding, insightful, strategic

NEGATIVE: cutting, acidic, sneaky, sarcastic, suspicious, paranoid, intrusive, abusive, uncharitable, grilling, overstated, argumentative, mentally tense, presumptuous, meddlesome, incomprehensible, secretive, devious, scheming

Mercury is transiting through Scorpio with the Sun and Jupiter ... One should use the energy of this mental and communicative ability to leave no stone unturned through boundless determination in order to find what they are really after which ultimately is - ONES SELF !!!

Just a reminder - this is the last full sign transit before Mercury begins its final retrograde journey for 2017 which occurs from December 2nd/33rd until December 22nd going from 29 degrees 18 minutes Sagittarius back to 13 degrees 0 minutes Sagittarius - that should make the Holiday shopping season even more festive, right ???

Mercury remains in Scorpio for 20 days until November 5th ... now is an excellent time for a good mystery, to dig down and uncover the true facts, and for each one of us to take a crack at being a super sleuth !!!

In the end, we may find that what we uncover proves to be something much more than simply being "elementary my dear Watson" as we ultimately may discover - WHAT LIES BENEATH !!!

Monday, October 23, 2017


The Sun began its transit through the determined, aggressive, shrewd, secretive sign of Scorpio today, 10/22, at 1:27 AM EDT ... we are now being directed to turn inward to face truths about ourselves and what lies beneath  - "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" - OR CAN YOU ??? ... this energy can be extremely driven but also highly transforming ... being a water sign, you can bet the emotions will become a constant determining ingredient in many of our actions now as opposed to the mental approach of the air sign of Libra ... this energy needs to shine passionately, through its power and resourcefulness, through seeking recognition for its penetration, and maybe through being in the limelight through a compulsive persistence !!!

Scorpio is rarely passive or neutral about anything ... jealousy, being resentful and vengeance are often expressed through this deep, quite private and reserved energy ... recuperative powers are quite remarkable ... here we have the energy of the truth-seeker who uses keen judgment coupled with penetrating insight which ultimately may empower one to exercise a great deal of authority over others ... science, medicine or any field of investigation could attract one ... willpower and persistence are key factors, and even though one may become rather reticent, when pushed one becomes very outspoken and extremely direct ... Scorpio may forgive but it NEVER forgets !!!

Scorpio is a feminine/fixed/water sign ... it is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac ... its key phrase is "I Desire" and its keyword is "Intensity" ... Scorpio is the sign directly opposite to Taurus in the natural zodiac ... anatomically it rules the genitals - Scorpio born are often susceptible to infections of the urinary system and venereal disease ... in addition the inclination towards volatile emotions is the cause of exhaustion and ill health !!!

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house whose keyword is "regeneration" ... it is a house of endings ... many things are addressed here such as joint finances, legacies, trusts, wills, taxes, insurance matters, secrets, sex, spiritual and physical regeneration, psychological rebirth, degeneration and death and surgery ... it also shows types of illness !!!

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto - a planet representing destroying or reforming urges and fusion ... its keyword is "transformation" ... it governs things which are hidden from view as well as the masses, subversion, crime, phobias, obsessions, slow growth, birth and death, isolation, coercion, disappearance, bacteria and viruses, plumbing and unpopular causes ... its action is slow and inevitable ... if you've had your natal chart run, where you find Pluto is where you'll find complexity and where you'll have to solve problems on your own and without assistance ... many astrologers would also say that Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars which is considered its ancient ruler as Pluto wasn't discovered until 1930 by Percival Lowell !!!

The Sun is in Scorpio is trying to make us aware of how to live our daily lives productively through pursuing what it is we truly desire ... it is the urge to merge with someone or something else ... it is considered the most powerful sign of the zodiac ... it can usually sense what is going on beneath the surface of most situations ... this ability can make one prone to influence, manipulate, corrupt, purge, harm or heal ... this energy is unchallenged in the ability to bring to the surface the cause of trouble - whether it is heartache, disease, financial problems, etc. ... there is a great understanding as to what sex is for and about ... this energy can easily cause us to get under others skin .. there is also a great intimacy with life itself !!!

The power of Scorpio can appear as a truly magnetic charm making one totally disarming, or it can be downright cruel running over others and striking quite unexpectedly ... there is ability to raise something or someone from the depths or throw them down there ... there are deep and genuine emotions here that are often hidden from the surface ... the greatest gift comes when one is able to let go of the fear and hesitation and allow something or someone in - then there is a magical transformational effect which can lead to great healing !!!

Scorpio likes total involvement, rooting out hidden causes, being persuasive, meaningful work and the untarnished truth ... it dislikes superficial relationships, only scratching the surface, feeling as though someone got one over on them, demeaning tasks and flattering and flattery ... the energy of the Sun in Scorpio can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: intense, loyal, passionate, faith-inspiring, dynamic, regenerating, compelling, magnetic, penetrating insight, scrutinizing, shrewd, resourceful, compassionate, strong and deep, brave, powerful, healing touch, self-sacrificing, intimate

NEGATIVE: obsessive, possessive, fanatical, emotionally draining, coercive, degrading, forces allegiance, seductive, suspicious, cunning, revengeful, self-punishing, cruel, overly rigid view, corrupt, manipulative, jealous, resentful

The Sun now joins Mercury and Jupiter currently transiting through Scorpio - a lot of energy requiring us to dig deep down and face personal truths that perhaps we would rather not do !!!

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN ALL SCORPIO BORN !!! ... the Sun remains in Scorpio until November 21st !!!

While the Sun transits the sign of Scorpio, be aware that power comes through YOU: hate, and power kills ... love, and power heals ... the greatest strength here is forgiving weakness ... if you look deeply enough into someone or something you may ultimately find yourself and discover your personal power ... then reaching the point where you are no longer after something, you may suddenly realize what it is you are truly after !!!

Over  the next 30 days we all have the universal power placed in our hands to produce transformation, change, rebirth and healing in our lives as well as others ... or will we sink to the level of vengeance, cruelty, destruction and ruin ???