Monday, February 19, 2018


The SUN began its transit through the dreamy, mystical, self-sacrificing sign of Pisces yesterday, February 18th at 12:18 PM EST ... the 12th and final sign of the astrological "year" and the final sign of Winter in the Northern hemisphere and Summer in the Southern hemisphere ... the solar energy now shifts from the rebellious, unpredictable marching to the beat of a different drummer to "swimming" in emotionally, compassionate yet sometimes very confusing and deceptive waters ... don't be surprised if waves of emotions play a large part in your life experiences and decisions over the next 30 days !!!

While the Sun transits through Pisces, one may strive to shine by creating beauty, shine through ones compassion, shine through psychic openness, or seek recognition through spiritual or mystical paths ... those born under the sign of Pisces have come in with a soul lesson of needing to learn peace !!!

Pisces is a feminine, water, mutable (flexibility/changeability) sign ... its symbol is two fish tied together - swimming in opposite directions which signify hidden depths, shifting emotional currents, conflicting desires and extremes of temperament ... its glyph is considered a picture of the human feet ... in symbolic terms the glyph is two crescent moons connected by a straight line representing emotion and higher consciousness tied to and limited by the material world ... its key phrase is "I BELIEVE" and its keyword is UNDERSTANDING ... it is the sign opposite of Virgo ... anatomically it rules the pineal glands - in association with its ruling planet - and the feet !!!

The modern ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune (Jupiter is the ancient ruler) - Ancient God of the seas, second of the modern planets to be discovered (1846), and is the planet of illusion, glamour, mystery, and deception ... Neptune represents the spiritual and the escapist urge, and its keyword is INTUITION ... it rules maritime matters, liquids, music, movies, stage and television, dreams, delusion, spirituality, ideals, mystique, hunches, creative functions, and things we take  deeply for granted in life without questioning ... it also governs fog, petroleum, mystery, anesthetics, flattery, intangibles, fragrances, second sight, love of poetry, color and dancing ... in addition under its rule comes drugs and drug addiction, alcoholism, hypochondria, sleepwalking, trances, hypnosis, immateriality and abnormality ... its action is often subtle and gradual ... it is the higher vibrational octave of Venus and considered to be the second of the transcendental planets ... where you find Neptune in your natal chart is where you seek the "ideal", but where you also might tend to deceive yourself and/or others !!!

Pisces is the natural sign and ruler of the 12th house of the horoscope ... the keyword for the 12th house is SUBCONSCIOUS and it is a house of endings - after all it is the final sign of the zodiac!!! ... the 12th house represents your inner strengths and weaknesses ... it depicts behind the scenes activity - including clandestine affairs - restorative solitude, places of quiet reflection, sorrows, handicaps, secrets, seclusion and frustration can also indicate places of confinement such as jails, hospitals or mental institutions, as well as secret (hidden) enemies, restraint, inhibitions, exile, hidden dangers and self-undoing shows the things we hide from others, and research, background, subjective sustainment, inner consciousness and the subconscious mind !!!

Here we also find charity, sympathy and public welfare ... it is frequently referred to as the closet or dustbin of ones horoscope since it is in this house where we tend to sweep away or hide problems which are often too painful to face or difficulties that we refuse to acknowledge ... sometimes it can be a very creative area of the natal horoscope and can reflect ones aptitude for art, music, dancing, writing or acting ...

Sun in Pisces teaches us to learn to live through accepting ... life is a mystery and each one of us IS the mystery !!! ... under this energy one is innately aware and appreciative of all walks of life ... here one recognizes that the Soul of anything or of anyone is synonymous with sensitivity, which is synonymous with suffering, which is something one is undeniably aware of - joy and sorrow are one ... the energy of the Sun in Pisces can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: compassionate, self-sacrificing, suffers artistically, unassuming, self-effacing, gentle, still but stirring, wise, accepting, adaptable, confided in, sensitive, fascinating, mysterious, imaginative, multi-talented, selfless, devoted, easygoing

NEGATIVE: self-pitying, the human doormat, suffers needlessly, indecisive, self-limiting, wimpish, inwardly storm-tossed, inner doubts, oblivious, vague, not forthcoming, escapist, deceptive, self-mystifying, impressionable, pointless, slaving, lazy

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN ALL PISCES BORN - your new astrological year has begun !!! ... the Sun, which now joins Mercury, Venus and Neptune already transiting through the sign of Pisces, remains in Pisces until March 20th !!!

Through the energy of Pisces, one can INSPIRE others in many ways while being influenced - just don't forget to take some credit for it but then forget that you did ... give yourself to yourself before anyone else ... become illuminated and enlightened - now is the time to explore your spirituality and life's intriguing mysteries !!!

Dream, mystify, create, inspire, enlighten, be compassionate and believe in those fairy tale endings ... BUT - be cautious ere you make a dangerous detour and fall into the watery depths of addiction, depression and deception !!!

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Mercury began its dream-like transit through the highly perceptive, psychic sign of Pisces yesterday, February 17th, at 11:28 PM EST ... while Mercury is in Pisces, the thinking and communicating will be greatly influenced by and through our emotions as Pisces is a water sign, so the mind and tongue will tend to be sensitive, or overly sensitive in some cases, and intuitive with a large dose of compassion thrown in ... Mercury was last in Pisces from February 25th through March 13th, 2017 !!!

Mercury is said to be in "detriment" in Pisces ... in "detriment" being in the sign opposite to the one it naturally rules - in this case being in Pisces opposite to Virgo one of the two signs it naturally rules ... so it is not operating at its full power taking on more of the signs rather than the planet's coloration, and thus visiting where it must conform to rules and regulations of that particular sign ... however, even though it may be frequently challenged by this, Mercury in Pisces still has great potential to produce some highly inspired and creative thinking and ways of communicating !!!

One will often express their intelligence sympathetically ... if one feels safe they can be talkative and very sociable, but if not they will clam up very fast ... this energy gives one a poetic expression or ones language may be lovely and engaging ... communication here is made idealistically, imaginatively or perhaps evasively ... frequently one can make communications with other people on a non-verbal level, and one may be psychically or spiritually tuned in ... one can uplift others through their thinking and/or communicating ... often there is a wonderfully creative imagination and beauty can be created with either the mind or with ones hands ... interests are usually geared toward areas that are inspirational such as art, nature or the spirit !!! 

One could be inclined towards fantasy, evasion, avoidance or denial if what is perceived does not match ones inner ideals ... the phrase "what if ???" may frequently cloud the reasoning process with this energy ... overall, one can be quite flexible in their thinking, have a holistic approach, or even have a natural talent for synthesizing and seeing the whole of any situation ... sometimes the energy of Mercury in Pisces can produce the image of the "absent minded" professor ... one must also take extra care here as Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune the planet of illusion and escapism, can lure one to escape "mental" reality especially through drugs and alcohol !!!

Mercury in Pisces teaches us how to think and process through what we are willing and capable of accepting ... it's the poetic mind ... the dreamer of dreams ... the mind is very sensitive under this energy and it can absorb as much information as - if not more than - it learns ... sometimes thoughts and notions will appear to have come from "somewhere else" which will cause doubt in their truth and thus eventually lead to a form of mental exhaustion as a result of resisting cerebral sensitivity and reasoning ... even though this is more the mind of the poet rather than the technician, one is still able to "dream up" both scientific and artistic visions ... here the mind thinks in pictures and one can richly profit by drawing from ones dream life ... it is highly suggested to keep a dream journal - you may be surprised how creatively and divinely inspiring your dreams become from the unconscious influence of the universe !!! 

Mercury in Pisces bestows the potential ability to be in touch mentally with the Collective Unconscious and navigate the vast sea of all the thoughts and feelings that ever were or ever will be ... it is wise to accept and to understand the channel-like quality of ones mind here and to always give expression to what is coming through ... the energy of Mercury in Pisces can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: imaginative, sensitive mind, visually aware, artistic, obliging, psychic, good instincts, receptive, humorous, versatile, good mimic, highly perceptive, philosophical, dreamer, good long-term memory, accepting, refined mind, contemplative, gentle, sympathetic

NEGATIVE: suspicious, evasive, easily freaked out, lazy, easily swayed, irrational, fearful, gullible, obscure, vague, uncommunicative, absent-minded, bad short-term memory, elusive, weak-minded, slow, wimpish, at a loss for words, seeing things

Mercury in Pisces encourages each one to understand that what one lacks in knowledge one makes up for in understanding - so take your time ... you have the power to choose what you take "on board" as you navigate through these emotional waters, and it's up to you to discover how to use it ... use your imagination in a creative fashion instead of becoming a victim of it !!!

Mercury now joins Venus and Neptune already transiting through the sign of Pisces with the Sun joining the party roughly after 13 hours when Mercury begins its transit  ... the mind will certainly be actively influenced by many inspirational and highly imaginative factors ... it is up to each one of us to determine what is real and what is fleeting ... keep an open mind and allow the Universe to show you a slice of its infinite wisdom and its creative process at work  and how you might incorporate that into producing greater personal and spiritual growth in your life !!! 

Mercury remains in the sign of Pisces until  March 5th/6th depending on which time zone in which you live ... this is the last complete full sign transit without returning to the previous sign due to the next Mercury retrograde which begins on March 22nd ... its first retrograde journey for 2018 will occur from March 22nd through April 15th going from 16 degrees 54 minutes back to 4 degrees 47 minutes Aries !!! 

Meanwhile it's time to "begin, with a spin ... traveling in the world of our own creation ... what we'll see ... will defy ... explanation" !!! 

Monday, February 12, 2018


VENUS began its transit through the sympathetic, emotional sign of Pisces Saturday, February 10th, at 6:20 PM EST ... Venus was last in Pisces from January 3,2017 through April 28th, 2017 ... a longer than normal transit due to its retrograde journey from March 4th through April 15th where it actually began in Aries but returned to Pisces to complete its backward journey !!! 

Venus in Pisces is all about dreams and wishes, fairy tale endings, love at first sight, and happily ever after - well maybe !!! ... Venus is exalted in Pisces - a planet that is exalted in a sign expresses its energy more harmoniously and visibly through having its forces increased as well as its virtues magnified - especially in this case since Pisces ruler Neptune is considered to be the higher vibrational octave of Venus !!!

Venus in Pisces enjoys being compassionate, tenderhearted and helpful ... often one relates to others by taking the role of either the rescuer or a person looking for help ... affection is usually expressed idealistically, romantically, sympathetically, or sometimes evasively ... there is a deep desire for magic and romance in love ... one of the obstacles here can be a lack of clarity about what you want or a failure to be objective in regards to others which can ultimately set you up for disappointment, disillusionment, or possibly deception ... this energy needs not only love but an emotional connection as well otherwise it makes one feel very lost ... another caveat is to not become one who is afraid and holds back from expressing ones feelings and thus end up suffering in silence !!!

It is very easy under this energy to idealize love and loved ones ... one must guard against putting people and love on the proverbial "pedestal" because when reality sinks in the results can often be devastating ... sometimes a lack of discrimination can lead to highly frustrating attachments ... in this energy, one often wants a beautiful dream in their love relationships, yearns for a true soul mate, or can be psychically attuned to ones partner ... since Pisces is a water sign, Venus traveling here is especially subject to the emotions being a large part of the drive - even more so than usual!!!

Venus in Pisces can give great sensitivity to hurt that makes one feel as though they are being picked on ... one must guard against clinging to illusory loves just because they are far more beautiful than real life ... and this could ultimately prevent one from finding true closeness with another ... bottom line - this Venus wants to experience the perfect, unselfish love !!! ... tastes are frequently very refined here ... music is usually a natural means of self-expression as well as art !!!

Venus in Pisces teaches us to love through accepting - the love of all ... in fact, LOVE IS ALL ... this  energy sees the Eternal Life principle flowing through every manifestation and therefore uniting the soul with all of life ... it is said that this placement of Venus most likely has more innate ability for inspired artistic creativity than any other ... also at heart one knows and feels that love is everything - everything is regarded as being alive and sacred !!!

Venus in Pisces can yield an extremely complex love nature ... this is due to having a highly evolved sense of love as unconditional and of beauty as a healing property, but on the other hand the fears and doubts that can accompany this energy can make one inclined to see love as something one "needs" and beauty as something to "get" or to "own" ... the truth here is that each one of us is a creation of love and beauty, but if one begins to doubt this, then one can open them self up to being used and abused ... and in the end, it comes down to the fact that you can only love the world and those in it as much as you love yourself as a part of the world !!! ... the energy of Venus in Pisces can express itself in the following ways :

POSITIVE: compassionate, sympathetic, appreciates unity of all life, congenial, evocative, sensitive lover, easygoing, artistically inspired, natural healer, self-sacrificing, selfless, highly affectionate, altruistic, very generous, loves unconditionally, gentle, philanthropic, peaceful

NEGATIVE: martyr, too sentimental, too passive, seducing, idealizes lover, romantically deluding, hypersensitive, self-pitying, weak-willed, wanton, no self-value,  non discerning, fears rejection, indulging, evasive, overly impressionable

Venus now joins Neptune in this dreamy, trance like swim through the emotional "waters" of Pisces ... romance and relationships could be thrown into very murky "waters" and even more so than normal !!! ... Venus remains in Pisces until March 6th ... and a heads up for those who like to be in the know - Venus will takes its next retrograde journey this year from October 5th through November 16th going from 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio back to 25 degrees 14 minutes Libra !!!

Pisces born individuals, this is the time when Venus shines its beautiful "love light" upon you ... it is usually a good time to ask for what you want as you have the potential to be pretty much irresistible unless of course your natal energy dictates otherwise !!!

For everyone, it's time to keep "carefully" searching for the perfect "ahhhh" and seeking love with all the trimmings ... it may just be waiting - all for YOU !!! ... but the ultimate question becomes will it all be truly be what you want ??? ... best to tread the emotional "waters" of love and romance carefully !!!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


MERCURY began its transit through the intellectual, highly unconventional sign of Aquarius yesterday, January 31st, at 8:40 AM EST - just about 13 minutes after the Full Blue Blood Super Total Lunar Eclipse ... shocking isn't it ??? ... Mercury is considered to be in "exaltation" in the sign of Aquarius meaning it is in a sign other than the one it rules - in this case being Gemini and Virgo - where its energy is expressed very harmoniously and its forces are increased as well as its virtues are magnified !!! ... Mercury's last complete transit through Aquarius occurred from February 7th through February 25th, 2017 !!!

Mercury in Aquarius makes the mind and tongue tend to be unconventional sometimes to the extreme of shocking other people ... communication is made intelligently, objectively, openly, and independently... language used can be very individualistic and sometimes rebelliously ... one thinks for them self and usually resists other people's answers ... learning is best done through questioning authority and seeking out unique experiences ... the mind is experimental, innovative, and future oriented ... one wants to explore all possibilities while keeping options open ... there is the tendency to jump from idea to idea resulting perhaps from an intuitive flash or brainstorming ... one must be careful not to become a victim of fragmented or erratic thinking ... there are usually excellent verbal skills here ... one can be quite objective allowing them to talk with just about anyone ... connections are best made on an individual basis ... interests usually include anything new age - oh say like astrology, numerology and tarot - and anything unusual, different, technological or progressive ... this energy frequently gives one the mind of a computer as well as the soul of a rebel !!!

Mercury in Aquarius usually indicates a fine and clever mind that is accurate, inventive and inquisitive ... people born under this energy - like yours truly !!! - often take a great interest in other people and have excellent judgment of human nature ... there is a love of analyzing character and motivation, and the finely tuned powers of observation that accompany this energy allow one to predict accurately how someone will react in a given situation ... Mercury here makes one a rather notorious people-watcher, and gives one a broad and emotionally detached outlook ... Aquarius is known as the sign of the truth-seeker and that characterizes the way this mind works ... sometimes one may seem eccentric as the ideas are so advanced ... and one may also enjoy saying things simply to shock other people - absolutely priceless, right ???

Mercury in Aquarius gives the mind the need for a lot of stimulation and activity ... interests are pursued thoroughly because of the capability of pursuing a train of thought for very long periods ... one is also capable of great inventive originality ... there is a desire to understand how the Universe is linked together ... one must be careful here of the powerful tendency toward abstraction causing one to become too detached and end up living in a mental environment that may be a long way from the reality of others around you ... also one may find that the thoughts speed so fast that one forgets to finish sentences - thinking others will understand where your thoughts were going - or one finishes other people's sentences for them in order to get on to the next topic ... a benefit of this energy is becoming aware that the individual mind is ultimately NOT separated from the Universal mind !!!

Mercury in Aquarius teaches us to learn to think through liberating ... one perceives things mentally in a manner that seems to others as highly unlikely or even odd ... there is a definite streak of stubbornness running through the mind which is a result of having a sense of the "Truth" and understanding how things really  are ... one has to be careful of the inherent blind spot which is detached objectivity to the point of missing the emotional factors in a given situation ... one of the main challenges of this energy is to learn to communicate ones vision and help others see life from a point beyond their personal hopes and fears ... the energy of Mercury in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: original thinker, inventive, unorthodox, comprehensive, scientific, objective, concise, well-informed, unable to be shocked, open-minded, truth-loving, perceptive, progressive thinker, Utopian, reformist, socially aware, intuitive, cosmically aware, telepathic and inspiring mind

NEGATIVE: way-out thinker, cranky, irrelevant, disjointed, clinical, lacks warmth, abrupt, unfeeling, indifferent, fixed opinions, contrary, emotionally blind, out of "time", unrealistic, reactionary, anti-social, scatterbrained, spaced out, overactive mind

Mercury now joins the Sun and Venus already transiting through the sign of Aquarius ... there is only one more full sign transit, that being Pisces, to go before Mercury begins its first full retrograde journey for 2018 on March 22nd ... it will actually begin its initial transit through Aries but station into retrograde motion when it reaches 16 degrees 54 minutes Aries on March 22nd ... Mercury remains in Aquarius until February 17th ... no doubt many will come up with some scathingly brilliant ideas during this transit !!!

During Mercury's transit through Aquarius, try thinking with a very open mind and remember that the truth often awakens like a flash of lightning - are you  prepared to be struck by it ???

Saturday, January 27, 2018


MARS began its transit through the adventurous, freedom loving sign of Sagittarius yesterday, January 26th, at 7:57 AM EST ... Mars was last in Sagittarius from March 5th through September 27th, 2016 - a longer than normal transit due to its retrograde journey during 2016 ... Sagittarius being a fire sign means Mars can be extremely happy here and work very efficiently ... BUT ... there is the potential for it to be very productive or very destructive depending on how the
energy is put to use ... if not careful we can push forward so hard we end up running out of steam before we are finished with our quest !!!

Mars in Sagittarius is an "exploring energy"!!! ... it believes life is far too short to tie up ones energy in one place for too long ... this energy can make one naturally optimistic, confident, extroverted and humorous ... freedom and expanded horizons are an absolute must here!!! ... there is a spontaneous inclination towards athletics, philosophy, education, adventure, exploration or anything that seeks MORE of life and what lies beyond ... identity is tied to beliefs and values ... often what you want is guided by your faith which ultimately determines your goals in addition to your morality ... there is decisive action in the pursuit of your vision for the future or a personal aspiration ... often sexual drive and physical energy is fed by adventurous activities ... excitement, risks, movement and exploration are what Mars in Sagittarius thrives on !!!

People born under or influenced by this transiting energy are frequently driven by strong religious and/or philosophic convictions ... remember, Sagittarius is the ruler of the 9th house in the natural horoscope ... one has to be careful here not to arouse resentment of others by trying to convert others 
to their dogmatic beliefs ... one will find a strong sense of patriotism under this energy ... there can be the desire to improve the social order in which one lives ... distant places and travel, especially foreign, and the adventure and excitement they provide beckon loudly !!!

Mars in Sagittarius produces those who are direct and open in their attitudes and actions ... one of the biggest caveats found with this energy is beware the temptation to go too far too fast and spread ones energy way too thin which could ultimately lead one to end up getting nowhere fast !!!

Mars transiting Sagittarius teaches us that what we get or attain in life is accomplished through the manner in which we go about seeking it ... there seems to be a built-in urge that the sense of freedom of movement is your right thus allowing you to venture toward some distant horizon in any direction whenever you feel this urge ... however the operative phrase here might more likely be not in any direction but "in WHAT direction" ... to get what you want in life under this energy requires that you have a definite goal ... without this, Mars in Sagittarius could end up causing you to rampage about, both physically and emotionally, never acting on anything thus never really getting anywhere ... there MUST be a dream here to focus your energies on, otherwise you may ultimately feel constricted by life's situations since you haven't considered what exactly you want your freedom for - your personal banner needs something specific inscribed upon it !!! ... and in which way and how creatively will you use this double fiery energy??? ... Mars in Sagittarius energetically can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: independent, far-sighted, freedom loving, exploratory, daring and bold, adventurous, optimistic, forcefully convincing, crusading, effective teacher, active idealist, frank and open, to the point, clears the air, enthusiastic, lusty and vigorous, mobile, spirited, very friendly

NEGATIVE: opinionated, overlooks obvious, demands unlimited freedom, impetuous, scatters energies, wildly hopeful, self-righteous, fanatical, ear-bashing, preaching, tactless and rude, harsh, argumentative, extremist, lustful and carnal, restless, boisterous, lecherous

Sagittarius born individuals, did you feel an extra dose of energy perhaps, or an extra spring in your step yesterday with the ingress of Mars into your birth sign ??? ... enjoy the portion of Universal "Red Bull" you are empowered with  but there is extra precaution you should take this time around and be careful not to "incinerate" others with this energy boost you've been bestowed with ... you may feel no mountain will be too high for you to reach the summit of in your personal quest ... and may of us experiencing the energy of this transit may have the potential to feel the same way !!!

Aries born, your ruling planet now enters a new sign ready to bring you lessons and people to help expand your vision and understanding of the mystery we call LIFE !!!

Mars is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Sagittarius ... it remains in Sagittarius until March 17th ... a longer than normal transit, but it is beginning to "slow down" in advance of its retrograde journey for 2018 which occurs from June 26th through August 27th going from 9 degrees 13 minutes Aquarius back to 28 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn ... so this actually becomes the last full sign transit it makes even though it will complete its first transit through Capricorn but return on August 12th where it will complete its retrograde journey !!!

We should all make the most of this elevated energy to explore new horizons and use it as productively as possible while Mars is in Sagittarius to further personal and spiritual growth in our lives !!!

So ... just how far and how high will you be able to "climb" in your quest to discover your ultimate individual personal truths ??? ... and when all is said and done, hopefully you will come to realize - the "ultimate adventure" is getting lost in order to discover who,where and what YOU are in this lifetime !!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The Sun began its "electrifying" transit through the bold, progressive sign of Aquarius on Friday, January 19th, at 10:10 PM EST ... it's that time of year when we all have the potential to think outside of the box, become more fiercely independent, unconventional and may experience a great desire to live life on the "cutting edge" !!! ... the Sun in Aquarius allows one to "shine" in various ways :

shining uniquely and inventively - ones avenues for recognition and attention are likely to be unique to oneself, and self-expression is tied to a need for freedom to experiment ...

shining by seeking recognition rebelliously or independently - one may fight against standard methods for "success" or "fame" thus seeking recognition as a rebel ...

shining in a futuristic manner - one is likely to be ego-involved with progress achieving recognition through forward-looking activities or ideas that include working with new technology or anything that is perceived as being on the cutting edge of change ...

shining by being rational - one may achieve recognition for their objectivity, logic and intellectual detachment where creativity could possibly be directed towards innovative approaches to humanitarian causes and social welfare carefully analyzing options without any emotional bias ...

whether you are born under this natal energy or are simply incorporating it into your own natal energy by transit, you will certainly have the potential to be seen as one of the "different ones" !!!

Aquarius is a masculine, fixed air sign ... its glyph is the waves of electricity or to some waves of water ... anatomically it rules the shins, ankles and the circulatory system ... its key phrase is "I KNOW" and its keyword is "IMAGINATION" !!!

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus - the first modern planet being discovered in 1781 ... it was named after the ancient Greek sky God - the first ruler of the Universe ... its pictorial symbol is that of the Water-bearer - dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally to all representing the creation and the giving of life ... Uranus is the planet which rules the nervous system, inventions, originality, science, electricity, magic, the occult, light, psychology, x-rays, airplanes and insight into the laws of nature, and more importantly ASTROLOGY !!!  ... it is futuristic, humanitarian, intellectual, eccentric, bohemian, egotistical and Utopian ... it governs creative will, sudden change, revolution and dictators, individualism, ingenuity, rebellions and autonomy ... its action is sudden, unexpected and often violent ... it is a breaker of tradition ... recent studies have shown that Uranus is also associated with natural disasters ...

Aquarius is the sign on the 11th house of the natural  horoscope ... it is a house of group relationships whose keyword is social consciousness ... it reflects your capacity for friendship, your attitude toward  your friends and acquaintances and all non-emotional relationships ... it indicates what you most desire in life, your goals, the love you receive as well as money obtained from your profession or business ... the 11th house also shows step, foster, and adopted children, and also circumstances over which you have little to no control ... it represents your humanitarian interests, the way you see others, large and small organizations, and the clubs you belong to, which may somehow relate to your  career ...

The Sun sign describes the center of ones being - the Will ... it shows what dwells in or lies close to your heart and what gives your life a sense of creative purpose ... it is symbolic of ones Spirit ... so whether you are a natal born Aquarius or experiencing this energy through a transit, the Sun in Aquarius is teaching us how to live successfully and productively through liberating ... the goal here, being energy of the Water-bearer and Water symbolizing the emotions, is to experience and express ones feelings without getting "wet" - to avoid being emotionally biased, overly attached or becoming upset ...

The Sun is considered to be in detriment in Aquarius - being opposite the sign it naturally rules in the zodiac which in this case is Leo ... its like visiting where you must conform to rules and regulations which can be very challenging for this energy !!! ... as a result the Will can lose itself in the vast "sky" of ones urge to be free ... more than any other sign, Aquarius holds the key to what it truly means to be a human being ... but most important of all is the seeking of freedom for oneself through developing a greater sense of what life on Earth is all about ... and ironically, one being under this energy is all about discovering the love of humanity while not being so keen on one-to-one relationships ... the energy of  the Sun in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: impartial, cool, broad-minded, fair judge, friendly, gregarious, humanitarian, democratic, reformist, idealistic, inventive, original, unaffected, convincing, intuitive, outwardly calm, clownish, free-thinking, free-loving, open-ended

NEGATIVE: avoids intimacy, aloof, non-committal, emotionally inept, impersonal, anti-social, lacks sympathy, hypocritical, reactionary, impractical, cranky, elitist, mocking, imposes ideas, cutting, secretly anxious, sarcastic, catty, flighty, pointless

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN ALL AQUARIUS BORN INDIVIDUALS - this is the beginning of your new solar year - a fresh start !!! ... Leo born you are beginning a new 30 day lesson of life as your ruling planet, the Sun, transits through Aquarius ... and we all should be learning on some level of our lives as well which actually we should be doing all of the time !!!

The Sun now joins Venus already transiting through the sign of Aquarius !!! ... the Sun remains in Aquarius until February 18th ... the question now becomes - just how much of a "wild thing" marching to the beat of a different drum during this often unpredictable transit will we allow ourselves to become ???

NOW is the time to be a rebel with a specific cause in ones own unique and individually creative style that is undoubtedly being fueled by something electric in the air  !!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Venus begins her often "shocking" and unconventional transit through the progressive, rebellious sign of Aquarius today, January 17th, at 8:44 PM EST, which yields the potential to breathe some rather radical new life to any form of love that has become stale, stagnant and/or non-productive - or perhaps it will quickly bring an end to some relationship(s) letting you know in no uncertain terms it is time to MOVE ON !!! ... Venus in Aquarius is a detached yet magnetic love as well as highly unconventional varying greatly from the norm !!! ... Venus was last in Aquarius from December 7th, 2016 through January 3rd, 2017 !!!

Venus in Aquarius can be extremely unpredictable and her capacity for love truly marches to the beat of a different drum!!! ... it indeed likes being unusual or going against the norm in some form or fashion ... relations can be casual, erratic or pursued with openness and tolerance ... affection is expressed experimentally, freely, and unconventionally ... pleasure is derived from being unique and sometimes downright kinky !!! ... the handling of money and possessions can be progressive, intellectual, unpredictable, changeable, or even rebellious ... freedom AND friendship is a requirement in love relationships ... trying to tie this Venus down is a big NO-NO - well except when you are, oh wait ... that's a whole other story !!! ... this energy is often viewed as cool and aloof and one can come across as impersonal and detached ... people of a race, creed, or gender that shock others may sometimes become ones object of affection !!!

Venus in Aquarius gives a kind and loving nature ... it makes one helpful, charitable, but NOT an emotional person ... PERSONAL FREEDOM IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE !!! ... in any relationship there must be the ability to explore varied interests and hobbies, meet new people, and enjoy a wide range of friends ... jealousy is not tolerated and overly emotional scenes will usually cause one to walk away ... this energy is more likely to have platonic friendships because sexual involvements are more emotionally binding than is desired here ... immense popularity and an attraction of many lovers is possible but not of the long lasting variety - romantic attractions are usually sudden and unexpected and can end just as suddenly and unexpectedly as they began!!! ... personal magnetism is directed toward larger concerns than mere romance ... if one wants to remain close to someone under this energy, they must allow their romantic or friendship interest freedom in their relationships with others ...

Venus in Aquarius teaches us how to learn to love through liberation - LOVE MUST BE SET FREE !!! ... there is an open minded and experimental approach to relating and to artistic expression ... it is often difficult for others to see where you are coming from emotionally as ones style can be disconcerting, shocking or just  outright odd !!! ... the ironic twist here is that this energy wants to allow a partner the freedom and space to do as they please, but by giving too much freedom it might actually begin to seem as though the partner doesn't care about you ... the secret though is to learn how to reveal, in a heartfelt way of course, your opinions and questions regarding the freedom of love for the person or persons to whom you feel the closest ...

Venus  in Aquarius can be socially inventive and creatively innovative ... love and friendship absolutely MUST coexist here!!! ... and while there is certainly the idea that with all this unpredictability and need for freedom that lasting love just might be impossible under this energy, one must remember that Aquarius is a FIXED sign !!! ... the energy one might encounter with Venus in Aquarius may include:

POSITIVE: free-loving, idealistic, easygoing, liberal, original lover, non-possessive, unique, mild, cultured, experimental, progressive, eclectic, sparkling, popular, friendly, tongue-in-cheek, convincing, refined, quietly persevering, humane

NEGATIVE: lacks feelings, naive, indiscriminate, erratic, odd lover, unfeeling, peculiar, touchy, insincere, kinky, superficial, promiscuous, impersonal, flattering, sarcastic, stubborn, manipulative, uncompromising, reactionary

Aquarius born individuals, the Universe is energizing you with luck and opportunity while shining the light of love on you for the next few weeks so keep your eyes and ears and heart open and ask for what you want as you just might get it ... Taurus/Libra born, your ruling planet is moving into a new sign - ready to learn some new lessons about LOVE ??? ... for all of us, Venus in Aquarius has the potential to suddenly and unexpectedly pop our eyes wide open to see and realize there is a different way that may be unique and ahead of its time to understand the process of love and how we approach it !!!

Venus remains in Aquarius until February 10th ... it is currently the only planet in transit through the sign of Aquarius until it is joined by the Sun on Friday, January 19th !!!

Remember that Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus the planet of the sudden and unexpected, so enjoy this unusual and open minded energy after wading through the rather "vanilla" flavored energy of Venus in Capricorn - which there is certainly nothing wrong at all with, right my fellow Cappies ??? ... and should someone approach you and say "WHOSE YA DADDY ???", just realize they are being infused with this delightfully twisted energy so go for it and play along - you might enjoy it ???

And by all means keep in mind that while Venus transits through Aquarius, and as Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which, among other things, rules Astrology, there is definitely a strong possibility you just might realize there is a "certain" ASTROLOGER out there that you discover you've developed quite a fondness for !!!