Friday, September 22, 2017


The Sun begins its transit through the charming, social but sometimes indecisive sign of Libra today, September 22nd, at 4:02 PM EDT   ... also known as the Autumnal Equinox - equal day and equal night - Summer 2017 is officially OVER !!!, at least in the Northern hemisphere (Spring or Vernal Equinox in the Southern hemisphere) - onward to colder weather - YEAH !!! ... OK, do I hear a few BOOS out there ???

The Sun in Libra encourages us to shine through cooperation, diplomacy, competition - one on one, and through aesthetic channels ... Libra is all about bringing things into balance and sometimes the desire to do so can create a situation where one continually bounces back and forth trying to come to a decision accidentally causing indecision or frustration instead !!!

Libra is the 7th sign of the natural zodiac ... it is a masculine, mutable (flexible/changeable), air sign ... its key phrase is "I balance" and its keyword is "Harmony" ... Libra is active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, admires beauty and harmony, diplomatic, polished and extremely socially inclined ... its symbol is the scales which signifies balance, equilibrium, order and justice ... it is the sign opposite of Aries in the horoscope ... anatomically, Libra rules the lower back and the buttocks, and the kidneys ... natural born Libras are often subject to lower back strain and problems in the lumbar region as well as being subjected to kidney infections !!!

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus - makes sense doesn't it ??? - which is the second sign Venus naturally rules, the other being Taurus  ... Venus represents the social urge as well as sense of values ... Venus rules the throat, chin, cheeks and sense of taste ... Venus is all about relating - not sexually though - as well as being about people, art, emotions, marriage, luxury, possessions, pleasure and appreciation ... its keyword is "AFFECTION" ... if you've had a natal chart run, where you find Venus shows what you truly "love" and enjoy !!!

Venus naturally rules the 2nd house - a house of personal values, substance, earning power, inner talents and resources, need for fulfillment, emotional feelings, sense of self-worth, and a house of personal liberty and material debt ... Venus also naturally rules the 7th house - a house of face-to-face relationships and cooperation - or lack thereof, business and marital partnerships/relationships, divorce, contracts, lawsuits, dealings with the public, open enemies, a house showing what you most lack about yourself, and a house representing your grandparents and anyone who acts as your agent or on your behalf !!!

The Sun transiting through Libra teaches us to learn to live and grow through the way we relate - restoring balance or at least trying to do so ... it likes pleasant surroundings, peace and justice, a partner/companion, being gentle and kind, and anything artistic ... it is important to realize under this energy that areas where there is conflict, disharmony or injustice is where the art of Libra energy is greatly needed and ultimately appreciated ... the energy of the Sun in Libra can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: aesthetic, graceful, peaceful, calm, socially oriented, popular, co-operative, amenable, attractive, refined, subtle manner, high principles, idealistic, socially aspiring and aware, diplomatic, harmless, friendly, a good counselor

NEGATIVE: affected, superficial, non-committal, lazy, lacking self-reliance, indulgent, insincere, vain, easily upset, lacking confidence, compromising, peace at any price, elitist, class-conscious, indecisive, ingratiating, discordant


One of the key roles of Libra is to engage in social activities that blend the rough with the smooth ... one must learn that sensitivity requires both spiritual strength as well as awareness ... ones outward poise will remain intact as long as one learns to be subordinate to ones inner sense of values !!!

The Sun now joins Jupiter which is almost about to complete its transit through Libra which will occur on October 10th not to return for roughly 12 years !!! ... The Sun remains in Libra until October 22nd/23rd depending on which time zone in which you live  ... the next 31 days would be an excellent time to make use of bringing ones partnerships/relationships both public and private into balance and harmony by making sure their foundations are solid ... and ultimately, during this solar cycle, it would be an excellent idea to take the lyrical advice of Stephen Stills and - "love the one(s) you're with" !!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


VENUS began its transit through the picky, detailed oriented sign of Virgo yesterday, 9/19, at 9:15 PM EDT ... Venus was last in Virgo from August 5th through August 29th, 2016 ... Venus in Virgo is considered to be in its "fall" and therefore its effectiveness can be greatly challenged ... being in its "fall", Venus is opposite the sign it is exalted in which is Pisces ... it does not work all that efficiently because this position makes it difficult to express its true nature ... a planet in "fall" is like having to stay in someone else's home where you do not really feel all that comfortable !!!

Venus in Virgo, which produces a highly discerning type of love, enjoys competence, precision, and doing things the way they should be done - CORRECTLY !!! ... it is exacting, discriminating and/or critical when relating to other people ... affection is usually expressed in a manner of doing things for people or serving them in some way ... it is also expressed modestly and/or timidly ... pleasure is achieved by functioning efficiently and being helpful especially in repairing things, situations or people !!!

Venus in Virgo enjoys analysis, precision and organizing details ... logic and common sense makes this Venus very comfortable ... the handling of money and possessions is usually practical and thrifty ... there is a desire for common sense and for a willingness to work in love relationships ... this Venus can be more sincerely affectionate than any other sign, can manifest a very strong business sense, and knows exactly what is does and does not want !!! ... it often has a tendency to get so involved in details it becomes overly critical and demanding !!!

Venus transiting the sign of Virgo teaches us to learn to determine what it is we truly love through detailed analysis ... ultimately one discovers that eventually you must surrender to the mystery of love and art - or objects thereof - and no longer analyze ... this energy can acquire a finely tuned sense of social, emotional, and artistic values ... one must also learn to be discriminating about being discriminating ... one must resist the temptation to tamper with what is already simply attractive ... this Venus likes a spotless reputation, good manners, sexual hygiene, and pure or natural art ... it doesn't like relationships that have no mental stimulus ... the energy of Venus in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: knowing what you like, discriminating, fine sense of aesthetics and design, artistic, sincerely affectionate, simple and clear, quietly charming, strong character, impartially kind, coolly
helpful, precision worker, specialist worker, painstaking, pure and modest lover, high moral sense, socially discerning, privately sensuous

NEGATIVE : critical of partners, fussy and nagging, easily dissatisfied, artistically neurotic, inhibits affection, undemonstrative, dry, socially stiff, hides sensitivity, emotionally absent, cold exterior, too exacting, retreats into work, indecisive, restrained, feeling sexually inferior, puritanical, social misfit, self-effacing

Venus is the natural ruling planet of Libra and Taurus, and as such, love, partnerships/relationships, personal values and how we earn and spend our money, in addition to our dedication to our daily work and service, health and nutritional habits as well as some family issues will be thoroughly examined under the cosmic microscope while Venus is in the precision, detail oriented sign of Virgo which is naturally ruled by Mercury which happens to be currently in transit through Virgo as well !!!

Venus now joins the Sun, Mercury and Mars already in transit through the sign of Virgo ... that is a lot of highly driven energy focusing on detail and precision !!! ... Venus remains in Virgo until October 14th ... and just a heads up, Venus will take its next retrograde journey next year, 2018, from October 5th through November 16th which will be a dual sign retrograde going from Scorpio back into Libra - the sign it naturally rules ... Look out all you love birds !!! 

Virgo born, don't forget the "love light" is now shining on YOU - play it right and you might just get what you want if you don't over analyze and obsess over it too much !!! ... for all of us it would be very wise not to let the object of our affections become the "target" of our affections while we are all being encouraged by the Universe to be out there "looking for the perfect AHHHHHH" !!! 

Sunday, September 10, 2017


MERCURY - returned to the "scene of the crime", so to speak, as it reentered the sign of Virgo yesterday, September 9th, at 10:52 PM EDT to make its complete transit ... Mercury originally began its initial transit through Virgo back on Tuesday, July 25th, but got no further than 11 degrees 38 minutes Virgo when it began its second full retrograde journey for 2017 on August 12th ... and now that Mercury has returned to forward motion, you can count on the potential to have to revisit issues that arose from July 25th through August 12th, as well as issues that came up from August 12th through August 31st when Mercury was in retrograde motion through the first half of Virgo !!!

Below is a "reminder" of what this highly focused energy is all about for those of you who need a "refresher" course now that Mercury is moving forward once again :

Mercury in Virgo now shifts our thinking and communicating processes from what was a fiery, highly creative energy to being more rational and efficient sometimes to a fault  ... and even though Virgo is an Earth sign which is somewhat prone to slower movement,  Mercury is dignified in this position, very happy and very much at home here and functions well as this is one of the two signs it naturally rules - the other being Gemini ... Mercury was last in Virgo from July 30th through October 7th, 2016 - a longer than normal transit due to a retrograde period being involved and that was the case again this time around !!! 

Mercury in Virgo usually gives the mind a rather precise, thorough and analytical ability ... communications and thinking can be logical, helpful, critical, negative, skeptical, practical or humble ... one is apt to put their mind to work doing their job ... this intellect is excellent for writing or technical crafts, and converting ideas into a tangible form ... there is a talent for organization, but sometimes the discriminating and highly focused mind could get mired in too many details and become excessively critical ... one of the challenges of this energy is to learn to step back and look at the bigger picture in addition to avoid getting immersed in all the fine details ... learning is best achieved in an organized sequence and a logical presentation !!!

Concern for details can often lead to the syndrome of "not being able to see the forest for the trees" ... there is also likely to be an interest in health, nutrition, competence and ones day to day work ... this Mercury says exactly what it wants to say - no more no less ... to quote a familiar television phrase,  this energy wants to know "Just the facts Ma'am" !!! ... it has a quick, dry wit, bestows a fine eye for detail, and usually produces very neat and readable handwriting ... this energy can also make one very skilled with their hands and often craftspeople are born with this energy in their natal chart !!!

Mercury in Virgo is very impartial and gets to sorting through all the details to where the logic and precision can discover the heart of the matter ... with this fine intelligence, systematically clarifying and refining information received and understanding the patterns comes naturally ... here we have a logical, practical mind that produces a quick learner ... on the challenging side, Mercury in Virgo can make ones mind so very active with all the extraneous processing that it is sometimes difficult to quiet and still the mind yielding restlessness and/or the inability to sleep ... just ask someone born with Mercury in Virgo !!!

Mercury is in Virgo teaches us to learn to think through analyzing ... it's the pure mind ... the ability to reason functions very well here ... a big challenge though is to not live totally in your mind and understand there is a big difference between knowledge and actual experience ... this energy also can help one assist others in seeing things more clearly - in forms such as writing, editing, counselling, teaching, drawing and translating ... there is the ability to assimilate vast amounts of complex information !!!

Ironically, when it comes to expressing something close to ones heart, this energy can make one obscure it in a lot of irrelevant references ... this energy makes it necessary to thoroughly grasp a specific subject as without training or education one is more likely to suffer greater than others from being unemployed, underemployed or unemployable ... the ultimate goal with this energy is to appreciate that what gets in the way of understanding life is thinking way too much about it - a totally clear mind is really no mind at all !!!! .... the energy of Mercury in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: analytical, objective, systematic, logical, discerning, precise, meticulous, clever, eloquent, well-read, well-informed, accurate, retentive memory, fast learner, highly efficient, good worker, modest, helpful, practical

NEGATIVE: unfeeling, remote, clinical, cold and dry, hypercritical, trivial, worrisome, wordy, bookish, intellectual snob, misses the point, greedy mind, impatient, high strung, workaholic, self-critical, skeptical, slave to reasoning, pointless

Virgo born individuals, no doubt you will be infused with plenty of practical ideas as Mercury passes through  your birth sign ... for all of us, with Mercury in Virgo we should remember that the point we are trying to communicate should be remembered, researched, rehearsed and then expressed ... make the best of what you actually know ... what's the use of knowing everything and feeling nothing ???

Mercury this time joins the Sun and Mars already transiting through the sign of Virgo - and that is a lot of highly focused and meticulous energy influencing the mind set as well as our communicating abilities !!! 

Mercury remains in the sign of Virgo until September 29th !!!

For roughly the next 3 weeks, the thrust of Mercury's mission in Virgo, once again, boils down to encouraging us to analyze and scrutinize every piece of information, and to ultimately make sure we have crossed every T and dotted every I  .... over and over again which ironically is just what Mercury loves to do anyway whether in direct or retrograde motion !!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


MERCURY completed its second full retrograde journey for 2017 and stationed  back into direct motion yesterday, 9/5, at 7:30 AM EDT - do I hear a BIG SIGH OF RELIEF out there ???

Hopefully, some of the disorientation, confusion, frustration and outright irritation along with the sudden and unexpected issues that may have been produced by this Mercury retrograde will now begin to clear and subside as it becomes time to move forward into the swing of things on all levels !!!

Over the next few days to the next few weeks or even months, there will undoubtedly be quite a few "a-ha" as well as "uh-oh" lights coming on in regard to decisions made or actions taken during the retrograde period from August 12th through September 5th, and possibly as far back as July 24th when Mercury entered its shadow point - the point where it would come out of this retrograde journey on 9/5 which was at 28 degrees 25 minutes LEO  ... did issues and complications or questioning arise in regards to things done during the last retrograde period from April 9th through May 3rd ??? ... or maybe even as far back as the retrograde period from December 19th, 2016 through January 8th of this year ??? ... and it's a sure bet that as Mercury moves forward once again crossing back over the degrees it covered during this retrograde period, issues may begin to arise already, and this includes actions begun from July 24th through August 12th which are potentially subject to review and revision or even dismissal !!!

Mercury retrograde periods, even though annoying and extremely frustrating at times, are actually a very beneficial thing, especially for those who were strong and fearless enough to dig deep down, as we need to validate, or in some cases invalidate, actions and situations gone awry and deal with them in order to finally release them to produce a calmer, positive and more productive state of mind thus allowing us to move forward to bring about greater personal and spiritual growth !!! 

If you've had a natal chart done, you should look to see in which house or houses 11 degrees 38 minutes VIRGO back to 28 degrees 25 minutes LEO falls - what kinds of issues did you have to  deal with in the areas of life governed by those houses ??? ... how many of you went with the flow and how many of you tried to swim upstream in the raging current of Cosmic confusion ???

Of course the recurring question we may find ourselves asking now that Mercury is back in direct motion is "WHY" ??????? ...What actions did you take yourself or have taken against you that you or the other person may now be regretting. or you may be simply wondering why you chose to do what you did or why you were the victim of a particular course of action from other(s), and why didn't you or the other person wait a little longer ...  or perhaps you are simply now trying to figure out why it even happened ???

Relationships may have come to an end - some needed to be released and others may have jumped the gun and you are now wondering, or will be, why did I do that or end things during this period ...  how many of you had relationship issues surface or resurface - extremely likely in a Mercury retrograde - that you thought surely had been resolved or didn't even realize existed ???  ... or how many of you had one or more people come back through your life that you thought you had seen the last of or even forgot about and now most of them are gone or going once again ???  ... and how many of you began new actions within a relationship, personal or professional without waiting for the retrograde period to conclude ??? ... and ... HOW MANY OF YOU GOT MARRIED - OOPSIE  ???

Did anyone make any major purchases - homes, cars, electronics - that now don't seem like the best thought out course of action or that you are beginning to regret or will do so in the days ahead ??? ... there could be problems regarding any purchases made especially with anything where electrical energy and/or computers were involved ... all of these scenarios are possible as the energy of a Mercury retrograde is one where communications and mental energy is going "backwards" ... so now that the mental processing facilities are no longer going backwards - at least for most of us - in regard  to Mercury and its functions, it's time to finally RELEASE these emotional holds and allow ourselves to move forward with our lives ... let go of what is best left in the past so you can achieve greater personal and spiritual growth !!!

A Mercury retrograde period is usually not a good time to have surgery as the healing process could be slowed down or there could be the chance of complications resulting in having to go back at a later date and take care of something that wasn't done correctly - especially in regards to cosmetic surgery !!! ... now this applies to elective surgery ... as for emergency surgery, we have no control over that and trying to put that off might produce catastrophic results !!! ... so did anyone have elective surgery that could have been delayed for a time when the universal energy better supported it ???

Mercury retrograding in Virgo certainly could have given rise to issues regarding daily work and service, health and nutrition, and possibly family issues ... as Virgo rules the intestinal area in the body, there could easily have been issues there as well in addition to other health issues that might arise as Mercury naturally rules the 6th house which includes health and nutrition ... how many of you had family members that had significant health issues arise ???

As Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, Mercury in Virgo already "slows" down the mental process with Virgo being an Earth sign, and adding retrograde energy to it just may have complicated matters where there is already the tendency to over analyze everything down to the last detail !!!! ... As Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house of the horoscope, one might have encountered issues regarding employment, employees, tenants, servants, pets, dependents, service given to others, routine matters, your clothes and how you wear them, hygiene, interest in food and ones diet, sickness and all conditions affecting your health ... the 6th house also relates to ones aunts and uncles, self-adjustments and ones unconscious mind ... it is important to note that in the 6th house work and health are linked together !!! ... if you've had a natal chart done and know in which house or houses 11 degrees 38 minutes Virgo back to 0 degrees 0 minutes Virgo lies in your chart, then you may realize what the main issues for the first part of this Mercury retrograde had in store for you !!!

On August 31st, Mercury returned to the sign of Leo at 11:29 AM EDT ... Mercury retrograding in Leo could certainly have caused issues to arise in regards to romance, creative pleasurable activities, emotional attitudes, the love we give to others, social affairs, the education of children, and any dramatic, literary, or artistic endeavors as these are the areas ruled by the 5th house of the natural zodiac which Leo naturally rules ... Leo is ruled by the Sun and as such, there could have been issues arising in regards to ones personal expression, the quality of leaderships and success, the father, husband and men in general, health, vital principles, authority and bosses, rank, title, high office, progress, dignity, energy, sense of identity, ones capacity for experience ... anatomically there could have been issues with the heart, back or spine, the right eye of the male and the left eye of the female !!!

Mercury retrograde in an Earth sign, this time being Virgo, may have caused us to question what the actual tangible results of ones life truly are ... Mercury retrograde in a Fire sign, this time being Leo, may have caused us to question how any means of inspiration can helpfully create a better future for ourselves !!!

Gemini and Virgo born since Mercury is your natural ruling planet, did you "try" and slow down for personal review and rethinking - especially in regards as to what has transpired in your lives since Mercury last resumed direct motion back on May 3rd ??? ... what have you learned about yourself in regards to where you are going and whether or not you are proceeding wisely in order to become more successful ??? ... what did you discover that MUST be changed - in fact what did anyone discover that MUST be changed so you are not left stagnant and hanging in limbo ???

Mercury now moves forward to complete its entire transit through the sign of Leo which it actually completed back on July 25th but returned to per retrograde motion on July 31st ... Mercury will finally complete its full transit through the sign of Leo on Saturday September 9th at 10:52 PM EDT !!!

And now a reminder of what the energy of Mercury in Leo is all about for those that need a "re-fresher" course now that Mercury has resumed direct motion :

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts" ... to that end the Cosmic "curtain" rose yesterday, July 5th, at 8:20 PM EDT as Mercury began its dramatically expressive transit through the ambitious, optimistic sign of Leo ... Mercury is now ready to blaze through Leo where the mindset and communicating functions will most likely become "center stage" somewhere in your life for the next few weeks ... as Leo is a fire sign it will bestow Mercury with a lot of creativity ... this Mercury is quite the performer who wants to get your attention along with your admiration any way it can ... Mercury was last in Leo from July 13th through July 30th, 2016 !!!

Mercury is considered to be in its "fall" in Leo ... that meaning it is in the sign opposite to the one where it is considered to be in "exaltation", which in this case is Aquarius where it expresses its energy harmoniously with its forces increased and its virtues magnified ... HOWEVER, Mercury in its "fall" in Leo can yield a difficulty in expressing its real nature ... it is said to be like staying in someone else's home and being where you do not really feel comfortable ... Nevertheless, there is a lot of positive potential from this mercurial energy !!!

Mercury in Leo thinks dramatically and always with the heart ... here one can become a visionary and  highly idealistic ... romantic attachments tend to take a major portion of ones concentration ... there is a display of dignity, a sense of innate refinement, and a desire to make good impressions on others ... there is also a desire to be the authority in ones chosen field ... there is ability to solve problems, but sometimes the details are ignored ... ambition abounds under this energy ... and since this is a very dramatic energy for communication it should not be a surprise that every now and then comes the tendency to exaggerate, be self-centered, or tell a little white lie or two !!!

Entertainment could easily be ones forte with dramatic talent being given here - okay all you wannabe actors, now it's time to show us what you got !!! ... this is often the natal placement of those in the entertainment industry ... there could be skills at sales, advertising, promotion or any means of persuading people with ones mind and tongue ... there could also be a desire to have ones thinking or style of communication given a lot of attention ... speech is made with abundant energy, great pride, liveliness and a lot of charisma ... drama and humor is frequently used in communications ... learning is best achieved when one is aroused and excited by a particular topic ... sometimes the ego has a way of getting involved here which could lead to fixed thinking or limited objectivity ... presentations are usually dramatic and magnetic ... one could become interested in power, children, fame and creativity under this energy !!!

Mercury transiting through the sign of Leo teaches us to instill our thinking process with ambition and creativity ... its the idea person ... one is usually proud of their intellectual talents and capabilities ... with the mind being so closely connected to the heart, there is great passion, strength and originality in the mode in which one thinks and communicates ... sometimes insecurity here can lead to one coming on too strong or causing one to underestimate the power of their mind !!!

Mercury usually functions best when it is cool and detached from the ego, but this can become difficult in the self-conscious sign of Leo where personal aims and intentions appear to be to all-important and other important factors become far less important ... it is wise to realize that people give up trying to help others who always think they know better ... but ultimately, being able to combine ones own creative and enterprising mind with an awareness of others ideas and attitudes that are involved in your personal drama will benefit everyone ... problems are usually approached with great imagination and energy ... learning to use the input of others will allow one to avoid being a one-person endeavor, and then the mind will become a vital spark that will ultimately ignite a larger group endeavor ... the power of Mercury in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: mentally creative, distinctive verbal style, warmly articulate, identifies with popular ideas, grasps the entire issue, intellectually confident, focused concentration, fixed intentions, enthusiastic worker, convincing speaker, outspoken and optimistic, knows ones own mind, teaching and planning ability, foresight, executive mind

NEGATIVE: mentally conceited, liking the sound of ones own voice, only interested in ones own ideas, overlooks details, mentally arrogant, inflexible mind, stubborn and one-track mind, self-centered, feels superior at work, craves appreciation, verbally over-bearing, talks "AT" others, wrapped up in pet projects and theories

While Mercury is in Leo, off and on in this particular case, it is wise to remember that we should teach others what we really want to learn our self ... we stand or we fall by what we say and how we say it ... do not ignore that "small still voice" that is an important part of the greater good !!!

One final word of advice - be aware that whatever springs from your mind, and ultimately from your lips, is only as good and true as that which dwells in your heart ... So, curtain up ... light the lights ... cue applause ... now, let's get out there, take center stage, think big and then communicate with a dramatic flair which for certain people will not be a difficult task at all now will it ??? "

Mercury will exit its retrograde zone on September 19th when it reaches 11 degrees 38 minutes LEO, the point where it began its second full retrograde journey for 2017 back on August 12th ... Mercury remains in  direct motion until December 2nd/3rd, depending on which time zone in which you live, when it begins its third (technically fourth) retrograde journey for 2017 at 29 degrees 18 minutes SAGITTARIUS ,,, this will be a full sign Mercury retrograde which will last until December 22nd ... that should make the Holiday shopping season more hectic than it is normally !!!

And now that  Mercury has completed its retrograde journey, we should definitely be - OFF AND RUNNING, OR STARTING TO, ONCE AGAIN !!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


MARS blazed its way into the highly analytical and perfection seeking sign of Virgo today, September 5th, at 5:35 AM EDT ... we all are now literally driven to step up the work productivity times 1000 !!! ... this is the universal energy of the true workaholic ... when Mars transits through an earth sign - Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus - sometimes its force is slowed down to a point, and it usually manifests its power conservatively and patiently ... but remember we are talking about normally aggressive Mars now in a sign that pays a LOT of attention to DETAIL, DETAIL, DETAIL accompanied by a deeply penetrating analysis and practicality ... Mars is a planet whose nature is represented by a fiery drive, and Virgo is an earth sign represented by a slower and more exacting energy ... and what does fire have the potential to do to Earth ??? - SCORCH AND BURN, so proceed cautiously and carefully !!!

Mars was last in Virgo from September 24th through November 12th, 2015 ... anything come to mind about what may have occurred in your life during that time frame in reference to this highly driven energy ??? ... it is important to remember that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and thus it can be said that Mercury and Mars will now have a "working" relationship as a result of this transit ... it would therefore be extremely wise to think carefully before you speak in order to avoid verbal confrontations that are most surely guaranteed to surface when these two planets and their energies are "dancing" together - thankfully Mercury completed its most recent retrograde journey just about two hours after Mars entered Virgo !!!

Mars in Virgo is scientific and logical ... it enjoys working ... and working ... and working !!! ... it is extremely thorough and painstaking ... this energy is usually able to perform even the most monotonous tasks well - surgeons and craftsmen are often born under this energy ... sometimes it can get so engrossed in the work details that it loses sight of the overall project and can come to the conclusion that the effort is hopeless and decide to move on - thus making this energy driving one to the point of undertaking too many projects at once !!!

One must guard against becoming overly critical, and one must also be on guard to avoid working themselves so hard they end up manifesting some form of illness ... under this energy one might need to address health issues - especially inflammations or issues in the intestinal area, or one may simply decide its time to pursue a healthier lifestyle and begin a new diet regimen or nutritional routine !!!

Mars in Virgo usually plans its actions carefully and executes them very systematically ...efficient functioning is important in both work and bodily health ... the basic inclination here is to be practical, thrifty, dedicated and follow an approach that tries to find flaws and fix them ... personal identity is tied to being competent and doing things correctly ... Mars in Virgo considers cleanliness is of utmost importance - the caveat here is to avoid too much nitpicking, self-criticism and getting so enmeshed in the details that you inhibit your ability to act ... sexual drive and physical energy are influenced by ones sense of effectiveness and ones competence ... and too much focus on "performance" could result in inhibition and failure to be productive ... one can also negatively affect their health by becoming so engrossed in pursuing the art of perfection !!!

Mars in Virgo teaches us to get what we want through detailed analysis ... it can be the slave-driver or slave-driven ... here good health represents efficiency ... many times one may ask themselves exactly what is it that they are striving for ... it is said that one of the lessons under this energy is to learn by giving in to the energy of the sign opposite of Virgo which is Pisces - in other words giving in to the mystery of life itself, the world, sex and just letting everything run on autopilot for awhile ... Mars in Virgo can flip back and forth between chastity and promiscuity very easily since we have Mars (desire) and Virgo (purity) whose energies are intertwined !!!

Mars in Virgo energy likes good sexual hygiene and proper technique ... it dislikes inaccuracy, people who don't put forth effort and those who lack dexterity and grace ... the energy of Mars in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: fine sexuality, hits the target, watchful, even-tempered, helpful, healing ability, attentive, subtle touch, industrious, methodical, energy-saving, thorough, shrewd, clever, ingenious, precise, accurate, clean, economical

NEGATIVE: frustrating, sexually exacting, voyeuristic, repressed, interfering, hypochondriac, neurotic, workaholic, inflexible, energy wasting, never finishing projects, exploitative, cantankerous, critical, fussy, sanctimonious

Virgo born individuals, this is your time for an extra energy boost - just what you need to be further fueled by that detail, practical, analytic and work driven oriented energy you were born with ... so there may be many of you potentially thrust into overdrive - but we still love you !!!  ... as always for everyone, if you've had a natal chart done look to which house or houses the sign of Virgo resides in and, you can gain insight as to what area or areas of your potentially will be charged up by this highly driven Martian energy !!!

Mars now joins the Sun already transiting through Virgo with Mercury to return and join the party, after stationing retrograde today, on September 9th ... in fact Mercury will be transiting through the sign of Virgo with Mars for the 21 days of this transit of Mars ... and they will meet up in a conjunction on September 16th - best remember "loose lips sink ships" !!!  ... Mars remains in the sign of Virgo for the next 48 days until October 22nd !!!

Make good use of this time as there is the potential to get a lot accomplished through steady and controlled effort ... and just a reminder, Uranus is currently transiting through Aries which is ruled by Mars and so it "deposits" its energy in with Mars in Virgo ... with all that drive and heightened energy to expand, liberate, do things suddenly and unexpectedly (Uranus) intertwined with the urge to do things with precision and accuracy (Mars in Virgo), the tendency to "incinerate" yourself and others with this fiery energy will be something to be on constant guard against as it may end up pushing you as well as others into a potential state of hazardous overdrive !!!

But without a doubt, over roughly the next seven weeks, we will certainly be very busy crossing every "T" and dotting every "I" ... OVER AND OVER AND OVER !!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


VENUS began its "roaring" transit through the dramatic and romantic sign of Leo yesterday, August 26th, at 12:30 AM EDT ... Venus was last in Leo from July 12th through August 5th, 2016 ... A reminder, Venus was retrograde in Leo from July 31st through September 6th, 2015 going from 29 degrees back down to 14 degrees Leo before stationing back into direct motion ... so don't be surprised if something should resurface from that period when Venus crosses those degrees this time from September 5th through September 19th !!!

THIS VENUS CARES - IT REALLY CARES, and will make darn sure you know it !!! .. this energy loves big entrances and high drama ... ultimately, it just outright loves good  old-fashioned romance ... it enjoys the limelight, attention, admiration and applause ... it gives a natural magnetism and sex appeal ... others often find the expression of this energy down right exciting ... affection is expressed dramatically and wholeheartedly ... it can make one magnanimous, loyal, playful and magnetic in love ... the handling of money and possessions is usually generous, extravagant, and speculative ... there is a desire for zest, enthusiasm and an adrenaline rush in ones love relationships ... ones pride and urge for recognition affects ones capacity for closeness ... clothes and appearance are also very important with this energy !!!

Venus in Leo teaches us about how we love through what we create ... this is where love "shines" ... it is important to give some form of creative expression to your feelings and passion in relationships ... and even though one is very  enthusiastic, there ironically may exist a deep-seated "doubt" of ones own ability to be loved which others cannot detect outwardly from you ... artistic sense is very strong ... life is frequently viewed as an ongoing creative experience !!!

At some point, one must ultimately go looking for their inner beauty ... one thing you can be compared with is your self-respect ... what each of us has to give is priceless ... channel the larger than life energy here into larger than life pursuits or pastimes ... love and allow yourself to be loved in return ... this energy likes admiration, mutual respect, lavish parties, showing off ones partner, and old fashioned classic courtship ... it dislikes even the slightest rejection, behavior that is insulting, being "shown up" by others, and a lack luster love ... the energy of Venus in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: romantic, ardent, passionate, loyal, artistic, dramatic, entertaining, fun-loving, radiant, outgoing, warm, openly affectionate, charming, attractive, benevolent, gives a lot, social pride, personal pride, fun to be with

NEGATIVE: unrealistic, sexually obsessed, consuming, too loyal, prima donna, overbearing, demanding, inappropriate, self-centered, showy, brassy, flirtatious, seducing, flaunting, expects too much, snobbish, vain,  competitive, game-playing

Venus is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Leo ... we have a chance to discover and face what is truly in our hearts and how to genuinely and creatively express that in our partnerships and relationships, or perhaps change something in order to make the partnerships/relationships beneficial and provide more positive personal and spiritual growth in our lives !!!

BUT ... keep in mind we are currently in another Mercury retrograde period which doesn't end until September 5th, so for all that roaring we may be infused with, starting a new relationship, or even a partnership, might not be the best thing to do until Mercury stations direct - especially when the last 6 days of the Mercury retrograde will take place in the sign of Leo ... gotta love that cosmic sense of humor !!!

Leo born, the social and romantic spotlight is also now shining brightly on you - enjoy the smoldering flames of passion and love - just don't incinerate yourself or anyone else with it !!!

Venus remains in Leo until September 19th ... and as I always like to point out with this particular transit of Venus, Madonna, a Leo born individual herself, probably best summed up this energy in her famous song  "Burning Up for Your Love" - and that is exactly what we all could potentially be doing for someone or find someone doing for us over the next 26 days !!! 

Friday, August 25, 2017


SATURN - the planet representing authority figures, discipline, effort, sense of order, limitations, the urge for safety and security, tests us by placing obstacles and restrictions in our lives, shows what we are unsure of or truly fear, known as FATHER TIME, and most notoriously known for being the celestial taskmaster teaching us the lessons we must learn in life - stationed back into direct motion today, August 25th, at 8:09 AM EDT ... these lessons we MUST learn through the obstacles we often encounter which sometimes are easier but more frequently become extremely challenging and difficult on our journey through this life in order to make us slow down so we can build strong foundations and structures in our lives that are on solid ground !!!

While Saturn has been in retrograde motion since April 5th/6th this year, hopefully we have all been reviewing and trying to restructure systems, programs, organizations, corporations and rules that will allow them to function more efficiently ... we also were given the time and opportunity, if we used it wisely, to become more aware of our own personal authority and power and determine whether or not it fits within society or is actually undermining us and needs adjustment on some level ... in addition, we all should have been reviewing whether or not societies rules and policies are helping to give us needed structure or limiting us in some way thus preventing further personal and spiritual growth !!!

Now that Saturn has resumed direct motion, we should begin to be better able to see where we stand and thus continue building even more secure structures and foundations in our lives individually and as a society as well ... no doubt we may have encountered limitations or restrictions either self imposed or imposed by authority figures during this retrograde period ... and perhaps now the Universe will even throw in yet another road block or two our way to make us realize whether or not we made good use of this retrograde period !!!

This Saturn retrograde period, which began back on April 5th/6th, occurred from 27 degrees 48 minutes Sagittarius back down to 21 degrees 11 minutes Sagittarius ... if you know in your natal chart in which house or houses these degrees fall, then you may understand where in your life this Saturn retrograde was making its impact - especially if it made any aspects to your natal planets as well as your natal angles - cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses ... Saturn has been at the 21 degree mark of Sagittarius since July 24th and at and astrological "standstill" around 21 degrees 11 minutes Sagittarius since August 21st yielding the potential for that to have been a very challenging period for many people !!!

Saturn now moves forward to continue its transit through the sign of Sagittarius which initially began on December 23rd, 2014 ... it will finally complete its full transit through the sign of Sagittarius on December 19th when it begins its transit through the most fabulous sign of the zodiac - Capricorn which is the sign it naturally rules in the zodiac !!! ... Saturn will not return to the sign of Sagittarius until February 21st, 2044 !!! ...  below is a reminder of what the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius has had the potential to yield in our lives during its transit through Sagittarius :

Saturn's mission in Sagittarius is to test our faith, higher beliefs, philosophical views, our personal understanding of life and what our relationship to it is in relation to how and where we individually fit into the greater scheme of the expansive universal picture ... in other words a major shift from validating our deep emotions to validating and in many cases adjusting our mental processes - a daunting task no doubt !!! ... wherever Saturn goes, it brings a heaviness with it that slows us down and in many cases restricts and limits us in order for us to hopefully take an honest, hard look at whatever area of life is represented by the sign it is in ... if we are strong and patient enough to deal with the pressure, Saturn will ultimately reward us with a much stronger foundation even though we often must be willing to release and give up something or even someone in order to bring about greater personal and spiritual growth !!! 

Saturn was last in Sagittarius from 11/17/85 through 11/12/88 ... if you were born during that period, you are now entering the year of your first Saturn return which usually occurs between the ages of 29 - 30 ... that means Saturn has now made one complete transit around your natal chart since birth having taught you valuable life lessons in each area of life represented by the house it was transiting through ... have you gained wisdom and helpful insight from the "cosmic teacher" ???

Many would say that Saturn is not favorably placed transiting through Sagittarius ... Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so it can be said that now Saturn and Jupiter are in a "working relationship" ... here we have restrictive yet highly organized Saturn working with free-spirited, expansive Jupiter ... yet this combination can actually yield extremely positive results ... as Saturn elevates our concentration it compliments the urge to study to increase our intellectual and philosophical beliefs and views of life ... this transit encourages honesty and being straightforward as well as bestowing the ability to speak up ... here we have the potential to manifest inspirational energies and raise higher thought forms on a global scale !!! 

Saturn in Sagittarius will empower us to take a serious approach to religion, philosophy and higher education ... it may encourage us to be more honorable and adhere to a more strict moral code ... this energy is independent and capable allowing us to search for truth and justice ... it can yield intellectual discipline and bestow great powers of concentration ... those born with this natal energy, in addition to those who harness the energy of this powerful transit, can become excellent teachers, religious or spiritual leaders, or even political leaders - but we should not forget that "sometimes it is the enthusiasm of the messenger that is more important than the details of the message" ... physical exercise to promote circulation is very important !!!

One of the greatest challenges of Saturn in Sagittarius is to guard against the tendency to set high hopes and then be fearful that they will be decimated or not going to come off the way we had planned ... but if there is one thing that Saturn repeatedly tries to teach us is NOT to give into fear but keep moving forward one step at a time and not rush ... this is why Saturn is known as the teacher and the taskmaster ... and as such while it is transiting the sign of Sagittarius restrictions, lessons and tasks to improve may present themselves in the following areas : wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, growth, morality, prosperity, indulgence, higher education, philosophic reasoning, aspirations, vision, idealism, sports, luck, long-distance travel, hunting and fondness for animals - all of these areas ruled by Jupiter !!! 

Also there could be issues to deal with involving the super conscious, law, religion, science, psychology, profound mental study, your dreams and your visions, foreigners and foreign cultures, commerce, imports, exports, the church as a spiritual factor, the clergy, in-laws, grandchildren, intuition, ethics, public opinions, and the lessons we learn just by living - all of these being areas governed by Sagittarius the natural ruler of the 9th house of the horoscope ... as far as health is concerned, there could be issues during this transit in regards to the liver, hips and thighs which are the areas of the body ruled by Sagittarius !!!

Saturn in Sagittarius through its testing what we seek hopefully allows us to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground as our minds are seeking a higher meaning ... realize that the most valuable knowledge comes from within so contemplate and even meditate ... realize that in your personal journey you must take both the high and the low road in life ... this Saturn likes searching for the truth, furthering ones education, adventures that serve a particular purpose, a good reputation, physical as well as metaphysical exercise ... it does not having what we hope to discover blocked in any way, being aimless and simply wondering about, being dishonored, and simply being static failing to move forward ... the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: honorable, high moral fiber, prudent, superior but not in an obnoxious way, philosophical, able to reflect intellectually on life's meaning, devoted, fearless, earnest, trustworthy, a good teacher, well informed, highly focused attention, strict yet simple way of living, skillful and clever

NEGATIVE: high-minded, self-righteous, superior in a snobbish manner, offensive or irritating in a pointed manner, intellectual pride, hypocritical, easily hurt, lacking tact, insincere, fearing disapproval, brow beating, smug

Sagittarius born, the Universe continues to place you on a huge learning curve in the "school of life" giving you the opportunity to achieve positive personal and spiritual growth even though at times it might not be easy … what have you been learning and having to possibly restructure in your life since December 23rd, 2014 ??? 

My fellow Capricorns, our planetary ruler is just about to complete its transit through Sagittarius and move into a new sign ready to teach us another set of lessons if we release fear and allow change to take place … but we all had the potential to experience restriction, challenge, necessary change that hopefully produces beneficial growth somewhere in our lives through this transit … if you’ve had a natal chart done, you will probably get a good idea where Saturn transiting through Sagittarius has been trying to “school” you especially in regards to the area or areas of life governed by which house or houses of your natal chart are affected by Saturn's transit !!! 

Capricorn born, now it's time for us to conclude our period of review, reflection and rethinking of what has transpired in our lives, especially since April 5th/6th, and move forward as this is our ruling planet ... we have a yearly period of about four and a half months to review and rethink !!!

Saturn is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Sagittarius ,,, Saturn remains in direct motion until April 17th/18th, 2018 ... as previously mentioned, Saturn will complete its transit through the sign of Sagittarius on December 19th, 2017 !!!

Saturn is most frequently teaching all of us very difficult lessons ... but holding firm and staying positive will get us through this stronger and better able to deal with life and its many challenges ... so if you keep your feet firmly planted and try to understand that the "light at the end of the tunnel" usually signifies greater personal as well as spiritual growth, you will definitely come through a much stronger person and able to handle this journey through life more efficiently for the lessons you have taken seriously and made great personal effort to learn from ... you will certainly be better equipped to deal with life and its many constant challenges not just from Saturn !!!

Time for me to once again reiterate a worthwhile observation of mine - as a Capricorn born who will be ruled lifelong by Saturn, I can say that from personal experience the transits of Saturn aren't always a bad thing that should be dreaded ... while its actions can be difficult and challenging, Saturn's main objective is to help us grow and become a better, more highly functional and successful person by finding the courage deep from within to take a serious and honest look at where we are versus where we should be going ... and this is done by making sure our foundations in life are always strong, solid and secure !!!