Tuesday, April 17, 2018


MERCURY completed its first retrograde journey for 2018 and stationed  back into direct motion on Sunday, April 15th, at 5:21 AM EDT - do I hear a BIG SIGH OF RELIEF out there ??? ... and now time for moving on - sort of !!!

Hopefully, some of the disorientation, confusion, frustration and outright irritation along with the sudden and unexpected issues that may have been produced by this Mercury retrograde will now begin to clear and subside as it becomes time to move forward into the swing of things on all levels !!!

Over the next few days to the next few weeks or even months, there will undoubtedly be quite a few "a-ha" as well as "uh-oh" lights coming on in regard to decisions made or actions taken during the retrograde period from March 22nd through April 15th, and possibly as far back as March 8th when Mercury entered its shadow point - the point where it would come out of this retrograde journey on April 15th which was at 4 degrees 47  minutes ARIES  ... did issues and complications or questioning arise in regards to things done during the last retrograde period from December 2nd/3rd through December 22nd of 2017 ??? ... or maybe even as far back as the retrograde period from August 12th through September 5th, 2017 ??? ... and it's a sure bet that as Mercury moves forward once again crossing back over the degrees it covered during this retrograde period issues may begin to arise potentially sooner than later !!!

Mercury retrograde periods, even though annoying and extremely frustrating at times, are actually a very beneficial thing, especially for those who were strong and fearless enough to dig deep down, as we need to validate, or in some cases invalidate, actions and situations gone awry and deal with them in order to finally release them to produce a calmer, positive and more productive state of mind thus allowing us to move forward to bring about greater personal and spiritual growth !!! 

If you've had a natal chart done, you should look to see in which house or houses 16 degrees 54 minutes ARIES back to 4 degrees 47 minutes ARIES falls - what kinds of issues did you have to  deal with in the areas of life governed by those houses ??? ... how many of you went with the flow and how many of you tried to swim upstream in the raging current of Cosmic confusion ???

Of course the recurring question we may find ourselves asking now that Mercury is back in direct motion is "WHY" ??????? ...What actions did you take yourself or have taken against you that you or the other person may now be regretting. or you may be simply wondering why you chose to do what you did or why you were the victim of a particular course of action from other(s), and why didn't you or the other person wait a little longer ...  or perhaps you are simply now trying to figure out why it even happened ???

Relationships may have come to an end - some needed to be released and others may have jumped the gun and you are now wondering, or will be, why did I do that or end things during this period ...  how many of you had relationship issues surface or resurface - extremely likely in a Mercury retrograde - that you thought surely had been resolved or didn't even realize existed ???  ... or how many of you had one or more people come back through your life that you thought you had seen the last of or even forgot about and now most of them are gone or going once again ???  ... and how many of you began new actions within a relationship, personal or professional without waiting for the retrograde period to conclude ??? ... AND ... how many of you got married - OOPSIE  ???

Did anyone make any major purchases - homes, cars, electronics - that now don't seem like the best thought out course of action or that you are beginning to regret or will do so in the days ahead ??? ... there could be problems regarding any purchases made especially with anything where electrical energy and/or computers were involved ... all of these scenarios are possible as the energy of a Mercury retrograde is one where communications and mental energy is going "backwards" ... so now that the mental processing facilities are no longer going backwards - at least for most of us - in regard  to Mercury and its functions, it's time to finally RELEASE these emotional holds and allow ourselves to move forward with our lives ... let go of what is best left in the past so you can achieve greater personal and spiritual growth !!!

Mercury retrograding in Aries certainly may have given rise to issues concerning making new starts ... this was NOT the time to make vast sweeping changes - which one should never really do in a personal planet - Mercury, Venus, Mars - retrograde period anyway ... rather one should have kept an eye open for possibilities that could prove more satisfying once the energy returned back to direct motion on 4/15 !!! 

Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house, a house of self and identity, of the horoscope so there might have been issues regarding your personality, natural disposition, your individuality, the way you express yourself, the way you want others to see you, the way others actually see you, the way in which you package and market yourself, your physical body, your health, issues from early childhood years not dealt with, your approach to life, your worldly outlook, your appearance, as well as the beginnings of all new enterprises !!!

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, there could also have been issues in regards to your assertiveness, competitiveness, surgery and operations, accidents, inflammations, cuts, burns, violence and anger management issues !!!

In regards to overall health, remember Mercury is the natural planetary ruler of the 6th house which rules health, so there was more potential to have health issues, or recurring issues, in general the Mercury retrograde ... and there was the potential for health issues in the area of the head which is the anatomical area of the body Aries rules !!!

A Mercury retrograde period is usually not a good time to have surgery as the healing process could be slowed down or there could be the chance of complications resulting in having to go back at a later date and take care of something that wasn't done correctly - especially in regards to cosmetic surgery !!! ... now this applies to elective surgery ... as for emergency surgery, we have no control over that and trying to put that off might produce catastrophic results !!! ... so did anyone have elective surgery that could have been delayed for a time when the universal energy better supported it ???

Gemini and Virgo born since Mercury is your natural ruling planet, did you "try" and slow down for personal review and rethinking - especially in regards as to what has transpired in your lives since Mercury last resumed direct motion back on December 22nd, 2017 ??? ... what have you learned about yourself in regards to where you are going and whether or not you are proceeding wisely in order to become more successful ??? ... what did you discover that MUST be changed - in fact what did anyone discover that MUST be changed so you are not left stagnant and hanging in limbo ???

Mercury now moves forward to complete its entire transit through the sign of Aries which initially began back on March 6th ... Mercury will conclude its transit through Aries on May 13th !!!

And now a reminder of what the energy of Mercury in Aries is all about for those that need a "re-fresher" course now that Mercury has resumed direct motion :

While Mercury transits the sign of Aries, and with Aries being a Fire sign, energy and action will be expressed either in an inspiring, creative, independent, or impulsive, aggressive, confrontational manner - thus we can end up being extremely constructive or extremely destructive depending on how we harness this energy ... Mercury in Aries means it is now in a dynamic relationship with Mars - the ruler of Aries - and the Mercurial energy is being pushed into overdrive ... but just how far into overdrive it is pushed remains the question ... nevertheless the mind will be frequently on overload as well as our actions too ... we may find ourselves moving too quickly and causing mishaps or accidents - especially behind the wheel where we will no doubt be using even more hand gestures than usual !!!

We will most likely come up with what we determine to be "scathingly brilliant" ideas but not all will be driven to fruition after they lose their initial novelty ... a lot of us will constantly be the victim of "foot-in-mouth" disease as we will have the tendency to speak before we think since the mind is processing so much so fast ... we may also experience sleepless nights or have difficulty going to sleep as we find that when our head hits the pillow the mind is still racing .... we will certainly have to be on guard about starting arguments and trying to stir up controversy simply because we feel like our words are the ultimate authority ...

With the mind and the tongue working rather quickly here, there is definitely a talent for debate and/or using words that are biting, ironic, and sarcastic ... communication will be made directly, forcefully and with confidence ... new ideas are always being sought here as it becomes necessary to be active in order to learn - even if the lessons end up being harder than we anticipated ... under this energy one is usually interested in courage, self-reliance, freedom and self-expression ...

Mercury in Aries teaches us to learn to think through doing ... this energy truly expresses the well known phrase that actions speak louder than words !!! ... just as fresh new ideas and experiences are sought out, there is the tendency at times to dwell on old grievances as well as on outworn interests ... if there is a failure to sustain enough mental input or assertion of ones intellectual outlook, there is the risk of nervous and/or physical restlessness that can develop into more serious mental or emotional conditions accompanied by matching circumstances ... slow down to clarify your objectives and then have the faith that you'll rise to the occasion ... make sure your force has a worthy cause attached to it ... realize that the tongue is indeed a sensitive muscle - so learn to "hold it", by learning to "bite" it gracefully, and appreciate what it is attached to !!! ... the energy of Mercury in Aries can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: quick-thinking, spontaneous, quick-acting, decisive, mentally forceful, stimulating, fighting spirit, fiery, frank, witty, to the point, observant, initiates ideas, thinks on ones feet, mentally active and agile, eloquent, verbally assertive, intellectually confident

NEGATIVE: impatient, irritable, quick-tempered, premature, headstrong, quarrelsome, spitting, thoughtless, sarcastic, terse, precocious, snap opinionated, snap decisions, verbally/mentally restless, one-sided viewpoint, intellectually arrogant

Aries born individuals, you may become infused with an overabundance of ideas and plans in addition to speaking out more so than usual - but indeed we all may do so even if we aren't Aries born - proceed with caution !!!

As for this Mercury transit though Aries, one might be well advised to keep a lot of ice cream or something cool and soothing on hand as we are sure to have a sore tongue from having to bite it so often, well at least those who are wise enough to do so, to keep from allowing our hasty words to cause too much uproar, misunderstandings and unnecessary verbal confrontations which yields the well known caveat - "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS" !!!

Mercury will exit its retrograde zone on May 3rd  when it reaches 16 degrees 54 minutes Aries, the point where it began this first retrograde journey for 2018 back on March 22nd ... Mercury remains in  direct motion until July 25th/26th when it begins its second retrograde journey for 2018 at 23 degrees 27 minutes LEO !!!

Now that everyone has had a taste of the first personal planet retrograde for 2018 and probably witnessed the potential disruption it can cause, I will shortly be re-posting my blog from March 21st concerning what I call the "personal planet retrograde flip flop" sequence that is now underway ... many of you may have missed it or just ignored it, un-huh, but perhaps now you see why it's always a good idea to be prepared for what the Universe is about to bestow upon you !!!

Saturday, April 7, 2018


VENUS  - the planet representing attraction, love, affection, beauty, happiness, value and values, how we relate, and social or artistic expression - began its transit through the earthy, stable sign of Taurus, Saturday, March 31st, at 12:54 AM EDT ... Venus is very comfortable and at home therefore functioning very well here ... it is considered to be in "dignity" in Taurus - this is one of the two signs of the zodiac it naturally rules - the other being Libra of course ... Venus was last in Taurus from June 6th through July 4th, 2017 - anything come to mind from that period regarding love, money, and partnerships/relationships either private or public ???

Venus in Taurus enjoys physical gratification - including food, drink, possessions, finances, and sensual indulgences - often to the point of becoming overly indulgent !!! ... it deeply enjoys sensations, appreciates nature, and truly savors the five senses more so than usual - especially TOUCH !!! ... this energy is often relaxed and easygoing in relating to people and it appreciates loyalty and stability ... affection is expressed physically and steadily - sometimes to the point of being too possessive ... the drive for pleasure is very strong and could easily make one excessively self-indulgent ... the handling of money and possessions is usually done sensibly, but there could be the tendency to overvalue comfort, luxury and/or attractive physical objects ... there is a desire for comfort in love relationships and one responds to sensual energy from other people ... an appreciation of beauty and artistic talents can lead to personal satisfaction and success !!!

Whatever this energy loves it will love completely and totally ... it believes relationships can last forever ... but sometimes the relationships last longer than they should ... the saying that old habits die hard is especially true with Venus in Taurus ... and this energy continues to think about all the time what it has "invested" in its object of desire !!! .. this is a steadfast love ... it also is prone to the love of good food so gaining weight could prove a challenge under this energy - over the lips forever on the hips ???

Venus in Taurus teaches us all about loving through stabilizing ... it's Nature's connoisseur ... there is a pronounced need to show physical affection in order to feel loved - mere words will NOT suffice ... the secret here to obtaining the object of your desires and maintaining a stable relationship is to understand that anything or anyone outside of yourself can only become a part of your life when your value and values are a reflection and in harmony with Nature itself ... this is one of the very strongest Planet-Sign combinations that indicates a genuine love of Nature ... the ultimate truth here is that what you love and care about is only as solid and secure as how you feel inside ... the energy of Venus in Taurus can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: attractive, earthy, affectionate, artistic, aesthetic, peaceful, sensuous, satisfying, steadfast, loyal, wholesome, constant, sympathetic, encouraging, comforting, pleasure-giving, nature-loving, deeply trusting, sound values, conservational

NEGATIVE: greedy, materialistic, self-indulgent, overly sensual, self-satisfied, stubborn, possessive, smug, too abiding, misguiding, dissipating, insatiable, limited viewpoint, gullible, weight-gainer, jealous, insecure

Taurus born individuals, this is your time to reflect your inner beauty outwardly and ask for what you want - you just might get it if it is what you truly desire ... for the rest of us, we can now see what it might be like to be born with Venus in Taurus, as well as getting a glimpse into how Taurus born individuals may operate in their quest for love and defining where their true values lie !!!

Venus is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Taurus, but the Sun will join the love fest on April 19th !!! ... Venus remains in Taurus until April 24th !!!

Just a reminder, Venus will take its nest retrograde journey this year from October 5th through November 16th going from 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio back to 25 degrees 14 minutes Libra ... Venus enters its next shadow point on September 2nd !!!

For now, we must come to understand that which makes us feel loved is our own persistent faith in our individual love nature ... and by the end of this transit we all will hopefully have been able to feel - just a "touch" of love !!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


MERCURY began its first RETROGRADE journey for 2018 Thursday, March 22nd, at 8:19 PM EDT  ... if you've been following my blogs, then you know exactly what to expect during a Mercury Retrograde - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED !!!

This Mercury retrograde will be completely in the sign of Aries going from 16 degrees 54 minutes Aries back to 4 degrees 47 minutes Aries ... Mercury was last retrograde in Aries partially from April 20th through May 3rd, 2017 going from 29 degrees back to 24 degrees Aries ... then it was involved in a dual sign retrograde with Taurus ...  anything come to mind from that period in your life ???

It is very important to understand that Mercury retrogrades are NOT ALWAYS the harbingers of doom and gloom ... even though it is true they can cause disruption and misunderstandings, we have to realize these are simply Universal "time outs" which give us the opportunity to go back to rethink and review our actions especially as the energy relates to the current sign that the planet is transiting through ... bottom line - though we often joke about it, retrogrades shouldn't always be feared and dreaded but perhaps approached cautiously ... the Universe is giving us a chance to right our wrongs and redirect ourselves to achieve more beneficial personal and spiritual growth !!!

To RE-peat, Mercury retrogrades are simply a time for reviewing and revision - as the saying goes, "it might be a good idea to drop back and punt" !!! ... during a Mercury retrograde period it can be said that we are in a mental "down time" and often things will not register on a conscious level with us ... it is also said that the use of Mercury retrograde cycles are to reconnect the individual with the Universal rhythm ... if you've had a natal chart done and know in which house or houses these degrees fall, then you will probably get an idea of where the Universe is asking you to step back and take a closer look at what you are doing in that area of your life as well as indicating to you where mishaps and misunderstandings may occur in your life !!!

Some of you may have noticed the beginning of this backwards energy when Mercury entered its shadow point - the point where it will complete its retrograde journey on April 15th - back on March 8th when it reached 4 degrees 47 minutes Aries !!!

It practically goes without saying that things somehow just don't seem to go right or as we planned, and we often find ourselves re-doing things especially after Mercury stations back into direct motion ... Obviously communications are going to be challenged both to and from others - partnerships and relationships often hit the skids during these periods ... it is NOT a good time to make major purchases - especially Cars, a big NO NO - and that goes double for USED CARS, as well as computers or anything that involves electronics !!!... purchasing homes can end up producing unforeseen problems and even the contracts can have unexpected difficulties along the way or at closing especially if the closing takes place during the retrograde period .... it is not a good idea to enter into contracts or start new jobs as they will most likely not pan out and end up being dead ends ... and weddings, well I know it takes a long time to plan a wedding and some of them will just have to go on as planned, but if you can avoid a wedding in a Mercury Retrograde - DO IT !!! .... obviously one cannot put their life on hold, but if there is any way to hold off on these things until Mercury turns direct, it would prove beneficial in the long run ... I have frequently found, though, that in some charts I've done, people born under a Mercury retrograde sometimes seem to thrive during these periods because they innately understand the backward energy and how to work with it !!!

Mercury retrograding in Aries will certainly give rise to issues concerning making new starts ... this is NOT the time to make vast sweeping changes - which one should never really do in a personal planet - Mercury, Venus, Mars - retrograde period anyway ... rather one should keep an eye open for possibilities that could prove more satisfying once the energy has returned back to direct motion !!! ... again, if you've had a natal chart done and know where 16 degrees 54 minutes back to 4 degrees 47 minutes of Aries lies in your chart, then you may get a good idea as to what the main issues of this Mercury retrograde has in store for you !!!

Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house, a house of self and identity, of the horoscope so there might also well be issues regarding your personality, natural disposition, your individuality, the way you express yourself, the way you want others to see you, the way others actually see you, the way in which you package and market yourself, your physical body, your health, issues from early childhood years not dealt with, your approach to life, your worldly outlook, your appearance, as well as the beginnings of all new enterprises !!!

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, there could also be issues in regards to your assertiveness, competitiveness, surgery and operations, accidents, inflammations, cuts, burns, violence and anger management issues !!!

In regards to overall health, remember Mercury is the natural planetary ruler of the 6th house which rules health, so there could be more chances to have health issues, or recurring issues, in general during a Mercury retrograde ... there is the potential for health issues in the area of the head which is the anatomical area of the body Aries rules !!!

A Mercury retrograde period is usually not a good time to have surgery as the healing process could be slowed down or there could be the chance of complications resulting in having to go back at a later date and take care of something that wasn't done correctly - especially in regards to cosmetic surgery !!! ... now this applies to elective surgery ... as for emergency surgery, we have no control over that and trying to put that off might produce catastrophic results !!!

Gemini and Virgo born since Mercury is your ruling planet, this is your time for personal review and rethinking - especially in regards as to what has transpired in your life since Mercury resumed direct motion back on December 22nd, 2017 !!!

Below I have re posted the "Mercury Retrograde Survival Manual" written by my teacher Lyn Hammond Gray ... hopefully it will help out :

"Here is your Survival manual: Mercury retro always creates a repeating action. The Re-Words are common. Some re-words that you will notice during this time are:

Repeat – The action you are making during the RX period you will probably repeat again during the period or later.

Repair – The need for repair will arise. If possible, put if off until Mercury turns direct (April 15th).

Reverse - You will be amazed at how many times you change your mind or reverse your thinking during this time. Watch out for that race car driver that is driving in reverse down the emergency lane on the freeway. Yikes !!!

Recall - Your mind will wonder back. You will think of people from the past or you will encounter someone from the past. If old lovers show up, don't bet that it will stick. Believe me... it is just for a "review." And you know what, I wouldn't start a new romance during this period either - wait until after April 15th !!!

Review - If you are reading instructions, you may find it necessary to review repeatedly because they simply  don't make sense. Sometimes the publisher has actually left out a step. It happens!

Regroup - In corporations, it is a common experience during the Rx to hear the boss say, 'Alright, we are going to rework this thing and get it right.' Later when the period is over, they go back to the old way doing things. It is a laugh a minute. Stand back and watch the comedy.

Reboot and Revise - The computer world is a definite place to watch the comedy. It is common for one to suddenly, without fore thought, decide to revise their system during the Rx. Oh! Mercy! That revised system may never function in the normal way. Oh, please! Do wait until the period is over. However, it is fine to do your shopping for the new components during the Rx.

Return - Now here is a good one. You'll find that this period is a popular time for family or class reunions. Should you stay are home? Absolutely not! You go because this is a review that you don't want to miss. But funny thing is that in spite of the fact that you tell these people 'lets stay in touch' it will become lip service and you won't live up to your suggestion.

Rebirth – Often one will go back into the past and bring up old creative projects to work with during this time frame. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. Only you will be able to activate the discipline to keep it going once the retrograde period is over.

Recover - You can bet that you will dig into your files, boxes or storage to recover something that you need…you can also bet it won't be an easy find. It is likely that you will be looking for a legal document· While it is possible that you may not find what you are looking for, you may find something that you would like to put back in to use. Fun!

Re-examine – Well, just about everything.

Reduction – Over the years, I have been amazed at how many times a company or person decides to eliminate a job or to leave a job during the retrograde. It is my experience that a job changed during this period is 95% of the time regretted. Can you wait until the period is over ???

And so it is. Three sometimes four times a year we live with this cosmic "going to teach you patience  routine". All and all when this retrograde period is over you may "Realize" this simple truth: The flow of the universe is very, very interesting and it is going to have its way with us.

Good luck and may the Universe bestow upon each one of you a special wisdom and unique insight into your journey through this life at this point!!! "

Back to me now ... Those born between March 23rd and April 14th will definitely be "blessed" with this Mercury retrograde energy in their solar return - birthday chart - for the whole year ahead ... those born on March 22nd and April 15th may or may not get this energy depending on what time you solar return occurs - some may be lucky enough to escape it for this year ... yet another very good reason to know your time of birth if you can find it !!! ...below once again is an explanation of what the potential is to get Mercury retrograde in your birthday chart summed up by Mary Fortier Shea in her book titled "Planets in Solar Return":

"The significance of having Mercury retrograde in your yearly birthday chart or, as we refer to it in Astrology, a Solar Return ...

A Solar Return is the time every year that the Sun returns to the same degrees and minutes it was at when you were born - all the more reason to know your birth time now isn't it, hmmmmm????? ... a new chart is run for you at the time your solar return occurs in that given year and it is run for wherever you are at the precise time of your solar return ... this produces a new horoscope chart which shows what energy you may or may not run into for the year ahead - that is from the current birthday until next years’ birthday ... its energy can be felt from one to three months out before the actual solar return occurs ... often people will relocate for the return time in order to get a particular energy in their solar return chart ...

Mercury is usually retrograde in a solar return chart every six years ... during this time it's best to be introspective ... you should be learning and thinking on your own rather than depending on others ... the mind is like an overstuffed drawer seriously in need of re-filing and reorganization ... in other words the time has come to "process" ... 

the mental processes are not very receptive to new information at this time ... it's time to go back and re-examine and review things in your life which may have been started but not carried through to fruition or maybe interrupted and suddenly abandoned for some reason ... by focusing inward you might be able to see that your own opinions, thoughts and decisions work best for you rather than those made by others ... at the same time be very receptive to the feedback others are giving you especially if you have missed the mark in regard to some endeavor ... 

another side effect of this energy is secretiveness where you decide to withhold information or sometimes outright lie ... and why ??? .. because you have secrets that need to be kept or else were you to express your opinions and thoughts outwardly it could cause tension in your relationships ... have plenty of ice cream around to soothe the tongue you are most likely going to have to bite frequently this year !!! ... 

this is a great year to keep a journal and put your thoughts down on paper and also to write original material ... sometimes you can see things differently when thoughts and ideas are written down which is a very helpful way to get organized ... this is a year where you will probably realize old opinions and beliefs are now outdated thus encouraging you to reassess your thinking, reformulate previously developed ideas, and shed new light on something on some level of your life that needs to be addressed ...

It doesn't really have to be a bad year ... done wisely, fast forwarding to the past and clearing out the "clutter", you can propel yourself further ahead in life than you originally may have thought !!! " 

And a little footnote, those of you born between April 8th and April 14th will get both the retrograde energy of Mercury and Venus in their solar return chart for the year ahead ... those born on April 9th and April 15th may or may not !!!

For all of us, this becomes a time to review and rethink what is going on in our lives and especially what may have been started or done during the last Mercury Retrograde, that being December 2nd/3rd, 2017 through December 22nd, 2017 ...  actions taken during previous retrograde periods could come back to haunt us as well - for 2017 that would also include April 9th through May 3rd, and August 12th through September 5th ... and it would not be out of the realm of possibilities to have something from a previous Mercury retrograde further back than the ones mentioned above come back for some reason that we have to deal with !!!

Whatever the case, it is for sure that there will undoubtedly be lights going ON in our heads regarding these actions as well as other lights going OUT as this Mercury Retrograde energy potentially wreaks its cosmic havoc during this 25 day retrograde period ... Mercury remains retrograde until April 15th - if you wait until the last minute to do your taxes best check and recheck your calculations !!!

And now that the "personal personal retrograde flip flop", which I posted a blog about back on March 21st, is in full swing, it would be a wise move to proceed with caution and not rush into anything without giving it some serious thought ... I will "re-post" that blog in a few days in case you missed it or just plain ignored it - un huh - so you can get up to speed on what to expect until December when the process is complete !!!

That being said, try to slow down, try not to act too impulsively, and go with the universal flow ... don't try to swim up stream in a raging current of cosmic chaos or the day may come in the near future when you live to regret what you did ... be aware tempers will flare and patience may become scarce, but that personal sense of humor, being one of your greatest allies, should be kept very close by and called upon frequently as the Mercury Retrograde merrily, along with great irritation in many instances, wreaks havoc and/or bestows enlightenment !!!

In the end my fellow beings of light, as this first full Mercury Retrograde period of 2018 is now upon us, the ultimate question, as always, is will we become the constant victim of Cosmic Chaos, become the recipient of great Cosmic Clarity ... or BOTH ???

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Since we began yet another "astrological year" as of yesterday, March 20th, it seems like an excellent time to pull out the Cosmic binoculars and look ahead to address something I have been referring to in several of my recent blogs ... that would be what I have named the upcoming "Personal Planet Retrograde Flip Flop" which I will be referring to as PPRFF from this point forward to save some excessive typing !!! ... the Universe will be placing each one of us on a steep learning curve in the "school of life" particularly in reference to the way we think and communicate, romance, partnerships and relationships, personal values, finances, and our personal initiative over the next 10 months !!!

This sequence began on March 8th when Mercury entered its first shadow point for 2018 and concludes with Mercury exiting its final retrograde zone on December 24th ... as Mercury has already kicked off the PPRF, the personal planet retrograde sequence goes in the following order - Mercury, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Mercury ... these three planets are considered to be the "personal" planets as their energy tends to reveal behavior characteristics that make one unique ... the Sun and Moon are also in this group but they never go retrograde ... the following is a general idea of the timing of their retrograde periods during the PPRFF ... each retrograde period will be addressed in more detail later as they actually begin !!!

To start with, every planet, no matter which one that is involved in a retrograde journey, goes through a period of influence ... it begins with the approaching backward energy making itself apparent, the actual retrograde period where the energy is indeed moving backwards, and then the energy turning back into forward motion as the planet moves back to the point where it began its retrograde period ... these point are respectively referred to as :

SHADOW POINT - the planet, still in forward motion, reaches the degree where it will end its upcoming retrograde period

RETROGRADE PERIOD - the degrees and sign, or signs in some cases, where the retrograde takes place

EXIT RETROGRADE ZONE - the degree and sign where the retrograde period began to which the planet has now returned to and is passing over ... considered by some astrologers as the planet returning back up to full speed

Shadow points aren't always thought of as being that detrimental, but they often will produce some kind of energy or event that appears to foreshadow what the upcoming retrograde period will involve ... the retrograde period is the actual time where one should slow down and be careful as to actions being taken especially in regard to which particular area of life the planet, and the sign it is retrograding in, rules or exerts its energy over ... if you've had a natal chart done then you will get an even better idea as to where this backward energy will present in your life for you to deal with in regards to the house or houses it occurs in, natal planets it aspects, and natal planets the retrograde planet crosses back over ... once the retrograde is over the planet has now resumed forward motion and in most cases it is not a problem to proceed with what needs to be addressed in your life, but one just might want to be somewhat more cautious until the planet exits the retrograde zone !!!

Even though this sequence will cover approximately 10 months - March through December, there are approximately 8 days when one of the personal planets won't be either in a shadow point, actually retrograde or moving back in forward motion to exit a retrograde zone ... those days are May 4th through May 11th !!!

The following is a brief description of the general effects of a Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograde period ... as mentioned before, they will be dealt with in more complete detail later as they occur !!!

MERCURY - Mercury goes retrograde 3 and sometimes 4 times a year ... it governs our thinking and how we communicate naturally governing the 3rd house (Gemini) of the horoscope ... it also governs the 6th house (Virgo) thus making its retrograde period a time when work and health issues arise especially in regard to the sign or signs it takes its retrograde journey in ... as a rule, communications are going to be challenged both to and from others - partnerships and relationships often hit the skids during these periods ... it is NOT a good time to make major purchases - especially cars, a big NO-NO - that goes double for USED CARS, computers or anything that involves electronics ... purchasing homes can end up producing unforeseen problems and even the contracts can have unexpected difficulties along the way or at closing especially if the closing takes place during the retrograde period .... it is not a good idea to enter into contracts or start new jobs as they will most likely not pan out and end up becoming dead ends ... and weddings, well I know it takes a long time to plan a wedding and some of them will just have to go on as planned, but if you can avoid a wedding in a Mercury Retrograde - DO IT !!!

VENUS - Venus goes retrograde roughly every 18 months for a period of about 6 weeks ... Venus naturally governs the 2nd house (Taurus) which addresses money, how you earn it and how you spend it, as well as personal values ... it also naturally governs the 7th house (Libra) which addresses face-to-face partnerships and relationships ... during a transiting Venus retrograde, old lovers or friends may resurface - some hoping to reconnect while others are only in and out for "pass and review" so to speak ... relationship issues, both personal and professional/ public and private, come to the forefront thus causing all types of contracts and partnerships to be reconsidered especially if they have become difficult or challenging ... this is also a time when our personal values get reconsidered - both material and spiritual - to see if they still make sense or need adjusting somewhere ... the main purpose of a Venus retrograde is to reconsider relationship and acquisition needs as these change over time for all of us ... it becomes very important during this time to get in touch with ones present values, wants and needs, and to become clear about exactly what you want to attract ... it's NOT a good time to purchase "luxury " items if you can wait because when Venus stations back into direct motion you might well find yourself thinking "Why did I spend THAT MUCH on something I really didn't need or want", or you may simply feel you did not get the anticipated value for what you spent your hard earned money to purchase ... often in a Venus retrograde money can become low and scarce and we could also end up having to spend money we hadn't counted on spending, but in some cases one may end up getting money "coming back" to them from one source or another!!! ... it is not usually a good time to begin a new job if you can wait because you may never get the money you expected out of the job, and the job might not pan out down the road for some reason ... that being said, unfortunately as a Venus retrograde can indicate the "tightening of the purse strings", salaries could be cut back or the job may be terminated for one reason or another ... we also tend to become a little less sociable and often forget our manners ...  ABOVE ALL ELSE, weddings are most certainly a huge NO-NO as this is the planet which rules romance, love and affection - do you really want that energy going backwards on the day you say "I Do" ???

MARS - Mars goes retrograde roughly every 22 months for about 9 - 10 weeks ... Mars naturally governs the 1st house (Aries) which addresses not only the way we individually project ourselves out into the world but ultimately our desires, drives, ambition and personal energy ...  during a Mars retrograde we have to evaluate what it is that motivates us and we have to determine if we are on the correct path to achieve our goals, and if we are doing what we should be doing to get there ... Mars retrograde periods are time for all of us to adjust our actions and aggressive instincts to ensure that our intent is accomplished ... this often includes going back over previous actions and having to redo them or let them go in order to move forward ... old resentments and personal issues that haven't been resolved in the past have a tendency of resurfacing during this period which yields an awareness that the time has come to develop new strategies and approaches for dealing with issues, anger and learning assertiveness ... it is often said that during a Mars retrograde we may become somewhat less "warlike" and that our energy can hit a lull to the point where it seems our get up and go truly got up and went !!!!

The following are the actual dates of the upcoming personal planet retrograde periods in case you would like to mark your calendar or make a note in order to be prepared ... and for the sake of once again saving excessive typing these are the following letter abbreviations to note the period of the particular retrograde ... SP = Shadow Point ... RX = Retrograde Period ... ERXZ = Exit Retrograde Zone :


SP : 3/8 ...  4 degrees 47 minutes Aries

RX : 3/22 - 4/15 ...  16 degrees 54 minutes Aries - 4 degrees 47 minutes Aries

ERXZ : 5/3 ... 4 degrees 47 minutes Aries


SP : 5/12 ... 28 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn

RX : 6/26 - 8/27 ... 9 degrees 13 minutes Aquarius - 28 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn

ERXZ : 10/8 ... 28 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn


SP : 7/7 ... 11 degrees 32 minutes Leo

RX : 7 25/26 - 8 18/19 ... 23 degrees 27 minutes Leo - 11 degrees 32 minutes Leo

ERXZ : 9/2 ... 11 degrees 32 minutes Leo


SP : 9/2 ... 25 degrees 14 minutes Libra

RX : 10/5 - 11/15 ... 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio - 25 degrees 14 minutes Libra

ERXZ : 12/17 ... 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio


SP : 10/28 ... 27 degrees 16 minutes Scorpio

RX : 11/16 - 12/6 ... 13 degrees 29 minutes Sagittarius - 27 degrees 16 minutes Scorpio

ERXZ : 12/24 ... 13 degrees 29 minutes Sagittarius

Now you have a basic idea of what to expect over the next 10 month period in regard to the backward motion and resulting influence of these three planets ... transiting retrogrades affect everyone because the energy we feel from the retrograde planet is "different" while it is, so to speak, moving backwards ... it doesn't mean it is all doom and gloom and something that should be dreaded ... sometimes a retrograde period may come and go with side effects barely noticeable while other times it could prove extremely challenging ... but that of course is going to depend on where you are in life and what is going on around you ... for those born with any of these planets retrograde in their natal chart, I sometimes have found these clients seem to navigate these often choppy waters with less stress and aggravation ... and you have to keep in mind that these particular energies aren't the only ones producing influential energy down here below ... there are always many different energies in play "upstairs" at any given time which results in the universal energy affecting one through transits around their natal chart, progressions to their natal chart, solar returns, lunar returns and a vast array of other cosmic influences which can usually be deciphered for you by an astrologer !!!

Though we all will probably experience some kind of effect from the ensuing PPRFF, those that may be more sensitive to it include Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius born as these are the actual signs in which the respective retrograde periods will take place … Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, and Aries may be equally as sensitive to these retrogrades as these three are your ruling planets : Mercury = Gemini and Virgo, Venus = Taurus and Libra, and Mars = Aries !!!

Ultimately retrograde periods are simply Universal time outs put in place to slow us down and give us the opportunity to get back in sync with the Universal rhythm thus making them thought of as global wake-up calls ... so why try to swim upstream in a raging current … it doesn't mean to come to a complete halt rather exercise extra caution when proceeding with whatever it is you are trying to do ... go with the flow - adjust and adapt … and, most importantly, in trying to determine what is going on around you due to planetary energy interplay and influence, and as nothing is set in stone, it is always a good thing to keep in mind a phrase my astrology teacher, Lyn Hammond Gray, used to stress over and over, from the very first day of class : when synthesizing the overall astrological energy at any given moment in time, always remember to consider this possibility - "MODIFIED BY WHAT ???"

"Everything must change ... nothing stays the same ... everyone must change ... no one stays the same ... " !!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


The SUN blazed its way into the fiery, intense sign of Aries today, March 20th, at 12:16 PM EDT ... being the first sign of the natural zodiac, you will find many astrologers who will joyfully say - HAPPY ASTROLOGICAL NEW YEAR !!! ... also known as the Vernal Equinox, equal days/equal  nights, but more readily known as the beginning of Spring - something we are all bound to put a little more of in our step for now !!! ... however, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere it's the first day of Fall !!! ... the astrological alarm clock has rung and we are awakened from the dream like state the Sun transiting through Pisces may have put many of us in ... we now emerge from those deep emotional waters of Pisces and "dry out" as we proceed to move forward and make potential numerous new beginnings somewhere in our lives as we start taking direct action !!!

With the Sun in Aries, one needs to shine in the following ways: through valor and bravery; shine assertively; shine by being first; seek recognition energetically and impetuously; and shine in ones total self-expression ... Since Aries is a fire sign, the Sun is very comfortable here and maybe works a little more efficiently ... we are energized with a desire to start getting things done and begin new projects !!!

Aries is a masculine/fire/cardinal (beginnings) sign ... it is active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, and open to change and new experiences ... its symbol is the Ram - assertive, sexual and able to climb to great heights ... its glyph represents the horns and long nose of the Ram ... symbolically the glyph is two half Moons joined by a straight line, which indicates idealism tied to authority and leadership ... its key phrase is "I AM" and keyword is "ACTIVITY" ... anatomically Aries rules the head - Aries born people are often prone to headaches, and sometimes subject to minor injuries around the head and face, and they are also susceptible to harm from fire and sharp instruments as well as being prone to accidents involving high speed ... sometimes they have a tendency to get into violent and dangerous situations ... Aries is the sign opposite of Libra !!!

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars - the ancient God of war, aggression and conflict ... it indicates courage, passion, and competition ... Mars deals with your animal nature, desire and sexual energies ... it shows assertiveness, force, power, construction, work, strife, and competition ... it also governs surgery and operations, weapons, war, accidents, inflammation, wounds and cuts, burns, scalds, violence, tools, iron, and steel ... the action of Mars is sudden, self-assertive, and sometimes very disruptive ... its energy can be used destructively and angrily, in a fighting manner, or with courage and strength ... if you've had a natal chart done, where you find Mars is usually where you expend the greatest energy ... my natal Mars is in the 4th house - the house of home among other things - and I work out of my home !!!

Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house of the zodiac ... the 1st house keyword is "IDENTITY" and it is a house of life ... the cusp of the 1st house is known as the Ascendant or Rising sign - a very important point in the natal chart - often said to be the "mask" you wear to the outside world !!! ... it shows what the exact degree and sign was on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth - now you know why birth time is so important in Astrology ... the 1st house mirrors your personality, your natural disposition and tendencies, your individuality and the way you express yourself outwardly ... it shows how people see you - which may be totally different from your natal Sun sign - and the way you want others to see you ... the 1st house represents the way you "package" and "market" yourself ... it represents your physical body, your health and your early childhood years ... it usually characterizes your approach to life, your worldly outlook, your appearance and bearing, and the beginnings of all enterprises !!!

The Sun in Aries teaches us how to LIVE THROUGH DOING !!! ... its the pioneer, the champion !!! ... this energy simply wants to get something started as the Will has free reign to express itself in this sign ... challenges that stir one to action are usually met with great enthusiasm ... patience is a lesson to be learned under this energy as the drive is so strong to move and MOVE NOW!!! ... physical, emotional and mental extremes are all desired in Aries which usually make one all the better for experiencing them - but go too far and one can expect to be extremely lonely ... remember what springs from your body or mind is only as good as what dwells in your heart ... the energy of the Sun in Aries can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: assertive, go-getting, crusading, enthusiastic, direct, frank, one-pointed, straightforward, spontaneous, energetic, stimulating, courageous, good starter, warrior caste, leader type, confident, independent, strong-willed, single-minded, original being

NEGATIVE: overly aggressive, unreflective, fanatical, arrogant, blunt, tactless, blind to side-issues, simplistic, impatient, restless, irritating, foolhardy, bad finisher, argumentative, uncooperative, pompous, self-centered, headstrong, thoughtless, intolerant

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN ARIES BORN !!! ... not only is this the time of year to begin a new astrological cycle, but also for YOU to SHINE - which you like to do naturally !!! ... for everyone, it is a time for fresh new beginnings on many levels of ones life ... and even better yet - IT'S TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING - right ???   ... BUT ... keep in mind, for all the energy that is now encouraging us to make new starts, Mercury begins its first retrograde journey for 2018 in 2 days in the sign of Aries no less !!! ... Oh that cosmic sense of humor !!!

The Sun now joins Mercury - about to go retrograde on March 22nd at 8:19 PM EDT, Venus and Uranus already transiting through the sign of Aries ... and that's a lot of get up and go energy !!! ... The Sun remains in the sign of Aries until April  19th !!!

It's definitely time to OPEN A NEW WINDOW ... OPEN A NEW DOOR - that is if the pollen count isn't too high ... and, as Auntie Mame herself so vivaciously expressed what many would agree describes the feeling one experiences as the Sun transits through the sign of Aries - it's time to  LIVE ... LIVE ... LIVE !!!

Monday, March 19, 2018


MARS began its transit through the responsible, hardworking sign of Capricorn Saturday, March 17th at 12:41 PM EDT ... this Mars energy is absolutely all about getting the job done and doing so very thoroughly !!! ... Mars was last in Capricorn from September 27th through November 8th/9th, 2016 - remember anything significant going on in your life back then especially in regards to the area or areas of life ruled by whichever house or houses this transit occurred ??? ... Mars is back now ready to teach you yet another lesson in that same area or areas, or perhaps repeat the previous lesson, usually in a much different manner this time around, if you failed to learn from it last time !!!

In astrological terms, Mars is said to be "exalted" in the sign of Capricorn ... every planet has one particular sign, apart from the one it rules, where it expresses itself most harmoniously ... complementary forces are increased and the virtues are magnified ... for Mars it is Capricorn because the organization and discipline of Saturn - the planet which rules Capricorn - makes for the most efficient, practical use of the Mars energy ... here people are more capable of decisive action ... not as much energy may be expended, but the energy that one expends is usually more effective ... there is also a high degree of self-control and discipline, and orders can be taken from those in power and implemented producing positive results ... therefore, it should come as no surprise that many who pursue military careers are born with Mars in Capricorn !!!

Great energy is channeled into professional ambition here ... it is extremely materialistic ... desire for recognition and high status is very intense ... actions are usually well organized and very carefully calculated to achieve concrete results in terms of money and professional advancement ... as a result, many business executives are born with Mars in Capricorn or have Mars in the 10th house - the house of career and public image !!!

Mars in Capricorn bestows pride in doing a job correctly along with a corresponding disrespect for laziness and lack of ambition ... one has to be careful under this energy not to use people for the sake of status and material gain due to a loss of human values in the intensity of ones material ambition ... if Mars in Capricorn is heavily afflicted in ones natal chart with this placement, or the current transiting chart under this energy, there can be a danger of broken bones !!!

Mars in Capricorn signifies force and energy kept under control ... that is, to be used when it is necessary ... ones strength here lies in the ability to endure ... obstacles in ones path are usually run over roughshod ... there is vigor and dynamic force along with quiet self-reliance ... sexual nature becomes earthy and passionate with the element of self-control governing relationships ... sometimes one is hot-blooded, sexy and romantic, and at other times chilly, withdrawn and disinterested ... sexually, passion is expressed only to someone whom you have allowed yourself to become intimately involved with ... ultimately the lesson here is learning not to just indulge in a body for its own sake without appreciating that it houses a Soul !!!

Mars in Capricorn teaches us about how we get what we want through building ... here we have the master builder, the chief executive ... one goes about getting what one wants with such a deliberate, pragmatic and sure-footed fashion, that whatever you get usually remains yours!!! ... achievements are based on a very firm foundation, and as a rule, short cuts are not taken as one realizes they often become the longer way around ... the key here is to learn to appreciate that one is getting somewhere by trusting that the "building work" is going on even though at times it may be taking place unconsciously or beneath the surface where most foundations are  usually based !!!

Mars in Capricorn can often be an indicator of the self-made person due to the ultimate realization, sooner or later, that it may become necessary to have to go it alone ... the ability to delegate and regulate is an essential quality under this energy ... and this apples to both the personal and professional areas of ones life ... this ability results mainly from having a purpose and a plan along with a sense of timing ... one of the greatest gifts of Mars in Capricorn is in learning to pace yourself and not be pressured by others who do not understand the certainty of ultimate success ... so the energy breaks down in this manner:

POSITIVE: persistent, single-minded, nobodies fool, industrious, works according to plan, earthy and practical, authoritative, respects order, disciplined, commands respect, sexually disciplined, capable of celibacy, strong sex drive, self-reliant, energetic worker, decisive, cuts through red tape, inscrutable

NEGATIVE: pig-headed, disagreeable, dog-eat-dog attitude, workaholic, cold and calculating, insists on material results, uses others, lust for control, disregards others' rights, slave-driving, sexually controlling/controlled, suppresses libido, lacking affection, lonely, restless at work, agonizing, bucks the system, self-mystifying

My fellow Capricorn born individuals, as you are probably aware when Mars transits ones birth sign, one is given an extra boost of energy so no doubt we will be using this energy to place those sure-footed steps in place as we continue our climb upwards ... just be careful you don't accidentally "incinerate" someone with the extra fiery energy empowering you !!!

Mars  will not complete its transit through the sign of Capricorn until SEPTEMBER 10TH !!! ... you read correctly and you know why !!! ... Mars is "slowing" down to begin its retrograde journey for 2018 which occurs from June 26th through August 27th going from 9 degrees 13 minutes Aquarius back to 28 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn ... Mars will actually complete this first pass through Capricorn on May 15th/16th depending on which time zone in which you live ... when it enters Aquarius it will get no further than 9 degrees 13 minutes on June 26th when the retrograde period begins ... Mars will re-enter the sign of Capricorn on August 12th where it will complete the retrograde journey on August 27th !!!

Mars now joins Saturn and Pluto already transiting through the sign of Capricorn - what a dynamic trio of planetary energy that has the potential to produce great achievements, growth and advancement, or possibly great ruin and destruction depending on how you harness this very powerful energy !!!

Sunday, March 11, 2018


JUPITER, the planet known as the Great Benefic, and the planet which symbolizes growth, the law, beliefs, ethics, expansion, opportunity, wealth, faith, higher education, travel - long distance, religion,  philosophy, joy, goodwill and often excess and extravagance, began its retrograde journey for 2018 on Thursday, March 8th at 11:46 PM EST ... transiting planetary retrogrades are often referred to as global wake-up calls ... usually right before a Jupiter retrograde it will be discovered or become apparent that society, organizations and individuals will have "gone too far" in their desires to expand and grow ... often the actions will have exceeded positive limits which necessitates a time for stepping back ... it is when the "gravy train", as it were, slows down !!!

Jupiter retrograde is a period for everyone to grow internally and prepare themselves for new opportunities that arise when Jupiter stations back into direct motion ... in fact, we could discover that there was an opportunity which arose or was offered and for some reason we did not act on it or simply ignored it ... it is very important now during this period to go and look within in order to develop a better understanding and awareness which hopefully will enable each one of us to figure out if what is being offered to us is what we really want and/or need !!!

People born with Jupiter retrograde in their natal chart usually find that society's religions, beliefs, philosophies, and cultural values are not compatible with their own values ... they have to step back from the "norms" and rethink these things on their own in order to develop their own individual "operating systems" ... needless to say, during a transiting Jupiter retrograde, we may all experience this and those born with Jupiter retrograde may experience an enhanced desire to pursue their natal energy in regard to this area of our lives ... as Jupiter goes retrograde roughly every 9 months for a period of about 4 months, there are obviously a lot of people, like yours truly, born with Jupiter retrograde in their natal chart !!!

Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23 degrees 13 minutes Scorpio... it will retrograde back to 13 degrees 21 minutes Scorpio during this period ... if you've had a natal chart done and know in which house or houses these degrees lie, you will probably get a good idea where in your life you may have to reconsider "growth" in those areas and whether or not you have gone too far too fast - and this would include "physical" growth as well !!!

With Jupiter is currently transiting through the sign of Scorpio, the emphasis of this transit is all about persevering .. people often find they like to try and exert their influence over others ... life is viewed with very deep insight and this energy has the potential to instill a courageous as well as faithful nature in most ... many may also be drawn to the mystical and occult side of life ... Jupiter in Scorpio can yield a highly intense and frequently uncompromising nature in regards to ones beliefs ... there is also the possibility of heightened interest in the areas of archaeology, music, medicine and healing, corporate finance, taxes, inheritances, investments, intense one on one encounters as well as the desire to pursue a life of luxurious living as this energy can yield the ability to earn enough to make it a reality if that is what one truly desires ... this energy can also bring one encounters with the very dark side of life !!!

Sagittarius born individuals, as Jupiter is the ruling planet of your Sun sign, this is your yearly period of review and reflection ... it is time to step back and reflect on what has been going on in your life since Jupiter last stationed into direct motion back on June 9th, 2017 ... where have you possibly over-expanded, and what opportunities have come your way that you either took advantage of or might well have overlooked or even just outright ignored ??? ... Sagittarius rising and Sagittarius moon born may be doing this too ... in fact, we all are probably going to be considering this on some level of our lives !!!

Jupiter remains retrograde until July 10th ... this is the only retrograde period Jupiter will make in Scorpio for approximately the next twelve years ... use it wisely and with an open heart and mind !!! ... BUT ... we all should continue to keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities for growth and expansion that might come our way - yes, even in a Jupiter retrograde !!! ... you might just want to be patient and wait to take advantage of them until Jupiter stations back into direct motion on July 10th ... and one must also be careful as there will be three sets of personal planet - Mercury, Venus and Mars - retrogrades either in progress or coming up after Jupiter stations direct !!!

The final caveat here would advise one to also be careful otherwise you might find you have overlooked what could ultimately be what benevolent Jupiter has the potential to so joyously bring to each one of us - a once in a lifetime chance for personal and spiritual growth !!!