Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Whether we like it or not - NOT !!!! - Mercury began its third RETROGRADE journey for 2016 today, August 30th, at 9:04 AM EDT .... if you've been following my blogs, then you know pretty much what to expect during a Mercury Retrograde - as always ... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!! ... and this Mercury retrograde period may prove a even more irritating since Mercury will be retrograding in a sign that it naturally rules - the double whammy !!! ... some of you may have noticed the energy beginning to move backwards already when Mercury entered its shadow point - the point where it will come out of the retrograde on September 21st/22nd - back on August 10th  ... now things somehow just don't seem to go right or as we planned and we often find ourselves re-doing things especially after Mercury stations back into direct motion ... this Mercury retrograde takes place completely in the sign of Virgo going from 29 degrees 5 minutes Virgo back to 14 degrees 49 minutes Virgo ... Mercury was last completely retrograde in Virgo from August 20th through September 12th, 2010 going from 19 degrees 4 minutes Virgo back to 5 degrees 22 minutes Virgo ... anything come to mind from that period in your life ???

Obviously communications are going to be challenged both to and from others - partnerships and relationships often hit the skids during these periods ... it is NOT a good time to make major purchases - especially Cars - a big NO NO, computers or anything that involves electronics ... also purchasing homes can end up producing unforeseen problems and even the contracts can have unexpected difficulties along the way or at closing especially if the closing takes place during the retrograde period .... it is also not a good idea to enter into contracts or start new jobs as they will most likely not pan out and end up being dead ends .... obviously one cannot put their life on hold, but if there is anyway to hold off on these things until Mercury turns direct, it would prove beneficial in the long run ... I have frequently found, though, that in some charts I've done, people born under a Mercury retrograde sometimes seem to thrive during these periods because they innately understand the backward energy and how to work with it ...

It is very important to understand that Mercury retrogrades are NOT ALWAYS the harbingers of doom and gloom ... even though it is true they can cause disruption and misunderstandings, we have to realize these are simply Universal "time outs" which give us the opportunity to go back to rethink and review our actions especially as the energy relates to the current sign that the planet is transiting through ... bottom line - though we often joke about it, retrogrades shouldn't always be feared and dreaded but perhaps approached cautiously ... the Universe is giving us a chance to right our wrongs and redirect ourselves to achieve more beneficial personal and spiritual growth !!!

Mercury retrogrades are simply a time for reviewing and revision ... as the saying goes, "it might be a good idea to drop back and punt" !!! ... during a retrograde journey it can be said that we are in a mental "down time" and often things will not register on a conscious level with us ... it is said that the use of Mercury retrograde cycles are to reconnect the individual with the Universal rhythm ... this is NOT the time to make vast sweeping changes ... rather one should keep an eye open for possibilities that could prove more satisfying once the energy has returned back to direct motion ...

Mercury retrograding in Virgo will certainly give rise to issues regarding daily work and service, health and nutrition, and possibly family issues ... as Virgo rules the intestinal area in the body, there could easily be issues there as well in addition to other health issues that might arise as Mercury naturally rules the 6th house which includes health and nutrition ...

As Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, Mercury in Virgo already "slows" down the mental process with Virgo being an Earth sign, and adding retrograde energy to it just complicates matters where there is already the tendency to over analyze everything down to the last detail !!!! ... As Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house of the horoscope, one might also expect to encounter issues regarding employment, employees, tenants, servants, pets, dependents, service given to others, routine matters, your clothes and how you wear them, hygiene, interest in food and ones diet, sickness and all conditions affecting your health ... the 6th house also relates to ones aunts and uncles, self-adjustments and ones unconscious mind ... it is important to note that in the 6th house work and health are linked together !!! ... if you've had a natal chart done and know in which house or houses 29 degrees 5 minutes Virgo back to 14 degrees 49 minutes Virgo  lie in your chart, then you may get a good idea as to what the main issues of this Mercury retrograde has in store for you !!!

Gemini and Virgo born since Mercury is your natural ruling planet, this is your time to "try" and slow down for personal review and rethinking - especially in regards as to what has transpired in your lives since Mercury last resumed direct motion on May 22nd ...  needless to say Virgo born may especially feel the impact of this energy since Mercury is retrograding through your birth sign !!!

Below I have re posted the "Mercury Retrograde Survival Manual" written by my teacher Lyn Hammond Gray ... hopefully it will help out :

"Here is your Survival manual: Mercury retro always creates a repeating action. The Re-Words are common. Some re-words that you will notice during this time are:

Repeat – The action you are making during the RX period you will probably repeat again during the period or later.

Repair – The need for repair will arise. If possible, put if off until Mercury turns direct (September 21st/22nd).

Reverse - You will be amazed at how many times you change your mind or reverse your thinking during this time. Watch out for that race car driver that is driving in reverse down the emergency lane on the freeway. Yikes!....

Recall - Your mind will wonder back. You will think of people from the past or you will encounter someone from the past. If old lovers show up, don't bet that it will stick. Believe me... it is just for a "review." (And if it does last, I want to be the first to know about it. E-mail me and let me know). And you know what, I wouldn't start a new romance during this period either. Hold off until AFTER September 21st/22nd !!!

Review - If you are reading instructions, you may find it necessary to review repeatedly because they simply don't make sense. Sometimes the publisher has actually left out a step. It happens!

Regroup - In corporations, it is a common experience during the Rx to hear the boss say, 'Alright, we are going to rework this thing and get it right.' Later when the period is over, they go back to the old way doing things. It is a laugh a minute. Stand back and watch the comedy.

Reboot and Revise - The computer world is a definite place to watch the comedy. It is common for one to suddenly, without fore thought, decide to revise their system during the Rx. Oh! Mercy! That revised system may never function in the normal way. Oh, please! Do wait until the period is over. However, it is fine to do your shopping for the new components during the Rx. When you do go to purchase your parts in September after the 22nd, you will most likely find better deals and buys.

Return - Now here is a good one. You'll find that this period is a popular time for family or class reunions. Should you stay are home? Absolutely not! You go because this is a review that you don't want to miss. But funny thing is that in spite of the fact that you tell these people 'lets stay in touch' it will become lip service and you won't live up to your suggestion.

Rebirth – Often one will go back into the past and bring up old creative projects to work with during this time frame. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. Only you will be able to activate the discipline to keep it going once the retrograde period is over.

Recover - You can bet that you will dig into your files, boxes or storage to recover something that you need…you can also bet it won't be an easy find. It is likely that you will be looking for a legal document· While it is possible that you may not find what you are looking for, you may find something that you would like to put back in to use. Fun!

Re-examine – Well, just about everything. Smile.

Reduction – Over the years, I have been amazed at how many times a company or person decides to eliminate a job or to leave a job during the retrograde. It is my experience that a job changed during this period is 95% of the time regretted. Can you wait until the period is over, dear heart?

And so it is. Three times a year, sometimes four, we live with this cosmic "going to teach you patience routine". All and all when this retrograde period is over you may "Realize" this simple truth: The flow of the universe is very, very interesting and it is going to have its way with us.

Good luck and may the Universe bestow upon each one of you a special wisdom and unique insight into your journey through this life at this point !!!"

Those born between August 31st and September 20th will definitely have Mercury retrograde in their birthday chart for the whole year ahead ... those born on August 30th and September 21st/22nd may or may not get this backward energy depending on the time of your solar return this year !!! ... below is a repeat explanation of what it means to have Mercury Retrograde for the whole year in your birthday chart:

The significance of having Mercury retrograde in your yearly birthday chart or, as we refer to it in Astrology, a Solar Return, is summed up below by Mary Fortier Shea in her book titled "Planets in Solar Return" :

"A Solar Return is the time every year that the Sun returns to the same degrees and minutes it was at when you were born - all the more reason to know your birth time now isn't it, hmmmmm????? ... a new chart is run for you at the time your solar return occurs in that given year and it is run for wherever you are at the precise time of your solar return ... this produces a new horoscope chart which shows what energy you may or may not run into for the year ahead - that is from the current birthday until next years birthday ... its energy can be felt from one to three months out before the actual solar return occurs .... often people will relocate for the return time in order to get a particular energy in their solar return chart ...

Mercury is usually retrograde in a solar return chart every six years ... during this time it's best to be introspective ... you should be learning and thinking on your own rather than depending on others ... the mind is like an overstuffed drawer seriously in need of re-filing and reorganization ... in other words the time has come to "process" ...

The mental processes are not very receptive to new information at this time ... it's time to go back and re-examine and review things in your life which may have been started but not carried through to fruition or maybe interrupted and suddenly abandoned for some reason ... by focusing inward you might be able to see that your own opinions, thoughts and decisions work best for you rather than those made by others ... at the same time be very receptive to the feedback others are giving you especially if you have missed the mark in regard to some endeavor ...

Another side effect of this energy is secretiveness where you decide to withhold information or sometimes outright lie ... and why ??? .. because you have secrets that need to be kept or else were you to express your opinions and thoughts outwardly it could cause tension in your relationships ... have plenty of ice cream around to soothe the tongue you are most likely going to have to bite frequently this year !!!

This is a great year to keep a journal and put your thoughts down on paper and also to write original material ... sometimes you can see things differently when thoughts and ideas are written down which is a very helpful way to get organized ... this is a year where you will probably realize old opinions and beliefs are now outdated thus encouraging you to reassess your thinking, reformulate previously developed ideas, and shed new light on something on some level of your life that needs to be addressed ...

It doesn't really have to be a bad year ... done wisely, fast forwarding to the past and clearing out the "clutter", you can propel yourself further ahead in life than you originally may have thought !!! "

For all of us, now becomes a time to review and rethink what is going on in our lives and especially what may have been started or done during the last Mercury retrograde, that being April 28th through
May 22nd, or, like Gemini and Virgo born, actions we undertook since the last Mercury Retrograde ended on May 22nd ... and it would not be out of the realm of possibilities to have issues arise from previous Mercury retrogrades in particular the retrograde periods from January 5th through January 25th of this year, September 17th through October 9th, 2015, May 18th through June 11th, 2015, and January 21st through February 11th, 2015 ... all of these being the most recent Mercury retrogrades within the last year and a half ...

Whatever the case, it is for sure that there will undoubtedly be lights going ON in our heads regarding these actions as well as other lights going OUT as this Mercury retrograde energy wreaks its cosmic havoc for the next 24 days ... Mercury remains retrograde until September 21st/22nd - depending on the time zone in which you live - so slow down and try not to act too impulsively and swim upstream in a raging current of cosmic chaos or the day may come in the near future when you live to regret what you did ... be aware that tempers will flare and patience may become very scarce at times ... most importantly, keep that sense of humor close at hand ... it will definitely be needed many times during the next 3 and a half weeks !!!

As always my fellow beings of light, when all is said and done, the burning question becomes will we become the victim of Constant Cosmic chaos, the recipient of great Cosmic Clarity - or perhaps both ???

Monday, August 29, 2016


Venus begins its "loving" transit through the charming, sociable sign of Libra today, August 29th, at 10:07 PM EDT ... Venus is very much at home here - considered to be in dignity - as this is one of the two signs it naturally rules - the other being Taurus ... Venus was last in Libra from November 8th through December 5th 2015 ...  

Venus in Libra tends to first have a highly mental approach - because Libra is an air sign - to love and romance with the emotional factor often coming into play later ... it enjoys art, harmony, and certainly people ... it can be charming, diplomatic, and graceful in relating to others ... affection is expressed with elegance, charm, and consideration ... fairness, balance and gentleness are qualities used when interacting with others ... sometimes there can be such an excessive desire for peace and tranquility that one avoids having to face issues which ultimately can inhibit intimacy ... there is pleasure found in balance and in beauty ... this energy appreciates symmetry ... the handling of money and possessions is most likely cooperative even though at times there could be a competitive edge ... Venus in Libra wants affection, beauty and ease in love relationships with a need for equal sharing between one and ones partner ... this Venus is also equally concerned about justice and fairness ...

Venus transiting through Libra teaches us how to love through relating with others ... it's the aesthetic ... one can appreciate and understand art and society on their own separate levels ... there is an inner sense of harmony here which yields the ability to see life in terms of beauty and justice ... this ability comes from more of a mental approach rather than an emotional one ... here one recognizes that beauty is important with the question arising whether or not it is more than or simply skin deep ... the ultimate answer is that it is both ... 

Venus in Libra can easily be attracted to ones inner beauty in addition to or rather than their outward appearance ... there is also probably a fear of conflict and disharmony ... ugly scenes, feeling unattractive, uncouth behavior and fake love are strongly disliked ... this energy is likely to attract either popularity or wealth, or both ... social harmony, tastefulness, being in love, beautiful surroundings and true marriage are highly appreciated here ... the energy of Venus in Libra can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: eye for beauty, strong color sense, good ear, artistic, affectionate, likable, magnetic, fair-looking, refined, graceful, pleasant, socially correct, romantically steadfast, relates well, harmonious, just, empathetic, broad-minded

NEGATIVE: hung up on appearances, oversensitive, music snob, art snob, takes personal liberties, frivolous, seducing, vain, affected, phony, overly concerned with etiquette, superficial, insincere, avoids conflict, indifferent, cold, cynical, social outcast

Libra born individuals, this is your time when the love light of Venus shines on you - even though it usually does always as it is your ruling planet !!! ... and, as always, ask for what you want especially during this period as you might just get it ... well maybe as it may or may not be what you really want due to the Mercury retrograde which will be in play during this transit !!!

Remember ones personal ideal is something to strive towards and not stubbornly insist upon ... relationships will ultimately prosper on love and understanding of the best AND the worst ... and certainly the undeniable purest expression of Venus in Libra is developing the ability to lend grace where awkwardness exists and to gain understanding in the midst of strife !!!

Venus is currently the only planet transiting through Libra and will remain so during all but one day of its transit through Libra when the Sun enters Libra the day before Venus concludes its transit ... Venus remains in Libra until September 23rd ...

A word of caution - Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo for 23 days of this 26 day transit of Venus - in fact it begins one day after Venus enters Libra !!! ... so be very careful as you explore relating with others and pursuing the object of your affection for it may prove to be frustrating and not work out in the end !!!

Make sure you proceed with caution wherever the object of your passion should lead you ere you come to witness firsthand the famous phrase "love amongst the ruins" !!!  ... with that in mind, it's still time to seek beauty and learn to truly appreciate it for what it is ... determine where your passion for the pursuit of justice truly lies ... play nice with the other children ... and ultimately now is the time to discover and understand the true "beauty" of partnerships and relationships !!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The Sun began its "highly efficient" transit through the methodical, discriminating sign of Virgo on Monday, August 22nd, at 12:39 PM EDT ... the cosmic solar energy now lowers the curtain on the flamboyant and dramatic energy of Leo which can produce so many overblown egos and has shifted into a slower, more highly work oriented mode of operation ... with the Sun in Virgo, one likes to shine through their competency, through their work and/or health, through being pragmatic, and through their tendency towards discretion ... 

Virgo is a feminine/earth/mutable(flexible) sign ... it is reserved, modest, practical, very discriminating and industrious, highly analytical and painstaking, and always seeking to know and understand ... its key phrase is "I ANALYZE" and it's keyword is "Practicality" ... its glyph is the Greek spelling for the word "virgin" ... anatomically it rules the nervous system and the intestines - this energy can make one prone to illness caused by stress and nervous tension ... it can also make one highly prone to ulcers ... it is the sign directly opposite of Pisces in the natural zodiac where one can be dreamy, given to imagination, self-delusion and escapism ... Virgo is the sign of work and self-improvement yielding a perfectionist nature which will dissect and analyze - often over-analyzing - all of the facts in order to obtain the ultimate truth and gather all available information ...

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury - the second sign Mercury rules - the other being Gemini ... Mercury is the ancient God of communication and commerce ... Mercury rules intelligence and reason, and tends to give one a rather high strung temperament ... Mercury represents the intellectual urge, reasoning ability and all avenues of expression ... so naturally it would rule mental capacity, dexterity, rationalization, sensory perceptions, travel - in particular short trips, brothers and sisters, children, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighborhood activities, letters, mailings, means of transportation, trade and techniques ... where you find Mercury in your natal chart is the place which shows where and how you best communicate ...

Virgo naturally rules the 6th house of the horoscope ... it is a house of duty and substance ... it relates to ones work, health and habits ... it shows employment, employees, tenants, servants, pets, and dependents ... it also shows service to others, routine day to day matters, ones clothing and how it is worn, hygiene, interest in food and health, sickness and all conditions that would affect ones health ... this house also shows aunts and uncles, self-adjustment, and the unconscious mind ... in this house, work and health are tied together ...

The Sun transiting Virgo teaches us to learn how to live productively through rational analysis ... here we have the perfectionist ... through constant analysis we seeking a state of purity ... this energy must have some kind of work or be of some kind of service for life to make sense ... it is energy that is continuously preparing for something ... there is a need here to perfect some kind of technique through vigorous study and training and through this one can reduce the everyday wear and tear on the nervous system and the intestinal  area ... proper rest, retreat and good diet are a MUST here ... serve your body well and it will serve you and others well in return !!! ... the energy of the Sun in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: thoughtful, analytical, lively mind, observant, scholarly, precise, pure intentions, discriminating, helpful, problem-solving, wholesome, health-conscious, industrious, methodical, efficient, reliable, modest, considerate, pure

NEGATIVE: over thinks, skeptical, worrier, critical, dry, fault-finding, interfering, problem-making, fussy, hypochondriac, workaholic, inflexible, overly mechanical, spoil sport, unsure, stand-offish, sterile, petty, melancholy, picky

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN VIRGO BORN !!! ... The Sun, now joins Mercury, Venus and Jupiter already in transit through Virgo ... that's a lot of planetary being placing us under the Universal microscope seeking details and perfection !!! ... The Sun remains in the sign of Virgo until September 22nd ...

During the 32 days the Sun will be in transit through Virgo, we will be immersed in facts, figures, daily work and service issues, health and nutritional issues, and possibly family issues on some level ... BUT ... we must learn to step back and look at the larger picture which is a very difficult and challenging task under this energy  ... if something is working, DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT !!! ... help where it's not needed becomes a hindrance ... understand that true perfection consists of being able to accept life's imperfections and not worry so much about picky, petty issues ... think of the mind as a "lens" with the ability to focus on what is not only close up but far away as well ...

And now for the Cosmic joke sponsored by the Universe !!! ... for the final 24 days of this Solar transit, Mercury will be retrograde, which begins on August 30th, in the sign of Virgo as well ... so the question becomes just how much of the hard work we are being urged to perform will actually get done correctly !!! ... it may end up being a comedy of errors and effort put forth all to no avail - so proceed with extreme caution !!!

With all of the aforementioned in mind, there is simply one thing left to say - JUST WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK ... WORK ... WORK - AND PERHAPS IN MANY CASES HAVE TO REWORK ... REWORK ... REWORK !!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


SATURN - the planet representing authority figures, discipline, effort, sense of order, limitations, the urge for safety and security, tests us by placing obstacles and restrictions in our lives, shows what we are unsure of or truly fear, known as FATHER TIME, and most notoriously known for being the celestial taskmaster teaching us the lessons we must learn in life - stationed back into direct motion on Saturday, August 13th, at 5:51 AM EDT ... these lessons we MUST learn through the obstacles we often encounter which sometimes are easier but more frequently become extremely challenging and difficult on our journey through this life in order to make us slow down so we can build strong foundations and structures in our lives that are on solid ground ...

While Saturn has been in retrograde motion since March 25th this year, hopefully we have all been reviewing and trying to restructure systems, programs, organizations, corporations and rules that will allow them to function more efficiently ... we also were given the time and opportunity, if we used it wisely, to become more aware of our own personal authority and power and determine whether or not it fits within society or is actually undermining us and needs adjustment on some level ... in addition, we all should have been reviewing whether or not societies rules and policies are helping to give us needed structure or limiting us in some way thus preventing further personal and spiritual growth ... 

Now that Saturn has resumed direct motion, we should begin to be better able to see where we stand and thus continue building more secure structures and foundations in our lives individually and as well as a society ... no doubt we may have encountered limitations or restrictions either self imposed or imposed by authority figures during this retrograde period ... and perhaps now the Universe will even throw in yet another road block or two our way to make us realize whether or not we made good use of this retrograde period !!!

This Saturn retrograde period which began back on March 25th occurred from 16 degrees 24 minutes Sagittarius back down to 9 degrees 47 minutes Sagittarius ... if you know in your natal chart in which house or houses these degrees fall, then you may understand where in your life this Saturn retrograde was making its impact ... Saturn has been at the 9 degree mark of Sagittarius since July 28th and at and astrological standstill at 9 degrees 47 minutes Sagittarius since August 9th yielding the potential for that to have been a very challenging period for many people !!!

Saturn now moves forward to continue its transit through the sign of Sagittarius which initially began on December 23rd, 2014 ... below is a reminder of what the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius can potentially yield in our lives :

Saturn began its initial transit through the philosophical, broad-minded, religious, fiery sign of Sagittarius back on December 23rd, at 11:33 AM EST … Saturn's mission in Sagittarius is to test our faith, higher beliefs, philosophical views, our personal understanding of life and what our relationship to it is in relation to how and where we individually fit into the greater scheme of the expansive universal picture ... in other words a major shift from validating our deep emotions to validating and in many cases adjusting our mental processes - a daunting task no doubt !!! ... wherever Saturn goes, it brings a heaviness with it that slows us down and in many cases restricts and limits us in order for us to hopefully take an honest, hard look at whatever area of life is represented by the sign it is in ... if we are strong and patient enough to deal with the pressure, Saturn will ultimately reward us with a much stronger foundation even though we often must be willing to release and give up something or even someone in order to bring about greater personal and spiritual growth !!! ... Saturn was last in Sagittarius from 11/17/85 through 11/12/88 ... if you were born during that period, you are now entering the year of your first Saturn return which usually occurs between the ages of 29 - 30 ... that means Saturn has now made one complete transit around your natal chart since birth having taught you valuable life lessons in each area of life represented by the house it was transiting through ... have you gained wisdom and helpful insight from the "cosmic teacher" ???

Many would say that Saturn is not favorably placed transiting through Sagittarius ... Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so it can be said that now Saturn and Jupiter are in a "working relationship" ... here we have restrictive yet highly organized Saturn working with free-spirited, expansive Jupiter ... yet this combination can actually yield extremely positive results ... as Saturn elevates our concentration it compliments the urge to study to increase our intellectual and philosophical beliefs and views of life ... this transit encourages honesty and being straightforward as well as bestowing the ability to speak up ... here we have the potential to manifest inspirational energies and raise higher thought forms on a global scale ... Saturn in Sagittarius will empower us to take a serious approach to religion, philosophy and higher education ... it may encourage us to be more honorable and adhere to a more strict moral code ... this energy is independent and capable allowing us to search for truth and justice ... it can yield intellectual discipline and bestow great powers of concentration ... those born with this natal energy, in addition to those who harness the energy of this powerful transit, can become excellent teachers, religious or spiritual leaders, or even political leaders - but we should not forget that "sometimes it is the enthusiasm of the messenger that is more important than the details of the message" ... physical exercise to promote circulation is very important ...

One of the greatest challenges of Saturn in Sagittarius is to guard against the tendency to set high hopes and then be fearful that they will be decimated or not going to come off the way we had planned ... but if there is one thing that Saturn repeatedly tries to teach us is NOT to give into fear but keep moving forward one step at a time and not rush ... this is why Saturn is known as the teacher and the taskmaster ... and as such while it is transiting the sign of Sagittarius restrictions, lessons and tasks to improve may present themselves in the following areas : wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, growth, morality, prosperity, indulgence, higher education, philosophic reasoning, aspirations, vision, idealism, sports, luck, long-distance travel, hunting and fondness for animals - all of these areas ruled by Jupiter ... also there could be issues to deal with involving the super conscious, law, religion, science, psychology, profound mental study, your dreams and your visions, foreigners and foreign cultures, commerce, imports, exports, the church as a spiritual factor, the clergy, in-laws, grandchildren, intuition, ethics, public opinions, and the lessons we learn just by living - all of these being areas governed by Sagittarius the natural ruler of the 9th house of the horoscope ... as far as health is concerned, there could be issues during this transit in regards to the liver, hips and thighs which are the areas of the body ruled by Sagittarius ...

Saturn in Sagittarius through its testing what we seek hopefully allows us to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground as our minds are seeking a higher meaning ... realize that the most valuable knowledge comes from within so contemplate and even meditate ... realize that in your personal journey you must take both the high and the low road in life ... this Saturn likes searching for the truth, furthering ones education, adventures that serve a particular purpose, a good reputation, physical as well as metaphysical exercise ... it does not having what we hope to discover blocked in any way, being aimless and simply wondering about, being dishonored, and simply being static failing to move forward ... the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: honorable, high moral fiber, prudent, superior but not in an obnoxious way, philosophical, able to reflect intellectually on life's meaning, devoted, fearless, earnest, trustworthy, a good teacher, well informed, highly focused attention, strict yet simple way of living, skillful and clever

NEGATIVE: high-minded, self-righteous, superior in a snobbish manner, offensive or irritating in a pointed manner, intellectual pride, hypocritical, easily hurt, lacking tact, insincere, fearing disapproval, brow beating, smug

Sagittarius born, the Universe continues to place you on a huge learning curve in the "school of life" giving you the opportunity to achieve positive personal and spiritual growth even though at times it might not be easy … my fellow Capricorns, our planetary ruler is now in a new sign and ready to teach us another set of lessons if we release fear and allow change to take place … but we all will experience restriction, challenge, necessary change that hopefully produces beneficial growth somewhere in our lives through this transit … if you’ve had a natal chart done, you will probably get a good idea where Saturn transiting through Sagittarius is going to “school” you especially in regards to the area or areas of life governed by which house or houses of your natal chart are affected by Saturn's transit !!! 

My fellow Capricorns, now it's time for us to conclude our period of review, reflection and rethinking of what has transpired in our lives, especially since March 25th, and move forward as this is our ruling planet ... we have a yearly period of about four and a half months to review and rethink ...

Saturn is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Sagittarius ,,, Saturn remains in direct motion until April 6th, 2017 where it will reach 27 degrees 48 minutes Sagittarius ... Saturn will not complete its transit through the sign of Sagittarius until December 20th, 2017 ...

Saturn is most frequently teaching all of us very difficult lessons ... but holding firm and staying positive will get us through this stronger and better able to deal with life and its many challenges ... so if you keep your feet firmly planted and try to understand that the "light at the end of the tunnel" usually signifies greater personal as well as spiritual growth, you will definitely come through a much stronger person and able to handle this journey through life more efficiently for the lessons you have taken seriously and made great personal effort to learn from ... you will certainly be better equipped to deal with life and its many constant challenges not just from Saturn !!!

Time for me to once again reiterate a worthwhile observation of mine - as a Capricorn born who will be ruled lifelong by Saturn, I can say that from personal experience the transits of Saturn aren't always a bad thing that should be dreaded ... while its actions can be difficult and challenging, Saturn's main objective is to help us grow and become a better, more highly functional and successful person by finding the courage deep from within to take a serious and honest look at where we are versus where we should be going ... and this is done by making sure our foundations in life are always strong, solid and secure !!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Venus began its transit through the picky, detailed oriented sign of Virgo Friday, 8/5, at 11:27 AM EDT ... Venus was last in Virgo from July 18th until November 8th, 2015 ... a much longer than usual transit through a sign but it occurred due to its retrograde journey for 2015 ... it got no further than 0 degrees 46 minutes Virgo on July 25th when it began its retrograde journey and then reentered Leo on July 31st ... it reentered Virgo on October 9th once stationing direct on September 6th at 14 degrees 23 minutes Leo and finally completed its transit through Virgo on November 8th ... don't be surprised if issues from that period, especially issues which arose between July 25th and July 31st, resurface to be dealt with if they haven't already after the Venus retrograde period during 2015 !!!

Venus in Virgo, which produces a highly discerning type of love, enjoys competence, precision, and doing things the way they should be done - CORRECTLY !!! ... it is exacting, discriminating and/or critical when relating to other people ... affection is usually expressed in a manner of doing things for people or serving them in some way ... it is also expressed modestly and/or timidly ... pleasure is achieved by  functioning efficiently and being helpful especially in repairing things, situations or people ... this Venus enjoys analysis, precision and organizing details ... logic and common sense makes this Venus very comfortable ... the handling of money and possessions is usually practical and thrifty ... there is a desire for common sense and for a willingness to work in love relationships ... this Venus can be more sincerely affectionate than any other sign, can manifest a very strong business sense, and knows exactly what is does and does not want !!! ... it often has a tendency to get so involved in details it becomes overly critical and demanding ...

Venus in Virgo is considered to be in its "fall" in Virgo and therefore its effectiveness can be greatly challenged ... being in its "fall", Venus is opposite the sign it is exalted in which is Pisces ... it does not work all that efficiently because this position makes it difficult to express its true nature ... a planet in "fall" is like having to stay in someone else's home where you do not really feel all that comfortable ...

Venus transiting the sign of Virgo teaches us to learn to determine what it is we truly love through detailed analysis ... ultimately one discovers that eventually you must surrender to the mystery of love and art - or objects thereof - and no longer analyze ... this energy can acquire a finely tuned sense of social, emotional, and artistic values ... one must also learn to be discriminating about being discriminating ... one must resist the temptation to tamper with what is already simply attractive ... this Venus likes a spotless reputation, good manners, sexual hygiene, and pure or natural art ... it doesn't like relationships that have no mental stimulus ... the energy of Venus in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: knowing what you like, discriminating, fine sense of aesthetics and design, artistic, sincerely affectionate, simple and clear, quietly charming, strong character, impartially kind, coolly
helpful, precision worker, specialist worker, painstaking, pure and modest lover, high moral sense, socially discerning, privately sensuous

NEGATIVE : critical of partners, fussy and nagging, easily dissatisfied, artistically neurotic, inhibits affection, undemonstrative, dry, socially stiff, hides sensitivity, emotionally absent, cold exterior, too exacting, retreats into work, indecisive, restrained, feeling sexually inferior, puritanical, social misfit, self-effacing

Venus is the natural ruling planet of Libra and Taurus, and as such, love, partnerships/relationships, personal values and how we earn and spend our money, in addition to our dedication to our daily work and service, health and nutritional habits as well as some family issues will be thoroughly examined under the cosmic microscope while Venus is in the precision, detail oriented sign of Virgo which is naturally ruled by Mercury ...

Venus remains in Virgo until August 30th just escaping its "relationship" with Mercury the day before Mercury begins its third retrograde journey for 2016 which will be completely in the sign of Virgo ... Venus now joins Mercury and Jupiter already transiting through the sign of Virgo ... 

Virgo born, don't forget the "love light" is now shining on YOU - play it right and you might just get what you want if you don't over analyze and obsess over it too much !!! ... for all of us it would be very wise not to let the object of our affections become the "target" of our affections while we are all being encouraged by the Universe to be out there "looking for the perfect AHHHHHH" !!! 

Thursday, August 4, 2016


MARS reentered the adventurous, freedom loving sign of Sagittarius on Tuesday, 8/2, at 1:49 PM EDT to finally complete its full transit ... Mars originally entered the sign of Sagittarius back on 3/5, at 9:30 PM EST but got no further than 8 degrees 54 minutes Sagittarius when it began its retrograde journey for 2016 on April 17th where it went all the way back to 23 degrees 3 minutes Scorpio when it stationed back into direct motion on June 29th ... don't be surprised if issues arise from that initial period as Mars once again begins its transit this time in full through Sagittarius !!! ... The following is a reminder of what the energy of Mars in Sagittarius is all about for those of you who need a reminder now that the extremely difficult and challenging period of this latest Mars retrograde period is over :

Mars was last in Sagittarius from September 13th through October 26th, 2014 ... Sagittarius being a fire sign means Mars can be extremely happy here and work very efficiently ... BUT ... there is the potential for it to be very productive or very destructive depending on how the
energy is put to use ... if not careful we can push forward so hard we end up running out of steam before we are finished with our quest !!!

Mars in Sagittarius is an "exploring energy"!!! ... it believes life is far too short to tie up ones energy in one place for too long ... this energy can make one naturally optimistic, confident, extroverted and humorous ... freedom and expanded horizons are an absolute must here!!! ... there is a spontaneous inclination towards athletics, philosophy, education, adventure, exploration or anything that seeks MORE of life and what lies beyond ... identity is tied to beliefs and values ... often what you want is guided by your faith which ultimately determines your goals in addition to your morality ... there is decisive action in the pursuit of your vision for the future or a personal aspiration ... often sexual drive and physical energy is fed by adventurous activities ... excitement, risks, movement and exploration are what Mars in Sagittarius thrives on ...

People born under or influenced by this transiting energy are frequently driven by strong religious and/or philosophic convictions ... remember, Sagittarius is the ruler of the 9th house in the natural horoscope ... one has to be careful here not to arouse resentment of others by trying to convert others 
to their dogmatic beliefs ... one will find a strong sense of patriotism under this energy ... there can be the desire to improve the social order in which one lives ... distant places and travel, especially foreign, and the adventure and excitement they provide beckon loudly !!!

Mars in Sagittarius produces those who are direct and open in their attitudes and actions ... one of the biggest caveats found with this energy is beware the temptation to go too far too fast and spread ones energy way too thin which could ultimately lead one to end up getting nowhere fast !!!

Mars transiting Sagittarius teaches us that what we get or attain in life is accomplished through the manner in which we go about seeking it ... there seems to be a built-in urge that the sense of freedom of movement is your right thus allowing you to venture toward some distant horizon in any direction whenever you feel this urge ... however the operative phrase here might more likely be not in any direction but "in WHAT direction" ... to get what you want in life under this energy requires that you have a definite goal ... without this, Mars in Sagittarius could end up causing you to rampage about, both physically and emotionally, never acting on anything thus never really getting anywhere ... there MUST be a dream here to focus your energies on, otherwise you may ultimately feel constricted by life's situations since you haven't considered what exactly you want your freedom for - your personal banner needs something specific inscribed upon it !!! ... and in which way and how creatively will you use this double fiery energy??? ... Mars in Sagittarius energetically can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: independent, far-sighted, freedom loving, exploratory, daring and bold, adventurous, optimistic, forcefully convincing, crusading, effective teacher, active idealist, frank and open, to the point, clears the air, enthusiastic, lusty and vigorous, mobile, spirited, very friendly

NEGATIVE: opinionated, overlooks obvious, demands unlimited freedom, impetuous, scatters energies, wildly hopeful, self-righteous, fanatical, ear-bashing, preaching, tactless and rude, harsh, argumentative, extremist, lustful and carnal, restless, boisterous, lecherous

Sagittarius born individuals, did you feel the rush again of that extra dose of energy perhaps, or feel an extra spring in your step once again Tuesday when Mars reentered your birth sign ??? ... enjoy the portion of Universal "Red Bull" you are empowered with  but there is extra precaution you should take this time around and be careful not to "incinerate" others with this energy boost you've been bestowed with !!!

Aries born, your ruling planet now finally completed its transit through the dark and powerful sign of Scorpio and reenters Sagittarius once again ready to bring you lessons and people to help expand your vision and understanding of the mystery we call LIFE !!!

Mars remains in the sign of Sagittarius until September 27th ...

We should all make the most of this elevated energy to explore new horizons and use it as productively as possible while Mars is in Sagittarius to further personal and spiritual growth in our lives !!!

And once again the burning question for everyone becomes just how far and how high will you be able to "climb" in your quest to discover your ultimate individual personal truths ??? ... and when all is said and done, hopefully you will come to realize - the "ultimate adventure" is getting lost in order to discover who,where and what YOU are in this lifetime !!!