Sunday, April 25, 2010


Venus - the planet of love, affection, attraction, beauty, happiness, value and values, indulgence, superficiality, social and artistic expression, and harmony - began its transit through the sign of Gemini very early this morning, 4/25, at 1:06 AMEDT ... being an air sign, Gemini encourages Venus to move about and here variety is indeed the spice of life which includes objects, foods, experiences, and PEOPLE !!! ... this Venus is both lighthearted and emotionally objective ... Venus in Gemini really likes intellectual stimulation as much as romance ... there is a tendency towards a lack of commitment as Gemini makes Venus way too lighthearted to remain in one place for too long and can cause it to be very flirty ... often there is literary talent along with a love of language as well as sociability ... it enjoys mental stimulation as well as learning ... there is a pronounced casual air in relating to people ... this Venus just loves good ideas ... affection is expressed playfully, youthfully, verbally and lightheartedly ... the handling of money and possessions is usually objective and logical ... this Venus wants good communications and intellectual give-and-take in love relationships ... flirting and engaging in superficial relationships could occur due to the desire for a lot of variety and new stimulation as well as a desire to keep things cool and steer clear of too much emotional intensity ... intelligence and quick wit is highly attractive here ... this Venus enjoys being amused and entertained, otherwise there will be the tendency to look over ones shoulder at whoever is passing by ... Venus in Gemini is frequently drawn towards younger partners ...

The essence of Venus in Gemini is loving through communicating ... a sparkling personality ... there is a strong desire here to prevent stagnation and maintain fluidity so if you fall in love under this energy blindly expecting security and predictability you could be in for great disappointment ... Venus in Gemini is a budding love rather than love in full bloom so it has to be allowed to develop ... loving through communicating means letting the one you love know it rather than sitting on your feelings ... this Venus likes to get around - it is said that sexual or family ties are your "heart", but it is the diversity of social relationships that are the "lungs" which breathe life into your very being ... being a sign of duality, Gemini will cause Venus to be more aware of what it wants than what it thinks it wants ... it is most likely that under this energy one will only attract what it truly desires ... the energy of Venus in Gemini can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: amusing and friendly, cooly affectionate, light-hearted, emotionally objective, socially at ease, emotionally buoyant, stimulating company, lively conversationalist, ear to the ground, good-humoured, expressive, agile and witty, socially adaptable, emotionally flexible, well-connected, chraming, courteous, tactful, co-operative

NEGATIVE: overly flirtatious, flippant and flighty, makes light of others feelings, emotionally distant, social butterfly, superficial values, lack of commitment, meaningless banter, shallow gossip, empty gestures, verbose, restless and fickle, double standards, inconsistent partner, social opportunist, insincere, easy come - easy go

Gemini born individuals, this is your time to "glow" and become more "attractive" ... as always, you should seek out and ask for what you want - you just might get it !!

BUT HOLD ON THERE SPARKY !!!! - and here comes the cosmic irony of this transit ... what sign has Venus moved into ??? ... Gemini ... very good ... WHAT PLANET RULES GEMINI ??? ... MERCURY ... very good again ... and WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MERCURY RIGHT NOW ??? ... YOU GOT IT - MERCURY IS CURRENTLY IN RETROGRADE MOTION !!!!!! .... and it's in the sign of Taurus which is ruled by VENUS - everyone can laugh now - HA HA HA ... NOT !!!! ... so the question becomes with all this energy Venus in Gemini bestows upon us, how far should we go and how much should we do with this energy, and how much should we be professing our love until the Mercury retrograde is over on May 11th ??? ... Venus will be in Gemini for roughly 25 days, 17 of which will be inside the Mercury retrograde - all together now - UGHHHH !!!!

Venus remains in the sign of Gemini until May 19th ... we all should trust in our natural wit and appeal ... try listening to your heart rather than your own and other peoples voices ... others will appreciate you if you truly appreciate them ... expressing your feelings verbally will open new doors both socially and emotionally ... get out there and "spice" up your life - but perhaps take it slow as it goes for the next 17 days or there could be reprecussions ... "lovely" hmmm ???

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The Sun began its yearly transit of the sign of Taurus early yesterday morning, 4/20, at 12:30 AM EDT ... the pace of life slows down a little as the Sun has left the fiery sign of Aries and shifts into a slower mode of energy in Taurus - and it might be slower than usual as we are currently in a Mercury Retrograde in the same sign !!! ... in fact the Mercury Retrograde will be playing havoc with the Sun's transit through Taurus until the Sun reaches 20 degrees of Taurus on the day Mercury stations back into direct motion ... with the Sun in Taurus, we need to shine comfortably, seek recognition deliberately, shine in ones own dependability, and have a drive for recognition which manifests itself through sensuality and/or personal possessions ... Taurus is a feminine, fixed, earth sign therefore its tendency to nurture and comfort through a methodical but slower and more stable course of action ... its keyphrase is "I Have" and its keyword is "stability" ... being a fixed sign, Taurus can appear to be quiet, affectionate, patient, stable, determined and practical, stubborn and resistant to change ... its symbol is the Bull and its glyph is the head and horns of the Bull - symbolically the glyph is a half-moon forming a cup that rests on the circle of the Sun ... the cup representing material wealth and power derived through the force of the will (the circle) ... the Bull can be strong, stubborn, plodding, and can be both fierce and gentle ... Anatomically, Taurus rules the neck and the throat - there are a lot of Taurus born people that have beautiful speaking and singing voices, but their vulnerability is to colds, laryngitis, sore throats and thyroid problems ... Taurus is the sign directly opposite to Scorpio ...

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus - the Roman goddess of beauty and the arts, pleasure and the emotions .. aren't you glad it just turned back into direct motion this past Friday!!! ... Venus gives an influence towards a love of luxury and exceptional creative ability ... it is NOT the planet of SEX for those of you who think otherwise!!! ... Venus rules the throat, chin, cheeks, and the sense of taste, art, culture, aesthetics, possessions, partners, beauty, charm, good taste, sentimentality, sweets and sugar, color, harmony, poetry, paintings, jewelry, singing, drama, amd music ... it governs emotional contacts, tenderness, moral character, marriage and unions of every kind as well as sociability, disposition, luxuries, pleasure and appreciation ... in your natal chart, the place where you find Venus shows what you really enjoy !!!

Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house of the horoscope which is a house of substance with its keyword being "values" ... this house indicates financial affairs, possessions (excluding real estate), investments, earning power, and any gain or loss through your own personal efforts ... it shows your inner talents and resources, your need for fulfillment, your emotional feelings, your sense of self-worth including your sense of values ... since there is a widespread belief that liberty is largely related to the money, the 2nd house is also the house of personal liberty ... it is also considered the house of material debt ...

The essence of the Sun in Taurus is living through stabilizing ... here we have the beauty (Venus) and the beast (the Bull) !!! ... the purpose of the Sun here is to maintain the stability of earthly things ... one may find it surprising to realize that the important main possessions here are a sense of Earthly harmony and wholesomeness and not necessarily a substantial amount of money and material possessions ... there is the distinct ability to endure change with this energy ... it is also interesting to note that when change has to be made and something must be let go of, when you let go and endure the change you ultimately discover how much more stable things actually become !!! ... Taurus energy challenges one to discover ones truest, deepest and highest values ... the greatest indication of values is beauty which is something that cannot be owned but only appreciated ... the energy of the Sun in Taurus can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: earthy, sensuous/artistic, productive, practical provider, steadfast and stable, unruffled and calm, even-tempered, soothing, self-trusting, loyal, perservering, trustworthy, appreciative, admiring, affectionate, aesthetic, physically comforting, magnetically healing, attractive

NEGATIVE: materialistic, gross and extravagant, plodding and ponderous, sluggish and lazy, boneheaded, boring, self-satisfied, possessive, stubborn, bigoted/fanatical, self-gratifying, idolatrous, lecherous, aloof, unaware of the "unseen", sucker for good looks, easily attached

Taurus born individuals you are beginning a new Solar year ... this is your time to really "shine" while all of us try to incorporate your natural born energy into our daily lives and learn from experiencing it ... here we are all challenged to discover our truest and highest values and then realize how well we can express them physically ... and one hopefully will come to the realization that the value of Earthly things is simply that they serve to keep bodies happy and healthy ... the Sun remains in Taurus until May 20th ... meanwhile, it's time to get out there and get "bullish" on Springtime !!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Whether we like it or not - NOT !!!! - Mercury began it's second RETROGRADE journey for the year early this morning, April 18th, at 12:06 AM EDT .... if you've been following my blogs, then you know pretty much what to expect during a Mercury Retrograde - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!! ... things somehow just don't seem to go right or as we planned and we often find ourselves re-doing things especially after Mercury stations back into direct motion .... Obviously comunications are going to be challenged both to and from others - partnerships and relationships often hit the skids during these periods ... it is NOT a good time to make major purchases - especially Cars, a big NO NO, computers or anything that involves electronics ... also purchasing homes can end up producing unforseen problems and even the contracts can have unexpected difficulties along the way or at closing especially if the closing takes place during the retrograde period .... it is also not a good idea to enter into contracts or start new jobs as they will most likely not pan out and end up being dead ends .... obviously one cannot put their life on hold, but if there is anyway to hold off on these things until Mercury turns direct, it would prove beneficial in the long run ... I have frequently found, though, that in some charts I've done, people born under a Mercury retrograde sometimes seem to thrive during these periods because they innately understand the backward energy and how to work with it ...

Mercury retrogrades are simply a time for reviewing and revision ... as the saying goes, "it might be a good idea to drop back and punt" !!! ... this entire Mercury retrograde journey will take place in the sign of Taurus - from 12 degrees back down to 2 degrees ... during a retrograde journey it can be said that we are in a mental "down time" and often things will not register on a conscious level with us ... it is said that the use of Mercury retrograde cycles are to reconnect the individual with the Universal rhythm ... Mercury retrograding in Taurus will certainly give rise to issues regarding money - how we earn it and how we spend it - as well as our own personal values and our sense of self-worth .... also since Taurus is ruled by Venus, once again the relationships/partnership sector is getting hit - how many break ups will occur this time around ??? ... some will be necessary and others will be done in haste and most likely regretted ... this is NOT the time to make vast sweeping changes ... rather one should keep an eye open for possibilities that could prove more satisfying once the energy has returned back to direct motion ...

As Mercury retrogrades in Taurus, certainly relationships will be given a serious look ... and adding to this backward energy is the fact that Venus is currently moving through Taurus soon to be joined by the Sun, and then Venus will begin its transit through the sign of Gemini - ruled by Mercury ... don't you just love that cosmic sense of humor !!! ... there will be some very deep and serious thinking and rethinking done here ... Mercury in Taurus already "slows" down the mental process with Taurus being an Earth sign, and adding retrograde energy to it just complicates matters ... there could also be issues with the throat and neck as these are the anatomical areas of the body Taurus rules ... if you've had a natal chart done and know where 2 to 12 degrees of Taurus lies in your chart, then you may get a good idea as to what the main issues of this Mercury retrograde has in store for you !!! ...  Gemini and Virgo born since Mercury is your ruling planet, this is your time for personal review and rethinking ... needless to say Taurus born you are included since Mercury is retrograding through your birth sign !!!

Below I have reposted the "Mercury Retrograde Survival Manual" written by my teacher Lyn Hammond Gray ... hopefully it will help out :

Here is your Survival manual: Mercury retro always creates a repeating action. The Re-Words are common. Some re-words that you will notice during this time are:

Repeat – The action you are making during the RX period you will probably repeat again during the period or later.

Repair – The need for repair will arise. If possible, put if off until Mercury turns direct (January 15th).

Reverse - You will be amazed at how many times you change your mind or reverse your thinking during this time. Watch out for that racecar driver that is driving in reverse down the emergency lane on the freeway. Yikes!....

Recall - Your mind will wonder back. You will think of people from the past or you will encounter someone from the past. If old lovers show up, don't bet that it will stick. Believe me... it is just for a "review." (And if it does last, I want to be the first to know about it. E-mail me and let me know). And you know what, I wouldn't start a new romance during this period either. After January 15th !!!

Review - If you are reading instructions, you may find it necessary to review repeatedly because they simply don't make sense. Sometimes the publisher has actually left out a step. It happens!

Regroup - In corporations, it is a common experience during the Rx to hear the boss say, 'Alright, we are going to rework this thing and get it right.' Later when the period is over, they go back to the old way doing things. It is a laugh a minute. Stand back and watch the comedy.

Reboot and Revise - The computer world is a definite place to watch the comedy. It is common for one to suddenly, without fore thought, decide to revise their system during the Rx. Oh! Mercy! That revised system may never function in the normal way. Oh, please! Do wait until the period is over. However, it is fine to do your shopping for the new components during the Rx. When you do go to purchase your parts in January after the 15th, you will find better deals and buys.

Return - Now here is a good one. You'll find that this period is a popular time for family or class reunions. Should you stay are home? Absolutely not! You go because this is a review that you don't want to miss. But funny thing is that in spite of the fact that you tell these people 'lets stay in touch' it will become lip service and you won't live up to your suggestion.

Rebirth – Often one will go back into the past and bring up old creative projects to work with during this time frame. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. Only you will be able to activate the discipline to keep it going once the retrograde period is over.

Recover - You can bet that you will dig into your files, boxes or storage to recover something that you need…you can also bet it won't be an easy find. It is likely that you will be looking for a legal document· While it is possible that you may not find what you are looking for, you may find something that you would like to put back in to use. Fun!

Re-examine – Well, just about everything. Smile.

Reduction – Over the years, I have been amazed at how many times a company or person decides to eliminate a job or to leave a job during the retrograde. It is my experience that a job changed during this period is 95% of the time regretted. Can you wait until the period is over, dear heart?

And so it is. Three times a year we live this cosmic "going to teach you patience routine". All and all when this retrograde period is over you may "Re alize" this simple truth: The flow of the universe is very, very interesting and it is going to have its way with us.

Good luck and may the Universe bestow upon each one of you a special wisdom and unique insight into your journey through this life at this point!!!

Those born between April 17th and May 12th will most likely have Mercury retrograde in their birthday chart for the whole year ahead ... below is a repeat explanation of what it means to have Mercury Retrograde for the whole year in your birthday chart:

The significance of having Mercury retrograde in your yearly birthday chart or, as we refer to it in Astrology, a Solar Return ...

A Solar Return is the time every year that the Sun returns to the same degrees and minutes it was at when you were born - all the more reason to know your birth time now isn't it, hmmmmm????? ... a new chart is run for you at the time your solar return occurs in that given year and it is run for wherever you are at the precise time of your solar return ... this produces a new horoscope chart which shows what energy you may or may not run into for the year ahead - that is from the current birthday until next years birthday ... its energy can be felt from one to three months out before the actual solar return occurs .... often people will relocate for the return time in order to get a particular energy in their solar return chart ...

Mercury is usually retrograde in a solar return chart every six years ... during this time it's best to be introspective ... you should be learning and thinking on your own rather than depending on others ... the mind is like an overstuffed drawer seriously in need of re-filing and reorganization ... in other words the time has come to "process" ... the mental processes are not very receptive to new information at this time ... it's time to go back and re-examine and review things in your life which may have been started but not carried through to fruition or maybe interrupted and suddenly abandoned for some reason ... by focusing inward you might be able to see that your own opinions, thoughts and decisions work best for you rather than those made by others ... at the same time be very receptive to the feedback others are giving you especially if you have missed the mark in regard to some endeavor ... another side effect of this energy is secretiveness where you decide to withhold information or sometimes outright lie ... and why ??? .. because you have secrets that need to be kept or else were you to express your opinions and thoughts outwardly it could cause tension in your relationships ... have plenty of ice cream around to soothe the tongue you are most likely going to have to bite frequently this year !!! ... this is a great year to keep a journal and put your thoughts down on paper and also to write original material ... sometimes you can see things differently when thoughts and ideas are written down which is a very helpful way to get organized ... this is a year where you will probably realize old opinions and beliefs are now outdated thus encouraging you to reassess your thinking, reformulate previously developed ideas, and shed new light on something on some level of your life that needs to be addressed ...

It doesn't really have to be a bad year ... used wisely, by fast fowarding to the past and clearing out the "clutter" you can propel yourself further ahead in life than you originally thought - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES/TAURUS BORN !!!

Finally, just to show you how this energy has the potential to really mess with things follow this : Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus which is currently transiting through the sign of Taurus soon to begin its transit through the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury ... and Pluto recently began its retrograde journey in Capricorn ruled by Saturn which was in Libra, ruled by Venus, to begin with, but now has backed into Virgo, ruled by Mercury ... and the Sun will begin its transit through the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, this week ... confused or frustrated enough yet ??? ... Mercury remains in retrograde motion until May 11th ... try to step back and be objective and certainly keep that sense of humor around ... it may be absolutely necessary quite frequently !!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Saturn, currently nearing the end of its retrograde journey this year which began on January 13th, left the sign of Libra and backed into the sign of Virgo for one final sweep before it turns direct the end of May ... Saturn re-entered the sign of Virgo last Wednesday, April 7th at 2:55 PM EDT ... it will only go back as far as 27 degrees this time ... Saturn began its transit through Virgo on September 7th, 2007 ... Saturn in Virgo makes one tend to be very dedicated and hardworking or causes one to avoid responsibility for fear of making a mistake ... being too self-critical with this energy can intefere with ones capacity to work well ... this energy wants to do everything right in regard to ones job and health ... but it could also have caused one to do more than their share not trusting others to carry their load of responsibility ... feeling that the work you are doing is not worthy of ones skills, illness can often result as it will "free" one from the work without causing guilt ... this energy is very discriminating, dutiful, service oriented and painstaking ... one is usually very good with details and very conscientious working constantly to improve ones skills ... tangible results are needed here and one will function most efficiently when there is measurable output and productivity as well as having some control over the job in order to keep it up to ones own high standards ...

Saturn in Virgo is all about being tested in analyzing ... for the last two and a half years we have been learning to distinguish between what is essential and what is not essential ... the test has been one of creating a purity of being without becoming too exacting ... it is said that the true objective of Saturn in Virgo is for one to become an example of living simply but enjoyably as well ... As Saturn completes it journey through Virgo, we have all been tested in the areas of daily work and service, health and nutrition, and possibly with family issues ... it's been about analyzing and making changes to secure a firmer foundation in these areas in order to improve our lives ... unfortunately, many of us may have lost jobs and careers, had ongoing health issues especially relating to the intestinal area, and had family issues which ultimately resulted in the loss of loved ones ... this last minute "back in", so to speak, is all about tying up loose ends and attending to last minute issues that have arisen we haven't addressed yet ... when Saturn leaves the sign of Virgo in mid July, it won't return for 29 years, so it's best to take care of these matters now if possible and not leave them hanging ... anyone want to bet the Health Care Reform Bill is going to get some serious analysis and possible re-adjustment before Saturn leaves Virgo ??? ... also interesting to note, Virgo is an earth sign, and with Pluto currently in retrograde motion in the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, is it any wonder why there is is so much seismic activity and Volcanic activity as well ... just asking !!!

Virgo born individuals will begin to feel the relief of the heavy weight of Saturns energy ... you've had a little taste of this relief when Saturn entered Libra on October 29th, 2009 ... even though we all have had to, Virgo born espeically have been made to reexamine their foundations and structures to make sure they are solid and reflect who they are as an individual ... for anyone that turned 29, 58, or 87 since September 7th, 2007, you are now completing your Saturn return - 1st, 2nd or 3rd respectively ... at some point during the last two and a half years, transiting Saturn has crossed over your natal placement of Saturn thus referred to as ones "Saturn return" ... it's a time when you are processing what has transpired during the 29 year period that is ending and you must make up your mind as to what is no longer working for you or serving you and preventing your from achieving self growth ... it's been a time when you must decide what people, places, things, ideas or values are no longer in your best interest and should be let go ... holding on to them only slows you down and prevents you from becoming more productive ... in many cases, the Universe will simply remove it from your life for you whether you like it or not !!! ... it is a time to redirect your vision and energies towards forward growth over the next 29 year period ...

Saturn remains in the sign of Virgo one last time, for now, until July 21st ... make use of this energy and, even though it may seem heavy, restrictive or at times down right unbearable, know that what ever you are able to let go of in order to move on with your life only makes you stronger and more productive ... once Saturn leaves Virgo it will not return until October 16th, 2036 !!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


PLUTO !!! ... the planet that has the energy to enable us with the capacity of self-transformation and self-renewal stationed retrograde Tuesday evening, 4/6, at 10:33 PM EDT ... Pluto has been slowing down to retrograde technically since the end of February at 5 degrees of Capricorn ... Pluto re-entered the sign of Capricorn on November 26th, 2008 at 9:05 PM EST to begin it’s complete transit which will conclude in 2024 .... while in Capricorn we can expect deep-reaching transformation of the social order and laws, and in the areas of personal responsibility, fulfillment of duties, and general awakening as to personal destiny ... we might also expect some changes in the geographical structure of the earth as well - noticed the increase frequency of earthquakes recently ??? ... another interesting fact is that the last time Pluto transited the sign of Capricorn - from 1762 to 1777 - the Declaration of Independence was penned in 1776 !!

One more interesting aspect of this Pluto retrograde is the "duality of its purpose" ... being in Capricorn, that means Pluto is working with Saturn energy as it is the natural ruler of Capricorn ... currently Saturn is also in a retrograde journey and as the Pluto retrograde began on Tuesday evening, Saturn was in the sign of Libra ... however, Saturn returned to the sign of Virgo by retrograde motion yesterday afternoon ... and when Saturn's retrograde period ends the end of May it will begin to move forward and re-enter the sign of Libra toward the end of July which will be the sign it will be in when Pluto completes its retrograde journey - confused yet ???? .... so in addition to the aforementioned areas where change might occur while Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn, there will certainly be issues with partnerships/relationships (Libra ruled) as well as daily work and service, health and nutrition and possibly family issues (Virgo ruled) - a lot to deal with !!!

Scorpio born individuals this is your yearly period of review and analysis of what is transpiring in your life and especially what has transpired in your life since September 11th of last year that is urging you to transform and regenerate some aspect of your life ... also remember if you have a Scorpio Moon or Ascendant you may be more sensitive to the retrograde period as well - Moon people through emotional issues and Ascendant people through issues of how you project yourself out into the world ... also if you know which house in your natal chart Pluto is currently transiting through, that "stage" of life will produce some interesting and possibly challenging energy ... I have also been told several times that when an outer planet - Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - shifts directions - a slightly increased number of "souls" tend to leave the planet ... something to possibly watch especially at the very beginning of the retrograde period and at the end ...

Capricorn born individuals, this can also be a very intense period for you as well since Pluto is transiting through your birth sign ... and Cancer born individuals may feel the "heat" as well since Pluto is transiting the sign opposite your birth sign ...

Pluto naturally rules the elimination and reproduction systems of the body so there could be issues there ... maybe, maybe not ... Pluto is also the natural ruler of the 8th house - which includes the support you receive from other people including financial, moral, spiritual and physical ... it addresses legacies, trusts, wills, taxes, insurance matters and lets not forget "secrets", sex, spiritual and physical regeneration, psychological rebirth and degeneration and death - not necessarily actual physical though .... also occult matters, sleep, deep research, investigation, hidden assets - including the assets of partners and alimony .. and finally, surgery ... needless to say that any of these areas are fair game during the Pluto retrograde ...

Pluto is an outer planet and its energy is directed towards not only personal but generational transformation, so it makes this a time for everyone to step back and review how each one of us is contributing to the future and evolution of mankind and the Earth, or perhaps how we are working towards destroying it ... it’s important to become more conscious of how we individually and collectively impact the Earth and our fellow human beings ...

Pluto remains retrograde until September 13/14th depending on what time zone you live in ... as the planet of change, upheaval, destruction, transformation and rebirth, Pluto retrograde certainly has the potential to shake things up ... and one thing is absolutely for sure where Pluto is involved ....


Friday, April 2, 2010


Mercury, steadily and with a logical progression, began its transit of the sign of Taurus this morning, 4/2, at 9:06 AM EDT ... our mode of thinking and communicating has now shifted from the rapid fire energy of Aries into the slower and more methodical energy of Taurus ... the keyword for this energy is "factual" ... here the mind and tongue work deliberately and steadily with the tendency to sometimes get stuck in mental ruts ... this energy can be highly practical and grounded ... business skills or any activity that incorporates the use of common sense usually accompanies this energy ... often there can be learning through tactile contact or actual physical manipulation of the world ... perceptions can often be limited due to a desire to learn slowly and carefully ... there is a desire to bring ideas down to earth, and there are usually interests in money, sensuality and physical comfort ...

This Mercury loves to read - anything !!! ... time is taken in order to arrive at all decisions ... this Mercury also loves to "sleep on it" and needs solid, tangible, physical proof in order to really believe in anything ... the thought pattern is developed in terms of worth thus making "value" the ultimate selling point ... there is usually an excellent memory bestowed by this mercurial energy and it makes one a good observer but ironically one is apt to listen inattentively as their mind is almost always already made up and will rarely be changed !!! ... even though there is a love of reading, it is ultimately realized that experience teaches one the most valuable lessons in life ...

The essence of Mercury in Taurus is thinking through stabilizing ... the concrete mind ... SEEING IS BELIEVING!!! ... the mind here likes to chew things over and over in order to acquire a true depth of knowledge ... there is more of a taste for the traditional rather than the abstract and the avant- garde, and one finds it is steady working habits that produce thorough and solid results ... ultimately there is a gift given here to see how any plan will work out in physical terms ... the energy of Mercury in Taurus can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: sound mind, thorough, patient, cautious, shrewd, resourceful, sensible, realistic, good concentration, mentally sure, deliberating, practical thinker, sense of form, steady mind, enduring, mentally laid-back, docile, undemanding

NEGATIVE: slow minded, plodding, tardy, guarded, mean-minded, money-grubbing, boneheaded, one-track-minded, overburdened, limited thinker, stubborn mind, lazy-minded, dumb, misses the point, couch potato

Mercury has entered the last sign before it begins its next retrograde period the middle of this month !!! - insert collective groan at this point !!! ... Mercury will not complete its entire transit through Taurus until June 10th due to its upcoming retrograde journey ... Taurus born individuals you have a rather lengthy period of mental stimulation  given to you for some reason by the Universe ... and like the Boy Scouts, Mercury in Taurus is certainly oriented for all of us to do one thing - BE PREPARED!!!