Thursday, July 28, 2011


Mercury began its transit through the highly analytical sign of Virgo today, July 28th, at 1:59 PM EDT ... Mercury is very happy here and functions well as this is one of the two signs it naturally rules - the other being Gemini ... this energy usually gives the mind a rather precise, thorough and analytical ability ... commmuncations are usually logical, helpful, critical, negative, skeptical, practical or humble ... one is apt to put their mind to work doing their job ... this intellect can be solidified through writing or technical crafts, and converting ideas in a tangible form ... there is a talent for organization, but sometimes the discriminating and highly focused mind could get mired in too many details and become excessively critical ... one of the challenges of this energy is to learn to step back and look at the bigger picture in addition to getting immersed in all the fine details ... learning is best achieved in an organized sequence and a logical presentation ... the concern for details can often lead to the syndrome of "not being able to see the forest for the trees" ... there is also likely to be an interest in health, nutrition, competence and ones day to day work ... this Mercury says exactly what it wants to say - no more no less ... it has a quick, dry wit, bestows a fine eye for detail, and usually produces very neat and readable handwriting ... this energy can also make one very skilled with their hands and often craftspeople are born with this energy in their natal chart ...

Mercury in Virgo is very impartial and gets to sorting through all the details to where the logic and precision can discover the heart of the matter ... with this fine intelligence, systematically clarifying and refining information received and understanding the patterns comes naturally ... here we have a logical, analyitcal and practical mind that produces a quick learner ... on the challenging side, Mercury in Virgo can make ones mind so very active with all the extraneous processing that it is sometimes difficult to quiet and still the mind yielding restlessness and/or the inability to sleep ... just ask someone born with Mercury in Virgo !!!

The essence of Mercury in Virgo is thinking through analyzing .. its the pure mind ... the ability to reason functions very well here ... a big challenge here is to not live in your mind and understand there is a big difference between knowledge and actual experience ... this energy also can help one assist others in seeing things more clearly - in forms such as writing, editing, counselling, teaching, drawing and translating ... there is the ablility to assimilate vast amounts of complex information ... ironically, when it comes to expressing something close to ones heart, this energy can make one obscure it in a lot of irrelevant references ... this energy makes it necessary to thoroughly grasp a specific subject as without training or education one is more likely to suffer greater than others from being unemployed, underemployed or unemployable ... the ultimate goal with this energy is to appreciate that what gets in the way of understanding life is thinking way too much about it - a totally clear mind is really no mind at all !!!! .... the energy of Mercury in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: analytical, objective, systematic, logical, discerning, precise, meticulous, clever, eloquent, well-read, well-informed, accurate, retentive memory, fast learner, highly efficient, good worker, modest, helpful, practical

NEGATIVE: unfeeling, remote, clinical, cold and dry, hypercritical, trivial, worrisome, wordy, bookish, intellectual snob, misses the point, greedy mind, impatient, high strung, workaholic, self-critical, sceptical, slave to reasoning, pointless

Virgo born individuals, no doubt you will be infused with plenty of practical ideas as Mercury passes through your birth sign ... for all of us, with Mercury in Virgo we should remember that the point we are trying to communicate should be remembered, researched, rehearsed and then expressed ... make the best of what you actually know ... what's the use of knowing everything and feeling nothing ??? ...

Mercury remains in the sign of Virgo until September 25th - WHAAAAAAAAAAT?????? ... but you know why ... insert loud groan here ... during this first part of the transit Mercury will get no further than 1 degree of Virgo at which point it will begin its next RETROGRADE journey for the year next Tuesday, August 2nd ... yes, you know the Universe couldn't let summer be all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!!!

So for the next 12 weeks, part of Mercury's mission boils down to encouraging us to making this one simple request - "Just the facts M'am" (know where that came from???) !!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


VENUS - begins its passionate transit through the dramatic and romantic sign of Leo tomorrow morning, July 28th, at 10:59 AM EDT ... this Venus cares ... it REALLY cares, and will make darn sure you know it .. this energy loves big entrances and high drama ... ultimately, it just outright loves good old-fashioned romance ... it enjoys the limelight, attention, admiration and applause ... it gives a natural magnetism and sex appeal ... others often find the expression of this energy down right exciting ... affection is expressed dramatically and wholeheartedly ... it can make one magnanamous, loyal, playful and magnetic in love ... the handling of money and possessions is usually generous, extravagant, and speculative ... there is a desire for zest, enthusiasm and an adrenaline rush in ones love relationships ... ones pride and urge for recognition affects ones capacity for closeness ... clothes and appearance are also very important with this energy ...

The essence of Venus in Leo is loving through creating ... love "shines" ... it is important to give some form of creative expression to your feelings and passion in relationships ... and even though one is very enthusiastic, there ironically may exist a deep-seated "doubt" of ones own lovability which others cannot detect outwardly from you ... here artistic sense is very strong ... life is frequently viewed as an ongoing creative experience ... at some point, one must ultimately go looking for their inner beauty ... one thing you can be compared with is your self-respect ... what each of us has to give is priceless ... channel the larger than life energy here into larger than life pursuits or pastimes ... love and allow yourself to be loved in return ... this energy likes admiration, mutual respect, lavish parties, showing off ones partner,and old fashioned classic courtship ... it dislikes even the slightest rejection, behavior that is insulting, being "shown up" by others, and a lack luster love ... the energy of Venus in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: romantic, ardent, passionate, loyal, artistic, dramatic, entertaining, fun-loving, radiant, outgoing, warm, openly affectionate, charming, attractive, benevolent, gives a lot, social pride, personal pride, fun to be with

NEGATIVE: unrealistic, sexually obsessed, consuming, too loyal, prima donna, overbearing, demanding, inappropriate, self-centered, showy, brassy, flirtatious, seducing, flaunting, expects too much, snobbish, vain, competitive, game-playing

Venus now joins the Sun and Mercury and remains in the sign of Leo until August 21st ... Madonna probably best summed up this energy in her famous song "Burning Up for Your Love" - and that we all will probably be doing on some level of our lives !!! ... Leo born, the social and romantic spotlight is especially shining on you for the next few weeks - enjoy smoldering in the flames of passion !!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


... APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE !!! ... the Sun began its transit through the dramatic sign of Leo on today, July 23rd, at 12:12 AM EDT ... and a lot of what this energy is all about is being acknowledged, appreciated and applauded !!! ... the Sun in Leo makes one need to shine through creative endeavors, seek recognition through risk-taking or exciting activities, shine through ones generosity, and certainly shine through ones own charisma ... this is the ultimate in fire energy - it is very happy,optimistic energy ... and isn't the Sun pretty much at its peak in Summer during July/August ??? ... it's easy to see why these native born individuals are so warm and cheerful - unless of course they are modified by some other "darker" energy in their natal chart !!! ... it craves attention and they usually love giving and receiving hugs ... if you've had your natal chart done then you may gain awareness as to on what "stage" of your life this energy may play out ...

Leo is a masculine/fire/fixed sign which makes it enthusiastic, powerful, expansive and creative, generous and extravagant, dogmatic and very fixed in its opinions ... Leo is ruled by the Sun so the Sun is extremely happy to be traveling through this sign !!! ... the Sun is the center of our solar system and therefore the most powerful planetary influence which bestows vitality and authority ... its symbol is the Lion - regal, brave, dominating,possessing nobility and pride, and sometimes insensitive to pain ... the glyph for Leo represents two valves of the heart ... it is also the Greek symbol for the first letter of Leo ... symbolically, it is two incomplete circles of the Sun joined by a crescent Moon (its tail) which symbolizes that power is derived from both the intellect and the emotions ... its key phrase is "I Will" and its keyword is "Magnetism" ... the Sun is the main expression of the individual ... it shows the qualities of leadership and success ... it represents the masculine principle, the father, husband, and men in general ... it rules health, vital principles, authority and bosses, rank, title, high office, progress, dignity, energy, sense of identity and capacity for experience ... wherever the Sun is located in your natal chart is where you find the life and heart of your horoscope - it is where you truly want to shine !!!

Leo anatomically rules the heart, back, spine, the right eye of the male and the left eye of the female ... emotional strain and physical overexertion can cause back and spinal ailments in Leo born people ... sometimes Leo born people can be overbearing and challenging to the point of unknowingly provoking others into impulsive violence !!! ... Leo is the sign directly opposite of Aquarius in the natural zodiac ...

Leo naturally rules the 5th house of the horoscope ... it is a house of life whose keyword is "Creativity" ... the 5th house represents children, artistic expression, love affairs, romance, pleasure, amusements, holidays, vacations, games, speculation, hobbies and what distracts you from your main employment ... it also represents your emotional attitude, the love you give, your enterprise, sports, originality and creative outlets, shows dramatic, literary or artistic ability, shows publications, politics, the fine arts, social affairs, pregnancy and the education of children ... also represented here are any groups to which you may belong that relate to having fun ...

The essence of the Sun in Leo is living through creating ... it is one who is a child of the Sun ... it wants to shine and be the center of attention ... even if you are shy or lacking in confidence, you will want to be noticed in some way ... respect is vitally important not only for yourself but from others as well ... respect is dependent on self-respect ... a radiant glow is often physically noticeable ... Leo can create an "air of certainty" which makes many things possible ... but for all the apparent confidence streaming forth from ones heart, it can belie the fact that one is highly dependent on being appreciated !!! ... here one must pay special attention to critics and admirers alike to avoid being blinded by ones own light and thus destroying whatever it is that one originally tried to create and maintain - a relationship, ones home, health, profession or even ones own children ... just like the Sun, Leo energy cannot see the shadow it casts ... ultimately Leo must realize that its power and influence shine through it and not from it ... and when that power is wounded or challenged, it is very much like the Sun disappearing behind a cloud - the world becomes a colder and darker place ... the energy of the Sun in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: noble, confident, generous, gracious, encouraging, commanding, ambitious, enterprising, proud, cultivated, dramatic sense, impressive, self-expressive, wealth of ideas, fun to be with, warm, affectionate, loyal, romantic

NEGATIVE: pretentious, self-righteous, flamboyant, domineering, demanding, intolerant, overestimating, vain, snobby/stuck-up, melodramatic, show-off, self-centered, overbearing, overblown, scorching, affected, fierce, impossible, unrealistic

The Sun now joins Mercury already in the sign of Leo ... The Sun remains in Leo until August 23rd so some of you may be getting the Universal birthday "gift" of Mercury Retrograde in your solar return for the year ahead due to Mercury's upcoming Retrograde journey which soon begins !!! ... Leo born individuals this is your time of year to SHINE !!! ... for all of us, we should remember that those who love us do so for our inner glow more than our outer show ... the Sun never tries to shine AND set conditions - it just shines ... recognize, appreciate, respect and pardon both yourself and others ... and since this energy compels each one of us to take center stage - let's all take a collective bow !!! ... (cue APPLAUSE!!!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Uranus - the planet known as the great awakener, the rebel, the planet of intuition and the sixth sense and sudden and unexpected change as well as revolutions and breakthroughs, radicals and radical ideas and behavior, the ruler of astrologers and inventors, and the planet closely associated with electricity, technology and electronics - begins its retrograde journey for the year today, July 9th, at 8:36 PM EDT - do I hear a loud collective groan of UH-OHHHHH ??? !!!! ... where you find Uranus in your individual natal chart is usually where you tend to do the unusual and break from the norm ... this planet which takes 84 years to make a complete journey through the 12 signs of the Zodiac most certainly marches to the beat of a different drum !!!! ... and if you know an Aquarian born individual, you probably understand this very well !!!

Uranus is the planet of the unconscious, and even during a retrograde journey that is where its energy will be most highly concentrated ... however, during a retrograde period the energy will tend to be even more pronounced ... people born with Uranus retrograde natally - and there are a lot of us out there since Uranus retrogrades for about 5 months out of each year - are frequently found in the forefront when it comes to change and actions that are oriented towards the future and on the cutting edge ... in an individuals chart, whether natally or by transit, the desire to reform or rebel is perhaps even stronger during a retrograde period than when Uranus is direct ... if you've had a natal chart run then you might get an idea as to on what "stage" of your life where this retrograde will most likely play out depending on the house it falls into at its current degree of transit which is currently through the sign of Aries ...

During a transiting Uranus retrograde, it's time for each one of us to ask ourselves what changes do we see happening in the world and ask ourselves how we are contributing to or working against them ... it is very important during this retrograde period to look at the connections between ones own personal changes and those that are occurring around the world ... how are they connected and do we need to find a better way to do that ??? ... are we helping mankind move forward through positive growth or are we being counterproductive through our rebellion to assert our individuality, independence and freedom and causing more problems than we solve ???

Aquarian born individuals, this is your yearly period to review and reflect on what is going on in your life and see how you might make some changes ... you may especially be paying attention to what has transpired in your lives since Uranus finished its last retrograde journey and resumed forward motion back on December 5th , 2010... and along with Aquarian born individuals, we all will most likely have something illuminated from our unconscious side that we need to deal with and make a change in ...

Uranus is currently transiting through the sign of Aries - where the essence of this energy is awakening through doing - it has gotten no further than 4 degrees of Aries as it began its complete transit through Aries on March 11th ... It has been literally slowing down and vibrating at 4 degrees of Aries since the beginning of June creating a lot of tension and irritation on many levels no doubt !!! ... the Universe has simply been giving not only Aries born - who may especially feel the impact of this retrograde - but everyone a glimpse of things to come and where change will need to be and MUST be addressed while Uranus transits Aries !!! ... it takes Uranus roughly 7 years to completely transit through each sign of the zodiac - it will not complete its full transit through Aries technically until March 2019 ... there could be a lot of us who experienced tension during this past week and in some cases where there was a sudden and unexpected change made out of the blue ... or even a confrontational situation arose we were not expecting ... and over the next few days, until the retrograde energy settles in, there could be instances of rebellion, disruption , explosion and confrontation .... Uranus remains retrograde until December 9th/10th depending on the time zone you live in ... so now we all have this energy to be different, to be independent, to have our own freedom and to do things suddenly and unexpectedly turned inward ... YIKES !!! ... how will it play out in our lives and on a global scale ???

Therefore, in honor of the new season of Big Brother which began on Thursday July 7th, it is appropriate to acknowledge their sage advice - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED !!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Venus, the planet of love, affection, attraction, and social interactions and desires, began its transit through the nurturing sign of Cancer early this morning, July 4th, at 12:17 AM EDT ... moving through a water sign, Venus takes on an even more emotional connection to everything it is attracted to ... Venus in Cancer enjoys home, food, nuturing and/or dependency ... it can be very sensitive and protective in relating to people, and it appreciates emotional warmth and attachments ... affection is expressed protectively, tenaciously, nuturingly and in a kind manner ... pleasure is found through security ... ones comfort level may well depend on feeling like part of a family ... there is a preference here to share within a very closely attached group ... if one should lack faith under this energy, there could be a result of moodiness, shyness, overprotection - including self and others, and stinginess which could interfere with the potential for closeness and the ability to enjoy life ... money and possessions are usually handled cautiously ... there is a desire here to nuture and/or be nutured in ones love relationships ... closeness here involves dependency, caretaking and receptivity ... this Venusian energy can be somewhat thin-skinned and truly needs to hear the words "I love you" often ...

The essence of Venus in Cancer is loving through nurturing ... it believes that home is indeed where the heart is ... the expression of love here is tied into the need to give or receive comfort and security ... there is the trap here to become so concerned with receiving love that you forget the quality and quantity of love you actually give ... love here is usually of the most instinctive kind ... there is a romantic leaning towards the sentimental ... there also comes a rather changeable nature in showing or accepting affection which usually is a result of doubts about ones own attractiveness ... home and family are central to ones happiness here ... there is the possibility that one possesses cooking, decorating, or other domestic skills under this energy ... sometimes the fear of change and/or disruption within the home and family can yield worry which physically expressed manifests in the form of stomach or throat problems ... the energy of Venus in Cancer can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: gentle, kind, tender, romantic, sentimental, sensitive, compassionate, dreamy, devoted, loyal, unselfish, dependable, caring, protective, motherly, sympathetic, home-making, reassuring, comforting

NEGATIVE: timid, gooey, fawning, easily hurt, moody, muddled, clingy, too attached, weak-willed, dependent, fussy, shy, insecure, fears unfamiliar, gluttonous, vulnerable, taking others for granted, emotional threatening, inhospitable

Cancer born individuals, this is your time to "glow" as Venus moves through your birth sign ... be sweet and kind enough and you just might get what you ask for !!! ... Venus remains in the sign of Cancer until July 28th ... for all of us, perhaps we could try and use Mother Nature as a "role model" for how to nurture and nourish ourselves and others ... allowing others to sometimes lean on you will help prevent you from continuously leaning on others too much ... by admitting to our hopes and what hurts us we can ultimately encourage others to do so as well ... but also be on guard as the old saying goes, one who indulges - bulges !!! ... for now we should all stand up and, no matter where we consider it to be, click our heels 3 times and repeat "there's no place like home" !!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


The curtain rose early this morning, July 2nd, at 1:38 AM EDT for Mercury to begin its "dramatic" transit through the ambitious, optimistic sign of Leo ... as Leo is a fire sign it will bestow Mercury with a lot of creativity ... this Mercury is quite the performer who wants to get your attention along with your admiration any way it can ... Mercury in Leo thinks dramatically and always with the heart ... here one can become a visionary and highly idealistic ... romantic attachments tend to take a major portion of ones concentration ... there is a display of dignity, a sense of innnate refinement, and a desire to make good impressions on others ... there is also a desire to be the authority in ones chosen field ... there is ablitity to solve problems, but sometimes the details are ignored ... ambition abounds under this energy ... and since this is a very dramatic energy for communication it should not be a surprise that every now and then comes the tendency to exaggerate, be self-centered, or tell a little white lie or two !!! ... entertainment could easily be ones forte with dramatic talent being given here - ok all you wannabe actors, now it's time to show us what you got ... this is often the natal placement of those in the entertainment industry ... there could be skills at sales, advertising, promotion or any means of persuading people with ones mind and tongue ... there is also a desire to have ones thinking or style of communication given a lot of attention ... speech is made with abundant energy, great pride, liveliness and a lot of charisma ... drama and humor is frequently used in communications ... learning is best achieved when one is aroused and excited by a particular topic ... sometimes the ego has a way of getting involved here which could lead to fixed thinking or limited objectivity ... presentations are usually dramatic and magnetic ... one could become interested in power, children, fame and creativity ... this Mercury is very strong in its purpose !!!

The essence of Mercury in Leo is thinking through creating .. its the idea person ... one is usually proud of their intellectual talents and capabilities ... with the mind being so closely connected to the heart, there is great passion, strength and originality in the mode in which one thinks and communicates ... somtimes there is insecurity here which can lead to one coming on too strong or causing one to underestimate the power of their mind ...Mercury usually functions best when it is cool and detached from the ego, but this can become difficult in the self-conscious sign of Leo where personal aims and intentions appear to be to all-important and other important factors become far less important ... it is wise to realize that people give up trying to help others who always think they know better ... but ultimately, being able to combine ones own creative and enterprising mind with an awareness of others ideas and attitudes that are involved in your personal drama will benefit everyone ... problems are usually approached with great imagination and energy ... learning to use the input of others will allow one to avoid being a one-person endeavor, and then the mind will become a vital spark that will ultimately ignite a larger group endeavor ... the power of Mercury in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: mentally creative, distinctive verbal style, warmly articulate, indentifies with popular ideas, grasps the entire issue, intellectually confident, focused concentration, fixed intentions, enthusiastic worker, convincing speaker, outspoken and optimistic, knows ones own mind, teaching and planning ability, foresight, executive mind

NEGATIVE: mentally conceited, liking the sound of ones own voice, only interested in ones own ideas, overlooks details, mentally arrogant, inflexible mind, stubborn and one-track mind, self-centered, feels superior at work, craves appreciation, verbally over-bearing, talks "AT" others, wrapped up in pet projects and theories

Mercury will not complete it transit through the sign of Leo until - wait for it, wait for it - September 9th due to its upcoming retrograde journey beginning the first week of August ... it will actually move into Virgo but only a few days later will turn retrogade and return to Leo on August 8th ... Leo born individuals, be prepared for an inspirational abundance of creative and scathingly brilliant ideas - at least in your mind ... in fact , we ALL should !!! ... just remember one might want to WAIT to act on these brilliantly creative ideas until AFTER the retrograde period is over on August 26th !!! ... while Mercury is in Leo, we should remember that we should teach what we really want to learn ... we stand or we fall by what we say and how we say it ... do not ignore that "small still voice" that is an important part of the greater good ... one final word of advice - be aware that whatever springs from your lips is only as good and true as that which dwells in your heart ... now get out there, take center stage, and think and communicate with a dramatic flair ... and then, of course - TAKE A BOW !!!