Thursday, August 23, 2012


Mars blazed its way into and began its transit through the "wicked", driven, probing sign of Scorpio today, August 23rd, at 11:24 AM EDT ... and as Mars is the planet of action, aggression and initiative and Scorpio is the sign of profound desire, transformation and regeneration - LOOK OUT!!! ... so how many of you will find yourselves beginning to become really fired up and driven about pursuing something or someone as the days and weeks progress, feeling intense and full of energy, rather irritated about something or just plain extra horny - more so than usual!!! , hmmm???? ...

Mars in Scorpio is energy that is extremely driven, and that would be a huge understatement ... this energy can give one an increased confidence in ones own personal power, makes one very intense, driven and confrontational, but also can make one sexy, compassionate and incisive ... there are apt to be strong desires, compulsions, and a need to thrive on challenges ... some desires may be achieved here only by transforming some intense emotions ... the urge to control others is great along with a susceptibility to vengefulness, resentment, and a lack of trust in others ... there is great endurance with this energy as well as all-or-nothing tendencies ... and the SEX DRIVE - CAN WE TALK??? - is unbelieveably pronounced in this energy ... there is an incredible amount of stamina bestowed by this energy ... most people born with natal Mars in Scorpio understand that sex is a natural bodily function and they can go at it all night long and the next morning pick up where they got off - oops, I guess I should rephrase that and say where the left off!!! - and go at it again ... they also are usually not the least bit inhibited about talking about sex and some are very experimental in their approach to satisfying their drive ... of course other energy in the natal chart could modify this but at the very least these people will be very driven about something ... the house placement at birth would give a good clue as to what it's all about ...

Mars in Scorpio can be very angry about something but you may never know it ... it will forgive but NEVER forget!!! ... it will eventually get retribution in some form but, since it has tenacity, it might not be right away ... this is the natural planning and plotting energy of the zodiac!!! ... Mars in Scorpio can make people a very dangerous enemy as they may hold grudges and nurse anger like steam in a pressure cooker until it explodes and the efffects can be disastrous ... there is also the extra ability to recover from physical strain here more so than any other placement ...

Mars is the "ancient" ruler of Scorpio ... after all, Pluto, the current ruler and also referred to as co-ruler, was not discovered until 1930 ... so this can be a very beneficial placement as Mars is very comfortable in this sign ... the tremendous emotional intensity here gives one relentless courage and a thoroughness in executing their direct intentions ... Mars in Scoprio can lead to the greatest level of spiritual achievement or to the lowest depths of moral degradation depending on how the energy is used ... while this energy can make one very secretive and not reveal their plans or actions without good reason, there is a need here to learn greater detachment and objectivity ...

The essence of Mars in Scorpio is getting through desiring ... the powerful sense of survival and sexuality becomes intertwined here ... it gives one a kind of magnetic intensity that illicits a response from others whether or not you are actually looking for it ... the inherent strength and power of Mars in Scorpio is the ability to heal or transform the environment in some way and this begins with your self-image ... there is absolutely no equal to this energy when it comes to pushing for changes and improvements where they are most needed whether its for personal evolution or the evolution of society ... the possible effects of Mars in Scorpio energy are as follows:

POSITIVE: charismatic, highly sexed, irresistable, emotionally rich, strong-willed, indestructable, forceful, courageous, thorough, exhaustive, determined, ambitious, probing, healing, discreet, perceptive, passionate, deep, powerful

NEGATIVE: megalomaniac, degrading, dissipated, resentful, stubborn, self-destructive, brutal, seething, cruel, exhausting, unrelentless, ruthless, prying, manipulative, devious, caustic, jealous, dark, cold-blooded, revengeful

Mars remains in the sign of Scorpio until October 6th  ... the next 6 weeks could prove to be either extremely productive or highly disastrous depending on how you use and react to the energy ... Scorpio born individuals, remember this is a 6 week period where you become more energized while Mars is in your birth sign - just be careful not to "incinerate" or steam roll over others with this extra boost you recieve!!!

A word of caution ... relationships are bound to undergo great tests and challenges during this time and this is why - Mars is now in Scorpio whose planetary ruler is Pluto, and Pluto, which will station back into Direct motion during this transit of Mars, is currently transiting throught he sign of  Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is currently transiting through the sign of Libra which is ruled by Venus ... get the picture ??????? ... it truly may become make or break time for many in this area ... and what you may be driven towards in hopes of it ending with a "bang" may only wind up ending with a weak little wimper !!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The Sun began its transit through the methodical, perfectionistic sign of Virgo today, August 22nd, at 1:07 PM EDT ... the energy slows and now shifts from being flamboyant and dramatic to being highly analytical and work oriented ... with the Sun in Virgo, one likes to shine through their competency, through their work and/or health, through being pragmatic, and through their tendency towards discretion ... Virgo is a feminine/earth/mutable(flexible) sign ... it is reserved, modest, practical, very discriminating and industrious, highly analytical and painstaking, and always seeking to know and understand ... its keyphrase is "I ANALYZE" and it's keyword is "Practicality" ... its glyph is the Greek spelling for the word "virgin" ... anatomically it rules the nervous system and the intestines - this energy can make one prone to illness caused by stress and nervous tension ... it can also make one highly prone to ulcers ... it is the sign directly opposite of Pisces in the natural zodiac where one can be dreamy, given to imagination, self-delusion and escapism ... Virgo is the sign of work and self-improvement yielding a perfectionistic nature which will dissect and analyze - often over-analyzing - all of the facts in order to obtain the ultimate truth and gather all available information ...

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury - the second sign Mercury rules - the other being Gemini ... Mercury is the ancient God of communication and commerce ... you may remember that Mercury rules intelligence and reason, and tends to give one a rather highstrung temperament ... Mercury represents the intellectual urge, reasoning ability and all avenues of expression ... so naturally it would rule mental capacity, dexterity, rationalization, sensory perceptions, travel - in particular short trips, brothers and sisters, children, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighborhood activities, letters, mailings, means of transportation, trade and techniques ... where you find Mercury in your natal chart is the place which shows where and how you best communcate ...

Virgo naturally rules the 6th house of the horoscope ... it is a house of duty and substance ... it relates to ones work, health and habits ... it shows employment, employees, tenants, servants, pets, and dependents ... it also shows service to others, routine day to day matters, ones clothing and how it is worn, hygiene, interest in food and health, sickness and all conditions that would affect ones health ... this house also shows aunts and uncles, self-adjustment, and the unconscious mind ... in this house, work and health are tied together ...

The essence of the Sun in Virgo is all about living through analyzing ... here we have the perfectionist ... through constant analysis we seek to reach a state of purity ... this energy must have some kind of work or be of some kind of service for life to make sense ... it is energy that is continuously preparing for something ... there is a need here to perfect some kind of technique through vigorous study and training and through this one can reduce the everyday wear and tear on the nervous system and the intestinal area ... proper rest, retreat and good diet are a must here ... serve your body well and it will serve you and others well in return !!! ... the energy of the Sun in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: thoughtful, analytical, lively mind, observant, scholarly, precise, pure intentions, discriminating, helpful, problem-solving, wholesome, health-conscious, industrious, methodical, efficient, reliable, modest, considerate, pure

NEGATIVE: over thinks, sceptical, worrier, critical, dry, fault-finding, interfering, problem-making, fussy, hypochondriac, workaholic, inflexible, overly mechanical, spoil sport, unsure, stand-offish, sterile, petty, melancholy, picky

The Sun remains in the sign of Virgo until September 22nd ... during the next thirty days we will be immersed in facts, figures, daily work and service issues, health and nutritional issues, and possibly family issues on some level, but we must learn to step back and look at the larger picture to which is a very difficult task under this energy ... if something is working, DON'T try to fix it ... help where it's not needed becomes a hindrance ... understand that true perfection consists of being able to accept life's imperfections and not worry so much about picky, petty issues ... think of the mind as a "lens" with the ability to focus on what is not only close up but far away as well ... with that in mind, there is simply one thing left to say - JUST WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK !!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Mercury completed its second retrograde journey for 2012 today, 8/8, and stationed back into direct motion at 1:40 AM EDT - do I hear a BIG SIGH OF RELIEF out there ??? ... time to ease back into the forward swing of things on many levels ... over the next few days to the next few weeks or even months, there may be some "a-ha" lights coming on in regard to decisions made during the retrograde period from 7/14 through today 8/8 and possibly as far back as 6/27 when Mercury entered its shadow point - the point where it would come out of the retrograde journey today which was at 1 degree of Leo ... or did issues and complications or questioning arise in regards to things done during the last retrograde period from 3/12 - 4/4 ??? ... or maybe even as far back as the Mercury retrograde period from 11/23 - 12/13 !!!!

Now the recurring question we may find ourselves asking is "WHY" ??????? ...What actions did you take or were taken against you that you may now be regretting or simply wondering why you chose to do or were the victim of that particular course of action, and why didn't you or the other person wait a little longer or are simply now trying to figure out why it happened ???? .... did you make any major purchases - homes, cars, electronics - that now don't seem like the best thought out course of action ??? ... there could be problems regarding any purchases made with anything where electrical energy and/or computers were involved .... relationships may have come to an end - some needed to and others may have jumped the gun and you are now wondering, or will be, why did I do that or end things at this point ... and how many of you got married - oops !!! ... all of these scenarios are possible as the energy of a Mercury retrograde is one where communications and mental energy is going "backwards"... and how many of you had travel plans that fell apart, ran into nasty delays or did not turn out how you thought they would ??? ... did anyone from your past come back around only to go out again or make you understand why they aren't actively in your life anymore ???

With Mercury retrograding in Leo, there could have been issues in regards to romance, creative pursuits, pleasurable activities, emotional attitudes, the love we give to others, social affairs, the education of children, and any dramatic. literary or artistic endeavors as these are areas ruled by the 5th house of the natural zodiac which Leo naturally rules ... anatomically there could have been issues with the heart, back or spine, the right eye of the male and the left eye of the female ... and it should be quite ovious with all of the above mentioned possibilities, this was NOT the time to make vast sweeping changes ... rather one should have kept an eye open for possibilities that could prove more satisfying once the energy returned back to direct motion ...

Now there may be a few instances where nothing really major happened but rather only minor annoyances ... those of you born with your natal Sun between 12 degrees of Leo back down to 1 degree of Leo may also have had something significant occur during this retrograde as Mercury passed back over your natal Sun at some point ... (hint: if you have, or have not, had a natal chart run that means your birthday falls roughly between 7/23 and 8/5) ... also, any new beginnings made and contracts signed during the retrograde period may not pan out in the end as the energy simply won't be supported ... new jobs begun or accepted during the retrograde period may not prove to be what they were supposed to be or completely fall apart down the road ...

Mercury remains in the sign of Leo until August 31st ... even though it is direct, and that is a VERY GOOD thing, Mercury will not be back up to "full speed" until August 22nd when it returns to the retrograde zone which is the point at where the retrograde began on July 14th and that was 12 degrees of Leo ... we can all now take a deep breath and proceed to bust a move forward ... keep in mind things may really start popping and there could be a great big rush of energy propelling us forward especially now the personal planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars - sequence of retrogrades is over for the time being ... so celebrate but know there is much work to be done with Universal support aplenty ... Mercury remains in direct motion until its final retrograde journey for 2012 begins on November 6th !!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Venus, the planet of love, affection, attraction, and social interactions and desires, after nearly 4 months in the sign of Gemini, finally began its transit through the nurturing sign of Cancer early this morning, August 7th, at 1:40 AM EDT ... moving through a WATER sign, Venus takes on an even more emotional connection to everything it is attracted to ... Venus in Cancer enjoys home, food, nuturing and/or dependency ... it can be very sensitive and protective in relating to people, and it appreciates emotional warmth and attachments ... affection is expressed protectively, tenaciously, nuturingly and in a kind manner ... pleasure is found through security ... ones comfort level may well depend on feeling like part of a family ... there is a preference here to share within a very closely attached group ... if one should lack faith under this energy, there could be a result of moodiness, shyness, overprotection - including self and others, and stinginess which could interfere with the potential for closeness and the ability to enjoy life ... money and possessions are usually handled cautiously ... there is a desire here to nuture and/or be nutured in ones love relationships ... closeness here involves dependency, caretaking and receptivity ... this Venusian energy can be somewhat thin-skinned and truly needs to hear the words "I love you" often ...

The essence of Venus in Cancer is loving through nurturing ... it believes that home is indeed where the heart is ... the expression of love here is tied into the need to give or receive comfort and security ... there is the trap here to become so concerned with receiving love that you forget the quality and quantity of love you actually give ... love here is usually of the most instinctive kind ... there is a romantic leaning towards the sentimental ... there also comes a rather changeable nature in showing or accepting affection which usually is a result of doubts about ones own attractiveness ... home and family are central to ones happiness here ... there is the possibility that one possesses cooking, decorating, or other domestic skills under this energy ... sometimes the fear of change and/or disruption within the home and family can yield worry which physically expressed manifests in the form of stomach or throat problems ... the energy of Venus in Cancer can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: gentle, kind, tender, romantic, sentimental, sensitive, compassionate, dreamy, devoted, loyal, unselfish, dependable, caring, protective, motherly, sympathetic, home-making, reassuring, comforting

NEGATIVE: timid, gooey, fawning, easily hurt, moody, muddled, clingy, too attached, weak-willed, dependent, fussy, shy, insecure, fears unfamiliar, gluttonous, vulnerable, taking others for granted, emotional threatening, inhospitable

Cancer born individuals, this is your time to "glow" as Venus moves through your birth sign ... be sweet and kind enough and you just might get what you ask for !!! ... Venus remains in the sign of Cancer until September 6th ... for all of us, perhaps we could try and use Mother Nature as a "role model" for how to nurture and nourish ourselves and others ... allowing others to sometimes lean on you will help prevent you from continuously leaning on others too much ... by admitting to our hopes and what hurts us we can ultimately encourage others to do so as well ... but also be on guard as the old saying goes, one who indulges - bulges !!! ... for now it's up to each one of us to lovingly navigate through the waters on the "sea of love" !!!!