Sunday, September 25, 2011


... and that is one way Mercury can communicate thoughts and ideas while it transits the sign of Libra ... Mercury entered the sign of Libra today, September 25th, at 5:09 PM EDT ... harsh words and intimidating comments are seldom or hesitatingly spoken while Mercury moves through this sign - after all, Libra is ruled by Venus which tends to soften and sweeten things while adding charm ... Mercury in Libra produces a mindset that is usually concerned with human relations and psychology and produces a mindset towards balance where both sides of the issue are considered ... it gives an intense curiosity about the thinking and behavior patterns of others - it is very focused on one particular aspect of the mental and emotional plane which is one-to-one relationships ... good communications and happiness in relationships are essential here ... there is a strong sense of justice which tends to make one very honest in their communications ... communications are generally made in a diplomatic, elegant and balanced manner ... feedback from others is a must in order to clarify your opinions ... mentally striving to support your heartfelt principles is often what inspires others with this energy ...

Mercury in Libra likes to consider all sides of an issue before making a final decision - the trap here is that Mercury, finding it difficult to explore any single idea without devoting equal time and energy to the opposite viewpoint and thus becoming distracted by too many facts, may yield indecisiveness which results in the opportunity to act on an issue thus getting lost ... Mercury in Libra also gives an interest to the law and the arts ... it bestows one with charm and diplomacy and gives the ability to communicate adeptly, elegantly, impartially and tactfully ... this energy produces natural born mediators and one who has truly mastered the art of whispering sweet nothings into your ear!!!

The essence of Mercury in Libra is thinking through relating and underlying much of this thinking is a desire for agreement ... it likes an honest reputation, refined minds, good manners, moral justice and likes to learn through interaction with others ... it does not like being underestimated, having no one to talk with, and mob mentality ... as always there are two different kinds of uses with any energy ... as for Mercury in Libra they are:

POSITIVE: agreeable, flexible, diplomatic, prudent, persuasive, charming, well-spoken, communicative, hardworking, disciplined, scholarly, orderly, eclectic, fair judge, good arbitrator, reasonable, team-spirited, principled, honorable, open-minded ...

NEGATIVE: weak-minded, non-commital, turncoat, smooth-talking, insincere, affected, rat-racer, blindly obedient, unoriginal, indecisive, cowardly, phoney, boring, illogical, easily swayed, overly sensitive, flighty, superficial ...

Mercury, now joining the Sun, Venus and Saturn already in Libra, remains in the sign of Libra until October 13th ... and of course the universe has put one if its delicious cosmic jokes in place here - while we are in such a loving frame of mind under this energy, this is the next to the last full sign transit of Mercury before it begins its final retrograde journey for 2011 towards the end of November, so be heads up !!! ... Libra born individuals have a lot to think about and reflect on during this transit and of course will most likely be shraing it with us in their charming, endearing manner they are usually born with - unless of course the birthchart indicates otherwise ... for all of us, this becomes a period of time when we have the ability to learn to speak more graciously and gently through our communications!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011


The Sun began its transit through the charming, social but sometimes indecisive sign of Libra today  Friday, 9/23, at 5:06 AM EDT ... also known as the Autumnal Equinox - equal day and equal night - Summer is officially OVER !!! ... onward to colder weather - YEAH !!! ... ok, I hear a few BOOS out there !!! ... the Sun in Libra must shine through cooperation, diplomacy, competition- one on one, and through aesthetic channels ... Libra is all about bringing things into balance and sometimes the desire to do so can create a situation where one continually bounces back and forth trying to come to a decision ... Libra is the 7th sign of the natural zodiac ... it is a masculine, mutable (flexible/changeable), air sign ... its key phrase is "I balance" and its keyword is "Harmony" ... Libra is active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, admires beauty and harmony, diplomatic, polished and extremely socially inclined ... its symbol is the scales which signifies balance, equilibrium, order and justice ... it is the sign opposite of Aries in the horoscope ... anatomically, Libra rules the lower back and the buttocks, and the kidneys ... natural born Librans are often subject to lower back strain and problems in the lumbar region as well as being subjected to kidney infections ...

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus ... makes sense doesn't it ??? ... Venus represents the social urge as well as sense of values ... Venus rules the throat, chin, cheeks and sense of taste ... Venus is all about relating - not sexually though, people, art, emotions, marriage, luxury, possessions, pleasure and appreciation ... its keyword is "affection" ... if you've had a natal chart run, where you find Venus shows what you truly enjoy ...

Libra naturally rules the 2nd house - a house of personal values, substance, earning power, inner talents and resources, need for fulfillment, emotional feelings, sense of self-worth, and a house of personal liberty and material debt ... Libra also naturally rules the 7th house - a house of face-to-face relationships and cooperation - or lack thereof, business and marital partnerships/relationships, divorce, contracts, lawsuits, dealings with the public, open enemies, a house showing what you most lack about yourself, and a house representing your grandparents and anyone who acts as your agent or on your behalf ...

The essence of the Sun in Libra is living through relating ... restoring balance or at least trying to do so ... it likes pleasant surroundings, peace and justice, a partner/companion, being gentle and kind, and anything artisitc ... it is important to realize under this energy that areas where there is conflict, disharmony or injustice is where the art of Libra energy is greatly needed and ultimately appreciated ... the energy of the Sun in Libra can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: aesthetic, graceful, peaceful, calm, socially oriented, popular, co-operative, amenable, attractive, refined, subtle manner, high principles, idealistic, socially aspiring and aware, diplomatic, harmless, friendly, a good counselor

NEGATIVE: affected, superficial, non-commital, lazy, lacking self-reliance, indulgent, insincere, vain, easily upset, lacking confidence, compromising, peace at any price, elitist, class-conscious, indecisive, ingratiating, discordant

One of the key roles of Libra is to engage in social activities that blend the rough with the smooth ... one must learn that sensitivity requires both spiritual strength as well as awareness ... ones outward poise will remain intact as long as one learns to be subordinate to ones inner sense of values ... the Sun now joins Venus and Saturn in the sign of Libra with Mercury soon to follow ... the Sun will remain in the sign of Libra until October 23rd ... so for now,take the lyrical advice of Stephen Stills and ... love the one(s) you're with !!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Mars will begin its transit through the romantic, playful, dramatic and pleasure seeking sign of Leo today, 9/18, at 9:51 PM EDT ... Leo, being a Fire sign, is very happy to have Mars, the planet of fire and drive, visting its "house" ... kind of a two for the price of one transit .... Mars in Leo is naturally dramatic and its actions alone often make a statement without a word being uttered ... having attention and admiration, and being in the limelight are doubly essential here .... energy can be asserted warmly, majestically, radiantly, or sometimes unfortunately extremely arrogantly ... the normal drive is towards having fun, enthusiasm, generosity, creativity, and having a zest for life ... this energy can be quite exciting yielding a strong sense of pride and a drive for recognition ... there is creativity abounding with a definite flair, and there is a heightened sense of vitality and just being alive ... ones identity here is tied in to being someone special and increasing self-esteem ... sometimes the urge to express oneself so boldly can lead to being pompous and very pushy, but it can also make one quite the magnetic personality ... sexual drive and physical energy is usually off the charts under this energy and they thrive in an atmosphere of attention ... receiving compliments especially makes one come alive ... many of us may find ourselves becoming more in touch with our inner child - go with it ... since Leo rules creative tendencies, those in the entertainment and artistic arenas usually become quite productive and have the potential to reach a new heightened expression of their work ... regardless of where we use this energy, you can bet while Mars is transiting through Leo there is absolutely going to be a driving passion about something or someone - or both !!!

The essence of Mars in Leo is getting through creating ... Shakespeare's words ring loud and true with this energy that indeed "All the World's a Stage" ... here we have a hot and fiery streak that definitely needs to find some form of creative, dramatic, or romantic outlet ... there is determination and confidence here and the first impression one gives here is most valuable to oneself ... there could develop an overly neurotic need for admiration, but there is also a demand for honor, dignity and abiltity worthy of respect ... personal power is greatly enhanced with this energy but one must be careful not to become overbearing and end up being feared rather than loved ... the desire nature is in overdrive here ... find what you truly have a passion for and go for it ... when ones sense of glory and achievement goes beyond ones petty, self-centered ego drives, the way in which one goes about becoming genuinely creative becomes a gift instead of a curse ... feeling insignificant, humiliation, losing control and small-mindedness are strongly disliked while taking pride in ones partner, excitement, respect, honesty and being center stage are what one strives for with this energy ... the energy of Mars in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: high-spirited, passionate, ardent lover, energetic, dignified, proud, heroic, enthusiastic, vital, speculative, exciting, self-assured, determined, strong-willed, leader, consistent desire, ambitious magnetic, fearless

NEGATIVE: melodramatic, possessive, jealous lover, coercive, pompous, self-righteous, vain, tyrant, offensive, brutal, wild gambler, overly-excited, feels infallible, quarrelsome, domineering, ego driven, overbearing, ruthless, conceited, arrogant

Leo born enjoy the extra burst of personal energy you are being given wile Mars moves through your birth sign  - as if you really need more fire energy driving you !!! ... for all of us, this could be an extremely creative and productive period but not without its challenges ... and if you are given to gambling and speculation, I would certainly advise great caution ... after all Leo ruling the 5th house includes gambling and speculation so be careful about being influenced by an excessive drive to take too many "risks" !!! ... Aries born will also certainly feel the effects of this energy as Mars is your ruling planet ... if you've had a natal chart done, then you'll get a good idea as to what area(s) of your life this energetic drive will most likely affect you ... Mars remains in Leo until November 10th which is roughly a little over 7 weeks and longer than its usual 6 week per sign transit speed ... but there is a reason which most of you have probably figured out by now ... Mars is beginning to slow down for its next RETROGRADE period which will begin in late January of next year ... Leo is the last full sign transit Mars will make before then as its transit through Virgo which begins on November 10th will not be complete until July 2012 - YIKES !!! ... for now though, we will all certainly be seeking admiration, applause and appreciation for something we do on some "stage" of our life ... and ... curtain  !!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Pluto, the planet associated with death, rebirth, transformation, change, upheavel and renewal, completed its retrograde journey for 2011 this afternoon, September 16th at 2:23 PM EDT ... Pluto has been in retrograde motion since April 9th and there has undoubtedly been a lot of reexamination on many levels of changes both we as individuals and as a society have been involved in ... now that Pluto has stationed back into direct motion things will start to surface that we may have been seeking information about ... secrets will surely begin to be exposed and those involved will most likely be brought into public awareness whether or not it is their desire!!! ... during the retrograde period we have all been trying to understand how we individually impact the Earth and other people as well ... Pluto is currently transiting through the sign of Capricorn, so there is definitely going to be issues arising concerning big business, the economy and governmental policy changes that affect everyone ... Pluto tends to expose the "dark side" of things and bring it into the light even when it is not what some would like ... we are currently witnessing what could be referred to as the shakedown of governmental lawbreakers ... also people are empowering themselves to make authority serve the true needs of the people and the planet as well ...

There are two groups of people that are most likely feeling the effects of this power shift even though we all will on some level in our lives ... Scorpio born individuals, this is your ruling planet so now it's time to come out of your period of review and reflection which began around April 9th and start implementing changes or be prepared for change and transformation .... my fellow Capricorn individuals, this energy is making an added impact for us as well since Pluto is currently transiting through our birth sign, and will not complete its transit through our sign until 2024 due to its lengthy retrograde journeys and slow movement - after all it takes about 248 years to complete one journey around the Sun !!!! ...

Pluto remains in direct motion until April 10th of next year ... Now is the time for everyone to be prepared for secrets and hidden agendas to possibly be exposed, and foundations to be uprooted, torn apart, transformed, changed and there to be rebirth in your lives on some levels - understanding of course that change and renewal are necessary for personal as well as spiritual growth  ... and ultimately we will come to understand or be sternly shown by the Universe whether or not our actions were justifiable ... now that Pluto has completed its retrograde journey, things may truly begin to shake, rattle, roll and ultimately be exposed, or torn down, or be "reborn" !!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Venus is set to gracefully began its transit through the charming, sociable sign of Libra today, 9/14, at 10:40 PM EDT ... Venus is very much at home here as this is one of the two signs it naturally rules - the other being Taurus ... this Venus tends to first have a highly mental approach to love and romance with the emotional factor often coming into play later ... this Venus enjoys art, harmony, and certainly people ... it can be charming, diplomatic, and graceful in relating to others ... affection is expressed with elegance, charm, and consideration ... fairness, balance and gentleness are qualities used when interacting with others ... sometimes there can be such an excessive desire for peace and tranquility that one avoids having to face issues which ultimately can inhibit intimacy ... there is pleasure found in balance and in beauty ... this energy appreciates symmetry ... the handling of money and possessions is most likely cooperative even though at times there could be a competitive edge ... Venus in Libra wants affection, beauty and ease in love relationships with a need for equal sharing between one and ones partner ... this Venus is also equally concerned about justice and fairness ...

The essence of Venus in Libra is loving through relating ... its the aesthetic ... one can appreciate and understand art and socitey on their own seperate levels ... there is an inner sense of harmony here which yields the ability to see life in terms of beauty and justice ... this ability comes from more of a mental approach rather than an emotional one ... here one recognizes that beauty is important with the question arising whether or not it is more than or simply skin deep ... the ultimate answer is that it is both ... Venus in Libra can easily be attracted to ones inner beauty in addition to or rather than their outward appearance ... there is also probably a fear of conflict and disharmony ... ugly scenes, feeling unattractive, uncouth behavior and fake love are strongly disliked ... this energy is likely to attract either popularity or wealth, or both ... social harmony, tastefulness, being in love, beautiful surroundings and true marriage are highly appreciated here ... the energy of Venus in Libra can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: eye for beauty, strong color sense, good ear, artistic, affectionate, likeable, magnetic, fair-looking, refined, graceful, pleasant, socially correct, romantically steadfast, relates well, harmonious, just, empathetic, broad-minded

NEGATIVE: hung up on appearances, oversensitive, music snob, art snob, takes personal liberties, frivolous, seducing, vain, affected, phoney, overly concerned with etiquette, superficial, insincere, avoids conflict, indifferent, cold, cynical, social outcast

Libra born individuals, this is your time when the love light of Venus shines on you and, as always, ask for what you want since you might just get it ... Venus will now begin an intriguing dance as Pluto, which is set to station back into direct motion on Friday, the 16th, is currently transiting the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn ... and where is Saturn ??? ... that's correct, Saturn is currently transiting through the sign of Libra which is ruled by Venus ... it will be very interesting to see what issues that have been buried or "hidden" in regards to romance, relationships both public and private, financial issues and even our personal values now come to see the light of day ... The Sun and Mercury will join the party beginning in a week ... remember your personal ideal is something to strive towards and not insist on ... relationships ultimately prosper on love of the best AND the worst ... and certainly the undeniable ultimate expression of Venus in Libra is developing the ability to lend grace where awkwardness exists and understanding in the midst of strife !!!

Venus remains in the sign of Libra until October 8th or 9th depending on the time zone in which you live ... indeed as previoulsy hinted at, finances, relationships, and personal values are going to be challenged once again by the Cosmic powers that be !!! ... So don't throw all your money away on trivial purchases, seek beauty and learn to truly appreciate it for what it is, determine where your passion for the pursuit of justice truly lies, and of course, play nice with the other children !!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Mercury returns to the highly analytical sign of Virgo early tomorrow morning, September 9th, at 1:59 AM EDT, to begin its complete transit now that its second retrograde journey is over ... below is a "refresher" of what I posted back in July about this energy and how it can affect us :

Mercury is very happy here and functions well as this is one of the two signs it naturally rules - the other being Gemini ... this energy usually gives the mind a rather precise, thorough and analytical ability ... commmuncations are usually logical, helpful, critical, negative, skeptical, practical or humble ... one is apt to put their mind to work doing their job ... this intellect can be solidified through writing or technical crafts, and converting ideas in a tangible form ... there is a talent for organization, but sometimes the discriminating and highly focused mind could get mired in too many details and become excessively critical ... one of the challenges of this energy is to learn to step back and look at the bigger picture in addition to getting immersed in all the fine details ... learning is best achieved in an organized sequence and a logical presentation ... the concern for details can often lead to the syndrome of "not being able to see the forest for the trees" ... there is also likely to be an interest in health, nutrition, competence and ones day to day work ... this Mercury says exactly what it wants to say - no more no less ... it has a quick, dry wit, bestows a fine eye for detail, and usually produces very neat and readable handwriting ... this energy can also make one very skilled with their hands and often craftspeople are born with this energy in their natal chart ...

Mercury in Virgo is very impartial and gets to sorting through all the details to where the logic and precision can discover the heart of the matter ... with this fine intelligence, systematically clarifying and refining information received and understanding the patterns comes naturally ... here we have a logical, analyitcal and practical mind that produces a quick learner ... on the challenging side, Mercury in Virgo can make ones mind so very active with all the extraneous processing that it is sometimes difficult to quiet and still the mind yielding restlessness and/or the inability to sleep ... just ask someone born with Mercury in Virgo !!!

The essence of Mercury in Virgo is thinking through analyzing .. its the pure mind ... the ability to reason functions very well here ... a big challenge here is to not live in your mind and understand there is a big difference between knowledge and actual experience ... this energy also can help one assist others in seeing things more clearly - in forms such as writing, editing, counselling, teaching, drawing and translating ... there is the ablility to assimilate vast amounts of complex information ... ironically, when it comes to expressing something close to ones heart, this energy can make one obscure it in a lot of irrelevant references ... this energy makes it necessary to thoroughly grasp a specific subject as without training or education one is more likely to suffer greater than others from being unemployed, underemployed or unemployable ... the ultimate goal with this energy is to appreciate that what gets in the way of understanding life is thinking way too much about it - a totally clear mind is really no mind at all !!!! .... the energy of Mercury in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: analytical, objective, systematic, logical, discerning, precise, meticulous, clever, eloquent, well-read, well-informed, accurate, retentive memory, fast learner, highly efficient, good worker, modest, helpful, practical

NEGATIVE: unfeeling, remote, clinical, cold and dry, hypercritical, trivial, worrisome, wordy, bookish, intellectual snob, misses the point, greedy mind, impatient, high strung, workaholic, self-critical, sceptical, slave to reasoning, pointless

Virgo born individuals, no doubt you will be infused with plenty of practical ideas as Mercury passes through your birth sign ... for all of us, with Mercury in Virgo we should remember that the point we are trying to communicate should be remembered, researched, rehearsed and then expressed ... make the best of what you actually know ... what's the use of knowing everything and feeling nothing ??? ...

Mercury remains in the sign of Virgo until September 25th ... now that the Mercurial energy is moving forward once again, it is truly time for everyone to - "KNUCKLE DOWN, BUCKLE DOWN ... DO IT ... DO IT ... DO IT" !!!