Friday, June 25, 2010


... and that they may certainly do as Mercury began its transit through the sensitive and sympathetic sign of Cancer early this morning, June 25th, at 6:32 AM EDT ... our thought processes now turn from an intellectual mode towards a more emotional mode of operation as the ruler of Cancer is the Moon which among other things rules the emotions ... Mercury in Cancer has a way of picking up everyone elses signals .. the mind becomes as much a receiver as a transmitter under this energy ... here we have a highly intuitive mode of thinking and communicating ... this placement also usually bestows a very good memory along with strong poetic power ... Mercury in Cancer thinks with the heart and often interprets the meaning of others communications through how it "feels" ...

Mercury in Cancer does not always say everything it is feeling as it tries to avoid hurting itself and others as well with careless ill-spoken comments ... one is very protective of their thoughts ... it likes to nurture ideas and encourage growth before sharing ... one uses emotions as well as logic and often may end up letting sensitivities sway ones decisions ... subconscious fears, habits, or prejudices could inhibit ones objectivity or openness to the new ... there is usually an above-average psychic ability ... one learns through absorbing their experiences and making emotional connections ... interest here may include family, food, the home, the land, the past, the public or security !!!

The essence of Mercury in Cancer is thinking through nurturing ... its the caring mind ... one has to be careful not to take everything so personally here ... it is important to remember to look at the facts in addition to the opinions of others ... it is also important to remember and be aware that each one of us is our own source of light and warmth ... most importantly it is necessary to make a collection of good memories that will give rise to clear and positive thinking ... the energy of Mercury in Cancer can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: mentally tenacious, good memory, reliable, sensitive mind, poetic, intuitive, agreeable, absorbs information, attuned to public opinion, profound, polite, softly-spoken, discreet, diplomatic, arouses sympathies, emotionally appealing, persuasive speaker

NEGATIVE: mentally habit-ridden, distracted, inflexible, overly impressionable, impractical, irrational, yes-person, too open, taking things too personally, depressive, self-conscious, unclear, incomprehensible, diffuse, prejudiced, untruthful

Mercury remains in the sign of Cancer until July 9th ... with Mercury in Cancer, one should realize that the natural ability to influence others is worthy of only the highest motives ... tuning in to ones finer feelings and expressing them is ultimately more rewarding ... and finally, try to focus on what you are after, who you are with and why ... and then stick with it !!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


The Sun began its transit through the sign of Cancer early this morning, June 21, at 7:30 AM EDT heralding the arrival of Summer ... also known as the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year - the days begin getting shorter each day until the Winter Solstice in December ... the pace of life now takes on a somewhat slower tempo than the hectic pace it had while the Sun was racing through Gemini - and it's a good thing with all that fiery energy pushing everyone into overdrive : Uranus slowing down - thus creating more intense, agitational vibrational energy - to turn retrograde in Aries, Jupiter blazing its way through Aries, and Mars stirring up the agitation burning its way through Virgo !!! ... we now process life through a more emotional rather than an intellectual filter ... with the Sun in Cancer one needs to shine through nurturing warmth, through protection, through attracting others through sympathy/dependency, and through family, ancestry or roots ...

Cancer is the sign whose keyphrase is its need to give and receive emotional warmth and security, to feel and to give devotion ... Cancer born individuals are warm and understanding but they can be very touchy at times ... wound them or befriend them and they will never forget ... they love to keep in touch and usually have a remarkable memory ... this is probably the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac but it is also often the least likely to let you know what they are feeling deep inside ...

Cancer is a feminine/water/cardinal(beginnings) sign ... its symbol is the Crab - possessing an impenetrable exterior which covers soft flesh below ... the glyph of Cancer is the claws of the Crab which are also representative of the human breasts ... symbolically, the glyph shows two circles of the Sun that are connected to two crescent Moons ... these Moons represent the Cancerian desire to store memories and possessions, and the circles tied to the Moons represent the force which is expressed through the emotions and the imagination ... Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach which explains why Cancer born usually love to eat and often fight the battle of the bulge - unless modified by other energy in the natal chart !!! .. they are also subject to digestive ailments resulting from tension and emotional stress ... anatomically, Cancer also rules digestion, the left eye of the male and the right eye of the female ...

Cancer is ruled by the Moon - maybe you can see why Cancer born individuals seem to go through so many mood changes so quickly - after all, the Moon does change signs about every 2 to 2 and a half days ... it takes roughly 28 days to complete a spin around the entire zodiac ... the Moon represents the female principle - mother, wife and women in general ... it also represents the public in general, along with instincts, moods, the tides, phases, receptivity, fluctuation, habit patterns, reflex actions, personal interests, desires, needs, magnetism, growth, fertility, the need to touch, impressionability, consciousness, liquids, commodities, nursing, tradespeople ...

Cancer and the Moon are the respective sign and planetary natural rulers of the 4th house whose keyword is security ... the 4th house is the house of HOME ... it describes the parents, the family you came from - your roots - and the home you will establish ... it includes your heritage, heredity, ancestry, psychological roots and your private life ... the 4th house also shows property - houses and real estate - and all that is secluded ... it is the house of endings, the closing years of life, the ending of all matters, fame after death and place of burial ... it represents the parent who has greater influence on you as a child, your subjective self, and the foundation on which you build your own unique character ... as a child one may perceive this house as relating to both parents but as one learns through growth and understanding, the 4th house will ultimately reflect the nurturing parent ...

The essence of the Sun in Cancer is living through nurturing ... holding on with Love ... the instinct for survival ... Cancer has also been often referred to as the "Lighthouse of Welcome" ... the ultimate lesson learned here is that ones family is the Human Race itself ... emotional awareness is more acute here so use it constructively ... determine and perform your responsibilites generously ... learn to trust in the Universe and understand that all things must pass, and realize each day is a new day a new beginning ... the energy of the Sun in Cancer may be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: emotional, feeling, receptive, sensitive, psychic, gentle, tender, vulnerable, sympathetic, nurturing, providing, caring, protective, maternal, feeding, domestic, patriotic, shy, retiring, collecting, tenacious, oriented toward the past, retentive, emotionally encouraging, thrifty

NEGATIVE: insecure, moody, defensive, devious, over-emotional, non-trusting, hypersensitive, touchy, brooding, smothering, clinging, consuming, over-protective, dependent, fearful, timid, clannish, withdrawn, grasping, stuck in the past, afraid to let go, anti-social, argumentative, apathetic

Happy Birthday all Cancer born individuals !!! ... the Sun remains in Cancer until July 22nd ... for now, our feelings will be heightened, and we will be more in touch with them whether it be through a fleeting glimpse or a deeply profound experience with something or someone near and dear to us ... and, as the Crab always carries its home - its shell - on its back wherever it goes, we all might as well click our heels 3 times and repeat what Cancer energy so lovingly makes us aware of - There's no place like home !!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


VENUS - began its passionate transit through the dramatic and romantic sign of Leo early this morning, June 14th, at 4:50 AM EDT ... this Venus cares ... it REALLY cares, and will make darn sure you know it .. this energy loves big entrances and high drama ... ultimately, it just outright loves good old-fashioned romance ... it enjoys the limelight, attention, admiration and applause ... it gives a natural magnetism and sex appeal ... others often find the expression of this energy down right exciting ... affection is expressed dramatically and wholeheartedly ... it can make one magnanamous, loyal, playful and magnetic in love ... the handling of money and possessions is usually generous, extravagant, and speculative ... there is a desire for zest, enthusiasm and an adrenaline rush in ones love relationships ... ones pride and urge for recognition affects ones capacity for closeness ... clothes and appearance are also very important with this energy ...

The essence of Venus in Leo is loving through creating ... love "shines" ... it is important to give some form of creative expression to your feelings and passion in relationships ... and even though one is very enthusiastic, there ironically may exist a deep-seated "doubt" of ones own lovability which others cannot detect outwardly from you ... here artistic sense is very strong ... life is frequently viewed as an ongoing creative experience ... at some point, one must ultimately go looking for their inner beauty ... one thing you can be compared with is your self-respect ... what each of us has to give is priceless ... channel the larger than life energy here into larger than life pursuits or pastimes ... love and allow yourself to be loved in return ... this energy likes admiration, mutual respect, lavish parties, showing off ones partner,and old fashioned classic courtship ... it dislikes even the slightest rejection, behavior that is insulting, being "shown up" by others, and a lack luster love ... the energy of Venus in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: romantic, ardent, passionate, loyal, artistic, dramatic, entertaining, fun-loving, radiant, outgoing, warm, openly affectionate, charming, attractive, benevolent, gives a lot, social pride, personal pride, fun to be with

NEGATIVE: unrealistic, sexually obsessed, consuming, too loyal, prima donna, overbearing, demanding, inappropriate, self-centered, showy, brassy, flirtatious, seducing, flaunting, expects too much, snobbish, vain, competitive, game-playing

Venus remains in the sign of Leo until July 10th ... Madonna probably best summed up this energy in her famous song "Burning Up for Your Love" - and that we all will probably doing on some level of our lives !!! ... Leo born, the social and romantic spotlight is especially shining on you for the next few weeks - enjoy !!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mercury began its speedy transit through the curious and inquisitive sign of Gemini early this morning, June 10th, at 1:41 AM EDT .... let the Mental Olympics begin !!! ... Mercury is very much at home here and functions well because this is an air sign and, this is also one of the two signs Mercury naturally rules - the other sign being Virgo ...

Mercury in Gemini gives a mind and tongue that can be very restless but very good at absorbing and learning information easily and then sharing it ... one can be quite articulate but sometimes have the tendency to talk or even gossip too much ... there is a skill for verbal expression and the ability to communicate quickly and cleverly ... often the ideas and manner of speech come off a bit superficial due to the urge to communicate perceived information immediately or because one is covering too much ground ... this energy is all about learning and communicating ... there is a high degree of curiosity about everything coupled with an eagerness to learn as much as possible - the world is ones school of life and therein exists a sumptuous, endless and delicious banquet of knowledge !!! ... the mind is likely to be logical, rational, and able to offer information on most any topic ... friendly interchanges are frequent along with the tendency to ask a lot of questions ... there is a high degree of nervous energy which can flow into speech, gestures, writing or manual dexterity in some fashion ... there is also the possibility of physical dexterity and flexibility ...

Those born with Mercury in Gemini, as well as the rest of us that are subject to its transiting influence, can be very hard to pin down ... one often holds down more than one job or may work on a number of projects at one time ... quick, versatile and interested in the world at large, one tends to live mostly on a mental plane ... one MUST have facts and information - there is a basic need to KNOW ... this energy frequently makes one good at languages and math, gives one a love of reading, studying , traveling, and talking with new people about what you have learned or are thinking about ... there is also the potential for a lack of being able to stick-to-it as well as a lack of order in ones life ... usually this energy can produce one who knows a little bit about everything but not a lot about anything !!!

The essence of Mercury in Gemini is thinking through communicating ... the mind is fed and nurtured through making contact with as many people and as many subjects as possible ... the intellect is wired up and ready to go ... it must constantly be stimulated otherwise nervous irritability or restlessness can occur ... the mind is efficient due to its ability to be quick and acquisitive, but the quality of the mind is only as good as what is being fed into it through social, business and educational pursuits - input becomes just as important as output !!! ... there is the capability of thinking on two or more levels at one time ... but one must guard against not having a definite direction to move in or else there can be the result of great mental confusion ... the energy of Mercury in Gemini can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: articulate, curious, well-informed, widely read, quick-witted, lively mind, fast learner, dextrous, clever, humorous, sharp, fluent, inventive, versatile, original, handy, interesting, agreeable, unbiased, logical

NEGATIVE: chatterbox, nosy, gossip, superficial knowledge, highly strung, unruly mind, unperservering, fidgety, crafty, mischievous, flippant, makeshift, imitative, simplistic, trite, scatters energies, unfocused, misses the point

Mercury transiting through Gemini is an excellent time to open your mind to countless new ideas and information ... allow your mind to be like a sponge absorbing as much as it can realistically process ... Mercury remains in the sign of Gemini until June 25th ... we obviously have a lot of information to absorb and process ... ultimately one of the greatest lessons of Mercury in Gemini becomes the ability to respect the value of your own mind : watch what goes into it and what comes out of it !!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


... and lets hope you have an ENDLESS supply of lung power to whistle with !!! ... Mars steamrolled in and began its transit through the highly analytical and perfectionistic sign of Virgo early this morning, 6/7, at 2:11 AM EDT ... we will literally be driven to step up the work productivity times 100 !!! ... this is the energy of the true workaholic ... when Mars transits through an earth sign - Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus - some of its force is slowed down a little, and it usually manifests its power conservatively and patiently ... but remember we are talking about Mars now in a sign that pays a LOT of attention to detail, detail, detail along with deeply penetrating analysis and praciticality ... Mars is a planet whose nature is represented by a fiery drive, and Virgo is an earth sign ... and what can fire often do to the earth ??? ... SCORCH AND BURN - so be careful !!!

Mars in Virgo is scientific and logical ... it enjoys working ... and working ... and working !!! ... it is extremely thorough and painstaking and is usually able to perform even the most monotonous tasks well - surgeons and craftsmen are often born under this energy ... sometimes it can get so engrossed in the work details that it loses sight of the overall project and can come to the conclusion that the effort is hopeless and decide to move on - thus making this energy driving one to the point of undertaking too many projects at once ... one must guard against becoming overly critical, and one must also be on guard to avoid working themselves so hard they end up bringing on some form of illness ... under this energy one might need to address health issues - especially inflammations or issues in the intestinal area, or one may simply decide its time to pursue a healthier lifestyle and begin a new diet regimen or nutritional routine ...

Mars in Virgo usually plans its actions carefully and executes them very systematically ...efficient functioning is important in both work and bodily health ... the basic inclination here is to be practical, thrifty, dedicated and follow an approach that tries to find flaws and fix them ... personal identity is tied to being competent and doing things correctly ... cleanliness is of utmost importance ... the caveat here is to avoid too much nitpicking, self-criticism and getting so enmeshed in the details that you inhibit your ability to act ... sexual drive and physical energy are influenced by ones sense of effectiveness and ones competence ... and too much focus on "performance" could result in inhibition and failure to be productive ....

The essence of Mars in Virgo is getting through analyzing ... it can be the slave-driver or slave-driven ... here good health represents efficiency ... many times one may ask themselves exactly what is it that they are striving for ... it is said that one of the lessons under this energy is to be learned by giving in to the energy of the sign opposite of Virgo which is Pisces - in other words giving into the mystery of life itself, the world, sex and just letting everything run on autopilot for awhile ... Mars in Virgo can flip back and forth between chastity and promiscuity very easily since we have Mars (desire) and Virgo (purity) whose energies are intertwined ... this energy likes work that is done with very fine precision, getting things right, a professional touch, good sexual hygiene, and proper technique ... it dislikes inaccuracy, people who don't put forth effort and those who lack dexterity and grace ... the energy of Mars in Virgo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: fine sexuality, hits the target, watchful, even-tempered, helpful, healing ability, attentive, subtle touch, industrious, methodical, energy-saving, thorough, shrewd, clever, ingenious, precise, accurate, clean, economical

NEGATIVE: frustrating, sexually exacting, voyeuristic, repressed, interfering, hypochondriac, neurotic, workaholic, inflexible, energy wasting, never finishing projects, exploitative, cantankerous, critical, fussy, sanctimonious

Virgo born individuals, this is your time for a little extra energy boost - just what you need to be further fueled by that detail, practical, analytical and work driven oriented energy you were born with ... so you may be thrust into overdrive - but we still love you !!! ... as it takes Mars approximately 2 years to "burn" through the complete zodiac, make good use of this extra energy while you have it ... at some point Mars will transit over your Natal Sun and you may become very "fired up" about something in your life !!! ... as always for all of us, if you've had a natal chart done look to which house or houses the sign of Virgo resides in and you can gain insight as to what area of life will be charged up by this Martian energy !!!

Mars remains in the sign of Virgo until July 29th ... make good use of the next 7 and a half weeks ... there is the potential to get a lot accomplished through steady and controlled effort ... just remember that Uranus and Jupiter are currently transiting through Aries which is ruled by Mars and so they "deposit" their energies in with Mars in Virgo and with all that drive and heightened energy to expand, liberate, do things suddenly and unexpectedly and do things with precision and accuracy, the tendency to "incinerate" yourself and others with this fiery energy will be something to be on constant watch for because in the process of too much overdrive you may negatively affect your health ... HEIGH-HO ... HEIGH-HO, IT'S OFF TO WORK WE GO !!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Jupiter - the benevolent planet representing growth, the law, beliefs, ethics, expansion, opportunity, wealth, faith, higher education, travel, religion, philosophy, joy, goodwill, excessive behavior and down right luck - began its transit through the highly driven, fiery, creative, courageous and initiative oriented sign of Aries early this morning, 6/6, at 2:29 AM EDT ... the opportunity for growth and expansion through new beginnings is now limitless !!!

Jupiter in Aries is often heroic, sometimes militant, very generous, given to executive ability and a talent for leadership, and has a strong drive for freedom of personal actions ... one can learn from past errors and profit from them ... there could be innovations in the areas of philosophy, education and spiritual endeavors ... one must guard against "me-first" tendencies and channel this energy into ways to inspire and help others ... one must also guard against being rash, impetuous, willful and trying to convince others that your "truth" is the absolute and only truth ...

The highest expression of Jupiter in Aries is a pure, creative spirit from where everything else is manifested ... the phrase "Behold I make all things new" is the spiritual implication made with this energy ... there is an enduring faith here in the possibility of regeneration and rebirth yielding a better way of life ... the faith bestowed through this energy is the unwaivering ability to overcome and "to become" giving the courage to embark on large scale endeavors that would not be attempted by others ... another highly appropriate phrase for this energy is "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" given the highly driven energy to make things better ... the caveat of this highly driven energy is carelessness and overconfidence yielding losses in business and friendships, along with a urge for impulsive spending and wasting of investment resources ...

The essence of Jupiter in Aries is growth and expansion through doing !!! ... action, assertion and self-expression are valued ... beliefs are based on personal experience ... one may idolize doing their own thing, pioneering and independence ... realistic self-confidence can enhance leadership skills and yield growth through confidently doing ones own thing ... the child-like enthusiasm and faith can take one far in life ... the basic principle of faith here is that Life supports those who actually live it ... what is important is that one gets things going and ensures that others will keep them going while they continue to keep leading onward ... this energy likes active occupations, travel, forward-thinking people, and optimism ... it dislikes people who just sit around, being household bound, dead-ends, pessimism and those who are not stout hearted ... the energy of Jupiter in Aries can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: crusading, exhorting, adventurous, aspiring, enthusiastic, honorable, generous, thinking big, enterprising, unshakable, innovative, self-sufficient, carefree, noble

NEGATIVE: self-righteous, bullying, overbearing, high-handed, over-optimistic, ill-prepared, rash, naive, gives only to impress, extravagant, boastful, over-confident, stubborn, careless

Ones ability to overcome even the most devastating problems can give rise to new ideas and new found strength ... what inspires one is where they are going and in turn what inspires others is how you choose to get there even through all the hard knocks and falls !!!

Aries born, this is your time where growth, expansion, illumination and down right luck could possiibly come your way - sometimes suddenly and very unexpectedly ... you are now being encouraged and infused with a sense that the time has come to get up and bust a move !!! ... keep your eyes, ears and certainly your mind open to any possibility ... and don't forget that there is a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder !!!

Jupiter remains in the sign of Aries until June 4th, 2011 ... due to retrograde motion it will return for one last sweep - to address last minute business until it returns in 12 years - through the sign of Pisces from September 9th through January 22nd ... so be truly open and inspired to action and new projects that will provide personal growth and forward movement for not only yourself but others as well ... just remember that Uranus will be transiting Aries along with Jupiter in there, so proceed with caution and be warned - don't move too far too fast !!!