Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Venus began its transit through the enthusiastic, broad-minded sign of Sagittarius today, December 30th, at 2:17 AM EST ... this Venus is all about the adventure and excitement that love can bring, and therefore ends up being a love that doesn't always last ... but friendships have longevity and they are usually numerous ... Venus was last in Sagittarius from November 16th through December 10th, 2014 ...

Venus in Sagittarius energy enjoys travel, philosophy, education, and anything which will broaden ones horizons and perspective on life ... it is friendly, expansive and philanthropic towards people ... affection is expressed generously, grandly, extravagantly unless one becomes disillusioned when their ideals are denied ... in fact, this Venus can  give so much that it forgets it deserves to receive as well ... honesty is valued and one can be quite broad minded in terms of love ... pleasure is found through ideals and ideas ...

It may be difficult getting settled down into one relationship because there is the enjoyment of exploration and adventure along with the constant seeking of the ideal relationship ... comfort and harmony here requires the freedom to roam, explore, and always be able to look for something better ... NEVER try to tie down or fence this Venus in or it's over in the blink of an eye !!! ... the handling of money and possessions is usually optimistic and often can lead one to getting overextended ... this Venus wants "THE BEST" in its love relationships ... both partners must agree on goals, values and their world view ... philosophical harmony is absolutely essential ... being direct and honest is required ... there is also an increased benefit through foreign travel, people and their cultures ...this Venus energy can be extremely flirtatious !!!

Venus in Sagittarius teaches us how we love through what it is we are seeking ... it's the joy of love - here we find an awareness of the inexhaustible bounty of love ... one understands that there cannot be the good times without the bad, and through thick and thin faith in love and spiritual quests is never lost ... the unbounded and expansive sense of love and pleasure can inspire and warm ones heart ... along with the awareness of the infinite supply of Love, it is important to give something of value to others ...

Venus in Sagittarius is also concerned with the bonding of physical and spiritual love ... it is important here to learn from actual experience rather than from a book ... ultimately a set of beliefs and principles will dictate that ones manner of loving and relating is essential to ones happiness ... this Venus likes quick emotional responses, honest and upfront relating, playing around and philanthropy ... it dislikes holding back, leaving things unsaid, restraint and inactivity and flattery and phony facades ... the energy of Venus in Sagittarius can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: romantic imagination, light-hearted, warm and affectionate, generous, guided by particular standards, benevolence and loyalty, idealistic, demonstrative, non-possessive, emotionally frank, honest with ones lover, broad-minded, socially active, vivacious, popular, friendly

NEGATIVE: easily attracted, impressionable, overly flirtatious, broken promises, forces beliefs on ones partner, unable to face emotional truth, hard to please, escapist, scatters emotions, fickle, brutally and offensively tactless, impersonally affectionate, amoral, name-dropper, promiscuous, a "groupie", squanders affections

Sagittarius born, the "love light " is shining on you for the next few weeks ... in fact Sagittarius Rising and Moon born will benefit as well !!! ... you just might get what you "desire" so go for it !!!

Venus now joins Saturn already transiting through the sign of Sagittarius ... it will actually "meet" up with Saturn on January 8th just three days after Mercury begins its first retrograde period for 2016 on January 5th ... now that's a party just waiting to happen - NOT !!!

Venus remains in Sagittarius until January 23rd ... while Venus transits Sagittarius, it is important to remember to set a higher value on yourself which ultimately may lead to others appreciating you more ... you will be truly loved for expressing how you truly feel about yourself ... identify your ideals and needs and seek to express them ... understand that love grows through its own trials !!! ... and due to its nature of being extremely frank and direct in communicating its feelings, it might be best to heed the sage advice take caution and remember - "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS" !!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


ZZZZZZZAP !!!! ... and just like that, there was definitely something electric in the air as the planet Uranus completed its retrograde journey for 2015 and stationed back into direct motion Friday, December 25th, at 10:53 PM EST - definitely an unconventional Christmas "gift" bestowed upon us by the Universe !!!

Uranus is the planet representing sudden and unexpected change ... it is a shocker ... it gives flashes of insight, rebelliousness and originality ... it represents eccentricity, genius, inventiveness, revolution, intuition and the sixth sense, and everything that happens out of the blue!!! ... Uranus questions and challenges authority, and transcends business-as-usual social and cultural ideas to come to new solutions ... it absolutely insists on freedom but there is also an understanding here that freedom must be learned one step at a time!!! ... it rules electricity, technology, computers, and all things on the cutting edge ... most importantly - at least to me !!! - it is the planet that rules Astrology!!!

While Uranus was in retrograde motion, it was time for all of us to ask what changes are occurring in the world and how we are contributing to or working against these changes - the ability to see the importance between your own personal changes and the ones occurring globally, and the connection between the two, became a strong focal point ...

Uranus has literally been slowing down to shift direction and hovering at 16 degrees of Aries since November 24th, so it may have felt like there was an edginess and restlessness on some level of our lives for the last month adding to the stress of the Holiday season !!! ... since December 20th, it was, from an astrological viewpoint, literally vibrating at a stand still sending out its potentially disruptive and erratic "electrically charged"  energy ... after it stationed direct the 25th, many may have
experienced some kind of sudden and unexpected occurrence, particularly in regards to any of the previously above mentioned traits, happening to or around them ??? ... has anything happened perhaps within the last week that was sudden and unexpected in some area of your life or the lives of others you know ??? ... or has anyone felt rather edgy and restless without really knowing why ???

There could be a lot of us who experienced elevated tension during this past week especially with it being the final week of frenzied last minute Christmas shopping, Mercury entering its shadow point and a Full Moon building in Cancer that occurred the same day Uranus stationed direct ... in some cases there was most likely a sudden and unexpected change made out of the blue - or even a confrontational situation arose we were not expecting ... and until the direct motion energy settles in, there could be many sudden and unexpected instances of rebellion, disruption, explosions, of many varieties, and confrontation ...

This Uranus retrograde occurred from 20 degrees 30 minutes Aries back down to 16 degrees 33 minutes Aries ... if you've had a natal chart run, then you might get a good clue as to where this Uranus retrograde may have impacted your life especially on Friday when that jolt of energy began moving outward once again !!! ... now that Uranus is direct we can expect changes - it's time to start putting those changes in motion in a positive and not confrontational manner ...

 As Uranus is currently transiting through the sign of Aries - where the lesson of this energy is all about "awakening" through doing - the Universe has been giving not only Aries born  - who may have especially felt the impact of this retrograde - but everyone a glimpse of things to come and where CHANGE WILL NEED TO BE AND MUST BE ADDRESSED and WILL ULTIMATELY TAKE PLACE while Uranus transits Aries !!! ...

Uranus takes roughly 7 years to completely transit through each sign of the zodiac, and it is now halfway through its transit through Aries - it will not complete its full transit through Aries technically until March 6th, 2019 ... Uranus began its initial transit through Aries on May 27th, 2010, but due to retrograde motion, went back into Pisces one more time before beginning its complete transit through Aries on March 11th, 2011 ... anything come to mind around those two dates when there might have been a sudden and unexpected shift or event occurring in your life ???

Aquarius born individuals, you may especially feel the forward jolt or thrust of this powerful energy as your period of "hibernation" is over and it's time to move forward once again ... what have you  been thinking about in your life since July 26th of this year that needs some kind of change - major or minor ??? ... what unique things have you discovered about yourself, and where have you felt a need to break free from something or someone in order to express your individuality ???

Aries born, with Uranus currently in your birth sign, you may be feeling an extra burst of edginess in your lives as well as an "electrical charge" urging you to break free of any restraints and assert your unique independence ... this also applies to Aries Rising and Aries Moon born as well ... but we all will feel this energy impacting our lives somewhere and if you've had a natal chart done, look to where 16 degrees 33 minutes Aries falls and you might get a good idea in which area of your life this necessary CHANGE is going to manifest !!!!

Uranus remains in direct motion until July 29th, 2016 ... this forward motion will take Uranus from 16 degrees 33 minutes Aries up to 24 degrees 30 minutes Aries ... so now we all have this energy - to be different, to be independent, to be rebellious, to have our own freedom and to do things suddenly and unexpectedly - turned outward ... and in the fiery sign of Aries as well - YIKES !!!

Below is a reminder of what the energy of Uranus transiting through Aries may produce:

Uranus in Aries is energy whose mission it is to blaze new trails in science and social reform ... freedom to act in ones own way is of paramount importance ... there is courage, daring, initiative and resourcefulness ... if this energy becomes afflicted it can turn explosively impulsive, politically fanatic and violent ... this energy can make one very blunt and outspoken ... it demands change and refuses to live in the style of the parents or preceding generations ... the spirit of adventure is strong, and constant new experiences are required in order to remain happy and productive ... impulsiveness and bad temper are the pitfalls with this energy ... the challenge is to learn to develop more consideration towards others and a greater ability to cooperate ... when the urge for such great individualism this energy produces is carried out to extremes, it can blind people to the social structure on which a collective group endeavor depends ... no doubt the children born during this transit will certainly be some of the movers and shakers of the future ... Uranus was last in Aries from 1928 - 1934 ... it takes Uranus approximately 84 years to make one complete transit around the entire zodiac ...

Uranus in Aries is a pioneer that is quick to make a complete break from the conventional and take off in new, unexplored directions - including both social reform and new breakthroughs in science ... with the advancement of technology today just think of the possibilities the positive use of the energy could yield !!! ... it is said that Uranus in Aries liberates one impetuously ... there is a strong need for freedom and openness ... and when one breaks loose they will do so energetically, quickly and assertively ... the basic intention of Uranus in Aries is to re-assert one of the most fundamental human rights - the freedom to do what you want to do, and with this raw and primitive impulse, it can give rise to extremes including on one side being the reactionary and rebel to the other side of harnessing the courage and stamina to stick to ones resolve in the battle to lay the foundation for a new beginning in some field of human endeavor ...

So remember, as we are winding down from hectic pace of the Holiday season which has no doubt left many of us exhausted, we are simultaneously being "charged up" to boldly and assertively move forward into the New Year to progressively bring about change and independence somewhere in our lives in order to promote further personal and spiritual growth  - "SHOCKING" ISN'T IT ???

Monday, December 21, 2015


The Sun begins its efficient transit through the steady, MOST FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, HONORABLE, CHERISHED, HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE, EFFICIENT... IN OTHER WORDS - NUMERO UNO BABY - SIGN OF THE ZODIAC - CAPRICORN, today, December 21st, at 11:49 PM EST!!! ... ok, so this happens to be my birth sign, BUT ... once again, WHO'S doing the blogging here - un-huh ??? ... I believe that allows me to embellish ever so slightly and I think my fellow Cappies would most heartily agree even though we can often be quite reserved !!! ... Old man winter has come to call, however for those in the Southern hemisphere Summer has begun and the heat is on ... the light hearted, fun loving fiery energy of Sagittarius is now replaced with the slower earth bound energy dedicated to manifesting ones ambition into reality !!! ... we now turn our attention to focus on practical matters and attempt to go into the New Year ready to be productive and successful !!!

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the natural zodiac and represents the beginning of the Winter season ... with the Sun in Capricorn we need to 'shine' through responsibility, in a traditional manner, in seeking attention through authority or authorities, and in our public image and/or careers ...

Capricorns glyph is the Sea Goat - the ancient symbol used to represent the sign ... the glyph shows the V-shaped beard of the Goat and the curved tail of the Fish ... the glyph is two straight lines that meet and are connected to a circle and a crescent ... this represents the melding of authority and responsibility that is made stronger through energy and passion ... the Goat's steps are slow and sure as they take their time to make sure they get where they are going ... the hooves representing the fact that they attain their goal through using  surefooted solid steps ...

Capricorns quality is cardinal - meaning beginnings ... its element is earth making it a sign a little slower to move ... its energy is feminine - nurturing and passive ... its key phrase is 'I Use' and keyword is 'Ambition' ... anatomically Capricorn rules the bones, joints and knees - but, also due to its association with Saturn, rules the skin, the skeletal system (including teeth), left ear and auditory organs ...

The planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn - the teacher, the taskmaster, the disciplinarian ... Saturn rules form, responsibility, organization, ambition, capacity for a career, limitations and delays ... Saturn also governs theories and scientific law, older persons, depth, patience, timing, tradition, conventionality, orthodoxy, and productive use of time ... it represents the principles of truth, of contraction, or solidification of wisdom and of aging ... Saturn's action is slow and lasting ... if you have had a natal chart done and know in which house Saturn is located, then you know where you best focus and assume responsibility, or where you may feel least secure and tend to overcompensate!!!

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of the zodiac ... this is a house of substance whose keyword is 'Honor'... this house shows your profession, your reputation, and your standing in the community ... it indicates your ego, status, fame, promotion, ambition, business and social activities, your employer, the government or any other authority over you ... it shows your achievements, how the world sees and evaluates you, and the influence you may exert in your own circle ... here we see the Church as an organization, and the opposite parent represented by your natal 4th house ... the parent who becomes the wage earner or authoritarian moves into this 10th house when you are able to  distinguish between the two and no longer view them as one unit ... a footnote - if you are raised in a single parent home, then that parent is represented by both the 4th and the 10th houses ..

The energy we experience with the Sun in Capricorn is teaching us to learn how to live through what we build upon ... it is concerned with making a success of life ... one is satisfied here through a sense of purpose and responsibility ... as this surefooted progression gets one to their intended goal, sometimes the foothold can be on someone else's feet or head!!! ... this is a very complex sign and often its energy is perceived as melancholy and stern - but anyone who cares enough to penetrate through the shell of reserve will be greatly rewarded as Capricorns affections and loyalty run deep, and it cherishes and protects loved ones ... it is here for the long haul !!!

The upper half of the Sea Goat represents the earthy and persistent climber ... but when the climber stumbles or falls, or simply realizes there is more to life than can be physically sensed, one begins to acquaint itself with the lower half being the tail representing the world of the fish - the mystical, irrational and unconscious inner realm ... when Capricorn gets spiritual it does so with the same practical efficiency that it deals with the material world ... and ultimately one comes to the realization how useful an awareness of the reality of invisible forces ( thoughts, feelings, the imagination) is, and that the roots and foundations - on which everything is actually built - are usually out of ones sight ..

Capricorn is old when it is young and gets younger as it ages ... this is due to Saturn's rulership of this sign which places great burden and "weight" on young Capricorns shoulders continually driving one to work, and even when a goal has been reached Saturn still says one can do even better!!! ... as a child of Saturn, Capricorn always needs something to improve and perfect ... the energy of the Sun in Capricorn can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: materially aware, responsible, efficient, orderly, ambitious, organizer, industrious, takes the reins, reserved, patient, thoughtful, deep understanding, resourceful, canny, persevering, disciplined, earthy, senses others' needs, employs others, solid

NEGATIVE: status slave, unscrupulous, ingratiating, wet blanket, cold, calculating, slave to self, dictatorial, inhibited, intolerant, worrisome, inscrutable, tight, suspicious, rigid, austere, opportunist, uses others, hard

It has always seemed ironic to me that the Sun would enter the focused, serious sign of Capricorn only days before what is considered the merriest and most joyful Holiday of the year!!! ... however, we are constantly reminded by the Universe that there is a time for everything and anything in excess is usually not a good thing ... and  it is actually helpful to be under this energy as the year comes to a close so that we can seriously reflect on and review where we have been and what we have done this past year, and then start making plans as to what direction we need to be moving in next year to assure that personal and spiritual growth continues ... there is prolific potential to begin some major growth in our lives if we put our shoulder to the grindstone and positively use this determined, hardworking energy ...

The Sun now joins Mercury and Pluto already transiting through the sign of Capricorn - Pluto just about halfway through its complete transit and Mercury about to take it's first retrograde journey for 2016 which will bring it back to the halfway point of Capricorn as it will only reach 1 degree 3 minutes Aquarius before stationing retrograde on January 5th  ... with all of this heavy duty energy, we have the potential to bring about great change, transformation and deep healing in our lives as well as others, or we can bring about great ruin and devastation if we are not attuned to the "light" and what it is trying to illuminate in our lives !!!

The Sun remains in Capricorn until January 20th with 13 days of this solar transit occurring with Mercury retrograde in the same sign from January 8th - January 20th - those celebrating birthdays during this period will get Mercury retrograde in Capricorn energy in their solar return chart for the whole year ahead - be prepared for the teacher/taskmaster to school you somewhere in your life !!!

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN CAPRICORN BORN - it's our time of the year to truly "shine" !!! ... oh yes, and should you happen to cross the path of a wonderful Capricorn individual, be sure to give them a GREAT BIG HUG AND A SMILE - you know we Capricorns need all the hugs and smiles we can get with Saturn often weighing down our souls rather heavily at times !!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Since we are only a few weeks away from a New Year and there are those of you who like to plan ahead and be prepared, I thought it might be a good idea to once again address the personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – upcoming retrograde periods … I got many calls and e-mails concerning the mishaps and disruptions from the ones this year, and in particular concerning the Venus retrograde period, from July 25th through September 6th, which seemed to linger as Mercury shortly followed with its final retrograde period in Libra, ruled by Venus, only 11 days after the Venus retrograde ended !!!

It is quite obvious that a lot of you have become very savvy and have now become enlightened and aware over the years of the potential challenges these retrograde periods can produce in our lives as you have witnessed and/or personally experienced the backwards energy and its effects in your lives … sometimes it’s much easier to observe the effects of a faster moving inner planet and its retrograde period as opposed to an outer planet whose retrograde period lasts for several months at a time …

I have had numerous messages questioning the timing of the upcoming personal planets retrograde periods for 2016, so as an early Christmas present it seems like an excellent time to pull out the Cosmic binoculars and look ahead to address the personal planet retrograde periods for 2016 … I actually did this back in the Spring, but with Mercury not only currently in the sign of Capricorn urging our minds to get very serious and focused, but also getting ready to enter its shadow point on Saturday, December 19th, in advance of its first retrograde period for 2016 which begins on January 5th, now is an excellent time to “review” and get the facts in order to be prepared !!!

Venus will not be making a retrograde journey during 2016 and won’t be retrograde again until March of 2017 … but Mercury and Mars will be making retrograde journeys during 2016 with Mercury making a fourth one do the timing of the first three … and just so you are aware, the second retrograde period of Mercury will be completely embedded in the Mars retrograde in the Spring … the last time this happened was from March 12th through April 4th, 2013 … anything come to mind from that period nearly 3 years ago ???

At least we can be thankful all three planets are not going to retrograde in a seemingly non ending succession as they did from October 2013 – July 2014 ... regardless, the Universe will be placing each one of us on a steep learning curve in the "school of life" particularly in reference to the way we think and communicate, and our personal initiative over the next 13 months ... 

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are considered to be "personal" planets as their energy tends to reveal behavior characteristics that make one unique ... the Sun and Moon are also in this group but they never go retrograde ... the following is a list of the timing of their retrograde periods from this January 2016 through January 2017 since 2016 ... each retrograde period will be addressed in more detail later as they actually begin ...

To start with, every planet, no matter which one that is involved in a retrograde journey, goes through a period of influence ... it begins with the approaching backward energy making itself apparent, the actual retrograde period where the energy is indeed moving backwards, and then the energy turning back into forward motion as the planet moves back to the point where it began its retrograde period ... these point are respectively referred to as:

SHADOW POINT - the planet, still in forward motion, reaches the degree where it will end its upcoming retrograde period

RETROGRADE PERIOD - the degrees and sign, or signs in some cases, where the retrograde takes place

EXIT RETROGRADE ZONE - the degree and sign where the retrograde period began to which the planet has now returned to and is passing over ... considered by some astrologers as the planet returning back up to full speed ...

Shadow points aren't always thought of as being that detrimental, but they often will produce some kind of energy or event that appears to foreshadow what the upcoming retrograde period will involve ... the retrograde period is the actual time where one should slow down and be careful as to actions being taken especially in regard to which particular area of life the planet, and the sign it is retrograding in, rules or exerts its energy over ... if you've had a natal chart done then you will get an even better idea as to where this backward energy will present in your life for you to deal with in regards to the house or houses it occurs in, natal planets it aspects, and natal planets the retrograde planet crosses back over ... once the retrograde is over the planet has now resumed forward motion and in most cases it is not a problem to proceed with what needs to be addressed in your life, but one just might want to be somewhat more cautious until the planet exits the retrograde zone ...

The following is a brief description of the general effects of a Mercury or Mars retrograde period ... as mentioned before, they will be dealt with in more complete detail later as they occur during the year ...

MERCURY - Mercury goes retrograde 3 and sometimes 4 times a year ... it governs our thinking and how we communicate naturally governing the 3rd house (Gemini) of the horoscope ... it also governs the 6th house (Virgo) thus making its retrograde period a time when work and health issues arise especially in regard to the sign or signs it takes its retrograde journey in ... as a rule, communications are going to be challenged both to and from others - partnerships and relationships often hit the skids during these periods ... it is NOT a good time to make major purchases - especially cars, a big NO-NO - that goes double for USED CARS, computers or anything that involves electronics ... purchasing homes can end up producing unforeseen problems and even the contracts can have unexpected difficulties along the way or at closing especially if the closing takes place during the retrograde period .... it is not a good idea to enter into contracts or start new jobs as they will most likely not pan out and end up becoming dead ends ... and weddings, well I know it takes a long time to plan a wedding and some of them will just have to go on as planned, but if you can avoid a wedding in a Mercury Retrograde - DO IT !!!

MARS - Mars goes retrograde roughly every 22 months for about 9 - 10 weeks ... Mars naturally governs the 1st house (Aries) which addresses not only the way we individually project ourselves out into the world but ultimately our desires, drives, ambition and personal energy ...  during a Mars retrograde we have to evaluate what it is that motivates us and we have to determine if we are on the correct path to achieve our goals, and if we are doing what we should be doing to get there ... Mars retrograde periods are time for all of us to adjust our actions and aggressive instincts to ensure that our intent is accomplished ... this often includes going back over previous actions and having to redo them or let them go in order to move forward ... old resentments and personal issues that haven't been resolved in the past have a tendency of resurfacing during this period which yields an awareness that the time has come to develop new strategies and approaches for dealing with issues, anger and learning assertiveness ... it is often said that during a Mars retrograde we may become somewhat less "warlike" and that our energy can hit a lull to the point where it seems our get up and go truly got up and went !!!!

The following are the actual dates of the upcoming personal planet retrograde periods in case you would like to mark your calendar or make a note in order to be prepared for something important you may be planning ... and for the sake of saving excessive typing, these are the following letter abbreviations to note the period of the particular retrograde ... SP = Shadow Point ... RX = Retrograde Period ... ERXZ = Exit Retrograde Zone :

2016 :


SP : 12/19/15 ...  14 degrees 55 minutes CAPRICORN

RX : 1/5/16 – 1/25/16 ...  1 degree 3 minutes AQUARIUS – 14 degrees 55 minutes CAPRICORN

ERXZ : 2/14/16 …  1 degree 3 minutes AQUARIUS


SP : 2/17/16 ... 23 degrees 3 minutes SCORPIO

RX : 4/17/16 – 6/29/16 … 8 degrees 54 minutes SAGITTARIUS – 23 degrees 3 minutes SCORPIO

ERXZ : 8/22/16 … 8 degrees 54 minutes SAGITTARIUS


SP : 4/14/16 … 14 degrees 20 minutes TAURUS

RX : 4/28/16 – 5/22/16 … 23 degrees 36 minutes TAURUS – 14 degrees 20 minutes TAURUS

ERXZ : 6/7/16 … 23 degrees 36 minutes TAURUS


SP : 8/10/16 … 14 degrees 49 minutes VIRGO

RX : 8/30/16 – 9/22/16 … 29 degrees 5 minutes VIRGO – 14 degrees 49 minutes VIRGO

ERXZ : 10/6/16 … 29 degrees 5 minutes VIRGO


SP : 12/1/16 … 28 degrees 51 minutes SAGITTARIUS

RX : 12/19/16 – 1/8/17 … 15 degrees 8 minutes CAPRICORN – 28 degrees 51 minutes SAGITTARIUS

ERXZ : 1/27/2017 … 15 degrees 8 minutes CAPRICORN

Now you have a basic idea of what to expect over the next 20 month period in regards to the backward motion and resulting potential influence of these three planets ... transiting retrogrades affect everyone because the energy we feel from the retrograde planet is "different" while it is, so to speak, moving backwards ... it doesn't mean it is all doom and gloom and something that should be dreaded ... sometimes a retrograde period may come and go with side effects barely noticeable while other times it could prove extremely challenging ... but that of course is going to depend on where you are in life and what is going on around you ... for those born with any of these planets retrograde in their natal chart, I sometimes have found these clients seem to navigate these often choppy waters with less stress and aggravation ... and you have to keep in mind that these particular energies aren't the only ones producing influential energy down here below ... there are always many different energies in play "upstairs" at any given time which results in the universal energy affecting one through transits around their natal chart, progressions to their natal chart, solar returns, lunar returns and a vast array of other cosmic influences which can usually be deciphered for you by a credible astrologer ...

Though we all will probably experience some kind of effect from the ensuing retrogrades, those that may be more sensitive to the energy include Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo born as these are the actual signs in which the respective personal planet retrograde periods will take place … Gemini, Virgo and Aries may be especially sensitive to these retrograde periods as these three are your ruling planets : Mercury = Gemini and Virgo, and Mars = Aries …

Ultimately retrograde periods are simply Universal time outs put in place to slow us down and give us the opportunity to get back in sync with the Universal rhythm thus making them thought of as global wake-up calls ... so why try to swim upstream in a raging current … go with the flow - adjust and adapt … and, most importantly, in trying to determine what is going on around you due to planetary energy interplay and influence … and as nothing is set in stone, it is always a good thing to keep in mind a phrase when synthesizing the overall astrological energy at any given moment in time - "MODIFIED BY WHAT ???"

"Everything must change ... nothing stays the same ... everyone must change ... no one stays the same ... "

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Mercury begins its initial sharply focused transit through the traditional, reliable - MOST FABULOUS -  sign of Capricorn today, December 9th, at 9:35 PM EST ... Mercury was last in Capricorn from 12/16/14 through 1/4/2015 ... this is the energy of a highly organized mentality ... it is a hard worker that stores up facts and figures for future practical use ... it is cautious and highly methodical as it knows what it wants and exactly how it plans to get it ... the mind as well as the tongue are serious and sensible ... communication is made cautiously, and for those born with this energy in their youth there could be doubt as to ones mental ability therefore yielding a need to prove ones self as having a good mind ... there is sometimes this doubt associated with limited educational opportunities in childhood that may be overcome by further study in adulthood ... words here are usually not spoken until they are well thought out unless, of course, MODIFIED by something else in the natal chart !!! 

One can appear to be rather formal, authoritative, reserved and self-sufficient which can sometimes inhibit communications with others ... natural logic and cautious planning are oriented towards material success and/or personal responsibilities ... thinking is well-organized ... learning is achieved through persistence, dedication, and steady progress ... one might become a little pessimistic under  this energy by mistakenly focusing on limits rather than potentials ... here we have a Mercury/Saturn (ruler of  Capricorn) "working relationship" that will ultimately give a very structured, organized and well thought out quality to the mind and communicating if there is no other energy adversely modifying it !!!

Mercury in Capricorn can make one ambitious, careful, calculating and very patient ... one excels at handling detail and rarely loses sight of the overall picture ... people born under this energy often obtain positions of leadership due to their dependability and their air of authority ... one must guard against becoming too dictatorial though ... the darker side of life is often viewed under this energy, yet a redeeming trait would be the very dry sense of humor bestowed here ...

Mercury in Capricorn teaches us how to think and communicate through what it is we are "building" ... the mind rules the matter ... it's the organizer ... there is the capability of extended concentration and excellent organization ... one becomes realistic rather than idealistic in the approach to their goals ... little of practical consequence escapes ones attention due to a keen sense of awareness ... think of Mercury in Capricorn like a laser beam - pointed and locked on exactly what it wants and it will know exactly how to get it ... ultimately it is not only the facts that ones mind contains that determines its quality - it is how you use your  mind and what you use it for that counts ... another essential lesson of Mercury in Capricorn is to learn to USE concrete facts but NOT be weighed down by them ... when you achieve this, you realize how ridiculous it is being enslaved to material status and belongings ... the energy of Mercury in Capricorn can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: good timing, mentally cautious, not easily fooled, retentive mind, methodical mind, orderly mind, serious when necessary, level-headed, clever, discriminating, shrewd, profits from little, employs others, sober, clear and deliberating mind, strong concentration, painstaking, patient

NEGATIVE: procrastinating, slow learner, skeptical, mentally overloaded, lacking originality and imagination, given to melancholy, boring and rigid, suspicious, devious, avaricious, uses others, stern, dry minded

Mercury now joins Pluto in the sign of Capricorn with the Sun to follow in 12 days ... this is a LOT of very serious, focused energy encouraging us to build something in our lives that will be practical and long lasting !!!

Use this energy well and you will never lose sight of what really counts the most - your resourcefulness ... be sure to give your mind a break when it needs it, or IT may break !!! ... help to inspire others with a goal that you are able to see more clearly than they can ...

Mercury remains in the sign of Capricorn until February 13th - WHAT ??? ... it will actually complete a full transit through Capricorn but when it leaves Capricorn on January 1st it will get no further than 1 degree 3 minutes Aquarius at which point it will begin its first retrograde journey for 2016 lasting from January 5th through January 25th going from 1 degree 3 minutes Aquarius back to 14 degrees 55 minutes Capricorn ... Mercury will enter its shadow point on December 19th which could make the final weekend of Christmas shopping, which is usually the busiest, as well as the final week of shopping very interesting to the point of potentially becoming a comedy of errors - gotta love that cosmic sense of humor now don't you ??? ... especially as Uranus, planet of the sudden and unexpected, is stationing that same time period - likely sending out its disrupting and extremely restless energy - to resume direct motion ... it might be a good idea to get those really important gifts purchased and wrapped by the 19th !!!

Gemini and Virgo born, your ruling planet now shifts into a new sign ready to teach you new lessons ... and though this can be challenging as you normally like to proceed at break neck speed, your ruling planet transiting through a earth sign like Capricorn helps slow you down somewhat in order to bring more solid, stable form and structure into your lives ... in fact, we all can benefit in this way if we are willing to be patient and let the universe do its job !!!

No doubt my fellow Capricorns and I will come up with some truly scathingly brilliant ideas as Mercury passes through, reverses halfway back through and then passes forward through the last half of our birth sign - a lot of thinking and rethinking we must do !!! ... and perhaps during the 60 days Mercury will be transiting through Capricorn, many of us may come to realize that what we want is expressed clearly and succinctly by the very well known phrase made famous from the television series Dragnet - "JUST THE FACTS MA'AM" !!!

Friday, December 4, 2015


Venus begins its lusty, sensual transit through the penetrating and sexually charged sign of Scorpio today, 12/4, at 11:15 PM EST ... Venus was last in Scorpio from October 23rd through November 16th, 2014 ... THIS VENUS MEANS BUSINESS - it is highly emotionally driven !!! ... it enjoys intensity and getting to the bottom of things - in more ways than one !!! ... it can be demanding, forceful, and absolutely unflinching in the way it relates to people ... affection is usually expressed passionately and accompanied with consuming and obsessive feelings ... great pleasure is found in figuring out hidden motives and meanings ... here one needs to penetrate deeply into a relationship in order to feel closeness and develop an emotional bond ... love and social needs can be hindered as a result of secrecy or a reluctance to trust others - an unwillingness to let ones guard down ... sharing the sexual, sensual, and financial areas of life may be difficult due to the need to become overindulgent or falling into the trap of denial ... becoming involved in a give-and-take scenario with others can yield transformational and transmutable energy ... a desire for loyalty and the need to be swept away, seduced, fascinated and totally absorbed in love may manifest in your life with this energy ...

There is a tendency towards jealousy and being secretive ... sensing other peoples feelings may sometimes be difficult ... one can sometimes be very idealistic, religious or even mystical ... if advances are rejected under this energy, one can be desolated and the love becomes hate ... this Venus can forgive but it NEVER forgets, and once scorned you will NEVER get back in as close as you used to be !!!! ... an attribute with this energy is the ability to be financially skilled with an eye for rewarding investment opportunities ...

Venus in Scorpio is considered to be operating in detriment ... that means it is transiting through the sign opposite to the one it rules which in this case is Taurus ... it is also considered to be in detriment in Aries which is the sign opposite to the other ruled by Venus and that is Libra ... in detriment, the planet is said to not be operating at its full power taking on more of the sign's rather than the planets "coloration" ... it's like visiting somewhere that you have to conform to others rules and regulations ... however, this is no less of a powerful transit for Venus - as long as it doesn't get out of control which is so easy to do !!!

Venus in Scorpio teaches us how we find love through what and/or whom we desire ... it's all or nothing ... harmony created through conflict ... with Venus in Scorpio comes a necessity to control ones strong emotional awareness of what turns people on or off ... ultimately the Power of Love is what Venus in Scorpio is about - and it usually has its way with you rather than you having your way with it !!! ...

Due to deep emotions and very strong and passionate sexual desires, the appetite for love here is like a bottomless pit ... when you discover that you cannot get enough, it might be best to turn the tables and start giving all you can give - it will TRANSFORM you !!! ...  there is the possibility that there exists a feeling that something is desperate or fated about ones love life ... there is also a deep desire to find a true genuine love that purges you and transforms your life towards its destiny ... love may be withheld in order to control a partner with this energy due to the inability to handle the depths of  your own emotions and vulnerability that accompanies them ...

Venus in Scorpio likes heartfelt emotions, gutsy  experiences, sexual revelation, a depth of aliveness ... it dislikes superficial beings, lack of soul, a boring lifestyle and exposure to ridicule ... inevitably the expression of Venus in Scorpio leads to an unavoidable intimacy with ones self ... the energy of Venus in Scorpio came be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: sexually aware, sensuous, colorful, rapturous, stimulating, magnetic, influential, sultry, subtle, self-controlled, self-sacrificing, dignified, confiding, secretive, intimate, faithful, passionate, gives all, intense

NEGATIVE: sexually obsessed, blue, depraved, hurtful, bitter, hateful, poisonous, immoral, underhanded, manipulative, self-destructive, tight-lipped, not forthcoming, possessive, jealous, expects everything, fanatical

Venus is the only planet transiting the sign of Scorpio currently, and it remains in the sign of Scorpio until December 29th/30th depending on the time zone in which you live ... Scorpio born, the love "light" now shines on you for the next 26 days - go after, which you usually do anyway, and ask for what you want as you just might get it !!! ... and it is possible that some people may end up getting some very twisted, kinky Holiday presents this year - OH SNAP !!!

Venus in Scorpio is magnetic, mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful ... it sees, it stalks, it conquers ... it can change your life forever ... but be aware you just might discover that what you think truly stirs your passions during this transit may not be what you really wanted once this transit is over and normal unbiased reasoning returns when Venus moves into the open-minded and freedom loving sign of  Sagittarius making it release it's unrelenting grip in the matter of the affairs of the heart !!!