Monday, May 22, 2017


The Sun began it's yearly gallop through the perceptive, versatile sign of Gemini Saturday, May 20th, at 4:31 PM EDT ... this is the final astrological sign of the Spring season in the Northern hemisphere and the Fall season in the Southern hemisphere ... Gemini energy is all about acquiring knowledge, communicating in a variety of ways, and constantly being on the MOVE ... so ... get ready ... get set ... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ??? ... and go you can because this year both Mercury and Mars are in direct motion unlike last year's solar transit when they were both retrograde during that solar transit - Mercury for the first 3 days and Mars for the entire transit of the Sun through Gemini !!!

In Gemini, the Sun encourages us to shine fluently - one may gain or seek recognition for their verbal skills and their ability to be highly creative through perceptiveness and the ability to compare, contrast, and find connections between ideas ... there is a need to shine by being versatile - here is a natural drive towards a wide ranging curiosity which could also get you into trouble or end up causing you to be too scattered ... a wide variety of talents, social contacts and hobbies will assist one in their self-expression ... there is also a need to shine for ones agility and flexibility - one could achieve recognition through their dexterity, adaptability or enhanced eye-hand coordination ... and there is a need to seek recognition for ones mental brilliance - one wants to feel proud of their intelligence, rationality and logic ... there is a tendency here to be ego-vulnerable regarding ones mental and communication skills ... pride and shame issues are tied to the mind in this sign ... and ultimately one needs to express themselves verbally and to achieve positive recognition for their intellect ...

Gemini is a masculine/air/mutable(flexible) sign ... its symbol is the Twins - associated with duality, humanism, versatility and communication ... the picture is that of two figures standing side by side with a line over the top and the bottom - also known as the glyph for the Roman numeral 2 ... symbolically, these two upright lines bounded on the top and the bottom represent wisdom, learning, and the power of the mind to synthesize information ... Gemini's key phrase is "I THINK" and its keyword is "VERSATILITY" ... Anatomically it rules the hands, arms, shoulders and lungs thus making this energy prone to strains and accidents with the arms and hands as well as being prone to bronchitis and respiratory ailments ... Gemini is the sign opposite to Sagittarius in the zodiac ...

As you are certainly aware of by now, Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini in addition to the sign of Virgo ... Mercury - the ancient messenger of the Gods ... in astrology it rules travel and communication with its main emphasis being quick cleverness and a nervous temperament ... but it also bestows somewhat of a fickle nature that tends to arouse unexpected anger in others sometimes the depth of which Gemini energy misjudges ... its keyword is "REASONING ABILITY" ... it therefore rules reason, mental and cerebral capacity, ability to communicate, intellect, awareness, dexterity, rationalization, transmission, words, opinion, and sensory perceptions ... its action is quick, uncertain, and volatile ... it deals with travel - especially short trips, brothers and sisters, children, clerking, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighborhood activities, letters and mailings, means of transportation, trade, and techniques ... in your natal chart the place where you find Mercury shows how and where you communicate the best ... anatomically, Mercury rules the  nervous system, brain, sight, hands and arms ...

Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of the horoscope ... this is the house of side-by-side relationships whose keyword is "AWARENESS" ... the 3rd house shows the local environment you live in, your brothers and sisters, and all forms of communication - speaking, writing, and singing ... it indicates all means of transportation including short trips ... it shows the adaptability of ones mind to learning and to new ideas, the ability to relate to ones environment, and ones taken-for-granted skills ... this house shows the conscious and objective portion of ones mind as well as ones primary schooling ...

The Sun in Gemini teaches us all about learning to live through being able to COMMUNICATE !!!  ... here we have the contact maker ... one who is forever young ... Gemini is famous for its duality and sometimes contrary nature ... word and mind play is an endless source of amusement here ... versatility rules - everything is equally interesting to Gemini therefore making it most likely one of the least prejudiced of the 12 signs of the Zodiac ... Gemini has an extremely lively imagination making it also one of the most artistically creative signs as well ... ironically one can lack the imagination to see that in using ones imagination it draws one into a closer intimacy with life itself, but getting deeply involved is the Twins weakest ability ... ultimately one must realize that the answer to the eternal Gemini questioning lies within the imagination and not the brain!!!

The energy of the Sun in Gemini can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: amusing, perceptive, witty, eloquent, swift, ingenious, quick on the uptake, mobile, versatile, flexible, adaptable, imaginative, non-dogmatic, sees both sides, light touch, objective, clever mind, informative, resourceful

NEGATIVE: cheap, glib, sarcastic, chatterbox, fly, devious, shifty, evasive, dabbler, two-faced, fickle, "chases rainbows", non-committal, indecisive, superficial, aloof, unable to see the whole picture, bluffer, involved in excessive gossip

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN GEMINI BORN !!! - part of your reason for being here is certainly to not only learn about a lot of different information yourself, but to educate the rest of us as well, keep us on our toes and help us understand that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER when used positively !!!

The Sun now joins Mars already in transit through the sign of Gemini - that is a lot of energy urging us to get up and bust a move !!! ... the Sun remains in the sign of Gemini until June 20th/21st depending on which time zone in which you live ... to that end, respect your own dreams and avoid cutting corners in your pursuit of them ... more importantly, pay attention to the "value" of what you say ...

Gemini is truly a very youthful oriented energy, so for the next few weeks just enjoy "being a kid again" and think about what it must be like to be "FOREVER YOUNG" ... and with all this energy driving us to pursue so much information from so many places, we may end up feeling as though we are indeed moving at the speed of light !!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


MERCURY, now direct since May 3rd, returned to the sign of Taurus to make its highly focused and concentrated complete transit yesterday, May 16th, at 12:07 AM EDT ... for those of you that need a refresher course on what this energy has the potential to produce here are the details:

Mercury began its initial transit through Taurus back on March 31st before beginning its first full retrograde journey for 2017, even though technically it was the second time Mercury has been retrograde this year, and on April 9th began its retrograde journey and returned to the sign of  Aries on April 20th where it would complete its retrograde journey this time around ... other than that, Mercury was last in Taurus from April 5th through June 12th, 2015 ... a longer than normal transit but due to its second retrograde journey for 2015 which was completely in the sign of Taurus !!!

Our mode of thinking and communicating now shifts for a second time this year from the rapid fire energy of Aries into the slower and more methodical energy of Taurus ... the keyword for this energy is "factual" ... here the mind and tongue work deliberately and steadily with the tendency to sometimes get stuck in mental ruts ... this energy can be highly practical and grounded ... business skills or any activity that incorporates the use of common sense usually accompanies this energy ... often there can be learning through tactile contact or actual physical manipulation of the world ... perceptions can often be limited due to a desire to learn slowly and carefully ... there is a desire to bring ideas down to earth, and there are usually interests in money, sensuality and physical comfort ...

Mercury in Taurus loves to read - ANYTHING !!! ... time is taken in order to arrive at all decisions ... this Mercury likes to "sleep on it" and needs solid, tangible, physical proof in order to really believe in anything ... the thought pattern is developed in terms of worth thus making "value" the ultimate selling point ... there is usually an excellent memory bestowed by this mercurial energy and it makes one a good observer but ironically one is apt to listen inattentively as their mind is almost always already made up and will rarely be changed !!! ... even though there is a love of reading, it is ultimately realized that experience teaches one the most valuable lessons in life ...

Mercury in Taurus teaches us to think through stabilization ... it's all about the concrete mind - SEEING IS BELIEVING !!! ... the mind here likes to chew things over and over in order to acquire a true depth of knowledge ... and frequently because this energy takes longer to reach a decision, opportunities may be missed ... this energy has its definite likes and dislikes ... there is more of a taste for the traditional rather than the abstract and the avant-garde, and one finds it is steady working habits that produce thorough and solid results ... ultimately there is a gift given here to see how any plan will work out in physical terms ... the energy of Mercury in Taurus can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: sound mind, thorough, patient, cautious, shrewd, resourceful, sensible, realistic, good concentration, mentally sure, deliberating, practical thinker, sense of form, steady mind, enduring, mentally laid-back, docile, undemanding

NEGATIVE: slow minded, plodding, tardy, guarded, mean-minded, money-grubbing, boneheaded, one-track-minded, overburdened, limited thinker, stubborn mind, lazy-minded, dumb, misses the point, couch potato

Mercury now joins the Sun which is currently transiting through the sign of Taurus until this Saturday, May 20th ...

Mercury will complete its full transit through the sign of Taurus on Tuesday, June 6th ...

Taurus born individuals, once again are you beginning to feel the tempo picking up in your thinking and communicating somewhat even though earth signs tend to slow things down somewhat by nature ??? ... now is your chance - along with the rest of us - to get a lot accomplished and get our minds "anchored" to a firmer foundation of rational and practical thinking with this earth energy !!!

Monday, May 8, 2017


MERCURY completed its first full retrograde journey for 2017 and stationed  back into direct motion on Wednesday, 5/3, at 12:33 PM EST - do I hear a BIG SIGH OF RELIEF out there ??? ... and now both the Mercury AND Venus retrogrades are complete - time for moving on !!!

Hopefully, some of the disorientation, confusion, frustration and outright irritation along with the sudden and unexpected issues that may have been produced by this Mercury retrograde will now begin to clear and subside as it becomes time to move forward into the swing of things on all levels ...

Over the next few days to the next few weeks or even months, there will undoubtedly be quite a few "a-ha" as well as "uh-oh" lights coming on in regard to decisions made or actions taken during the retrograde period from April 9th through May 3rd, and possibly as far back as March 27th when Mercury entered its shadow point - the point where it would come out of this retrograde journey on 5/3 which was at 24 degrees 16  minutes ARIES  ... did issues and complications or questioning arise in regards to things done during the last retrograde period from December 19th, 2016 through January 8th of this year ??? ... or maybe even as far back as the retrograde period from August 30th through September 21st/22nd, 2016 ??? ... and it's a sure bet that as Mercury moves forward once again crossing back over the degrees it covered during this retrograde period issues may begin to arise already, and this includes actions begun from March 27th through April 9th which are potentially subject to review and revision or even dismissal !!!

Mercury retrograde periods, even though annoying and extremely frustrating at times, are actually a very beneficial thing, especially for those who were strong and fearless enough to dig deep down, as we need to validate, or in some cases invalidate, actions and situations gone awry and deal with them in order to finally release them to produce a calmer, positive and more productive state of mind thus allowing us to move forward to bring about greater personal and spiritual growth !!! 

If you've had a natal chart done, you should look to see in which house or houses 4 degrees 51 minutes TAURUS back to 24 degrees 16 minutes ARIES falls - what kinds of issues did you have to  deal with in the areas of life governed by those houses ??? ... how many of you went with the flow and how many of you tried to swim upstream in the raging current of Cosmic confusion ???

Of course the recurring question we may find ourselves asking now that Mercury is back in direct motion is "WHY" ??????? ...What actions did you take yourself or have taken against you that you or the other person may now be regretting. or you may be simply wondering why you chose to do what you did or why you were the victim of a particular course of action from other(s), and why didn't you or the other person wait a little longer ...  or perhaps you are simply now trying to figure out why it even happened ???

Relationships may have come to an end, especially while the first 7 days of the Mercury retrograde was embedded in the last 7 days of the Venus retrograde - some needed to be released and others may have jumped the gun and you are now wondering, or will be, why did I do that or end things during this period ...  how many of you had relationship issues surface or resurface - extremely likely in a Mercury retrograde - that you thought surely had been resolved or didn't even realize existed ???  ... or how many of you had one or more people come back through your life that you thought you had seen the last of or even forgot about and now most of them are gone or going once again ???  ... and how many of you began new actions within a relationship, personal or professional without waiting for the retrograde period to conclude ??? ... AND ... how many of you got married - OOPSIE  ???

Did anyone make any major purchases - homes, cars, electronics - that now don't seem like the best thought out course of action or that you are beginning to regret or will do so in the days ahead ??? ... there could be problems regarding any purchases made especially with anything where electrical energy and/or computers were involved ... all of these scenarios are possible as the energy of a Mercury retrograde is one where communications and mental energy is going "backwards" ... so now that the mental processing facilities are no longer going backwards - at least for most of us - in regard to Mercury and its functions, it's time to finally RELEASE these emotional holds and allow ourselves to move forward with our lives ... let go of what is best left in the past so you can achieve greater personal and spiritual growth !!!

Mercury retrograde in Taurus certainly may have given rise or the necessity to reexamine relationships especially while Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, was in retrograde ... and remember that Mercury in Taurus already "slows" down the mental processes with Taurus being an Earth sign potentially complicating matters even more so !!! ... Mercury was retrograde in Taurus for 12 of its 25 day retrograde journey this time around !!!

Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house, a house of substance, of the horoscope ... as such, in addition to the usual suspects of a Mercury retrograde, were there issues regarding financial affairs, possessions (except real estate), investments, earning power, any gain or loss through your own effort, your inner talents and resources, your need for fulfillment, your emotional feelings, your sens of self-worth, your sense of values and your material debt ???

Venus, as previously stated,is the ruling planet of Taurus, so were there issues arising as well in the areas of art, culture, aesthetics, partners, beauty, charm, good taste, sentimentality, sweets and sugar, poetry, paintings, jewelry, singing, drama, music, emotional contacts, moral character, marriages, unions of all kinds, sociability, disposition, luxuries, pleasures and appreciation ???

On April 20th, Mercury returned to the sign of Aries where it may have especially complicated this retrograde journey ... Mercury retrograding in Aries certainly give rise to issues concerning making new starts ... this was NOT the time to make vast sweeping changes - which one should never really do in a personal planet - Mercury, Venus, Mars - retrograde period anyway ... rather one should have kept an eye open for possibilities that could prove more satisfying once the energy returned back to direct motion on 5/3 !!! ... again, if you've had a natal chart done and know where 24 to 29 degrees of Aries lies in your chart, then you may have experienced issues during the second half of this Mercury retrograde in your life !!!

Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house, a house of self and identity, of the horoscope so there might have been issues regarding your personality, natural disposition, your individuality, the way you express yourself, the way you want others to see you, the way others actually see you, the way in which you package and market yourself, your physical body, your health, issues from early childhood years not dealt with, your approach to life, your worldly outlook, your appearance, as well as the beginnings of all new enterprises !!!

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, there could also have been issues in regards to your assertiveness, competitiveness, surgery and operations, accidents, inflammations, cuts, burns, violence and anger management issues !!!

In regards to overall health, remember Mercury is the natural planetary ruler of the 6th house which rules health, so there was more potential to have health issues, or recurring issues, in general the Mercury retrograde ...  there could especially have been issues with the throat and neck as these are the anatomical areas of the body Taurus rules ... and there was the potential for health issues in the area of the head as which is the anatomical area of the body Aries rules !!!

A Mercury retrograde period is usually not a good time to have surgery as the healing process could be slowed down or there could be the chance of complications resulting in having to go back at a later date and take care of something that wasn't done correctly - especially in regards to cosmetic surgery !!! ... now this applies to elective surgery ... as for emergency surgery, we have no control over that and trying to put that off might produce catastrophic results !!! ... so did anyone have elective surgery that could have been delayed for a time when the universal energy better supported it ???

Gemini and Virgo born since Mercury is your natural ruling planet, did you "try" and slow down for personal review and rethinking - especially in regards as to what has transpired in your lives since Mercury last resumed direct motion back on January 8th ??? ... what have you learned about yourself in regards to where you are going and whether or not you are proceeding wisely in order to become more successful ??? ... what did you discover that MUST be changed - in fact what did anyone discover that MUST be changed so you are not left stagnant and hanging in limbo ???

Mercury now moves forward to complete its entire transit through the sign of Aries which initially began back on March 13th - which it actually completed but per retrograde motion returned to on April 20th ... Mercury will conclude its transit through Aries on May 15th/16th depending on which time zone in which you live !!!

And now a reminder of what the energy of Mercury in Aries is all about for those that need a "re-fresher" course now that Mercury has resumed direct motion :

Mercury was last in Aries from March 21st  through April 5th, 2016 ...while Mercury transits the sign of Aries, and with Aries being a Fire sign, energy and action will be expressed either in an inspiring, creative, independent, or impulsive, aggressive, confrontational manner - thus we can end up being extremely constructive or extremely destructive depending on how we harness this energy ... Mercury in Aries means it is now in a dynamic relationship with Mars - the ruler of Aries - and the Mercurial energy is being pushed into overdrive ... but just how far into overdrive it is pushed remains the question ... nevertheless the mind will be frequently on overload as well as our actions too ... we may find ourselves moving too quickly and causing mishaps or accidents - especially behind the wheel where we will no doubt be using even more hand gestures than usual !!!

We will most likely come up with what we determine to be "scathingly brilliant" ideas but not all will be driven to fruition after they lose their initial novelty ... a lot of us will constantly be the victim of "foot-in-mouth" disease as we will have the tendency to speak before we think since the mind is processing so much so fast ... we may also experience sleepless nights or have difficulty going to sleep as we find that when our head hits the pillow the mind is still racing .... we will certainly have to be on guard about starting arguments and trying to stir up controversy simply because we feel like our words are the ultimate authority ...

With the mind and the tongue working rather quickly here, there is definitely a talent for debate and/or using words that are biting, ironic, and sarcastic ... communication will be made directly, forcefully and with confidence ... new ideas are always being sought here as it becomes necessary to be active in order to learn - even if the lessons end up being harder than we anticipated ... under this energy one is usually interested in courage, self-reliance, freedom and self-expression ...

Mercury in Aries teaches us to learn to think through doing ... this energy truly expresses the well known phrase that actions speak louder than words !!! ... just as fresh new ideas and experiences are sought out, there is the tendency at times to dwell on old grievances as well as on outworn interests ... if there is a failure to sustain enough mental input or assertion of ones intellectual outlook, there is the risk of nervous and/or physical restlessness that can develop into more serious mental or emotional conditions accompanied by matching circumstances ... slow down to clarify your objectives and then have the faith that you'll rise to the occasion ... make sure your force has a worthy cause attached to it ... realize that the tongue is indeed a sensitive muscle - so learn to "hold it", by learning to "bite" it gracefully, and appreciate what it is attached to !!! ... the energy of Mercury in Aries can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: quick-thinking, spontaneous, quick-acting, decisive, mentally forceful, stimulating, fighting spirit, fiery, frank, witty, to the point, observant, initiates ideas, thinks on ones feet, mentally active and agile, eloquent, verbally assertive, intellectually confident

NEGATIVE: impatient, irritable, quick-tempered, premature, headstrong, quarrelsome, spitting, thoughtless, sarcastic, terse, precocious, snap opinionated, snap decisions, verbally/mentally restless, one-sided viewpoint, intellectually arrogant

Mercury now joins Venus, still "recovering" from its recent retrograde journey (March 4th through April 15th), and Uranus already in transit through Aries - a potentially "lethal"combination for explosive verbal fireworks and actions that ultimately may become our undoing especially in partnerships and relationships if we are not careful with our words and actions !!!

Aries born individuals, you may become infused with an overabundance of ideas and plans in addition to speaking out more so than usual - but indeed we all may do so even if we aren't Aries born - proceed with caution !!!

As for this Mercury transit though Aries, one might be well advised to keep a lot of ice cream or something cool and soothing on hand as we are sure to have a sore tongue from having to bite it so often, well at least those who are wise enough to do so, to keep from allowing our hasty words to cause too much uproar, misunderstandings and unnecessary verbal confrontations which yields the well known caveat - "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS" !!!

Mercury will exit its retrograde zone on May 20th  when it reaches 4 degrees 51 minutes Taurus, the point where it began its first full retrograde journey for 2017 back on April 9th ... Mercury remains in direct motion until August 12th when it begins its second (technically third) retrograde journey for 2017 at 11 degrees 38 minutes VIRGO !!!

And now that both Mercury and Venus have completed their respective retrograde journeys it is definitely - TIME FOR MOVING ON !!!