Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LIVE ... LAUGH ... LOVE !!!

Venus - the planet representing attraction, how you may give and/or receive love and affection, shows how each one of us perceives beauty and happiness, shows what we value and dictates our personal values, shows how you relate, how you create and appreciate harmony through social and artistic expression, and shows exactly what it is you like - completed its retrograde journey and turned back into direct motion today, 6/27, at 11:07 AM EDT ...

As the weeks progress you may find little lights coming on in your mind as to decisions made in any of the above mentioned areas since the retrograde period began on May 15th ... there are an abundance of possibilities within this scope ... a lot of people will realize that a significant partnership or relationship ended and some of you may now suddenly find yourself having changed your mind or questioning why you made that decision ... it is also possible the person may come back around and things might look entirely different ... however, if it was time for the relationship to end, then it must be let go of in order for you to grow and move forward ... for those of you who began significant new partnerships or relationships, especially of the romantic variety, you may discover that they will not have longevity as they were formed when the energy of love and relating was moving backwards ... time will tell ... marriages entered in to during these times often have an added sense of pressure - after all, Venus does naturally rule the 7th house of marriage and partnerships ... unfortunately, also in this economy, this could have been the period where quite a few of you actually lost your job and are now job hunting once again!!! ... and let's not forget this little item - how many of you ended up shelling out money on something you had no intention of spending money on??? ... I did - ugh!!!!

For those of you who made significant costly purchases, especially of the luxury variety, you may find yourself wondering why you spent so much money or simply realize that what you thought you really desired doesn't hold much attraction (value) anymore or that you have overpayed for what you got ...

As Venus anatomically rules the throat, chin, cheeks and sense of taste, there could have been health issues arising in these areas of the body ... or some could have had to go back and re-address an old issue concerning these areas ... did anyone have cosmetic surgery during the last 6 weeks, hmmmm???? .. there is a chance that some of you who did may ultimately not be pleased with the results or feel that you didn't get the enhancement you sought and here too, feel you may have overpayed for the services rendered!!!
Certainly keep in mind that since this Venus retrograde occurred completely in the sign of Gemini, COMMUNICATIONS could have played a major role in issues that arose during this retrograde period !!!

Everyone should try and think back to the period between October 8th and November 18th of 2010 ... is there something you may have begun in regards to any of the above mentioned areas Venus rules that became an issue for you during this Venus retrograde period from November 18th, 2010 until today, June 27th??? ... it is very common for this to occur ... to that end, anything begun during this current Venus retrograde period that just ended may yield problems in the days, weeks and months ahead, or lie dormant until the next Venus retrograde period which begins in December 2013 ... in addition, anything begun from now until then is also fair game!

Taurus and Libra born individuals, your period of "hibernation" for reflection and review is now over and once again you start moving forward to pursue new avenues of personal growth and maturity ... there could have been some significant insight, if you were paying attention during the last 6 weeks, that enlightened you as to what, where or who was no longer serving you and was not truly reflecting who you are on the inside ... and this could also have been a possibility for all of us !!!

Venus turned direct at 7 degrees of Gemini today and will finally complete its journey through Gemini on August 7th ... although now direct, Venus remains in it's retrograde zone, that point being the degree at which Venus actually entered its retrograde journey on May 15th which was 24 degrees Gemini, until July 31st ... then Venus will be back up to full speed once again ... but keep in mind that will be in the middle of the next Mercury retrograde beginning on July 14th which will be in the sign of Leo, the natural ruler of the 5th house which rules, among other things - ROMANCE !!!

So now we have all had about 6 weeks to think about what we value and what represents our inward personal values outwardly to others, our money - how we earn it and how we spend it, and our partenrships and relationships both personal and professional ... how many of you got the "message" and how many of you remained complacent and unyielding and ignored the energy??? ... sometimes the Universe speaks to each one of us in a whisper, and sometimes it literally gets in our face and screams once again - THERE WILL BE CHANGE!!! ... for now though, it's time to live, laugh and LOVE again!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The curtain rose yesterday, June 25th, at 10:24 PM  EDT for Mercury to begin its "dramatic" transit through the ambitious, optimistic sign of Leo ... as Leo is a fire sign it will bestow Mercury with a lot of creativity ... this Mercury is quite the performer who wants to get your attention along with your admiration any way it can ... Mercury in Leo thinks dramatically and always with the heart ... here one can become a visionary and highly idealistic ... romantic attachments tend to take a major portion of ones concentration ... there is a display of dignity, a sense of innnate refinement, and a desire to make good impressions on others ... there is also a desire to be the authority in ones chosen field ... there is ablitity to solve problems, but sometimes the details are ignored ... ambition abounds under this energy ... and since this is a very dramatic energy for communication it should not be a surprise that every now and then comes the tendency to exaggerate, be self-centered, or tell a little white lie or two !!! ... entertainment could easily be ones forte with dramatic talent being given here - ok all you wannabe actors, now it's time to show us what you got ... this is often the natal placement of those in the entertainment industry ... there could be skills at sales, advertising, promotion or any means of persuading people with ones mind and tongue ... there is also a desire to have ones thinking or style of communication given a lot of attention ... speech is made with abundant energy, great pride, liveliness and a lot of charisma ... drama and humor is frequently used in communications ... learning is best achieved when one is aroused and excited by a particular topic ... sometimes the ego has a way of getting involved here which could lead to fixed thinking or limited objectivity ... presentations are usually dramatic and magnetic ... one could become interested in power, children, fame and creativity ... this Mercury is very strong in its purpose !!!

The essence of Mercury in Leo is thinking through creating .. its the idea person ... one is usually proud of their intellectual talents and capabilities ... with the mind being so closely connected to the heart, there is great passion, strength and originality in the mode in which one thinks and communicates ... somtimes there is insecurity here which can lead to one coming on too strong or causing one to underestimate the power of their mind ...Mercury usually functions best when it is cool and detached from the ego, but this can become difficult in the self-conscious sign of Leo where personal aims and intentions appear to be to all-important and other important factors become far less important ... it is wise to realize that people give up trying to help others who always think they know better ... but ultimately, being able to combine ones own creative and enterprising mind with an awareness of others ideas and attitudes that are involved in your personal drama will benefit everyone ... problems are usually approached with great imagination and energy ... learning to use the input of others will allow one to avoid being a one-person endeavor, and then the mind will become a vital spark that will ultimately ignite a larger group endeavor ... the power of Mercury in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: mentally creative, distinctive verbal style, warmly articulate, indentifies with popular ideas, grasps the entire issue, intellectually confident, focused concentration, fixed intentions, enthusiastic worker, convincing speaker, outspoken and optimistic, knows ones own mind, teaching and planning ability, foresight, executive mind

NEGATIVE: mentally conceited, liking the sound of ones own voice, only interested in ones own ideas, overlooks details, mentally arrogant, inflexible mind, stubborn and one-track mind, self-centered, feels superior at work, craves appreciation, verbally over-bearing, talks "AT" others, wrapped up in pet projects and theories

Mercury will not complete it transit through the sign of Leo until - wait for it, wait for it - August 31st due to its upcoming retrograde journey beginning July 14th ... Leo born individuals, be prepared for an inspirational abundance of creative and scathingly brilliant ideas - at least in your mind ... in fact , we ALL should !!! ... just remember one might want to WAIT to act on these brilliantly creative ideas until AFTER the retrograde period is over on August 8th !!! ... while Mercury is in Leo, we should remember that we should teach what we really want to learn ... we stand or we fall by what we say and how we say it ... do not ignore that "small still voice" that is an important part of the greater good ... one final word of advice - be aware that whatever springs from your lips is only as good and true as that which dwells in your heart ... now get out there, take center stage, and think and communicate with a dramatic flair ... and then, of course - TAKE A BOW !!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Saturn, the planet representing discipline, effort, sense of order, limitations, obstacles, being tested and whose keyword is "the teacher" and "the taskmaster", stationed back into direct motion early this morning, June 25th at 4:01 AM EDT ... Saturn is also known as the celestial taskmaster who teaches us the lessons, both easy and challenging, we must learn from life ... it frequently puts limitations and obstacles in our path in order to make us slow down and make sure we are building strong foundations and structures on solid ground ... while Saturn has been in retrograde motion, since February 7th of this year, we all have been reviewing and trying to restructure systems, programs, organizations, corporations and rules to allow them to function more efficiently ... we also have had time to become more aware of our own personal authority and power and whether or not it fits within society or needs some adjustment on some level ... we have also been reveiwing whether or not society rules and policies are helping give us structure or limiting us in some way ...

Just a reminder that Saturn was transiting through the sign of Libra during this retrograde period ... and the essence of this transit is being tested through relating ... needless to say relationships and partnerships both personal and public are going under the universal microscope for closer scrutiny ... in Libra, the greatest lesson Saturn will ultimately teach us is that of BALANCE in relationships ... letting give and take have equal power ... through these balancing acts, one will be able to determine and establish their place in the professional and personal landscape of their individual lives ... there could also have been challenges in our financial situations as well ... and Libra born individuals may especially have been sensitive to this retrograde energy that was taking place in their birth sign ... but we all, regardless of birth sign, were dealing with this energy on some level of our lives ... and with the present state of the economy and business it makes a lot of sense !!! .. Saturn is teaching all of us a very difficult lesson ... but holding firm and staying positive will get us through this stronger and better able to deal with life and its many challenges ...

Now that Saturn has turned back into direct motion, we are better able to see where we stand and begin to move forward in building a more secure structure and foundation in our lives ... at this point we can start working diligently towards pursuing more stability and security in our lives ... no doubt we may encounter limitations or restrictions either self imposed or imposed by authority figures on some level ... or perhaps the Universe itself will even throw a road block or two our way to see how we implement our work ethic and/or partnership/relationship issues we have been working on and refining since February 7th !!!

My fellow Capricorns, it is now time for us to "wake up" from our "hibernation period" and move forward with our lives - this is our ruling planet !!! ... we have a yearly period of about four and a half months to review and rethink ...

Saturn is now in its final journey through Libra which ends on October 5th when Scorpio gets a two and a half year "lesson" from the "teacher" !!!! ... Saturn will not return to the sign of Libra for approximately 29 years so hopefully we all have taken advantage of this learning period, which began back at the end of October 2009, to strengthen our foundations in regards to our partnerships/relationships both public and private, our monetary situation, and our personal values ... in addition, we also were being asked to strengthen the foundation in the area of life represented by the house where Saturn is transiting  ... Saturn requires every one of us to often be taught through difficult lessons in life ... but if you keep your feet firmly planted and try to stay positive and understand that the "light at the end of the tunnel" usually signifies greater personal as well as spiritual growth, you will definitely come through a much stronger person and better for the lessons you have taken seriously and made great personal effort to learn from ... you will certainly be better equipped to deal with life and its many challenges !!! ... Saturn remains in direct motion until February 18th, 2013 ... Now is a good time to make sure that each cornerstone of whatever foundation(s) you are currently working on building is firmly planted and secure and prepare for Saturns shift into a new sign, Scorpio, on October 5th !!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The Sun begins its transit through the sign of Cancer today, June 20th, at 7:09 PM EDT heralding the arrival of Summer ... also known as the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year - the days begin getting shorter each day until the Winter Solstice in December ... the pace of life now takes on a somewhat slower tempo than the hectic pace it had while the Sun was racing through Gemini so Cancer energy is certainly a welcome relief to a point !!! ... in addition, we now process life through a more emotional rather than an intellectual filter ... with the Sun in Cancer one needs to shine through nurturing warmth, through protection, through attracting others through sympathy/dependency, and through family, ancestry or roots ... but keep in mind we will also still be under a Venus retrograde followed by a Mercury retrograde during this solar transit which could complicate things somewhat ... so the question could become just how nurturing, receptive and sympathetic will we actually be towards others ???

Cancer is the sign whose keyphrase is its need to give and receive emotional warmth and security, to feel and to give devotion ... Cancer born individuals are warm and understanding but they can be very touchy at times ... wound them or befriend them and they will never forget ... they love to keep in touch and usually have a remarkable memory ... this is probably the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac but it is also often the least likely to let you know what they are feeling deep inside ...

Cancer is a feminine/water/cardinal(beginnings) sign ... its symbol is the Crab - possessing an impenetrable exterior which covers soft flesh below ... the glyph of Cancer is the claws of the Crab which are also representative of the human breasts ... symbolically, the glyph shows two circles of the Sun that are connected to two crescent Moons ... these Moons represent the Cancerian desire to store memories and possessions, and the circles tied to the Moons represent the force which is expressed through the emotions and the imagination ... Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach which explains why Cancer born usually love to eat and often fight the battle of the bulge - unless modified by other energy in the natal chart !!! .. they are also subject to digestive ailments resulting from tension and emotional stress ... anatomically, Cancer also rules digestion, the left eye of the male and the right eye of the female ...

Cancer is ruled by the Moon - maybe you can see why Cancer born individuals seem to go through so many mood changes so quickly - after all, the Moon does change signs about every 2 to 2 and a half days ... it takes roughly 28 days to complete a spin around the entire zodiac ... the Moon represents the female principle - mother, wife and women in general ... it also represents the public in general, along with instincts, moods, the tides, phases, receptivity, fluctuation, habit patterns, reflex actions, personal interests, desires, needs, magnetism, growth, fertility, the need to touch, impressionability, consciousness, liquids, commodities, nursing, tradespeople ...

Cancer and the Moon are the respective sign and planetary natural rulers of the 4th house whose keyword is security ... the 4th house is the house of HOME ... it describes the parents, the family you came from - your roots - and the home you will establish ... it includes your heritage, heredity, ancestry, psychological roots and your private life ... the 4th house also shows property - houses and real estate - and all that is secluded ... it is the house of endings, the closing years of life, the ending of all matters, fame after death and place of burial ... it represents the parent who has greater influence on you as a child, your subjective self, and the foundation on which you build your own unique character ... as a child one may perceive this house as relating to both parents but as one learns through growth and understanding, the 4th house will ultimately reflect the nurturing parent ...

The essence of the Sun in Cancer is living through nurturing ... holding on with Love ... the instinct for survival ... Cancer has also been often referred to as the "Lighthouse of Welcome" ... the ultimate lesson learned here is that ones family is the Human Race itself ... emotional awareness is more acute here so use it constructively ... determine and perform your responsibilites generously ... learn to trust in the Universe and understand that all things must pass, and realize each day is a new day a new beginning ... the energy of the Sun in Cancer may be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: emotional, feeling, receptive, sensitive, psychic, gentle, tender, vulnerable, sympathetic, nurturing, providing, caring, protective, maternal, feeding, domestic, patriotic, shy, retiring, collecting, tenacious, oriented toward the past, retentive, emotionally encouraging, thrifty

NEGATIVE: insecure, moody, defensive, devious, over-emotional, non-trusting, hypersensitive, touchy, brooding, smothering, clinging, consuming, over-protective, dependent, fearful, timid, clannish, withdrawn, grasping, stuck in the past, afraid to let go, anti-social, argumentative, apathetic

Happy Birthday all Cancer born individuals !!! ... the Sun remains in Cancer until July 22nd ... for now, our feelings will be heightened, and we will be more in touch with them whether it be through a fleeting glimpse or a deeply profound experience with something or someone near and dear to us ... and, as the Crab always carries its home - its shell - on its back wherever it goes, we all might as well click our heels 3 times and repeat what Cancer energy so lovingly makes us aware of - There's no place like home !!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Jupiter - planet which represents growth, the laws, beliefs and ethics, expansion, opportunity, wealth, faith, higher education, travel, religion, philosophy, joy, goodwill, as well as excess – completed its journey through Taurus and began its transit through the sign of Gemini today, June 11th, at 1:22 PM EDT … this Jupiter energy is all about pursuing a quest for expanding knowledge and communications … for approximately the next twelve months, the Universe is asking us to increase our intellectual flexibility with Gemini being a mutable sign … there is a vast amount of information and knowledge out there that is waiting for us to discover and learn if we take the initiative and apply ourselves … and in the course of finding answers, we may well discover these answers will end up yielding even more questions … the time has come to begin to open our minds to a much broader spectrum of truths and beliefs … the Universe has put each one of us on a steep learning curve in the school of life … Here we have Jupiter in a relationship with Mercury which is the planetary ruler of Gemini … therefore the mind and communications are going to benefit through growth, expansion and opportunities which present themselves … The main caveat here is that Jupiter is highly challenged and doesn’t always function efficiently  in this energy as it is said to be in “detriment” in Gemini due to the fact that it is in the sign opposite to the one it naturally rules … often our endeavors end up causing our energies to become extremely scattered while gathering so much information available from so many sources … Jupiter was last in Gemini from June 2000 through July 2001 … If you’ve had a natal chart run, then you will get an idea on what “stage of life” this energy shift will play out for you over the next year !!!

Jupiter in Gemini produces a love of philosophy and the desire to study important ideas in regards to the history of religion, education, law, and philosophy … the resulting expansion frequently results an opening of the mind to new and improved lines of communication and to the areas of social contact which ultimately benefit travel, writing, study, and business associated with the development of new ideas … this energy can yield a broad intellectual comprehension through a number of fields … there is much mental restlessness , traveling about and constant study in many areas of interest … this energy often produces highly skilled social commentators and historians … there is also the potential to attract numerous friends, acquaintances, and partnerships which allows one to expand their intellectual horizons in new and sometimes unusual directions … there is ability for teaching, writing, and lecturing … those born under this energy often become traveling lecturers … they also can earn money and expand their business interests through publishing, travel, personal services, importing, communication industries, and mail-order businesses …

Jupiter in Gemini encourages us to value the intellect, information, learning, and communications … we are lead to pursue our beliefs with mental exploration and versatility … our personal vision of that which is Higher is more rational and logical as ethics and morals will be based on intelligence and reasoning power … Life’s meaning will be sought through diverse interests incorporating variety, communication, cleverness or fluency … we will ultimately achieve growth through communication, learning and the development of many different skills … another challenge here is not to become over saturated with book knowledge at the expense of not supporting it through practical experience … now would be an excellent time to start keeping a journal of one’s ideas and experiences !!!

Jupiter in Gemini is all about growing through communicating … there is a natural enthusiasm to experience a multitude of life’s facets in order to truly get to know and understand oneself … however in this quest, we may get so caught up in the unending attractions as well as distractions available in life for us to pursue that we forget the most important factor – what exactly are we trying to attract and bring into our lives, and why are we so actively seeking distractions … in this quest to acquire so much varied and helpful information, we must guard against becoming like a tree with many broad, shallow roots which, even though it makes us mobile and adaptable personally, puts us in danger of being easily uprooted … on a positive note this energy bestows us with an adventurous attitude and the ability for getting into many advantageous situations …

Jupiter in Gemini allows growth and expansion on us through travel and literature, human networking, being in the know and constantly having food for thought … it challenged by lack of interests, lack of communication, being out of circulation, idle chatter and disconnected thoughts … The energy of Jupiter in Gemini can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE:  well-travelled, well-connected, popular, sociable, a knowledge seeker, broad minded, knowledgeable, scholarly, mentally alert, many sided, well mannered, witty, cheerful

NEGATIVE: scattered interests, disconnected, restless, shallow interests, sketchy knowledge, intellectual snob, verbose, hypocritical, indiscreet, unacceptable to oneself, saying a lot but communicating little, agitated

Jupiter now joins Venus, which is currently retrograde, in Gemini … so for all of those varied interests we are now drawn to along with the desire to implement new courses of action based on this new information, it might be best to wait, especially if they involve money, until Venus turns direct and gets back up to full speed out of its retrograde zone on July 31st ... especially since the day Venus turns direct, June 27th, Mercury will enter its shadow point for the next retrograde journey beginning on July 14th which will last until August 8th ... and to that end, it might be best all together to wait until August 22nd when Mercury exits its next retrograde zone ... frustrating - you betcha !!! 

Gemini born, keep your eyes and ears open as you are now given a valuable gift from the Universe for the next year where you are bestowed with the potential to encounter additional beneficial opportunities for personal growth, expansion – which hopefully will not manifest through the waistline, and outright luck !!! … Sagittarian born, your ruling planet now takes a journey through a new sign - one which will greatly compliment your quest for higher knowledge and your desire to share this knowledge with others !!!

Even though Jupiter has begun its transit through quick paced Gemini, there are many of us who will be dealing with two Jupiter energies for the next year … those celebrating birthdays, also known as solar returns,from roughly June 10th, 2011 through possibly today, will still have the energy of Jupiter in Taurus in their solar return chart that will be in effect and influencing them until that next birthday … so you may experience sort of a push/pull effect with one energy saying go slower, that being Taurus, and another saying all systems go at the speed of light, that being Gemini !!!

Jupiter remains in Gemini until June 26th, 2013 … be prepared to experience the capacity of the mind to expand and become enlightened in many ways compliments of the Universe … understand you will be after something that is definitely worth knowing and worth communicating …  the time has come for all of us to explore the possibilities which allows us to discover and express the ultimate truths which unify us all … but hopefully one of the most important lessons we will learn from Jupiter transiting through Gemini for the next twelve months is the undeniable truth in that well known saying – a mind is a terrible thing to waste !!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


... and we indeed may be thinking a lot about that as Mercury began its transit through the sensitive and sympathetic sign of Cancer today, June 7th, at 7:16 AM  EDT ... our thought processes now turn from an intellectual mode towards a more emotional mode of operation as the ruler of Cancer is the Moon which among other things rules the emotions ... Mercury in Cancer has a way of picking up everyone elses signals .. the mind becomes as much a receiver as a transmitter under this energy ... here we have a highly intuitive mode of thinking and communicating ... this placement also usually bestows a very good memory along with strong poetic power ... Mercury in Cancer thinks with the heart and often interprets the meaning of others communications through how it "feels" ...

Mercury in Cancer does not always say everything it is feeling as it tries to avoid hurting itself and others as well with careless ill-spoken comments ... one is very protective of their thoughts ... it likes to nurture ideas and encourage growth before sharing ... one uses emotions as well as logic and often may end up letting sensitivities sway ones decisions ... subconscious fears, habits, or prejudices could inhibit ones objectivity or openness to the new ... there is usually an above-average psychic ability ... one learns through absorbing their experiences and making emotional connections ... interest here may include family, food, the home, the land, the past, the public or security !!!

The essence of Mercury in Cancer is thinking through nurturing ... its the caring mind ... one has to be careful not to take everything so personally here ... it is important to remember to look at the facts in addition to the opinions of others ... it is also important to remember and be aware that each one of us is our own source of light and warmth ... most importantly it is necessary to make a collection of good memories that will give rise to clear and positive thinking ... the energy of Mercury in Cancer can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: mentally tenacious, good memory, reliable, sensitive mind, poetic, intuitive, agreeable, absorbs information, attuned to public opinion, profound, polite, softly-spoken, discreet, diplomatic, arouses sympathies, emotionally appealing, persuasive speaker

NEGATIVE: mentally habit-ridden, distracted, inflexible, overly impressionable, impractical, irrational, yes-person, too open, taking things too personally, depressive, self-conscious, unclear, incomprehensible, diffuse, prejudiced, untruthful

Mercury remains in the sign of Cancer until June 25th ... this is the last full sign transit of Mercury until it takes its second - wait for it - RETROGRADE journey beginning on July 14th starting at 12 degrees of Leo ... ok, insert loud collective groan here !!!! ... keep in mind that Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the sign which Venus is currently RETROGRADE in, and there could possibly be some disruption causing the Venus retrograde to take on an even more emotionally challenging tone  ... 

With Mercury in Cancer, one should realize that the natural ability to influence others is worthy of only the highest motives ... tuning in to ones finer feelings and expressing them is ultimately more rewarding ... and finally, try to focus on what you are after, who you are with and why ... and then stick with it !!! ... and by all means - enjoy the mental trips down memory lane as they "light the corners of your mind" !!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Neptune - the planet of the spiritual, universal, ethereal, mysterious, mystical, enlightenment, psychic, delusional, imagination, escape, surrender, sacrifice, artistic inspiration, musical ability, glamour, fantasy, romantic love, dissolving, uplifting, confusing, consoling, undermining, drugs and alcohol - began its retrograde journey for 2012 today, June 4th, at 5:05 PM EDT ....

One of the main energies of Neptune retrograde is to not just have blind faith ... be it personal spiritual quests or the "collective" quest of society, Neptune retrograde energy means a reexamination of hopes and beliefs ... we may all need to individually question and test all aspects of faith ... we begin to question and develop objectivity in regards to the intangibles of life such as truth, fear, hope and inspiration ... when Neptune is retrograde it is closest to the Earth making its function even more intensified ... artists, musicians, poets and those who are leading a highly spiritual life may especially feel the energy of a Neptune retrograde and be truly inspired ... during a Neptune retrograde if we aren't pursuing a spiritual quest we may become confused, disillusioned or full of illusions ... there is a chance that some may fall into drugs, alcohol or other escapist behaviors ... ideally, this is a time to question the ideas society accepts about faith, fears, truth and understanding ... inspiration and potential for spiritual growth is enhanced ...

Neptune retrograde is a time for everyone to tune into the collective unconscious and realize how our own fears, illusion, confusion or spiritual journey are connected to what is happening with humanity ... this is a time to determine whether or not our own individual energies are being used positively to develop faith and spirituality, or if one is simply pursuing a path of escapism and disappointment ... Neptune retrogrades about 5 - 6 months every year ...

Neptune is currently transiting through the sign of Pisces - the sign it naturally rules ... In Pisces, Neptune’s qualities of spirituality and creative genius are enhanced ... Neptune here does NOT value materialism ... there will be more of a tendency to explore and develop our inner selves yielding the possibility of attaining the capability of harmony between the physical and spiritual world ... this energy makes us potentially more psychic, generous, understanding, responsive to the environment, more mystical and compassionate ... but can also lead us in the other direction making us more gullible, passive, self-destructive and likely becoming a victim to all kinds of addictions especially with this energy turned inwards during its retrograde period ... it is definitely a good time to start paying attention to your dreams as the Universe will undoubtedly be bringing us vital information while we sleep – keep a dream journal close by !!! ... If we use this retrograde energy positively we indeed will be more compassionate, self-sacrificing, intuitive, artistic and creative … used negatively we will end up melancholy, an escapist, a procrastinator, vague, and likely to become a victim of many forms of addiction including drugs and alcohol …

Pisces born, since Neptune is your planetary ruler, this is your yearly time to review and rethink what has been going on in your life since the last Neptune retrograde ended on November 9th, 2011 ... where have you been seeking the "ideal" and where have you looked at things realistically or perhaps through the proverbial "rose colored glasses" and not effectively dealt with reality ???

If anyone has had a natal chart done, then you might get an idea what area of life this Neptune retrograde energy will be affecting ... in other words, where have you possibly let illusion mislead you ... or perhaps where are you seeking the "ideal" ...

Neptune remains retrograde until November 10/11th depending on the time zone in which you live ... this would be an excellent and possibly extremely rewarding time to keep that dream journal as your dreams are sure to be enhanced with symbolism and information from the Universe resulting in profitable and/or illuminating ideas ... after all, hasn't it been said "a dream is a wish your heart makes" ???