Thursday, May 29, 2014


Mercury began its transit through the domestic and sympathetic sign of Cancer today, May 29th, at 5:12 AM  EDT ... our thought and communicative processes now turn from an intellectual mode towards a more emotional mode of operation as the ruler of Cancer is the Moon which among other things rules the emotions ... Mercury in Cancer has a way of subconsciously picking up signals from everyone else .. the mind becomes as much a receiver as a transmitter under this energy ... here we have a highly intuitive mode of thinking and communicating ... this placement also usually bestows a very good memory along with strong poetic power ... Mercury in Cancer thinks with the heart and often interprets the meaning of others communications through how it "feels" ...

Mercury in Cancer does not always say everything it is feeling as it tries to avoid hurting itself and others as well with careless ill-spoken comments ... one is very protective of their thoughts ... it likes to nurture ideas and encourage growth before sharing ... one uses emotions as well as logic and often may end up letting sensitivities sway ones decisions ... subconscious fears, habits, or prejudices could inhibit ones objectivity or openness to the new ... there is usually an above-average psychic ability ... one learns through absorbing their experiences and making emotional connections ... interest here may include family, the home, the land, the past, the public or security ... Oh yes, we most definitely may find ourselves thinking about food A LOT - and with Venus currently transiting through Taurus, we may find ourselves partaking of the dreadful activity of over eating which ultimately causes the wrong kind of "expansion" in our lives !!!

The lesson of Mercury in Cancer is all about thinking through nurturing ... its the caring mind ... one has to be careful not to take everything so personally here ... it is important to remember to look at the facts in addition to the opinions of others ... it is also important to remember and be aware that each one of us is our own source of light and warmth ... most importantly it is necessary to make a collection of good memories that will give rise to clear and positive thinking ... the energy of Mercury in Cancer can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: mentally tenacious, good memory, reliable, sensitive mind, poetic, intuitive, agreeable, absorbs information, attuned to public opinion, profound, polite, softly-spoken, discreet, diplomatic, arouses sympathies, emotionally appealing, persuasive speaker

NEGATIVE: mentally habit-ridden, distracted, inflexible, overly impressionable, impractical, irrational, yes-person, too open, taking things too personally, depressive, self-conscious, unclear, incomprehensible, diffuse,  prejudiced, untruthful

Mercury now joins Jupiter in the sign of Cancer and will not complete its full transit through Cancer until - WAIT FOR IT ... WAIT FOR IT ... July 31st - yes you read correctly !!! ...  Mercury will get no further than 3 degrees Cancer at which point it will begin its SECOND RETROGRADE journey in for 2014 on June 7th - insert loud collective groan here !!! - returning to the sign of Gemini on June 17th where it will go back down to 24 degrees Gemini ... Mercury has been in its shadow point since May 22nd so things may already have begun to go slightly awry ... and with Jupiter completing its transit through Cancer in July along with Mercury, the beginning of Summer - or Winter for those of you in the Southern hemisphere - might prove to be highly emotional on some level !!!

With Mercury in Cancer, one should realize that the natural ability to influence others is worthy of only the highest motives ... tuning in to ones finer feelings and expressing them is ultimately more rewarding ... and finally, try to focus on what you are after, who you are with and why ... and then stick with that !!! ... and by all means - enjoy the mental trips down memory lane as they surely will "light the corners of your mind" !!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Venus - the planet representing attraction, love, affection, beauty, happiness, value and values, how we relate, and social or artistic expression -  begins its sensual transit through the earthy, stable sign of Taurus, today, May 28th, at 9:46 PM EDT ... Venus is very comfortable and at home functioning very well here as it is considered to be in "dignity" in Taurus ... this is one of the two signs of the zodiac it naturally rules - the other being Libra of course !!!

Venus in Taurus usually enjoys physical gratification - including food, drink, possessions, finances, and sensual indulgences - often to the point of becoming overly indulgent !!! ... it deeply enjoys sensations, appreciates nature, and truly savors the five senses more so than usual - especially TOUCH !!! ... this energy is often relaxed and easygoing in relating to people and it appreciates loyalty and stability ... affection is expressed physically and steadily - sometimes to the point of being too possessive ... the drive for pleasure is very strong and could easily make one excessively self-indulgent ... the handling of money and possessions is usually done sensibly, but there could be the tendency to overvalue comfort, luxury and/or attractive physical objects ... there is a desire for comfort in love relationships and one responds to sensual energy from other people ... an appreciation of beauty and artistic talents can lead to personal satisfaction and success ... whatever this energy loves it will love completely and totally ... it believes relationships can last forever ... but sometimes the relationships last longer than they should ... the saying that old habits die hard is especially true with Venus in Taurus ... and this energy continues to think about all the time it has "invested" in its object of desire !!! .. this is a steadfast love ... it also is prone to the love of good food so gaining weight could prove a challenge under this energy ...

The lesson of Venus in Taurus is loving through stabilizing ... it's Nature's connoisseur ... there is a pronounced need to show physical affection in order to feel loved - mere words will NOT suffice ... the secret here to obtaining the object of your desires and maintaining a stable relationship is to understand that anything or anyone outside of yourself can only become a part of your life when your value and values are a reflection and in harmony with Nature itself ... this is one of the very strongest Planet-Sign combinations that indicates a genuine love of Nature ... the ultimate truth here is that what you love and care about is only as solid and secure as you feel inside ... the energy of Venus in Taurus can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: attractive, earthy, affectionate, artistic, aesthetic, peaceful, sensuous, satisfying, steadfast, loyal, wholesome, constant, sympathetic, encouraging, comforting, pleasure-giving, nature-loving, deeply trusting, sound values, conservational

NEGATIVE: greedy, materialistic, self-indulgent, overly sensual, self-satisfied, stubborn, possessive, smug, too abiding, misguiding, dissipating, insatiable, limited viewpoint, gullible, weight-gainer, jealous, insecure

Taurus born individuals this is your time to reflect your inner beauty outwardly and ask for what you want - you just might get it if it is what you truly desire ... for the rest of us, we can now see what it might be like to be born with Venus in Taurus, as well as getting a glimpse into how Taurus born individuals may operate in their quest for love and defining where their true values lie ...

Venus is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Taurus - the Sun and Mercury having recently completed their respective transits ...Venus remains in the sign of Taurus until June 23rd ... that what makes us feel loved is our own persistent faith in our individual love nature ... and by the end of this transit we all will hopefully have been able to feel - just a "touch" of love !!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The Sun began it's yearly gallop through the perceptive, versatile sign of Gemini yesterday, May 20th, at 10:59 PM EDT ... this is the final astrological sign of the Spring season ... this energy is all about acquiring knowledge, communicating in many ways, and constantly being on the MOVE ... sooooo ... get ready ... get set ... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

In Gemini, the Sun encourages us to shine fluently - one may gain or seek recognition for their verbal skills and their ability to be highly creative through perceptiveness and the ability to compare, contrast, and find connections between ideas ... there is a need to shine by being versatile - here is a natural drive towards a wide ranging curiosity which could also get you into trouble or end up causing you to be too scattered ... a wide variety of talents, social contacts and hobbies will assist one in their self-expression ... there is also a need to shine for ones agility and flexibility - one could achieve recognition through their dexterity, adaptability or enhanced eye-hand coordination ... and there is a need to seek recognition for ones mental brilliance - one wants to feel proud of their intelligence, rationality and logic ... there is a tendency here to be ego-vulnerable regarding ones mental and communication skills ... pride and shame issues are tied to the mind in this sign ... and ultimately one needs to express themselves verbally and to achieve positive recognition for their intellect ...

Gemini is a masculine/air/mutable(flexible) sign ... its symbol is the Twins - associated with duality, humanism, versatility and communication ... the picture is that of two figures standing side by side with a line over the top and the bottom - also known as the glyph for the Roman numeral 2 ... symbolically, these two upright lines bounded on the top and the bottom represent wisdom, learning, and the power of the mind to synthesize information ... Gemini's key phrase is "I THINK" and its keyword is "VERSATILITY" ... Anatomically it rules the hands, arms, shoulders and lungs thus making this energy prone to strains and accidents with the arms and hands as well as being prone to bronchitis and respiratory ailments ... Gemini is the sign opposite to Sagittarius in the zodiac ...

As you are certainly aware of by now, Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini in addition to the sign of Virgo ... Mercury - the ancient messenger of the Gods ... in astrology it rules travel and communication with its main emphasis being quick cleverness and a nervous temperament ... but it also bestows somewhat of a fickle nature that tends to arouse unexpected anger in others sometimes the depth of which Gemini energy misjudges ... its keyword is "REASONING ABILITY" ... it therefore rules reason, mental and cerebral capacity, ability to communicate, intellect, awareness, dexterity, rationalization, transmission, words, opinion, and sensory perceptions ... its action is quick, uncertain, and volatile ... it deals with travel - especially short trips, brothers and sisters, children, clerking, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighborhood activities, letters and mailings, means of transportation, trade, and techniques ... in your natal chart the place where you find Mercury shows how and where you communicate the best ... anatomically, Mercury rules the  nervous system, brain, sight, hands and arms ...

Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of the horoscope ... this is the house of side-by-side relationships whose keyword is "AWARENESS" ... the 3rd house shows the local environment you live in, your brothers and sisters, and all forms of communication - speaking, writing, and singing ... it indicates all means of transportation including short trips ... it shows the adaptability of ones mind to learning and to new ideas, the ability to relate to ones environment, and ones taken-for-granted skills ... this house shows the conscious and objective portion of ones mind as well as ones primary schooling ...

The lesson of the Sun in Gemini is learning about living through being able to communicate ... he we have the contact maker ... one who is forever young ... Gemini is famous for its dualistic and sometimes contrary nature ... word and mind play is an endless source of amusement here ... versatility rules - everything is equally interesting to Gemini therefore making it most likely one of the least prejudiced of the 12 signs of the Zodiac ... Gemini has an extremely lively imagination making it also one of the most artistically creative Signs as well ... ironically one can lack the imagination to see that in using ones imagination it draws one into a closer intimacy with life itself, but getting deeply involved is the Twins weakest ability ... ultimately one must realize that the answer to the eternal Gemini questioning lies within the imagination and not the brain!!! ... the energy of the Sun in Gemini can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: amusing, perceptive, witty, eloquent, swift, ingenious, quick on the uptake, mobile, versatile, flexible, adaptable, imaginative, non-dogmatic, sees both sides, light touch, objective, clever mind, informative, resourceful

NEGATIVE: cheap, glib, sarcastic, chatterbox, fly, devious, shifty, evasive, dabbler, two-faced, fickle, "chases rainbows", non-committal, indecisive, superficial, aloof, unable to see the whole picture, bluffer, involved in excessive gossip

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN GEMINI BORN !!! - part of your reason for being here is certainly to educate us,  keep us on our toes and help us understand that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !!! ... ... the Sun now joins Mercury in Gemini - a lot of energy encouraging us to explore and learn in many areas and on many levels of our life ... BUT ... alas the cosmic joke is on us once again ... Gemini's ruler, Mercury, begins its next retrograde journey on June 7th and will be retrograde for 15 of the 32 days of the Sun's transit through Gemini with roughly 4 and a half days of the Mercury retrograde actually in the sign of Gemini with the Sun !!!

The Sun remains in the sign of Gemini until June 21st ... respect your own dreams and avoid cutting corners in your pursuit of them ... more importantly, pay attention to the "value" of what you say ... Gemini is truly a very youthful oriented energy, so for the next few weeks just enjoy "being a kid again" and think about what it must be like to be "forever young" ... and with all this energy driving us to pursue so much information from so many places, we may end up feeling as though we are indeed moving at the speed of light - at least until the next Mercury retrograde begins !!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Mars, the planet representing the urge to get what you want, sexual drive, initiative, courage, raw energy and desires, completed its RETROGRADE journey for 2014 yesterday, 5/19, at 9:31 PM EDT ... the purpose of a Mars retrograde ultimately is to evaluate what it is that motivates you and for you to determine if you are on the correct path to achieve your goal, and if you are doing what you should be doing to get there ... inside a Mars retrograde, it is time for all of us to adjust our actions and aggressive instincts to ensure that ones intent is accomplished effectively ... this often includes going back over previous actions and having to redo them or let them go in order to move forward ... also, old resentments and personal issues that haven't been resolved in the past have a tendency of resurfacing during this period which yields the awareness that the time has come to develop new strategies and approaches for dealing with issues, anger and learning assertiveness ... Mars takes a retrograde journey for about 9 - 10 weeks out of its 26 month cycle ... Mars was last retrograde from January 23rd, 2012 through April 13th, 2012 ...

Mars retrograde will bring issues of frustration or hostility to the surface we have deliberately suppressed due to their disruptive qualities which can cause forward movement in our lives to be temporarily delayed ... sudden reversals of interest and drive may occur, as well as the termination of a long term goal as it may become apparent that the effort is inappropriate for the long term ... also old wounds, hurts and frustrations may arise seemingly out of context but usually there is a purpose for this ... during a Mars retrograde it is usually a good idea NOT to undertake any new beginnings per contract or verbally since the energy often isn't there to carry it through ... now sometimes you can't just "sit tight" for nearly two and a half months, but there are good reasons, if at all possible, as the waiting may ultimately prove to be a blessing in the long run ... often things begun under a Mars retrograde will run into problems when it stations back into direct motion - that being May 19th, or at some point during the next two years, or even when Mars takes its next retrograde journey  - which will be in April of 2016 !!!

This Mars retrograde took place entirely in the sign of Libra - from 27 degrees of Libra back down to 9 degrees of Libra ... if you have had a natal chart done, you can look to where these degrees fell by house in order to see if  you had to rethink some kind of action you may have taken or where you might have encountered delays and frustrations and had to shift into a different direction in whatever area of life the house or houses rule where these degrees fell ... if you were born with your natal Sun between 9 degrees and 27 degrees of Libra, at some point Mars crossed back over your natal Sun and, among other things, there could have been a few days when you felt as if someone unplugged your energy outlet ... many of us may have had that feeling during the entire Mars retrograde cycle !!! ... and if you have any natal planets in the sign of Libra within these degrees you probably experienced some kind of energy produced in relation to the planet and the area of life in which house it is placed when Mars backed over that planet ... also Mars may have produced some action if it made an aspect to other planets in your natal chart regardless of sign but still within the same range of degrees ... as with Mercury retrograde periods, sometimes those born with Mars retrograde may have found this period more productive since they are already comfortable and have a better understanding of this backwards energy ... in a natal chart, those born with Mars retrograde are said to have actions in the current life that are recreations of the past, and they are also frequently in competition with themselves !!!

Libra naturally rules the 7th house of face-to-face relationships and that is where a lot of people may have encountered the greatest impact of this retrograde ... BUT WAIT ... haven't we already been dealing with that first in the Mercury retrograde 10/21 through 11/10, and then again during the Venus retrograde 12/21 through 1/31 ???  ... obviously the universe is calling our attention to something that we must take a long, honest look at to see what needs to change ... Mars is the third of the 3 personal planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars - to participate in what I referred to back on September 30th as the personal planet retrograde flip flop ... this sequence began on October 1st with Mercury entering its shadow point and will not conclude until July 21st when Mars exits its retrograde zone ... and we still have one more Mercury retrograde to go through before this sequence of retrogrades is complete ...

As the 7th house is the house that deals with business and marital partnerships, marriage, divorce, contracts, lawsuits, bargains, agreements, dealings with the public, open enemies, your cooperation or lack thereof with others as well as how you share with others, and bottom line - shows what you most lack in yourself , needless to say, issues may have arisen in these areas of your life as well !!!

Mars was last retrograde from January 23rd, 2012 through April 13th, 2012 in the sign of Virgo, and it made its last complete direct transit through the sign of Libra July 3rd through August 23rd, 2012 ... it is most likely that issues will arise in regards to actions taken during those periods ... what possibly was begun that had to be readdressed, readjusted, and reworked, or simply have run their course and come to a necessary ending needing to be released in order to promote further personal and spiritual growth ???

ARIES BORN - your period to slow down and review and reexamine - which you DO NOT like to do at all - what has and what is going on in your life since Mars is your ruling planet is finished for now ... LIBRA BORN - did you especially feel that rush of energy return that Mars bestows as it transits through your birth sign ??? ... Even though Aries born individuals as well as Libra born may have been more sensitive to this reversal of energy, we all experienced  it somewhere in our lives, and lights may begin to come on in our heads as we discover that perhaps we should have either waited a while longer before taking action or possibly never have taken a particular course of action to begin with in certain situations ...

Since Mars was last in Libra from July 3rd, 2012 through August 23rd, 2012, the question now becomes what was going on in your life regarding money - how you earn and spend it, assessing personal values, and dealing with partnerships and relationships both public and private back then ??? ... something may come up for review from that period as well as all the other possible issues that may have been involved during this particular Mars retrograde ... Mars remains in Libra until July 25th ... still a lot of work to do in regards to our financial situation, personal values, and partnerships and relationships both public and private !!! ... below is a reminder of what this energy is all about and how it may be affecting your life :

Mars in Libra is strategic, charming, generous, amiable, cooperative, persuasive, enjoys entertaining, sociable and very interested in new ideas ...  self-reliance is sometimes lacking here and one must learn to stand on their own ... here we have energy that is naturally people oriented and often learns through relating with others ... it can be highly competitive ... it is energy which makes one work on balancing opposites and therefore indecision can arise if you go overboard with the need to weigh and balance everything ... identity is tied in with interactions to others ... physical and sexual drive are strongly influenced by ones partner ... Mars in Libra can also propel one into a conflict of argument with someone else - and at times people are forced to agree with you just to end the discussion and shut you up !!! ... it can be sweet and smile a lot, but ultimately kill you with kindness ...

Mars is said to be in "detriment" in the sign of Libra as this is the sign directly opposite the one it rules which is Aries ... Mars is therefore like a guest in someone elses "house" and must conform to their rules !!! ... Normally air (Libra) gives life to fire (Mars), but for all of its energy here, Mars can get out of control rather quickly ... Mars sometimes has trouble operating in the sign of Libra because its need for direct action is limited by the need for approval and cooperation of others ... Mars here is the initiator of social activities and wants to be noticed and appreciated ... sometimes personal desires and ambitions can be confused with others ... aggressive and energetic partners are sought here ... this energy can produce great anger when principles of justice are violated even if the person is not the actual victim ...

The lesson of Mars in Libra is learning to get through how we relate ... its the social mover and shaker ... the drive to balance impulses ... a major challenge here is to get what you want but do so by fitting in with social values and emotional requirements ... one must learn to adjust needs and values to their desires ... desires here tend to spring from a feeling of wanting everyone to be in harmony and pull together ... ultimately the energy of Mars in Libra is the ability to be aware of and have the courage to express and live by your own moral convictions ... Mars in Libra is the transformer ... it likes togetherness, doing things in style, the social whirl, knowing ones own desires, and equal partnerships ... it dislikes injustice, being overly blunt, indecisiveness, being dominant or being dominated ... the energy of Mars in Libra can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: attentive lover, enthusiastic, skillful lover, gentle, fair, easygoing, diplomatic, co-operative, persuasive, binding, discreet, perceptive, idealistic, intuitive, principled, measured, polite, considerate, agreeable, sedate

NEGATIVE: fawning, idolizing, impersonal, tentative, bland, indecisive, insincere, misleading, devious, awkward, judgmental, unreal, unfeeling, self-limiting, inhibited, vulgar, selfish, impulsive

Mars will exit its current retrograde zone on July 15th when it returns to 3 degrees of Cancer, and remains in direct motion until April 17th, 2016 when it begins its next retrograde journey which will be a double sign retrograde from Sagittarius back into Scorpio ... but we are not out of the woods just yet and you have probably guessed why ... Mercury enters its next shadow point on Thursday, May 22nd in preparation for its second retrograde journey for 2014 which will occur from June 7th until July 1st ... all together now - GIVE US A BREAK UNIVERSE ... but it seldom does as the purpose of our journey through this life is to learn and grow both physically and spiritually ... the good news is that when Mercury stations direct on July 1st, the personal planet retrograde flip-flop sequence I spoke of, which began back on October 1st, 2013, will conclude with only Mercury and Mars having to move forward out of their respective retrograde zones ...

Nevertheless, the time you have been anxiously and restlessly waiting for has come - LADIES AND GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES !!! ... but be careful not to put the pedal to the metal and start going too far too fast just yet ... perhaps you might want to take some advice from Dorothy and her friends and simply "ease on down the road" !!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Mercury began its transit through the curious and inquisitive sign of Gemini today, May 7th, at 10:57 AM EDT .... let the Mental Olympics begin !!! ... Mercury is very much at home here and functions well because this is an air sign and this is also one of the two signs Mercury naturally rules - the other sign being Virgo ... the windmills of your mind are definitely going to have the potential to be spinning in overdrive for awhile !!!

Mercury in Gemini gives a mind and tongue that can be very restless but very good at absorbing and learning information easily and then sharing it ... one can be quite articulate but sometimes have the tendency to talk or even gossip too much ... there is a skill for verbal expression and the ability to communicate quickly and cleverly ... often the ideas and manner of speech come off a bit superficial due to the urge to communicate perceived information immediately or because one is covering too much ground ... this energy is all about learning and communicating ... there is a high degree of curiosity about everything coupled with an eagerness to learn as much as possible - the world is ones school of life and therein exists a sumptuous, endless and delicious banquet of knowledge !!! ... the mind is likely to be logical, rational, and able to offer information on most any topic ... friendly interchanges are frequent along with the tendency to ask a lot of questions ... there is a high degree of nervous energy which can flow into speech, gestures, writing or manual dexterity in some fashion ... there is also the possibility of physical dexterity and flexibility ...

Those born with Mercury in Gemini, as well as the rest of us that are subject to its transiting influence, can be very hard to pin down ... one often holds down more than one job or may work on a number of projects at one time ... quick, versatile and interested in the world at large, one tends to live mostly on a mental plane ... one MUST have facts and information - there is a basic need to KNOW ... this energy frequently makes one  good at languages and math, gives one a love of reading, studying , traveling, and talking with new people about what you have learned or are thinking about ... there is also the potential for a lack of being able to stick-to-it as well as a lack of order in ones life ... usually this energy can produce one who knows a little bit about everything but not a lot about anything !!!

Mercury in Gemini teaches us to learn to think through communicating ... the mind is fed and nurtured through making contact with as many people and as many subjects as possible ... the intellect is wired up and ready to go ... it must constantly be stimulated otherwise nervous irritability or restlessness can occur ... the mind is efficient due to its ability to be quick and acquisitive, but the quality of the mind is only as good as what is being fed into it through social, business and educational pursuits - input becomes just as important as output !!! ... there is the capability of thinking on two or more levels at one time ... but one must guard against not having a definite direction to move in or else there can be the result of great mental confusion ... the energy of Mercury in Gemini can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: articulate, curious, well-informed, widely read, quick-witted, lively mind, fast learner, dexterous, clever, humorous, sharp, fluent, inventive, versatile, original, handy, interesting, agreeable, unbiased, logical

NEGATIVE: chatterbox, nosy, gossip, superficial knowledge, highly strung, unruly mind, un-perservering, fidgety, crafty, mischievous, flippant, makeshift, imitative, simplistic, trite, scatters energies, unfocused, misses the point

Mercury transiting through Gemini is an excellent time to open your mind to countless new ideas and information ... allow your mind to be like a sponge absorbing as much as it can realistically process ... Mercury is currently the only planet transiting through the sign of Gemini ...

Mercury remains in the sign of Gemini until ... WAIT FOR IT ... July 12th/13th depending on the time zone in which you live ... Mercury will actually enter the sign of Cancer on May 29th but will only get to 3 degrees Gemini when it stations retrograde, thus making this the last complete sign transit before the second Mercury retrograde of 2014 begins on June 7th !!! ... Mercury then returns to the sign of Gemini on June 17th for some unfinished business !!! ... it will enter its shadow point on May 22nd so get ready ...

For now, we obviously have a lot of information to absorb and process and probably reconsider as a large portion of the next Mercury retrograde will be in the sign of Gemini going back to 24 degrees Gemini ... and as much as we will want to constantly share and express our opinions, we may find ourselves or someone else saying to us - SHUT UP !!!

Ultimately one of the greatest lessons of Mercury in Gemini becomes the ability to respect the value of your own mind - WATCH WHAT GOES INTO IT AND THEN BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH !!!

Friday, May 2, 2014


The thrill of the chase ... I've got it !!! ... IT’S OVER - GOODBYE!!!!! ... and just like that, what we thought we so passionately and romantically desired has suddenly lost its initial appeal .... moving right along - NEXT !!! .... get the picture ??? .... well that is what some if not all of us will experience on some level in our lives as Venus "burns" its way into and begins its transit through the the passionate sign of Aries today, May 2nd at 9:21 PM EDT ... we can expect to become impassioned about someone or something or both ... we will pursue it with total dedication and determination ... and if we finally get it, we could find ourselves ultimately asking the question - WHY????? ... of course some of us may also find ourselves outright overly horny as we are "burning with desire"!!! ... Venus in the fire sign of Aries will seek its interactions with others and pursue things passionately, romantically, excitedly and adventurously ... be aware this is Venus hooking up in a relationship with Mars which is the ruler of Aries, so there WILL be passionate fireworks somewhere !!! ... and here comes the cosmic joke ... wait for it ... you got it !!! ... Mars is currently still in retrograde motion in the sign of Libra, one of the signs Venus naturally rules, and will be retrograde for 18 days of this roughly 27 day Venus transit ... and even though they are now considered to be in mutual reception - each being in the sign the other rules which tends to strengthen their interaction - the results of this combination remains to be seen ... in fact, they will be like two ships that pass in the night on May 10th/11th when they conjunct one another, one going forwards and the other going backwards !!!

Venus represents our social urge and our sense of values ... it rules the signs of Taurus and Libra and is the natural ruler of the 2nd house - a house of substance representing your emotional need for fulfillment and feelings, your values, your sense of self-worth, your inner talents and resources and your earning power .... its the house of material debt .... Venus is also the natural ruler of the 7th house - a house of face-to-face relationships where the keyword is cooperation which might be somewhat lacking while Venus moves through Aries as we tend to be a little slack with our social graces at times along the way .... it represents both social, business and personal relationships ... its a house of open enemies and you may well find them during this transit so best to think twice before speaking which makes this transit very challenging ... the 7th house also indicates what you most lack about yourself being opposite the 1st house, and you might find an increased desire to fill that void wherever it is perceived ... Venus is the anatomical ruler of the throat, chin, cheeks and sense of taste - there could be issues here with Aries ruler Mars possibly "boiling" up symptoms with its fiery attributes ...

Venus in Aries is demonstrative ... we love the thrill of the chase of the person or object of our desire ... it is very outgoing and enthusiastic to the point of ending up aggressive and overwhelming ... most of the time it will be your feelings and values that are center most on your mind instead of others .... it likes the novelty and newness of things and once that is over it can become very fickle and ready to move on ... it’s attracted to people who are independent, those with a lot of initiative, and certainly those who are creative with their originality ... here pursuit of passion is the name of the game but once the object of your attention has been captured, you, the hunter, may move on by viewing it as another trophy to put on your Venusian shelf of love and desire ... one of the biggest misjudgements made under this energy is mistaking sex for actual love over and over ... the lesson of Venus in Aries is all about learning to love through doing - it's frequently referred to as energy that can easily produce love at first sight !!! ... this Venus likes a partner who is independent, the actual "chase", the social whirl, spontaneous and unexpected affection, and romance that is very bold ... it dislikes people who are too clingy and those who tend to be socially inactive ... the energy of  Venus in Aries can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: erotic, winning style, passionate, playful, demonstrative, outgoing, straightforward, popular, sparkling personality, generous, appealing, having a childlike charm, a romantic idealist, persuasive, warm-hearted, quick to move

NEGATIVE: overly flirtatious, lustful, irresponsible, blunt, inconsiderate, coarse, not subtle, wanton, a teaser, naive in love, easily hurt, clueless, too pushy, self-centered, impatient in love

If you know which house you have the sign of Aries in natally, then you can most likely figure out where and how this transit of Venus may play out in your own life in addition to society as well ... and if you were born with the Sun in Aries, at some point during this Venus transit, it will pass over your natal Sun giving you a day to just enjoy the world, your friends , your creative efforts, and simply being alive !!!

ONE CAVEAT - Venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house and therefore money earned as well as money SPENT ... you should be careful about "burning" through your personal money while Venus is in Aries as the purse strings will be significantly loosened and expanded by this "heated" energy and you may find yourself wanting to increase your material holdings and also be drawn towards the purchase of big ticket or luxury items only to find yourself thinking at the end of this transit - "and I spent THAT MUCH MONEY because...????" ... and, as Venus naturally rules the 7th house of partnerships and relationships both personal and professional, you might also find yourself thinking that you may have accidentally "incinerated" some of these as well !!!
This transit of Venus through Aries could prove to be extremely challenging as many will feel the urge to pursue the "object of their affection" and starting major new relationships is a huge NO-NO in a Mars retrograde ... unless of course one or both of the parties happens to have Mars, or even Venus, retrograde in their natal chart, then things might not be as challenged !!!

Aries born, the love light is now shining on YOU - take advantage of the added possibility of getting what you ask for - under the circumstances of this particular transit though maybe you'll get it, maybe not with Mars retrograde throwing a wrench into the works a good part of the time !!! ... Venus remains in Aries until May 28th ... and when Venus finally leaves the sign of Aries, in addition to wondering if the means of the thrill of the chase justified the ends of what we did or did not get, we could find ourselves summing up our experiences of Venus in Aries in one of two ways - as "Loves Labours Lost" or a "Total Eclipse of the Heart" !!!