Friday, January 27, 2012


Mercury began its transit through the sign of Aquarius this afternoon, 1/27, at 1:12 PM EST ... the mind and tongue tend to be unconventional sometimes to the extreme of shocking other people ... communication is made intelligently, objectively, openly, and independently... language used can be very individualistic and sometimes rebellious ... one thinks for themself and usually resists other people's answers ... learning is best done through questioning authority and seeking out unique experiences ... the mind is experimental, innovative, and future oriented ... one wants to explore all possibilities while keeping options open ... there is the tendency to jump from idea to idea resulting perhaps from an intuitive flash or brainstorming ... one must be careful not to become a victim of fragmented or erratic thinking ... there are usually excellent verbal skills here ... one can be quite objective allowing them to talk with just about anyone ... connections are best made on an individual basis ... interests usually include anything new age - oh say like astrology, numerology and tarot maybe???!!! , and anything unusual, different, technological or progressive ... this energy frequently gives one the mind of a computer and the soul of a rebel !!!

Mercury in Aquarius usually indicates a fine and clever mind that is accurate, inventive and inquisitive ... people born under this energy - like yours truly!!! - often take a great interest in other people and have excellent judgement of human nature ... there is a love of analyzing character and motivation, and the finely tuned powers of observation that accompany this energy allow one to predict accurately how someone will react in a given situation ... Mercury here makes one a rather notorius people-watcher, and gives one a broad and emotionally detached outlook ... Aquarius is known as the sign of the truth-seeker and that characterizes the way this mind works ... sometimes one may seem eccentric as the ideas are so advanced ... and one may also enjoy saying things simply to shock other people - absolutely priceless, right ???

Mercury in Aquarius gives the mind the need for a lot of stimulation and activity ... interests are pursued thoroughly because of the capability of pursuing a train of thought for very long periods ... one is also capable of great inventive originality ... there is a desire to understand how the Universe is linked together ... one must be careful here of the powerful tendency toward abstraction causing one to become too detached and end up living in a mental environment that may be a long way from the reality of others around you ... also one may find that the thoughts speed so fast that one forgets to finish sentences - thinking others will understand where your thoughts were going - or one finishes other people's sentences for them in order to get on to the next topic ... a benefit of this energy is becoming aware that the individual mind is ultimately NOT separated from the Universal mind !!! ...

The essence of Mercury in Aquarius is thinking through liberating ... one perceives things mentally in a manner that seems to others as highly unlikely or even odd ... there is a definite streak of stubbornness running through the mind which is a result of having a sense of the "Truth" and understanding how things really are ... one has to be careful of the inherent blind spot which is detached objectivity to the point of missing the emotional factors in a given situation ... one of the main challenges of this energy is to learn to communicate ones vision and help others see life from a point beyond their personal hopes and fears ... the energy of Mercury in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: original thinker, inventive, unorthodox, comprehensive, scientific, objective, concise, well-informed, unshockable, open-minded, truth-loving, perceptive, progressive thinker, utopian, reformist, socially aware, intuitive, cosmically aware, telepathic and inspiring mind

NEGATIVE: way-out thinker, cranky, irrelevant, disjointed, clinical, lacks warmth, abrupt, unfeeling, indifferent, fixed opinions, contrary, emotionally blind, out of "time", unrealistic, reactionary, anti-social, scatterbrained, spaced out, overactive mind

Mercury remains in Aquarius until February 13th - a transit with the speed of lightning !!! ... this is the next to the last sign Mercury will completely transit before beginning its first Retrograde journey for 2012 which begins in March in the sign of Aries - see anything potentially managing to cause more than the usual disruption of a Mercury Retrograde ??? ... that's right, Aries is ruled by Mars which will still be in its Retrograde journey for 2012 ... gotta love that Cosmic sense of humor now !!! ... but for now, enjoy thinking with an open mind and remember that the truth often awakens like a flash of lightning - are you ready to be struck by it ???

Monday, January 23, 2012


Mars, the planet representing the urge to get what you want, sexual drive, initiative, courage, raw energy and desires, began its RETROGRADE journey for 2012 today, 1/23, at 7:54 PM EST ... the purpose of a Mars retrograde ultimately is to evaluate what it is that motivates you and for you to determine if you are on the correct path to achieve your goal, and if you are doing what you should be doing to get there ... inside a Mars retrograde, it is time for all of us to adjust our actions and aggressive instincts to ensure that ones intent is accomplished ... this often includes going back over previous actions and having to redo them or let them go in order to move forward ... also, old resentments and personal issues that haven't been resolved in the past have a tendency of resurfacing during this period which yields the awareness that the time has come to develop new strategies and approaches for dealing with issues, anger and learning assertiveness ... it is often said that during a Mars retrograde we may become somewhat less "warlike" and that our energy can hit a lull to the point where it seems our get up and go truly got up and went !!!! ... Mars takes a retrograde journey for about 9 - 10 weeks out of its 26 month cycle ...

This 26th month cycle becomes significant as we are used to Mars energy moving forward since it takes about two years to return to its natal position in ones birth chart and thus spends about two months in each sign ... the direct and retrograde stationing movement of Mars occurs most frequently in Cancer, Leo and Virgo, and least frequently in Sagittarius and Aquarius due to its eccentric orbit around the Sun ... Mars could be considered a "double twin" of the Earth as it tilts on its axis in almost the same way as the Earth, but Mars has 4 six month seasons instead of 4 three month seasons like we have here on Earth ... the Earth orbits the Sun in 1 year and Mars in 2 years thus the Earth finally catches up with Mars roughly every 2 years and 2 months = 26 month cycle ... often Mars retrograde will bring issues of frustration or hostility to the surface we have deliberately suppressed due to their disruptive qualities which can cause forward movement in our lives to be temporarily delayed ... sudden reversals of interest and drive may occur, as well as the termination of a long term goal as it may become apparent that the effort is innappropriate for the long term ... also old wounds, hurts and frustrations may arise seemingly out of context but usually there is a purpose for this ... during a Mars retrograde it is usually a good idea NOT to undertake any new beginnings per contract or verbally since the energy often isn't there to carry it through ... now sometimes you can't just "sit tight" for nearly two and a half months, but there are good reasons, if at all possible, as the waiting may ultimately prove to be a blessing in the long run ... often things begun under a Mars retograde will run into problems when it stations back into direct motion - that being April 13th/14th, depending on what time zone you live in, or at some point during the next two years, or even when Mars begins its next retrograde journey - which will be in March of 2014 ...

This Mars retrograde is entirely in the sign of Virgo and will occur from 23 degrees of Virgo back down to 3 degrees of Virgo ... if you have had a natal chart done, you can look to where these degrees fall and get an idea of where you will be rethinking some kind of action you have taken or where you might encounter delays or even a shift into a different direction ... if you were born with your natal Sun between 3 degrees and 23 degrees of Virgo, at some point Mars will cross back over your natal Sun and, among other things, there could be a few days when you feel as if someone unplugged your energy outlet !!! ... as with Mercury retrograde periods, sometimes those born with Mars retrograde will find this period more productive as they are already comfortable and used to this energy and have a better understanding ... interesting to note that in a natal chart those born with Mars retrograde are said to have actions in the current life that are recreations of the past and are frequently in competition with themselves !!!

As Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house we can certainly expect many of the issues that arise will have to do with daily work and service - here jobs could change, pay could be reduced or the job could simply come to an end, health and nutrition - past issues may arise requiring further medical attention or we discover a need to rethink our dietary habits, and family issues on some level ... as Virgo is ruled by Mercury, we have a Mercury/Mars relationship working here in retrograde motion which will surely result in a weakening of vitality and possibly our minds and tongues getting somewhat out of control ... get out and do some exercise ... also interesting to note, usually in a Mars retrograde we tend to become less warlike and somewhat more civil but that is not set in stone ... we may also encounters blocks and hindrances in our intellectual urge, avenues of expression and reasoning ability !!!

For those of you born between today, January 23rd and April 13th, you will get Mars retrograde in your birthday chart for the whole year ahead ... below is what noted astrologer Mary Fortier Shea has to say about having Mars retrograde in the birthday chart - also known as the Solar Return:

"When Mars is retrograde in the solar return chart, the individual must work with the process of self-motivation. This is a good time to work on a long-term project, especially one involving the need to repeatedly push yourself  toward achievement. You are the motivating force. No one else can get you to move. It is very unlikely that you will be motivated by others since personal goals will seem more important than the conflicting goals of others. If you cannot motivate yourself or direct your energy in a useful manner, you will feel listless and tired. This is an extremely useful retrogradation for those who are goal-oriented; unfortunately, it can be a very counterproductive placement for those who are not.

The way you choose to handle anger is symbolized by Mars retrograde. Usually, there is a desire to avoid confrontation and conflict. You may be unable or unwilling to express anger outwardly. Furthermore, you might find it difficult to be openly aggressive or even assertive given the situations you are involved with. If this is so, you could resort to passive-aggressive behavior or manipulation if it seems impossible to deal with a present situation on a rational level. For example, if you are taking care of a cantankerous and senile relative, confrontation and rational discussion will not improve your relationship, but refusing to engage in conflicts and stressing the humor of the situation may. You can manipulate your way around the old coot with love and understanding in your heart. Having Mars retrograde in a solar return chart signals the need to reassess the appropriateness of anger and conflict in certain situations where it may actually be totally useless. It is not the answer to all situations and you can learn to use other tactics.

If you are involved in difficult circumstances, you may not defend yourself against the criticism of others. And in fact, you could see yourself as responsible to some extent for the situations you are involved in. This is a time when you are more apt to get in touch with the role you, yourself, play in creating stress. You could blame yourself and be very self-critical of your own behavior. Positively, we can look upon this year as a time when you are more apt to see self-defeating situations and take corrective action. It is fairly common to realize the existence of at least one self-defeating situation or personality pattern during the year.

Mars retrograde, at its worst manifestation, can have a self-destructive interpretation. It is possible that you will place yourself (through your own doing) in a situation that causes you difficulty or pain. You will have the ability to withdraw from the situation, but might choose to remain throughout the solar return year. This may sound like a horrible manifestation, but it is not necessarily so ... The house placement of Mars will relate to the self-defeating or self-destructive attitudes and may symbolize this negative behavior in relationships, career practices, financial responsibility, etc. If one concentrates on the issues, solutions can be found and there will be no need to remain in compromising situations."

OK Aries born, this is your period of review and rethinking since Mars is your ruling planet ... what has been going on in your life since December 20th, 2009 that may not be working out after all ... and, this includes all of us, what possibly was begun from December 20th, 2009 through March 10th, 2010 that now must be addressed and reworked or simply has come to a necessary ending ??? ... Even though Aries born individuals as well as Virgo born - since Mars is retrograding through the sign of Virgo - may be more sensitive to this reversal of energy, we will all experience it somewhere in our lives and lights may begin to come on in our heads that perhaps we should have either waited a while longer before taking action or possibly never have taken action to begin with in certain situations ... this Mars retrograde period may be made even more frustrating because adding fuel to the fire, there will be a Mercury Retrograde stirring up its usual mayhem embedded in this Mars retrograde and that will be from March 11th/12th through April 3rd/4th - yikes, fasten your seatbelts !!!

Mars remains retrograde until April 13th/14th ... so it's probably a good idea to drop back and punt where possible for the time being ... we also may feel at some points along the way that there is something that is making us restless, edgy and irritable and simply not be able to pin down what is causing this ...  and during this Mars Retrograde, hopefully we all will come to realize that the perfection (Virgo) we seek outwardly begins within ourselves !!! 

Friday, January 20, 2012


The Sun began its transit through the bold, progressive sign of Aquarius this morning, 1/20, at 11:10 AM EST ... in this sign one may want to shine in various ways ...  shining uniquely and inventively - ones avenues for recognition and attention are likely to be unique to oneself, and self-expression is tied to a need for freedom to experiment ... shining by seeking recognition rebelliously or independently - one may fight against standard methods for "success" or "fame" thus seeking recognition as a rebel ... shining futuristically - one is likely to be ego-involved with progress achieving recognition through forward-looking activities or ideas that include working with new technology or anything that is perceived as being on the cutting edge of change ... shining by being rational - one may achieve recognition for their objectivity, logic and intellectual detachment where creativity could possibly be directed towards innovative approaches to humanitarian causes and social welfare carefully analyzing options without any emotional bias ... and whether you are born under this natal energy or simply incorporating it into your own natal energy by transit, you will certainly be seen as one of the "different ones" ...

Aquarius is a masculine, fixed air sign ... its glyph is the waves of electricity or to some waves of water ... anatomically it rules the shins, ankles and the circulatory system ... its key phrase is "I know" and its keyword is "imagination" ... Aquarius is the sign directly opposite to Leo in the natural zodiac ...

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus - the first modern planet being discovered in 1781 ... it was named after the ancient Greek sky God - the first ruler of the Universe ... its pictoral symbol is that of the Water-bearer - dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally to all representing the creation and the giving of life ... Uranus is the planet which rules the nervous system, inventions, originality, science, electricity, magic, the occult, light, ASTROLOGY!!!, psychology, x-rays, airplanes and insight into the laws of nature ... it is futuristic, humanitarian, intellectual, eccentric, bohemian, egotistical and utopian ... it governs creative will, sudden change, revolution and dictators, individualism, ingenuity, rebellions and autonomy ... its action is sudden, unexpected and often violent ... it is a breaker of tradition ... recent studies have shown that Uranus is also associated with natural disasters ...

Aquarius is the natural sign and ruler of the 11th house of the horoscope ... it is a house of group relationships whose keyword is social consciousness ... it reflects your capacity for friendship, your attitude toward your friends and acquaintances and all non-emotional relationships ... it indicates what you most desire in life, your goals, the love you receive as well as money obtained from your profession or business ... the 11th house also shows step, foster, and adopted children, and also circumstances over which you have little to no control ... it represents your humanitarian interests, the way you see others, large and small organizations, and the clubs you belong to, which may somehow relate to your career ...

The Sun sign describes the center of ones being - the Will ... it shows what dwells in or lies close to your heart and what gives your life a sense of creative purpose ... it is symbolic of ones Spirit ... so whether natally born with or experiencing this energy through a transit, the essence of the Sun in Aquarius is living through liberating ... the goal here, being energy of the Water-bearer and Water symbolizing the emotions, is to experience and express ones feelings without getting "wet" - to avoid being emotionally biased, overly attached or becoming upset ... the Sun is actually considered in its detriment in Aquarius because the Will can lose itself in the vast "sky" of ones urge to be free ... more than any other sign, Aquarius holds the key to what it truly means to be a human being ... but most important of all is the seeking of freedom for oneself through developing a greater sense of what life on Earth is all about ... and ironically, one being under this energy is all about discovering the love of humanity while not being so keen on one-to-one relationships ... the energy of the Sun in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: impartial, cool, broad-minded, fair judge, friendly, gregarious, humanitarian, democratic, reformist, idealistic, inventive, original, unaffected, convincing, intuitive, outwardly calm, clownish, free-thinking, free-loving, open-ended

NEGATIVE: avoids intimacy, aloof, non-committal, emotionally inept, impersonal, anti-social, lacks sympathy, hypocritical, reactionary, impractical, cranky, elitist, mocking, imposes ideas, cutting, secretly anxious, sarcastic, catty, flighty, pointless

Aquarian born individuals, this is the beginning of your new solar year - a fresh start - HAPPY SOLAR RETURN !!! ... the Sun will remain in the sign of Aquarius until February 18th/19th depending on the time zone in which you live ... and just how much of a "wild thing" will we each become, especially with Mars Retrograde during the Sun's entire transit through Aquarius ??? ... nevertheless everyone - NOW is the time to be a rebel with a specific cause in your own unique and creative style !!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Venus began its transit through the sign of Pisces today, 1/14, at 12:47 AM EST ... this Venus is all about dreams and wishes, fairy tale endings, love at first sight, and happily ever after ... Venus is exalted in Pisces - remember a planet that is exalted in a sign expresses its energy more harmoniously and visibly, especially since Pisces ruler Neptune is the higher virbational octave of Venus ... Venus in Pisces enjoys being compassionate, tenderhearted and helpful ... often one relates to others by taking the role of either the rescuer or a person looking for help ... affection is usually expressed idealistically, romantically, sympathetically, or sometimes evasively ... there is a deep desire for magic and romance in love ... one of the obstacles here can be a lack of clarity about what you want or a failure to be objective in regards to others which can ultimately set you up for disappointment, disillusionment, or possibly deception ... it is very easy under this energy to idealize love and loved ones, and one must guard against putting people and love on the proverbial "pedestal" as when reality sinks in the results can be devastating ... sometimes a lack of discrimination can lead to highly frustrating attachments ... in this energy, one often wants a beautiful dream in their love relationships, yearns for a true soul mate, or can be psychically attuned to ones partner ... remember that Pisces is a water sign so Venus traveling here is subject to the emotions being a large part of the drive - even more so than usual!!!

Venus in Pisces can give great sensitivity to hurt that makes one feel as though they are being picked on ... one must guard against clinging to illusory loves just because they are far more beautiful than real life ... and this could ultimately prevent one from finding true closeness with another ... the bottom line here is that this Venus wants to experience the perfect, unselfish love ... tastes are frequently very refined here ... music is usually a natural means of self-expression as well as art ...

The essence of Venus in Pisces is loving through accepting - the love of all ... in fact love IS all ... this energy sees the Eternal Life principle flowing through every manifestation and therefore uniting the soul with all of life ... it is said that this placement of Venus most likely has more innate ability for inspired artistic creativity than any other ... also at heart one knows and feels that love is everything ... everything is regarded as being alive and sacred ... Venus in Pisces can yield a complex love nature ... this is due to having a highly evolved sense of love as unconditional and of beauty as a healing property, but on the other hand the fears and doubts that can accompany this energy can make one inclined to see love as something one "needs" and beauty as something to "get" or to "own" ... the truth here is that each one of us is a thing of love and beauty, but if one begins to doubt this, then one can open themself up to being used and abused ... and in the end, it comes down to the fact that you can only love the world and those in it as much as you love yourself as a part of the world !!! ...the energy of Venus in Pisces can express itself in the following ways :

POSITIVE: compassionate, sympathetic, appreciates unity of all life, congenial, evocative, sensitive lover, easygoing, artistically inspired, natural healer, self-sacrificing, selfless, highly affectionate, altruistic, very generous, loves unconditionally, gentle, philanthropic, peaceful

NEGATIVE: martyr, too sentimental, too passive, seducing, idealizes lover, romantically deluding, hypersensitive, self-pitying, weak-willed, wanton, no self-value, undiscerning, fears rejection, indulging, evasive, overly impressionable

Venus remains in Pisces until February 8th  ... Pisces born individuals don't forget this is the time when Venus shines its beautiful light upon you, and it is usually a good time to ask for what you want ... you're pretty much irresistable !!! ... for all of us, it's time to keep seeking "love with all the trimmings ... waiting all for YOU" !!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Mercury began its "practical" transit through the traditional, reliable sign of Capricorn this morning, 1/8, at 1:34 AM EST ... this is the energy of a highly organized mentality ... it is a hard worker that stores up facts and figures for future practical use ... it is cautious and highly methodical as it knows what it wants and exactly how it plans to get it ... the mind as well as the tongue are serious and sensible ... communication is made cautiously, and for those born with this energy in their youth there could be doubt as to ones mental ability therefore yielding a need to prove onesself as having a good mind ... there is sometimes this doubt associated with limited educational opportunities in childhood that may be overcome by further study in adulthood ... words here are usually not spoken until they are well thought out unless, of course, MODIFIED by something else in the natal chart !!! ... one can appear to be rather formal, authoritative, reserved and self-sufficient which can sometimes inhibit communications with others ... natural logic and cautious planning are oriented towards material success and/or personal responsibilities ... thinking is well-organized ... learning is achieved through persistence, dedication, and steady progress ... one might become a little pessimistic under this energy by mistakenly focusing on limits rather than potentials ... here we have a Mercury/Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) relationship that will ultimately give a very structured, organized and well thought out quality to the mind if there is no other energy adversely modifying it ...

Mercury in Capricorn can make one ambitious, careful, calculating and patient ... one excels at handling detail and rarely loses sight of the overall picture ... people born under this energy often obtain positions of leadership due to their dependability and their air of authority ... one must guard against becoming too dictatorial though ... the darker side of life is often viewed under this energy, yet a redeeming trait would be the very dry sense of humor bestowed here ...

The essence of Mercury in Capricorn is thinking through building ... the mind rules the matter ... it's the organizer ... there is the capability of extended concentration and excellent organization ... one becomes realistic rather than idealistic in the approach to their goals ... little of practical consequence escapes ones attention due to a keen sense of awareness ... think of Mercury in Capricorn like a laser beam - pointed and locked on exactly what it wants and it will know exactly how to get it ... ultimately it is not the facts that ones mind contains that determines its quality - it is how you use your mind and what you use it for that counts ... one of the essential lessons of Mercury in Capricorn is to learn to USE concrete facts but NOT be weighed down by them ... when you achieve this, you realize how ridiculous it is being enslaved to material status and belongings ... the energy of Mercury in Capricorn can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: good timing, mentally cautious, not easily fooled, retentive mind, methodical mind, orderly mind, serious when necessary, level-headed, clever, discriminating, shrewd, profits from little, employs others, sober, clear and deliberating mind, strong concentration, painstaking, patient

NEGATIVE: procrastinating, slow learner, sceptical, mentally overloaded, lacking originality and imagination, given to melancholy, boring and rigid, suspicious, devious, avaricious, uses others, stern, dry minded

Use this energy well and you will never lose sight of what really counts the most - your resourcefulness ... be sure to give your mind a break when it needs it, or IT may break !!! ... help to inspire others with a goal that you are able to see more clearly than they can ...

Mercury remains in the sign of Capricorn until January 27th ... no doubt my fellow Capricorns and I will come up with some truly scathingly brilliant ideas as it passes through our birth sign and transits over our natal Sun placement ... HEADS UP - only two more signs after Capricorn for Mercury to transit before it begins its first retrograde journey for 2012 which may be compounded with extra aggravation  by being embedded inside of a Mars retrograde ... for now, one way to sum up this transit comes in a well known phrase made famous from the television series Dragnet - "JUST THE FACTS M'AM" !!!