Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mars, the planet of action, aggression and initiative began its transit through the emotional sign of Pisces today, February 22nd, at 8:07 PM EST ... Mars, being a planet with a "fiery" reputation, loses some of its force moving through a water sign such as Pisces ... nevertheless, it has drive and ambition but on different levels ... in Pisces, Mars is naturally sensitive, compassionate, and vulnerable ... it may express its energy through the arts which most likely would include some form of beauty in action such as dancing or playing a musical instrument ... alternately, it can be drawn towards healing or helping activities, fighting for causes, or escaping reality ... here one is trying to balance self-assertion and self-sacrifice and/or action and intuition .. one may assert oneself with kindness, idealism, or empathy, but there also comes the risk of inflating ones own will as ones supreme value ... however, having faith in a Higher Power and a sense of the oneness of life, the will and initiative would be softened by compassion ... physical energy and sexual drive could be influenced by ones dreams, moods and emotions ... one might feel vulnerable or unclear about who they are thus making them susceptible to the feelings and emotions of those they are around ... intuition, inspiration, a spiritual urge, or a need to save, rescue or heal are likely to be highly motivating factors ... it is often said in Astrology that Mars in Pisces can be the marking of the "spiritual warrior" !!! ...

In addition, the gifts of imagination, sensitivity, and intuition are often manifested in the creative fields, thus this can also be the marking in a natal chart for actors or those in the entertainment industry ... Mars in this sign seeks involvement whether it be with a partner, an idea or a passion ... it frequently shoulders others' responsibilities without complaint ... Mars in Pisces can be self-sacrificing or it can greatly inspire others in some way ... the down side to this very subtle energy would be the danger of becoming unfocused and restless and being instilled with a great drive for an escape from reality which unfortunately can produce an abusive use of drugs and alcohol ...

The essence of Mars in Pisces is getting through accepting ... the soft touch ... what is desired is gotten through subtle or indirect means ... having strong emotional undercurrents influencing ones actions, there is a need to discover what they are and whether or not they are justified to avoid being tugged this way and that way ... there is an uncanny ability with this energy to drift and immerse oneself into the feelings of others ... and unless one can tune into this subtle energy and try to refine ones coarser and more material desires, it is likely that in the end one will be seduced by their own seductiveness ... personal moods are infectious but one can also be easily "infected" themselves ... a lot here depends on one being aware of exactly what they want and not giving in to vagueness ... what is so energizing about Mars in Pisces is something that one possesses is more emotional than physical, of the Soul rather than of the body !!! ... the expressive energy of Mars in Pisces can be presented in the following ways:

POSITIVE: fascinating, charismatic, subtle, diffuse, charitable, congenial, self-sacrificing, tender, inspiring, imaginative, generous, psychic, stealthy, sensuous, healing, intuitive, compassionate, diplomatic, humorous, fluid

NEGATIVE: neurotic, volatile, evasive, unfocused, seductable, malleable, self-deluding, weak/lazy, gushing, fanciful, indiscriminate, temperamental, treacherous, confusing, invasive, resentful, frustrating, absurd, inconsistent, scandalous, impotent/frigid

Pisces born individuals, this is your period of roughly six weeks of receiving that extra boost of energy to accomplish whatever you set your mind on to get done ... for all of us it is a good time to identify that part of ourselves to which others are drawn and to which we, too, must follow ... in other words - surrender .. Mars now joins the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in the sign of Pisces, and remains in the Pisces until April 2nd ... for all you spiritual warriors, new or well seasoned - spread your knowledge, healing and compassion as far as your imagination, compassion and intuition leads you !!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Mercury began its dream-like transit through the sign of Pisces this afternoon, 2/21, at 3:53 PM EST ... with Mercury in Pisces, the mind and tongue tend to be sensitive and intuitive with a large dose of compassion thrown in ... one will often express their intelligence sympathetically ... if one feels safe they can be talkative and very sociable, but if not they will clam up rather fast ... this energy gives one a poetic expression or ones language may be lovely and engaging ... communication here is made idealistically, imaginatively or perhaps evasively ... frequently one can make communications with other people on a non-verbal level, and one may be psychically or spiritually tuned in ... one can uplift others through their thinking and/or communicating ... often there is a wonderfully creative imagination and beauty can be created with either the mind or with ones hands ... interests are usually geared toward areas that are inspirational such as art, nature or the spirit ... one could be inclined towards fantasy, evasion, avoidance or denial if what is perceived does not match ones inner ideals ... the phrase "what if ???" may frequently cloud the reasoning process with this energy ... overall, one can be quite flexible in their thinking, have a wholistic approach, or even have a natural talent for synthesizing and seeing the whole of any situation ... sometimes the energy of Mercury in Pisces can produce the image of the absentminded professor ... while transiting through Pisces, a water sign, the effects of this Mercury energy are often highly influenced through the emotions ... one must take extra care here as Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune the planet of illusion and escapism, can lure one to escape "mental" reality through drugs and alcohol !!!

The essence of Mercury in Pisces is thinking through accepting ... the poetic mind ... the dreamer of dreams ... the mind is very sensitive under this energy and it can absorb as much information as, if not more than, it learns ... sometimes thoughts and notions will appear to have come from "somewhere else" which will cause doubt in their truth and thus eventually lead to a form of mental exhaustion as a result of resisting cerebral sensitivity and reasoning ... even though this is more the mind of the poet rather than the technician, one is still able to "dream up" both scientific and artistic visions ... here the mind thinks in pictures and one can richly profit by drawing from ones dream life ... it is highly suggested to keep a dream journal - you may be surprised how creatively and divinely inspiring your dreams become!!! ... with Mercury in Pisces there is the ability to be in touch mentally with the Collective Unconscious and navigate the vast sea of all the thoughts and feelings that ever were or ever will be ... it is wise to accept and to understand the channel-like quality of ones mind here and to always give expression to what is coming through ... the energy of Mercury in Pisces can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: imaginative, sensitive mind, visually aware, artistic, obliging, psychic, good instincts, receptive, humorous, versatile, good mimic, highly perceptive, philosophical, dreamer, good long-term memory, accepting, refined mind, contemplative, gentle, sympathetic

NEGATIVE: suspicious, evasive, easily freaked out, lazy, easily swayed, irrational, fearful, gullible, obscure, vague, uncommunicative, absent-minded, bad short-term memory, elusive, weak-minded, slow, wimpish, at a loss for words, seeing things

Mercury in Pisces encourages one to know that what one lacks in knowledge one makes up for in understanding - so take your time ... you have the power to choose what you take "on board" and its up to you to discover how to use it ... use your imagination in a creative fashion instead of becoming a victim of it !!! ...

Mercury has now joined the Sun and Uranus, which is almost through with its transit, in the sign of Pisces ... the mind will certainly be active and influenced by many factors .. it is up to each one of us to determine what is real and what is fleeting ... keep an open mind and allow the Universe to show you a slice of its infinite wisdom and creative process!!! ... Mercury remains in the sign of Pisces until March 9th ... this is the last full sign transit for Mercury before it begins its first Retrograde journey for 2011 the end of March - are you ready ???

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The Sun began its transit of the dreamy, mystical sign of Pisces on Friday, February 18th at 7:25 PM EST ... in Pisces one may strive to shine by creating beauty, shine through ones compassion, shine through psychic openness, or seek recognition through spiritual or mystical paths ... those born under the sign of Pisces have come in with a soul lesson of needing to learn peace ...

Pisces is a feminine, water, mutable (flexibility/changeability) sign ... its symbol is two fish tied together - swimming in opposite directions which signify hidden depths, shifting emotional currents, conflicting desires and extremes of temperament ... its glyph is considered a picture of the human feet ... in symbolic terms the glyph is two crescent moons connected by a straight line representing emotion and higher consciousness tied to and limited by the material world ... its key phrase is "I believe" and its keyword is "Understanding" ... it is the sign opposite of Virgo ... anatomically it rules the pineal glands - in association with its ruling planet - and the feet ...

The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune - Ancient God of the seas, second of the modern planets to be discovered (1846), and is the planet of illusion, glamour, mystery, and deception ... Neptune represents the spiritual or escapist urge, and its keyword is intuition ... it rules maritime matters, liquids, music, movies, stage and television, dreams, delusion, spirituality, ideals, mystique, hunches, creative functions, and things we take deeply for granted in life without questioning ... it also governs fog, petroleum, mystery, anesthetics, flattery, intangibles, fragrances, second sight, love of poetry, color and dancing ... in addition under its rule comes drugs and drug addiction, alcoholism, hypochondria, sleepwalking, trances, hypnosis, immateriality and abnormality ... its action is often subtle and gradual ... it is the higher vibrational octave of Venus and considered to be the second of the transcendental planets ... where you find Neptune in your natal chart is where you tend to deceive yourself and/or others, but it also where you seek the ideal ...

Pisces is the natural sign and ruler of the 12th house of the horoscope ... the keyword for the 12th house is subconscious and it is a house of endings - after all it is the final sign of the zodiac!!! ... the 12th house represents your inner strengths and weaknesses ... it depicts behind the scenes activity - including clandestine affairs - restorative solitude, places of quiet reflection, sorrows, handicaps, secrets, seclusion and frustration ...it can also indicate places of confinement such as jails, hospitals or mental institutions, as well as secret (hidden) enemies, restraint, inhibitions, exile, hidden dangers and self-undoing ...it shows the things we hide from others, and researach, background, subjective sustainment, inner consciousness and the subconscious mind ... here we also find charity, sympathy and public welfare ... it is frequently referred to as the closet or dustbin of ones horoscope since it is in this house where we tend to sweep away or hide problems which are often too painful to face or difficulties that we refuse to acknowledge ... sometimes it can be a very creative area of the natal horoscope and can reflect ones aptitude for art, music, dancing, writing or acting ...

The essence of the Sun in Pisces is living through accepting ... life is a mystery and each one of us IS the mystery!!! ... under this energy one is innately aware and appreciative of all walks of life ... here one recognizes that the Soul of anything or of anyone is synonymous with sensitivity, which is synonymous with suffering, which is something one is undeniably aware of - joy and sorrow are one ... the energy of the Sun in Pisces can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: compassionate, self-sacrificing, suffers artistically, unassuming, self-effacing, gentle, still but stirring, wise, accepting, adaptable, confided in, sensitive, fascinating, mysterious, imaginative, multi-talented, selfless, devoted, easygoing

NEGATIVE: self-pitying, the human doormat, suffers needlessly, indecisive, self-limiting, wimpish, inwardly storm-tossed, inner doubts, oblivious, vague, unforthcoming, escapist, deceptive, self-mystifying, impressionable, pointless, slaving, lazy

In Pisces one can inspire others in many ways - just don't forget to take some credit for it and then forget it ... give yourself to yourself before anyone else and become illuminated ... the Sun remains in Pisces until March 20th ... so dream, mystify, create, inspire, enlighten and believe in those fairy tale endings !!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

LOVE FOR SALE !?!?!?!?

Venus, with stately grace and elegance, began its transit of the sign of Capricorn very early this morning, 2/4, at 12:58 AM EST ... this Venus has a somewhat more somber and serious nature as it is transiting a sign ruled by Saturn - the taskmaster/teacher who tends to limit and restrict and produce a need for restructuring ... Capricorn is an Earth sign and when Venus transits an Earth sign interactions with others are sought sensually and with practicality, and it seeks comfort and stability ...

Venus in Capricorn enjoys being responsible, practical, and competent ... there is a tendency to relate seriously, formally, and at times with some reserve ... affection is expressed cautiously and soberly ... there is pleasure found here in self control and therefore sometimes there is inhibition in pleasure or love needs due to fears, limitations and inner doubts - all compliments of Saturn no doubt!!! ... here achievement of material wealth and status in the world gives one the feeling of emotional security ... ambitions, status or a conservative approach may affect love and social urges ... handling of money/possessions usually is very businesslike, pragmatic and very well organized ... predictability and fidelity are a must in love relationships ... this Venus wants to be "sure" ere it makes any commitments in partnerships but will work hard to make sure the relationship endures once formed ... Venus in Capricorn is a dedicated love ... this transit produces an elegant side of Venus - the one that loves dressing up, expensive accessories, and social affairs ... there is an interest in antiques found here which includes anything, or anyone for that matter, that has been around long enough to show its worth ... Venus in Capricorn is often starved for love ... ok everyone - GROUP HUG HERE!!!

Venus in Capricorn often seeks to improve its status ... proud and reserved in public behavior, this Venus dislikes overt public displays of emotion and affection which can yield an apparent dignified air which is resented by others as it becomes perceived as snobbishness ... emotions and sexuality can be repressed here, but in private there can be great sensuality ... though not openly demonstrative, there is great loyalty and steadfastness due to an innate sense of personal responsibility in important relationships ...

The essence of Venus in Capricorn is loving through building ... the test of time becomes a requirement ... the revelation here is that love is indeed not a business and if one wants a deeply spiritual kind of love relationship, the heart must be opened up and surrendered ... to that end, the energy of Venus in Capricorn may be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: committed, serious lover, steadfast, constant, cautious, trustworthy, disciplined, objective, genuine affections, modest, cool exterior, reserved, dignified, sense of composure, self-controlled, upright, practical, resourceful, affluent, self-made

NEGATIVE: possessive, jealous, inflexible, self-righteous, inhibited, distrustful, stern, indifferent, undemonstrative, mean, cold manner, unfeeling, snobbish, too formal, self-contained, stiff, materialistic, money-grubbing, penny-pinching, selfish

My fellow Capricorns, this is our time to shine as Venus bestows its grace, charm and luck on us ... remember to ask for what you want now as you just may get it - especially since Venus will be transiting through Capricorn for the remainder of the month dedicated to LOVE !!! ... Venus remains in Capricorn until March 1st ... and while love may not actually be for sale - well at least in most situations - the proof of its worth must certainly be "tendered"!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Mercury will FINALLY complete its transit through the sign of Capricorn - which it began back on November 30th but due to retrograde motion backed into Sagittarius on December 18th and then returned to Capricorn on January 13th - and begin its transit through the sign of Aquarius this afternoon 2/3, at 5:19 PM EST ... the mind and tongue tend to be unconventional sometimes to the extreme of shocking other people ... communication is made intelligently, objectively, openly, and independently... language used can be very individualistic and sometimes rebellious ... one thinks for themself and usually resists other people's answers ... learning is best done through questioning authority and seeking out unique experiences ... the mind is experimental, innovative, and future oriented ... one wants to explore all possibilities while keeping options open ... there is the tendency to jump from idea to idea resulting perhaps from an intuitive flash or brainstorming ... one must be careful not to become a victim of fragmented or erratic thinking ... there are usually excellent verbal skills here ... one can be quite objective allowing them to talk with just about anyone ... connections are best made on an individual basis ... interests usually include anything new age - oh say like astrology, numerology and tarot maybe???!!! , and anything unusual, different, technological or progressive ... this energy frequently gives one the mind of a computer and the soul of a rebel !!!

Mercury in Aquarius usually indicates a fine and clever mind that is accurate, inventive and inquisitive ... people born under this energy - like yours truly!!! - often take a great interest in other people and have excellent judgement of human nature ... there is a love of analyzing character and motivation, and the finely tuned powers of observation that accompany this energy allow one to predict accurately how someone will react in a given situation ... Mercury here makes one a rather notorius people-watcher, and gives one a broad and emotionally detached outlook ... Aquarius is known as the sign of the truth-seeker and that characterizes the way this mind works ... sometimes one may seem eccentric as the ideas are so advanced ... and one may also enjoy saying things simply to shock other people - absolutely priceless, right ???

Mercury in Aquarius gives the mind the need for a lot of stimulation and activity ... interests are pursued thoroughly because of the capability of pursuing a train of thought for very long periods ... one is also capable of great inventive originality ... there is a desire to understand how the Universe is linked together ... one must be careful here of the powerful tendency toward abstraction causing one to become too detached and end up living in a mental environment that may be a long way from the reality of others around you ... also one may find that the thoughts speed so fast that one forgets to finish sentences - thinking others will understand where your thoughts were going - or one finishes other people's sentences for them in order to get on to the next topic ... a benefit of this energy is becoming aware that the individual mind is ultimately NOT separated from the Universal mind !!! ...

The essence of Mercury in Aquarius is thinking through liberating ... one perceives things mentally in a manner that seems to others as highly unlikely or even odd ... there is a definite streak of stubbornness running through the mind which is a result of having a sense of the "Truth" and understanding how things really are ... one has to be careful of the inherent blind spot which is detached objectivity to the point of missing the emotional factors in a given situation ... one of the main challenges of this energy is to learn to communicate ones vision and help others see life from a point beyond their personal hopes and fears ... the energy of Mercury in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: original thinker, inventive, unorthodox, comprehensive, scientific, objective, concise, well-informed, unshockable, open-minded, truth-loving, perceptive, progressive thinker, utopian, reformist, socially aware, intuitive, cosmically aware, telepathic and inspiring mind

NEGATIVE: way-out thinker, cranky, irrelevant, disjointed, clinical, lacks warmth, abrupt, unfeeling, indifferent, fixed opinions, contrary, emotionally blind, out of "time", unrealistic, reactionary, anti-social, scatterbrained, spaced out, overactive mind

Mercury remains in Aquarius until February 21st - a transit with the speed of lightning !!! ... so enjoy thinking with an open mind and remember that the truth often awakens like a flash of lightning - are you ready to be struck by it ???