Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Jupiter - the planet representing growth, the laws, beliefs and ethics, expansion, opportunity, wealth, faith, higher education, travel - especially long distance, religion, philosophy, joy, goodwill, as well as excess - completed its retrograde journey today, 1/30 at 6:37 AM EST ... while Jupiter has been retrograde since August 4th, we have all been rethinking and reviewing our growth and expansion and where it may have gone too far too fast and needed some adjusting ... during this period we have all probably experienced some kind of internal growth and have been preparing for opportunities that may now become available since Jupiter has stationed back into direct motion ... one should pay particular attention in order to develop more understanding and awareness during these direct motion periods ... its time to determine whether or not what is being offered is something that you truly want and whether or not it will promote personal growth or is something that is merely stroking your ego ....

Sagittarius born individuals, it is time for you to come out of your yearly "hibernation period" and begin to move forward ... what have you been busy reviewing and mulling over since August 4th ??? .... what is it that you really want, and what is it that is simply excessive and not necessary for personal and spiritual growth and expansion ... in fact, this is something we all will most likely be doing ...

Jupiter has been retrograding in the sign of Gemini, the sign in which it began its transit through back on June 11th of last year ... below is a reminder of what the energy of Jupiter in Gemini is all about :

This Jupiter energy is all about pursuing a quest for expanding knowledge and communications … the Universe is asking us to increase our intellectual flexibility with Gemini being a mutable sign … there is a vast amount of information and knowledge out there that is waiting for us to discover and learn if we take the initiative and apply ourselves … and in the course of finding answers, we may well discover these answers will end up yielding even more questions … the time has come to begin to open our minds to a much broader spectrum of truths and beliefs … the Universe has put each one of us on a steep learning curve in the school of life … Here we have Jupiter in a relationship with Mercury which is the planetary ruler of Gemini … therefore the mind and communications are going to benefit through growth, expansion and opportunities which present themselves … The main caveat here is that Jupiter is highly challenged and doesn’t always function efficiently in this energy as it is said to be in “detriment” in Gemini due to the fact that it is in the sign opposite to the one it naturally rules … often our endeavors end up causing our energies to become extremely scattered while gathering so much information available from so many sources … Jupiter was last in Gemini from June 2000 through July 2001 …If you’ve had a natal chart done, then you will get an idea on what “stage of life” this energy will play out for you !!!

Jupiter in Gemini produces a love of philosophy and the desire to study important ideas in regards to the history of religion, education, law, and philosophy … the resulting expansion frequently results an opening of the mind to new and improved lines of communication and to the areas of social contact which ultimately benefit travel, writing, study, and business associated with the development of new ideas … this energy can yield a broad intellectual comprehension through a number of fields … there is much mental restlessness , traveling about and constant study in many areas of interest …this energy often produces highly skilled social commentators and historians …there is also the potential to attract numerous friends, acquaintances, and partnerships which allows one to expand their intellectual horizons in new and sometimes unusual directions … there is ability for teaching, writing, and lecturing … those born under this energy often become traveling lecturers … they also can earn money and expand their business interests through publishing, travel, personal services, importing, communication industries, and mail-order businesses …
Jupiter in Gemini encourages us to value the intellect, information, learning, and communications … we are lead to pursue our beliefs with mental exploration and versatility … our personal vision of that which is Higher is more rational and logical as ethics and morals will be based on intelligence and reasoning power … Life’s meaning will be sought through diverse interests incorporating variety, communication, cleverness or fluency … we will ultimately achieve growth through communication, learning and the development of many different skills … another challenge here is not to become over saturated with book knowledge at the expense of not supporting it through practical experience … now would be an excellent time to start keeping a journal of one’s ideas and experiences !!!

Jupiter in Gemini is all about growing through communicating … there is a natural enthusiasm to experience a multitude of life’s facets in order to truly get to know and understand oneself … however in this quest, we may get so caught up in the unending attractions as well as distractions available in life for us to pursue that we forget the most important factor – what exactly are we trying to attract and bring into our lives, and why are we so actively seeking distractions … in this quest to acquire so much varied and helpful information, we must guard against becoming like a tree with many broad, shallow roots which, even though it makes us mobile and adaptable personally, puts us in danger of being easily uprooted …on a positive note this energy bestows us with an adventurous attitude and the ability for getting into many advantageous situations …

Jupiter in Gemini allows growth and expansion to us through travel and literature, human networking, being in the know and constantly having food for thought … it is challenged by lack of interests, lack of communication, being out of circulation, idle chatter and disconnected thoughts … The energy of Jupiter in Gemini can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: well-travelled, well-connected, popular, sociable, a knowledge seeker, broad minded, knowledgeable, scholarly, mentally alert, many sided, well mannered, witty, cheerful

NEGATIVE: scattered interests, disconnected, restless, shallow interests, sketchy knowledge, intellectual snob, verbose, hypocritical, indiscreet, unacceptable to oneself, saying a lot but communicating little, agitated

Jupiter remains in direct motion until November 6th/7th and in the sign of Gemini until June 25th ... now that is has resumed direct motion, be prepared to experience the capacity of the mind to expand and become enlightened in many diverse ways compliments of the Universe ... understand you will be after something that is definitely worth knowing and worth communicating ... Jupiter will not return to the sign of Gemini once its transit is complete in June for roughly 12 years ... take advantage of this extra window of opportunity to expand your mental and communicative capacities ... it's time once again to explore the possibilities that allow us to discover and express the ultimate truths which unify is all ... and, as previously stated when Jupiter began its transit through Gemini last June, one of the most important lessons we hopefully will learn from Jupiter transiting through Gemini is the undeniable truth in that famous saying - A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE !!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Sun began its transit through the bold, progressive sign of Aquarius yesterday, 1/19, at 4:52 PM EST ... in this sign one may want to shine in various ways ... shining uniquely and inventively - ones avenues for recognition and attention are likely to be unique to oneself, and self-expression is tied to a need for freedom to experiment ... shining by seeking recognition rebelliously or independently - one may fight against standard methods for "success" or "fame" thus seeking recognition as a rebel ... shining in a futuristic manner - one is likely to be ego-involved with progress achieving recognition through forward-looking activities or ideas that include working with new technology or anything that is perceived as being on the cutting edge of change ... shining by being rational - one may achieve recognition for their objectivity, logic and intellectual detachment where creativity could possibly be directed towards innovative approaches to humanitarian causes and social welfare carefully analyzing options without any emotional bias ... and whether you are born under this natal energy or simply incorporating it into your own natal energy by transit, you will certainly be seen as one of the "different ones" ...

Aquarius is a masculine, fixed air sign ... its glyph is the waves of electricity or to some waves of water ... anatomically it rules the shins, ankles and the circulatory system ... its key phrase is "I know" and its keyword is "imagination" ... Aquarius is the sign directly opposite to Leo in the natural zodiac ...

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus - the first modern planet being discovered in 1781 ... it was named after the ancient Greek sky God - the first ruler of the Universe ... its pictoral symbol is that of the Water-bearer - dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally to all representing the creation and the giving of life ... Uranus is the planet which rules the nervous system, inventions, originality, science, electricity, magic, the occult, light, ASTROLOGY!!!, psychology, x-rays, airplanes and insight into the laws of nature ... it is futuristic, humanitarian, intellectual, eccentric, bohemian, egotistical and utopian ... it governs creative will, sudden change, revolution and dictators, individualism, ingenuity, rebellions and autonomy ... its action is sudden, unexpected and often violent ... it is a breaker of tradition ... recent studies have shown that Uranus is also associated with natural disasters ...

Aquarius is the sign on the 11th house of the natural  horoscope ... it is a house of group relationships whose keyword is social consciousness ... it reflects your capacity for friendship, your attitude toward your friends and acquaintances and all non-emotional relationships ... it indicates what you most desire in life, your goals, the love you receive as well as money obtained from your profession or business ... the 11th house also shows step, foster, and adopted children, and also circumstances over which you have little to no control ... it represents your humanitarian interests, the way you see others, large and small organizations, and the clubs you belong to, which may somehow relate to your career ...

The Sun sign describes the center of ones being - the Will ... it shows what dwells in or lies close to your heart and what gives your life a sense of creative purpose ... it is symbolic of ones Spirit ... so whether natally born with or experiencing this energy through a transit, the essence of the Sun in Aquarius is living through liberating ... the goal here, being energy of the Water-bearer and Water symbolizing the emotions, is to experience and express ones feelings without getting "wet" - to avoid being emotionally biased, overly attached or becoming upset ... the Sun is actually considered in its detriment in Aquarius because the Will can lose itself in the vast "sky" of ones urge to be free ... more than any other sign, Aquarius holds the key to what it truly means to be a human being ... but most important of all is the seeking of freedom for oneself through developing a greater sense of what life on Earth is all about ... and ironically, one being under this energy is all about discovering the love of humanity while not being so keen on one-to-one relationships ... the energy of the Sun in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: impartial, cool, broad-minded, fair judge, friendly, gregarious, humanitarian, democratic, reformist, idealistic, inventive, original, unaffected, convincing, intuitive, outwardly calm, clownish, free-thinking, free-loving, open-ended

NEGATIVE: avoids intimacy, aloof, non-committal, emotionally inept, impersonal, anti-social, lacks sympathy, hypocritical, reactionary, impractical, cranky, elitist, mocking, imposes ideas, cutting, secretly anxious, sarcastic, catty, flighty, pointless

The Sun now joins Mercury and Mars in this cutting edge, freedom loving dance through Aquarius with Venus soon to follow ...  Aquarius born individuals, this is the beginning of your new solar year - a fresh start - HAPPY SOLAR RETURN !!! ... the Sun will remain in the sign of Aquarius until February 18th ... and just how much of a "wild thing" during this often unpredictable transit will we allow ourselves to become ??? ... NOW is the time to be a rebel with a specific cause in our own unique and creative style !!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Mercury began its "cutting edge" transit through the sign of Aquarius today, 1/19, at 2:25 AM  EST ... the mind and tongue tend to be unconventional sometimes to the extreme of shocking other people ... communication is made intelligently, objectively, openly, and independently... language used can be very individualistic and sometimes rebellious ... one thinks for themself and usually resists other people's answers ... learning is best done through questioning authority and seeking out unique experiences ... the mind is experimental, innovative, and future oriented ... one wants to explore all possibilities while keeping options open ... there is the tendency to jump from idea to idea resulting perhaps from an intuitive flash or brainstorming ... one must be careful not to become a victim of fragmented or erratic thinking ... there are usually excellent verbal skills here ... one can be quite objective allowing them to talk with just about anyone ... connections are best made on an individual basis ... interests usually include anything new age - oh say like astrology, numerology and tarot maybe???!!! , and anything unusual, different, technological or progressive ... this energy frequently gives one the mind of a computer and the soul of a rebel !!!

Mercury in Aquarius usually indicates a fine and clever mind that is accurate, inventive and inquisitive ... people born under this energy - like yours truly!!! - often take a great interest in other people and have excellent judgement of human nature ... there is a love of analyzing character and motivation, and the finely tuned powers of observation that accompany this energy allow one to predict accurately how someone will react in a given situation ... Mercury here makes one a rather notorius people-watcher, and gives one a broad and emotionally detached outlook ... Aquarius is known as the sign of the truth-seeker and that characterizes the way this mind works ... sometimes one may seem eccentric as the ideas are so advanced ... and one may also enjoy saying things simply to shock other people - absolutely priceless, right ???

Mercury in Aquarius gives the mind the need for a lot of stimulation and activity ... interests are pursued thoroughly because of the capability of pursuing a train of thought for very long periods ... one is also capable of great inventive originality ... there is a desire to understand how the Universe is linked together ... one must be careful here of the powerful tendency toward abstraction causing one to become too detached and end up living in a mental environment that may be a long way from the reality of others around you ... also one may find that the thoughts speed so fast that one forgets to finish sentences - thinking others will understand where your thoughts were going - or one finishes other people's sentences for them in order to get on to the next topic ... a benefit of this energy is becoming aware that the individual mind is ultimately NOT separated from the Universal mind !!! ...

The lesson of Mercury in Aquarius is thinking through liberating ... one perceives things mentally in a manner that seems to others as highly unlikely or even odd ... there is a definite streak of stubbornness running through the mind which is a result of having a sense of the "Truth" and understanding how things really are ... one has to be careful of the inherent blind spot which is detached objectivity to the point of missing the emotional factors in a given situation ... one of the main challenges of this energy is to learn to communicate ones vision and help others see life from a point beyond their personal hopes and fears ... the energy of Mercury in Aquarius can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: original thinker, inventive, unorthodox, comprehensive, scientific, objective, concise, well-informed, unshockable, open-minded, truth-loving, perceptive, progressive thinker, utopian, reformist, socially aware, intuitive, cosmically aware, telepathic and inspiring mind

NEGATIVE: way-out thinker, cranky, irrelevant, disjointed, clinical, lacks warmth, abrupt, unfeeling, indifferent, fixed opinions, contrary, emotionally blind, out of "time", unrealistic, reactionary, anti-social, scatterbrained, spaced out, overactive mind

Mercury remains in Aquarius until February 5th - a transit with the speed of lightning !!! ... this is the the last sign Mercury will completely transit before beginning its first Retrograde journey for 2013 on February 22nd/23rd - depending on the time zone in which you live - in the sign of Pisces ... Mercury now joins Mars in Aquarius with the Sun shortly to follow ... Aquarius born, rising sign and moon sign you are certainly getting a lot of extra stimulation but aren't you already used to this "electrical", sudden and unexpected energy swirling around you ... in many cases you may have the upper hand on the rest of us !!! ... for now, we all need to learn to enjoy thinking with an open mind and remember that the truth often awakens like a flash of lightning - are you ready to be struck by it ???

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Venus, with stately grace and elegance, began its transit through the committed, disciplined and MOST AWESOME SIGN OF THE ZODIAC, Capricorn, yesterday, 1/8, at 11:11 PM EST ... this Venus has a somewhat more somber and serious nature as it is transiting a sign ruled by Saturn - the taskmaster/teacher who tends to limit and restrict and produce a need for restructuring ... Capricorn is an Earth sign and when Venus transits an Earth sign interactions with others are sought sensually and with practicality, and it seeks comfort and stability ...

Venus in Capricorn enjoys being responsible, practical, and competent ... there is a tendency to relate seriously, formally, and at times with some reserve ... affection is expressed cautiously and soberly ... there is pleasure found here in self control and therefore sometimes there is inhibition in pleasure or love needs due to fears, limitations and inner doubts - all compliments of Saturn no doubt!!! ... here achievement of material wealth and status in the world gives one the feeling of emotional security ... ambitions, status or a conservative approach may affect love and social urges ... handling of money/possessions usually is very businesslike, pragmatic and very well organized ... predictability and fidelity are a must in love relationships ... this Venus wants to be "sure" ere it makes any commitments in partnerships but will work hard to make sure the relationship endures once formed ... Venus in Capricorn is a dedicated love ... this transit produces an elegant side of Venus - the one that loves dressing up, expensive accessories, and social affairs ... there is an interest in antiques found here which includes anything, or anyone for that matter, that has been around long enough to show its worth ... Venus in Capricorn is often starved for love ... ok everyone - GROUP HUG HERE!!!

Venus in Capricorn often seeks to improve its status ... proud and reserved in public behavior, this Venus dislikes overt public displays of emotion and affection which can yield an apparent dignified air which is resented by others as it becomes perceived as snobbishness ... emotions and sexuality can be repressed here, but in private there can be great sensuality ... though not openly demonstrative, there is great loyalty and steadfastness due to an innate sense of personal responsibility in important relationships ...

The energy of Venus in Capricorn is all about loving through building ... the test of time becomes a requirement ... the revelation here is that love is indeed not a business and if one wants a deeply spiritual kind of love relationship, the heart must be opened up and surrendered ... to that end, the energy of Venus in Capricorn may be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: committed, serious lover, steadfast, constant, cautious, trustworthy, disciplined, objective, genuine affections, modest, cool exterior, reserved, dignified, sense of composure, self-controlled, upright, practical, resourceful, affluent, self-made

NEGATIVE: possessive, jealous, inflexible, self-righteous, inhibited, distrustful, stern, indifferent, undemonstrative, mean, cold manner, unfeeling, snobbish, too formal, self-contained, stiff, materialistic, money-grubbing, penny-pinching, selfish
Venus now joins the party with the Sun, Mercury and Pluto currently in the sign of Capricorn ... no doubt we are all going to be taking a serious look and doing some serious thinking about something or someone in our lives ... Venus remains in Capricorn until February 1st ... but be aware that decisions made in regards to what we all are taking such a highly focused look at for the next 24 days might be subject to change as this is the sign in which Venus completely takes its next retrograde journey in from December 21st, 2013 - January 31st, 2014 !!!

My fellow Capricorns, this is our time to shine as Venus bestows its grace, charm and luck on us ... remember to ask for what you want now as you just may get it ... and while love may not actually be for sale - well at least in most situations - the proof of its worth must certainly be "tendered"!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Just a reminder kidzzz ... we enter 2013 with all the personal planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars - in forward motion - none in a shadow point or a retrograde zone ... Mercury will not enter its first shadow point for 2013 until February 8th ... make the most of this forward moving energy to work on improving and solidifying partnerships/relationships both public and personal ... for those of you who like to be informed and plan ahead, here again is the list of the Mercury retrograde periods for 2013, and also the dates for the next Venus retrograde which will begin the end of this year in December ... KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !!! ... oh yes, and don't blame the messenger for the message :-) !!! 

Mercury Rx:

February 23rd - March 17th: 19 degrees back to 5 degrees Pisces
June 26th - July 20th: 23 degrees back to 13 degrees Cancer 
October 21st - November 10th: 18 degrees back to 2 degrees Scorpio 

Venus Rx:

December 21st, 2013 - January 31st 2014: 28 degrees back to 13 degrees Capricorn

Mars will not take its next retrograde journey until March 1st, 2014