Friday, March 25, 2016


SATURN - the planet representing the urge for security and safety, that is also known as the taskmaster teaching us the lessons we must learn in life, shows us what we are unsure of or truly fear, and forces us to find the means to acquire discipline, effort and sense of order so that we may overcome limitations and obstacles, and most importantly known as Father Time - began its RETROGRADE journey for 2016 today, March 25th, at 6:01 AM EDT ... this Saturn retrograde period goes from 16 DEGREES 24 MINUTES back to 9 DEGREES 47 MINUTES SAGITTARIUS ... if you've had a natal chart done, then you know in what area or areas of your life, depending on whether or not this retrograde period will take place in one or two houses in your natal chart, Saturn has, and will continue for a while longer, be making you focus your attention on to improve and make sure your foundations are more secure and solid ...

The main objective of a transiting Saturn retrograde is RESTRUCTURING, if necessary, our foundations to make sure they are strong and solid ... since Saturn is the planet which represents systems and organizations,  during its retrograde period the time has come to re-examine these areas and find ways to improve them and elevate them to a higher level of efficiency ... it  is now time for every one of us to restructure systems, programs,  organizations, and even rules in order to make them function more productively  ... processes and policies will all benefit from re-examination during this period even though it may not always be easy but very challenging as well as frustrating !!!

Saturn is currently transiting through the sign of Sagittarius which it began its initial transit through back on December 23rd, 2014 ... Saturn's mission in Sagittarius is to test our faith, higher beliefs, philosophical views, our personal understanding of life, higher education - do we need to pursue it or perhaps make it more productive for others that do so, and what our relationship is in relation to how and where we individually fit into the greater scheme of the ever expanding universal picture ... we are being asked to validate and often adjust our mental processing ... so how far have you come in that endeavor since December 23rd, 2014 and what have you discovered no longer works and must be changed ???

My fellow Capricorns, this begins our yearly period of review and self introspection as this is our ruling planet ... what has been going on in your life since Saturn stationed back into direct motion back on August 1/2, 2015 ???  ... what have you been working on and possibly rebuilding and restructuring that now needs some re-examination and reevaluation to determine whether or not you are on the right track to produce the desired results you are working towards ??? ... or what did you start working on during the last Saturn retrograde period - March 14th, 2015 through August 1/2, 2015 - that now MUST be addressed and either improved upon or simply let go of in order to facilitate personal and spiritual growth ??? ... this applies for everyone as well !!!

Usually people are not very happy when Saturn comes into the picture to teach us and make us learn life lessons that often are very daunting and difficult, but we native Capricorns understand Saturn's "weight" which can bear down on us ... so its retrograde journey each time becomes an opportunity for everyone else to feel and hopefully come to understand what we have to live with all of our life ... challenging - you bet ... and no one would ever say it is an easy task, but the potential for rewards are unlimited if you open your eyes, ears and hearts, allow the universe to lead the way and be willing to go the distance ... after all, if you don't learn the first time, you can make sure the Universe will bring the lessons back around again and the next time they may end up being even more difficult to deal with in your life !!!

Saturn retrogrades roughly every 12 1/2 months for a period of about 4 1/2 months ... Saturn remains retrograde until August 12th/13th  depending on which time zone in which you live ... indeed Saturn teaches every one of us different but difficult lessons in life ... but if you keep your feet firmly planted and try to stay positive and understand that the "light at the end of the tunnel" usually signifies greater personal as well as spiritual growth, you will definitely come through a much stronger person and better for the lessons you have taken seriously and made great personal effort to learn from ... you will definitely be better equipped to deal with life and its many challenges as well as being able to determine if you are truly standing on solid ground or teetering on faulty foundations that will eventually collapse beneath you creating who knows what kind of havoc in your life !!!

Monday, March 21, 2016


MERCURY begins its quick witted transit through the spontaneous, expressive sign of Aries today, March 21st, at 8:19 PM EDT ... it has now initiated another spin through the natural zodiac ... Mercury takes  approximately 1 year to go through the 12 signs of the Zodiac ... it spends anywhere from 15 days to roughly two months in each sign - the longer amount of time being the roughly 20 to 24 days during each of its usual three, sometimes four, retrograde periods per year ... Mercury was last in Aries from March 30th through April 14th, 2015 ...

While Mercury transits the sign of Aries, and with Aries being a Fire sign, energy and action will be expressed either in an inspiring, creative, independent, or impulsive, aggressive, confrontational manner - thus we can end up being extremely constructive or extremely destructive depending on how we harness this energy ... Mercury in Aries means it is now in a dynamic relationship with Mars - the ruler of Aries - and the Mercurial energy is being pushed into overdrive ... but just how far into overdrive it is pushed remains the question ... nevertheless the mind will be frequently on overload as well as our actions too ... we may find ourselves moving too quickly and causing mishaps or accidents - especially behind the wheel where we will no doubt be using even more hand gestures than usual !!! 

We will most likely come up with what we determine to be "scathingly brilliant" ideas but not all will be driven to fruition after they lose their initial novelty ... a lot of us will constantly be the victim of "foot-in-mouth" disease as we will have the tendency to speak before we think since the mind is processing so much so fast ... we may also experience sleepless nights or have difficulty going to sleep as we find that when our head hits the pillow the mind is still racing .... we will certainly have to be on guard about starting arguments and trying to stir up controversy simply because we feel like our words are the ultimate authority ...

With the mind and the tongue working rather quickly here, there is definitely a talent for debate and/or using words that are biting, ironic, and sarcastic ... communication will be made directly, forcefully and with confidence ... new ideas are always being sought here as it becomes necessary to be active in order to learn - even if the lessons end up being harder than we anticipated ... under this energy one is usually interested in courage, self-reliance, freedom and self-expression ...

Mercury in Aries teaches us to learn to think through doing ... this energy truly expresses the well known phrase that actions speak louder than words !!! ... just as fresh new ideas and experiences are sought out, there is the tendency at times to dwell on old grievances as well as on outworn interests ... if there is a failure to sustain enough mental input or assertion of ones intellectual outlook, there is the risk of nervous and/or physical restlessness that can develop into more serious mental or emotional conditions accompanied by matching circumstances ... slow down to clarify your objectives and then have the faith that you'll rise to the occasion ... make sure your force has a worthy cause attached to it ... realize that the tongue is indeed a sensitive muscle - so learn to "hold it", by learning to "bite" it gracefully, and appreciate what it is attached to !!! ... the energy of Mercury in Aries can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: quick-thinking, spontaneous, quick-acting, decisive, mentally forceful, stimulating, fighting spirit, fiery, frank, witty, to the point, observant, initiates ideas, thinks on ones feet, mentally active and agile, eloquent, verbally assertive, intellectually confident

NEGATIVE: impatient, irritable, quick-tempered, premature, headstrong, quarrelsome, spitting, thoughtless, sarcastic, terse, precocious, snap opinionated, snap decisions, verbally/mentally restless, one-sided viewpoint, intellectually arrogant

Mercury now joins the Sun and Uranus already in Aries - a potentially "lethal"combination for explosive verbal fireworks and actions that needlessly may become our undoing !!! ... Mercury remains in Aries until April 5th ... Aries born individuals, you may become infused with an overabundance of ideas and plans in addition to speaking out more so than usual - but indeed we all may do so even if we aren't Aries born !!! 

HEADS UP - this is the last full sign transit of Mercury before it begins its second retrograde journey for 2016 on April 28th which will be completely in the sign of Taurus going from 23 degrees 36 minutes Taurus back down to 14 degrees 20  minutes Taurus ... Mercury will enter its shadow point on April 14th when it reaches 4 degrees 34 minutes Gemini the degree at which it will resume direct motion on May 22nd ... also keep in mind this Mercury retrograde period will be completely embedded in the upcoming Mars retrograde period which begins on April 17th ... could be a very interesting and potentially extremely frustrating period for many - especially Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini, Taurus and Libra born - over half of the signs of the zodiac !!!

For this current Mercury transit though one might be well advised to keep a lot of ice cream or something cool and soothing on hand as we are sure to have a sore tongue from having to bite it so often, at least those who are wise enough to do so, to keep from allowing our hasty words to cause too much uproar, misunderstandings and unnecessary verbal confrontations ... "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS" !!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


The Sun blazed its way into the fiery, intense sign of Aries today, March 20th, at 12:31 AM EDT ... being the first sign of the natural zodiac, you will find many astrologers who will joyfully say - HAPPY ASTROLOGICAL NEW YEAR !!! ... also known as the Vernal Equinox, equal days/equal nights, but more readily known as the beginning of Spring - something we are all bound to put a little more of in our step for now !!! ... however, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere it's the first day of Fall !!! ... the astrological alarm clock has rung and we are awakened from the dream like state the Sun transiting through Pisces may have put many of us in ... we now emerge from those deep emotional waters of Pisces and "dry out" as we proceed to move forward and make potential numerous new beginnings somewhere in our lives as we start taking direct action ...

With the Sun in Aries, one needs to shine in the following ways: through valor and bravery; shine assertively; shine by being first; seek recognition energetically and impetuously; and shine in ones total self-expression ... Since Aries is a fire sign, the Sun is very comfortable here and maybe works a little more efficiently ... we are energized with a desire to start getting things done and begin new projects ...

Aries is a masculine/fire/cardinal (beginnings) sign ... it is active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, and open to change and new experiences ... its symbol is the Ram - assertive, sexual and able to climb to great heights ... its glyph represents the horns and long nose of the Ram ... symbolically the glyph is two half Moons joined by a straight line, which indicates idealism tied to authority and leadership ... its key phrase is "I AM" and keyword is "ACTIVITY" ... anatomically Aries rules the head - Aries born people are often prone to headaches, and sometimes subject to minor injuries around the head and face, and they are also susceptible to harm from fire and sharp instruments as well as being prone to accidents involving high speed ... sometimes they have a tendency to get into violent and dangerous situations ... Aries is the sign opposite of Libra ...

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars - the ancient God of war, aggression and conflict ... it indicates courage, passion, and competition ... Mars deals with your animal nature, desire and sexual energies ... it shows assertiveness, force, power, construction, work, strife, and competition ... it also governs surgery and operations, weapons, war, accidents, inflammation, wounds and cuts, burns, scalds, violence, tools, iron, and steel ... the action of Mars is sudden, self-assertive, and sometimes very disruptive ... its energy can be used destructively and angrily, in a fighting manner, or with courage and strength ... if you've had a natal chart done, where you find Mars is usually where you expend the greatest energy ... my natal Mars is in the 4th house - the house of home among other things - and I work out of my home !!!

Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house of the zodiac ... the 1st house keyword is "IDENTITY" and it is a house of life ... the cusp of the 1st house is known as the Ascendant or Rising sign - a very important point in the natal chart - often said to be the "mask" you wear to the outside world !!! ... it shows what the exact degree and sign was on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth - now you know why birth time is so important in Astrology ... the 1st house mirrors your personality, your natural disposition and tendencies, your individuality and the way you express yourself outwardly ... it shows how people see you - which may be totally different from your natal Sun sign - and the way you want others to see you ... the 1st house represents the way you "package" and "market" yourself ... it represents your physical body, your health and your early childhood years ... it usually characterizes your approach to life, your worldly outlook, your appearance and bearing, and the beginnings of all enterprises ...

The Sun in Aries teaches us how to LIVE THROUGH DOING !!! ... its the pioneer, the champion !!! ... this energy simply wants to get something started as the Will has free reign to express itself in this sign ... challenges that stir one to action are usually met with great enthusiasm ... patience is a lesson to be learned under this energy as the drive is so strong to move and MOVE NOW!!! ... physical, emotional and mental extremes are all desired in Aries which usually make one all the better for experiencing them - but go too far and one can expect to be extremely lonely ... remember what springs from your body or mind is only as good as what dwells in your heart ... the energy of the Sun in Aries can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: assertive, go-getting, crusading, enthusiastic, direct, frank, one-pointed, straightforward, spontaneous, energetic, stimulating, courageous, good starter, warrior caste, leader type, confident, independent, strong-willed, single-minded, original being

NEGATIVE: overly aggressive, unreflective, fanatical, arrogant, blunt, tactless, blind to side-issues, simplistic, impatient, restless, irritating, foolhardy, bad finisher, argumentative, uncooperative, pompous, self-centered, headstrong, thoughtless, intolerant

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN ARIES BORN !!! ... not only is this the time of year to begin a new astrological cycle, but also for YOU to SHINE !!! ... for everyone, it is a time for fresh new beginnings on many levels of ones life ... and even better yet - IT'S TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING - right ???

The Sun now joins Uranus already transiting Aries with Mercury to join the party tomorrow and fan the flames even higher - a lot of fiery energy being unleashed so proceed with caution !!! ... just be aware the last two days of this solar transit, the ruling planet, Mars, will have just begun its retrograde journey for 2016 on April 17th !!! ... The Sun remains in the sign of Aries until April 19th ...

Once Spring has sprung - BOING - at least here in the northern hemisphere, so it's definitely time to OPEN A NEW WINDOW ... OPEN A NEW DOOR ... that is if the pollen count isn't too high ... and, as Auntie Mame herself so vivaciously expressed what many would agree describes the feeling one experiences as the Sun transits through the sign of Aries - it's time to  LIVE ... LIVE ... LIVE !!!

Monday, March 14, 2016


VENUS began its compassionate transit through the sympathetic, emotional sign of Pisces Saturday, March 12th, at 5:24 AM EST ... Venus was last in Pisces from January 27th through February 20th, 2015 ... this Venus is all about dreams and wishes, fairy tale endings, love at first sight, and happily ever after - well maybe !!! ... Venus is exalted in Pisces - a planet that is exalted in a sign expresses its energy more harmoniously and visibly, especially since Pisces ruler Neptune is the higher vibrational octave of Venus ...

Venus in Pisces enjoys being compassionate, tenderhearted and helpful ... often one relates to others by taking the role of either the rescuer or a person looking for help ... affection is usually expressed idealistically, romantically, sympathetically, or sometimes evasively ... there is a deep desire for magic and romance in love ... one of the obstacles here can be a lack of clarity about what you want or a failure to be objective in regards to others which can ultimately set you up for disappointment, disillusionment, or possibly deception ... this energy needs not only love but an emotional connection as well otherwise it makes one feel very lost ... another caveat is to not become one who is afraid and holds back from expressing ones feelings and thus end up suffering in silence !!!

It is very easy under this energy to idealize love and loved ones ... one must guard against putting people and love on the proverbial "pedestal" because when reality sinks in the results can often be devastating ... sometimes a lack of discrimination can lead to highly frustrating attachments ... in this energy, one often wants a beautiful dream in their love relationships, yearns for a true soul mate, or can be psychically attuned to ones partner ... since Pisces is a water sign, Venus traveling here is especially subject to the emotions being a large part of the drive - even more so than usual!!!

Venus in Pisces can give great sensitivity to hurt that makes one feel as though they are being picked on ... one must guard against clinging to illusory loves just because they are far more beautiful than real life ... and this could ultimately prevent one from finding true closeness with another ... bottom line - this Venus wants to experience the perfect, unselfish love !!! ... tastes are frequently very refined here ... music is usually a natural means of self-expression as well as art ...

Venus in Pisces teaches us to love through accepting - the love of all ... in fact, LOVE IS ALL ... this  energy sees the Eternal Life principle flowing through every manifestation and therefore uniting the soul with all of life ... it is said that this placement of Venus most likely has more innate ability for inspired artistic creativity than any other ... also at heart one knows and feels that love is everything - everything is regarded as being alive and sacred ...

Venus in Pisces can yield an extremely complex love nature ... this is due to having a highly evolved sense of love as unconditional and of beauty as a healing property, but on the other hand the fears and doubts that can accompany this energy can make one inclined to see love as something one "needs" and beauty as something to "get" or to "own" ... the truth here is that each one of us is a creation of love and beauty, but if one begins to doubt this, then one can open them self up to being used and abused ... and in the end, it comes down to the fact that you can only love the world and those in it as much as you love yourself as a part of the world !!! ... the energy of Venus in Pisces can express itself in the following ways :

POSITIVE: compassionate, sympathetic, appreciates unity of all life, congenial, evocative, sensitive lover, easygoing, artistically inspired, natural healer, self-sacrificing, selfless, highly affectionate, altruistic, very generous, loves unconditionally, gentle, philanthropic, peaceful

NEGATIVE: martyr, too sentimental, too passive, seducing, idealizes lover, romantically deluding, hypersensitive, self-pitying, weak-willed, wanton, no self-value,  non discerning, fears rejection, indulging, evasive, overly impressionable

Venus remains in Pisces until April 5th ... Venus now joins the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in this dreamy, trance like swim through the emotional "waters" of Pisces  ...

Pisces born individuals, this is the time when Venus shines its beautiful "love light" upon you ... it is usually a good time to ask for what you want as you have the potential to be pretty much irresistible unless of course your natal energy dictates otherwise!!!

For everyone, it's time to keep "carefully" searching for the perfect "ahhhh" and seeking love with all the trimmings ... it may just be waiting - all for YOU !!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016


MARS began its initial transit through the adventurous, freedom loving sign of Sagittarius yesterday, 3/5, at 9:30 PM EST ... Mars was last in Sagittarius from September 13th through October 26th, 2014 ... Sagittarius being a fire sign means Mars can be extremely happy here and work very efficiently ... BUT ... there is the potential for it to be very productive or very destructive depending on how the
energy is put to use ... if not careful we can push forward so hard we end up running out of steam before we are finished with our quest !!!

Mars in Sagittarius is an "exploring energy"!!! ... it believes life is far too short to tie up ones energy in one place for too long ... this energy can make one naturally optimistic, confident, extroverted and humorous ... freedom and expanded horizons are an absolute must here!!! ... there is a spontaneous inclination towards athletics, philosophy, education, adventure, exploration or anything that seeks MORE of life and what lies beyond ... identity is tied to beliefs and values ... often what you want is guided by your faith which ultimately determines your goals in addition to your morality ... there is decisive action in the pursuit of your vision for the future or a personal aspiration ... often sexual drive and physical energy is fed by adventurous activities ... excitement, risks, movement and exploration are what Mars in Sagittarius thrives on ...

People born under or influenced by this transiting energy are frequently driven by strong religious and/or philosophic convictions ... remember, Sagittarius is the ruler of the 9th house in the natural horoscope ... one has to be careful here not to arouse resentment of others by trying to convert others 
to their dogmatic beliefs ... one will find a strong sense of patriotism under this energy ... there can be the desire to improve the social order in which one lives ... distant places and travel, especially foreign, and the adventure and excitement they provide beckon loudly !!!

Mars in Sagittarius produces those who are direct and open in their attitudes and actions ... one of the biggest caveats found with this energy is beware the temptation to go too far too fast and spread ones energy way too thin which could ultimately lead one to end up getting nowhere fast !!!

Mars transiting Sagittarius teaches us that what we get or attain in life is accomplished through the manner in which we go about seeking it ... there seems to be a built-in urge that the sense of freedom of movement is your right thus allowing you to venture toward some distant horizon in any direction whenever you feel this urge ... however the operative phrase here might more likely be not in any direction but "in WHAT direction" ... to get what you want in life under this energy requires that you have a definite goal ... without this, Mars in Sagittarius could end up causing you to rampage about, both physically and emotionally, never acting on anything thus never really getting anywhere ... there MUST be a dream here to focus your energies on, otherwise you may ultimately feel constricted by life's situations since you haven't considered what exactly you want your freedom for - your personal banner needs something specific inscribed upon it !!! ... and in which way and how creatively will you use this double fiery energy??? ... Mars in Sagittarius energetically can be expressed in the following ways :

POSITIVE: independent, far-sighted, freedom loving, exploratory, daring and bold, adventurous, optimistic, forcefully convincing, crusading, effective teacher, active idealist, frank and open, to the point, clears the air, enthusiastic, lusty and vigorous, mobile, spirited, very friendly

NEGATIVE: opinionated, overlooks obvious, demands unlimited freedom, impetuous, scatters energies, wildly hopeful, self-righteous, fanatical, ear-bashing, preaching, tactless and rude, harsh, argumentative, extremist, lustful and carnal, restless, boisterous, lecherous

Sagittarius born individuals, did you wake up this morning with an extra dose of energy perhaps, or an extra spring in your step ??? ... enjoy the portion of Universal "Red Bull" you are empowered with but there is extra precaution you should take this time around and be careful not to "incinerate" others with this energy boost you've been bestowed with ... especially as this period will be longer than usual due to Mars upcoming retrograde journey ... Mars will return Mars to Scorpio and then return back to Sagittarius after it stations direct !!! ... you may feel no mountain will be too high for you to reach the summit of in your personal quest ... and may of us experiencing the energy of this transit may have the potential to feel the same way !!!

Aries born, your ruling planet now enters a new sign ready to bring you lessons and people to help expand your vision and understanding of the mystery we call LIFE !!!

Mars remains in the sign of Sagittarius until ... WAIT FOR IT ... SEPTEMBER 27th - WHAT ??? ... as Mars is already "slowing down", it will get no further than 8 degrees 54 minutes Sagittarius on April 17th when it begins its retrograde journey for 2016 lasting until June 29th going from 8 degrees 54 minutes Sagittarius back to 23 degrees 3 minutes Scorpio ... Mars will reenter the sign of Scorpio on May 27th and once it stations direct on June 29th, will reenter the sign of Sagittarius on August 2nd to make its complete transit through this sign ... obviously Mars is already in its shadow point having passed 23 degrees 3 minutes Scorpio back on February 17th ... many may already have begun to feel the energy slowly draining somewhere in their lives ... and just a reminder once again that during the Mars retrograde period, there will be the second Mercury retrograde for 2016 completely embedded in the Mars retrograde ... this will occur from April 28th through May 22nd !!!

Nevertheless. we should all make the most of this elevated energy to explore new horizons and use it as productively as possible while Mars is in Sagittarius to further personal and spiritual growth in our lives !!!

So ... just how far and how high will you be able to "climb" in your quest to discover your ultimate individual personal truths ??? ... and when all is said and done, hopefully you will come to realize - the "ultimate adventure" is getting lost in order to discover who,where and what YOU are in this lifetime !!!

Friday, March 4, 2016


Mercury begins its dream-like transit through the highly perceptive, psychic sign of Pisces tomorrow, March 5th, at 5:24 AM EST ... while Mercury is in Pisces, the thinking and communicating will be greatly influenced by and through our emotions as Pisces is a water sign, so the mind and tongue will tend to be sensitive, or overly sensitive in some cases, and intuitive with a large dose of compassion thrown in ... Mercury was last in Pisces from March 12th through March 30th, 2015 ...

One will often express their intelligence sympathetically ... if one feels safe they can be talkative and very sociable, but if not they will clam up very fast ... this energy gives one a poetic expression or ones language may be lovely and engaging ... communication here is made idealistically, imaginatively or perhaps evasively ... frequently one can make communications with other people on a non-verbal level, and one may be psychically or spiritually tuned in ... one can uplift others through their thinking and/or communicating ... often there is a wonderfully creative imagination and beauty can be created with either the mind or with ones hands ... interests are usually geared toward areas that are inspirational such as art, nature or the spirit ... 

One could be inclined towards fantasy, evasion, avoidance or denial if what is perceived does not match ones inner ideals ... the phrase "what if ???" may frequently cloud the reasoning process with this energy ... overall, one can be quite flexible in their thinking, have a holistic approach, or even have a natural talent for synthesizing and seeing the whole of any situation ... sometimes the energy of Mercury in Pisces can produce the image of the "absent minded" professor ... one must also take extra care here as Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune the planet of illusion and escapism, can lure one to escape "mental" reality especially through drugs and alcohol !!!

Mercury is said to be in "detriment" in Pisces ... in "detriment" being in the sign opposite to the one it naturally rules - in this case being in Pisces opposite to Virgo one of the two signs it naturally rules ... so it is not operating at its full power taking on more of the signs rather than the planet's coloration, and thus visiting where it must conform to rules and regulations of that particular sign ... however, even though it may be frequently challenged by this, Mercury in Pisces still has great potential to produce some highly inspired and creative thinking and ways of communicating !!!

Mercury in Pisces teaches us how to think and process through what we are willing and capable of accepting ... it's the poetic mind ... the dreamer of dreams ... the mind is very sensitive under this energy and it can absorb as much information as - if not more than - it learns ... sometimes thoughts and notions will appear to have come from "somewhere else" which will cause doubt in their truth and thus eventually lead to a form of mental exhaustion as a result of resisting cerebral sensitivity and reasoning ... even though this is more the mind of the poet rather than the technician, one is still able to "dream up" both scientific and artistic visions ... here the mind thinks in pictures and one can richly profit by drawing from ones dream life ... it is highly suggested to keep a dream journal - you may be surprised how creatively and divinely inspiring your dreams become from the unconscious influence of the universe !!! 

Mercury in Pisces bestows the potential ability to be in touch mentally with the Collective Unconscious and navigate the vast sea of all the thoughts and feelings that ever were or ever will be ... it is wise to accept and to understand the channel-like quality of ones mind here and to always give expression to what is coming through ... the energy of Mercury in Pisces can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: imaginative, sensitive mind, visually aware, artistic, obliging, psychic, good instincts, receptive, humorous, versatile, good mimic, highly perceptive, philosophical, dreamer, good long-term memory, accepting, refined mind, contemplative, gentle, sympathetic

NEGATIVE: suspicious, evasive, easily freaked out, lazy, easily swayed, irrational, fearful, gullible, obscure, vague, uncommunicative, absent-minded, bad short-term memory, elusive, weak-minded, slow, wimpish, at a loss for words, seeing things

Mercury in Pisces encourages each one to understand that what one lacks in knowledge one makes up for in understanding - so take your time ... you have the power to choose what you take "on board" as you navigate through these emotional waters, and it's up to you to discover how to use it ... use your imagination in a creative fashion instead of becoming a victim of it !!!

Mercury now joins the Sun and Neptune already transiting through the sign of Pisces with Venus to join the magical, mystical party next week  ... the mind will certainly be actively influenced by many inspirational and highly imaginative factors ... it is up to each one of us to determine what is real and what is fleeting ... keep an open mind and allow the Universe to show you a slice of its infinite wisdom and its creative process at work !!! 

Mercury remains in the sign of Pisces until March 21st - the day after the Spring Equinox ... Mercury only has one more full sign transit, that being Aries, to go before it enters Taurus and reaches its shadow point, 14 degrees 20 minutes Taurus on April 14th, in advance of its second retrograde period for 2016 which takes place from April 28th through May 22nd, and will be completely in the sign of Taurus going from 23 degrees 36  minutes back down to 14 degrees 20 minutes Taurus ... and yet another reminder that this Mercury retrograde will be completely embedded in the Mars retrograde which occurs from April 17th through June 29th !!!

Meanwhile it's time to "begin, with a spin ... traveling in the world of our own creation ... what we'll see ... will defy ... explanation" !!!