Wednesday, December 21, 2016


The Sun began its patient, responsible transit through the steady, MOST FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, HONORABLE, CHERISHED, HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE, EFFICIENT... IN OTHER WORDS - NUMERO UNO BABY - SIGN OF THE ZODIAC - CAPRICORN, today, December 21st, at 5:45 AM EST!!! ... OK, so this happens to be my birth sign, BUT ... once again, WHO'S doing the blogging here - un-huh ??? ... I believe that allows me to embellish ever so slightly and I think my fellow Cappies would most heartily agree even though we can often be quite reserved !!! ... Old man winter has come to call, however for those in the Southern hemisphere Summer has begun and the heat is on  ... the light hearted, fun loving fiery energy of Sagittarius is now replaced with the slower earth bound energy dedicated to manifesting ones ambition into reality !!! ... we now turn our attention to focus on practical matters and attempt to go into the New Year ready to be productive and successful !!!

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the natural zodiac and represents the beginning of the Winter season ... with the Sun in Capricorn we need to 'shine' through responsibility, in a traditional manner, in seeking attention through authority or authorities, and in our public image and/or careers ...

Capricorns glyph is the Sea Goat - the ancient symbol used to represent the sign ... the glyph shows the V-shaped beard of the Goat and the curved tail of the Fish ... the glyph is two straight lines that meet and are connected to a circle and a crescent ... this represents the melding of authority and responsibility that is made stronger through energy and passion ... the Goat's steps are slow and sure as they take their time to make sure they get where they are going ... the hooves representing the fact that they attain their goal through using  surefooted solid steps ...

Capricorns quality is cardinal - meaning beginnings ... its element is earth making it a sign a little slower to move ... its energy is feminine - nurturing and passive ... its key phrase is 'I Use' and keyword is 'Ambition' ... anatomically Capricorn rules the bones, joints and knees - but, also due to its association with Saturn, rules the skin, the skeletal system (including teeth), left ear and auditory organs ...

The planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn - the teacher, the taskmaster, the disciplinarian ... Saturn rules form, responsibility, organization, ambition, capacity for a career, limitations and delays ... Saturn also governs theories and scientific law, older persons, depth, patience, timing, tradition, conventionality, orthodoxy, and productive use of time ... it represents the principles of truth, of contraction, or solidification of wisdom and of aging ... Saturn's action is slow and lasting ... if you have had a natal chart done and know in which house Saturn is located, then you know where you best focus and assume responsibility, or where you may feel least secure and tend to overcompensate!!!

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of the zodiac ... this is a house of substance whose keyword is 'Honor'... this house shows your profession, your reputation, and your standing in the community ... it indicates your ego, status, fame, promotion, ambition, business and social activities, your employer, the government or any other authority over you ... it shows your achievements, how the world sees and evaluates you, and the influence you may exert in your own circle ... here we see the Church as an organization, and the opposite parent represented by your natal 4th house ... the parent who becomes the wage earner or authoritarian moves into this 10th house when you are able to  distinguish between the two and no longer view them as one unit ... a footnote - if you are raised in a single parent home, then that parent is represented by both the 4th and the 10th houses ..

The energy we experience with the Sun in Capricorn is teaching us to learn how to live through what we build upon ... it is concerned with making a success of life ... one is satisfied here through a sense of purpose and responsibility ... as this surefooted progression gets one to their intended goal, sometimes the foothold can be on someone else's feet or head!!! ... this is a very complex sign and often its energy is perceived as melancholy and stern - but anyone who cares enough to penetrate through the shell of reserve will be greatly rewarded as Capricorns affections and loyalty run deep, and it cherishes and protects loved ones ... it is here for the long haul !!!

The upper half of the Sea Goat represents the earthy and persistent climber ... but when the climber stumbles or falls, or simply realizes there is more to life than can be physically sensed, one begins to acquaint itself with the lower half being the tail representing the world of the fish - the mystical, irrational and unconscious inner realm ... when Capricorn gets spiritual it does so with the same practical efficiency that it deals with the material world ... and ultimately one comes to the realization how useful an awareness of the reality of invisible forces ( thoughts, feelings, the imagination) is, and that the roots and foundations - on which everything is actually built - are usually out of ones sight ..

Capricorn is old when it is young and gets younger as it ages ... this is due to Saturn's ruler ship of this sign which places great burden and "weight" on young Capricorns shoulders continually driving one to work, and even when a goal has been reached Saturn still says one can do even better!!! ... as a child of Saturn, Capricorn always needs something to improve and perfect ... the energy of the Sun in Capricorn can be expressed the following ways:

POSITIVE: materially aware, responsible, efficient, orderly, ambitious, organizer, industrious, takes the reins, reserved, patient, thoughtful, deep understanding, resourceful, canny, persevering, disciplined, earthy, senses others' needs, employs others, solid

NEGATIVE: status slave, unscrupulous, ingratiating, wet blanket, cold, calculating, slave to self, dictatorial, inhibited, intolerant, worrisome, inscrutable, tight, suspicious, rigid, austere, opportunist, uses others, hard

It has always seemed ironic to me that the Sun would enter the focused, serious sign of Capricorn only days before what is considered the merriest and most joyful Holiday of the year!!! ... however, we are constantly reminded by the Universe that there is a time for everything and anything in excess is usually not a good thing ... and  it is actually helpful to be under this energy as the year comes to a close so that we can seriously reflect on and review where we have been and what we have done this past year, and then start making plans as to what direction we need to be moving in next year to assure that personal and spiritual growth continues ... there is prolific potential to begin some major growth in our lives if we put our shoulder to the grindstone and positively use this determined, hardworking energy ...

And now for the cosmic joke at this point ... drum roll ... Capricorn is indeed a cardinal sign which is all about new beginnings ... HOWEVER ... don't forget Mercury has begun its last retrograde journey for 2016 back on December 19th which will not conclude until January 8th therefore embedding it in this solar transit for 19 of its 30 days ... the caveat here is to do exactly like the sure footed mountain goat that represents Capricorn and move forward very cautiously until the Mercury retrograde is over meaning try to AVOID making any new major beginnings until after January 8th if possible and as for those New Years resolutions - well who keeps them for long anyway ... am I right or I am I right ???

The Sun now joins Mercury, currently retrograde, and Pluto already transiting through the sign of Capricorn - Pluto is now a little over halfway through its complete transit through Capricorn which will not conclude until November 2024 ... with all of this heavy duty energy, we have the potential to bring about great change, transformation and deep healing in our lives as well as others, or we can bring about great ruin and devastation if we are not attuned to the "light" and what it is trying to illuminate in our lives !!!

The Sun remains in Capricorn until January 19th ... yet another reminder those celebrating birthdays from today through January 7th will definitely get the Mercury retrograde energy in their solar return, birthday chart, for the whole year ahead, and those born on January 8th may or may not get it depending on what time your solar return occurs this time around - be prepared for the teacher/taskmaster to school you somewhere in your life !!!

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN CAPRICORN BORN - IT'S OUR TIME OF YEAR TO TRULY SHINE !!! ... oh yes, and should you happen to cross the path of a wonderful Capricorn individual, be sure to give them a GREAT BIG HUG AND A SMILE - you know we Capricorns need all the hugs and smiles we can get with Saturn often weighing down our souls rather heavily at times !!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Mars, the planet of action, aggression and initiative began its transit through the emotional, compassionate sign of Pisces yesterday, December 19th, at 4:23 AM EST ... Mars was last in Pisces from January 12th, 2015 through February 19th/20th, 2015 ... Mars, being a planet with a "fiery" reputation, loses some of its force moving through a water sign such as Pisces ... nevertheless, it has drive and ambition but on different levels ... 

Mars in Pisces is naturally sensitive, compassionate, and vulnerable ... it may express its energy through the arts which most likely would include some form of beauty in action such as dancing or playing a musical instrument ... alternately, it can be drawn towards healing or helping activities, fighting for causes, or, being drawn to the darker side, escaping reality especially through drugs and alcohol ... here one is trying to balance self-assertion and self-sacrifice and/or action and intuition .. one may assert oneself with kindness, idealism, or empathy, but there also comes the risk of inflating ones own will as ones supreme value ... however, having faith in a Higher Power and a sense of the oneness of life, the will and initiative would be softened by compassion ... 

Physical energy and sexual drive could be influenced by ones dreams, moods and emotions ... one might feel vulnerable or unclear about who they are thus making them susceptible to the feelings and emotions of those they are around ... intuition, inspiration, a spiritual urge, or a need to save, rescue or heal are likely to be highly motivating factors ... it is often said in Astrology that Mars in Pisces can be the marking of the "spiritual warrior" ... and with Neptune currently transiting through Pisces, the sign it naturally rules, the potential is greatly increased !!! 

In addition, the gifts of imagination, sensitivity, and intuition are often manifested in the creative fields, thus this can also be the marking in a natal chart for actors or those in the entertainment industry ... Mars in this sign seeks involvement whether it be with a partner, an idea or a passion ... it frequently shoulders others' responsibilities without complaint ... Mars in Pisces can be self-sacrificing or it can greatly inspire others in some way ... the down side to this very subtle energy would be the danger of becoming unfocused and restless and being instilled with a great drive for an escape from reality which unfortunately can produce an abusive use of drugs and alcohol ...

Mars in Pisces teaches us that we get through accepting ... it's the soft touch ... what is desired is gotten through subtle or indirect means ... having strong emotional undercurrents influencing ones actions, there is a need to discover what they are and whether or not they are justified to avoid being tugged this way and that way ... there is an uncanny ability with this energy to drift and immerse oneself into the feelings of others ... and unless one can tune into this subtle energy and try to refine ones coarser and more material desires, it is likely that in the end one will be seduced by their own seductiveness ... personal moods are infectious but one can also be easily "infected" themselves ... a lot here depends on one being aware of exactly what they want and not giving in to vagueness ... what is so energizing about Mars in Pisces is something that one possesses is more emotional than physical, of the Soul rather than of the body !!! ... the expressive energy of Mars in Pisces can be presented in the following ways:

POSITIVE: fascinating, charismatic, subtle, diffuse, charitable, congenial, self-sacrificing, tender, inspiring, imaginative, generous, psychic, stealthy, sensuous, healing, intuitive, compassionate, diplomatic, humorous, fluid

NEGATIVE: neurotic, volatile, evasive, unfocused, easily given to seduction, malleable, self-deluding, weak/lazy, gushing,  fanciful, indiscriminate, temperamental, treacherous, confusing, invasive, resentful, frustrating, absurd, inconsistent, scandalous, impotent/frigid

Pisces born individuals, this is your period of roughly six weeks of receiving that extra boost of energy to accomplish whatever you set your mind on to get done - the cosmic joke here is that Mercury will be retrograde for the first 21 days of this 40 days transit of Mars  ... for everyone it is a good time to identify that part of ourselves to which others are drawn and to which we, too, must follow ... in other words - SURRENDER  !!!

Aries born since your planetary ruler has now entered into a new sign, you are now being required to learn new lessons this time on a more spiritual level if the energy is used positively ... also don't be surprised if some of you seem to lose your natural born "get up and go" energy while Mars transits through the watery sign of Pisces ... in fact many of us may fond that is the case especially with the current Mercury retrograde added into the mix !!!

Mars once again joins Neptune in the sign of Pisces with Venus joining the spiritual "party" on January 3rd for the last 25 days of this transit of Mars  - thus increasing the potential that a lot of us may be drawn towards the pursuit of a highly focused spiritual "vision quest" - or will some fall to the depths of escapism, deception and/or addiction ???  

Mars remains in the Pisces until January 27th/28th depending on the time zone in which you live ... for all you "spiritual warriors", new or well seasoned, spread your compassion, healing and knowledge as far as your intuition and imagination leads you !!!

Monday, December 19, 2016


IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR - WAIT A MINUTE !!! ...whether we like it or not - NOT !!! - Mercury began its fourth and final RETROGRADE journey for 2016 today, December 19th, at 5:55 AM EST .... and you are well aware if you've been following my blogs, then
 you know pretty much what to expect during a Mercury Retrograde - as always ... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!! ... some of you may have noticed the energy beginning to move backwards already when Mercury entered its shadow point - the point where it will come out of the retrograde on January 8th - back on December 1st  ... from now on things somehow just don't seem to go right or as we planned and we often find ourselves re-doing things especially after Mercury stations back into direct motion ... this is a dual sign Mercury retrograde taking place from 15 degrees 8 minutes Capricorn back to 28 degrees 51 minutes Sagittarius ... Mercury was last retrograde in Capricorn from January 8th, 2016 through January 25th 2016, and it was last retrograde in Sagittarius from November 6th, 2012 through December 13th/14th, 2012 ... anything come to mind from that period in your life ??? ... and what will most likely make this potentially an especially annoying Mercury retrograde is that it occurs amidst the Holiday season - in particular during the last full shopping week before Christmas and carries us into the New Year ... buying gifts this week could prove not only frustrating and irritating, but end up causing us to buy the wrong gift, being overcharged for some reason, finding out we didn't get what we thought we were getting, or even now discovering something we purchased earlier was not the right choice ... tis the season to be jolly - HO HO ... HOH - NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

Obviously communications are going to be challenged both to and from others ... partnerships and relationships often hit the skids during these periods, and maybe even more so with all the added stress of the Holidays stirred in the mix ... it is NOT a good time to make major purchases - especially Cars - a big NO NO, computers or anything that involves electronics - once again looks like Holiday shopping be damned !!! ... purchasing homes can end up producing unforeseen problems and even the contracts can have unexpected difficulties along the way or at closing especially if the closing takes place during the retrograde period .... it is also not a good idea to enter into contracts or start new jobs as they will most likely not pan out and end up being dead ends .... obviously one cannot put their life on hold, but if there is anyway to hold off on these things until Mercury turns direct, it would prove beneficial in the long run ... I have frequently found, though, that in some charts I've done, people born under a Mercury retrograde sometimes seem to thrive during these periods because they innately understand the backward energy and how to work with it ...

It is very important to understand that Mercury retrogrades are NOT ALWAYS the harbingers of doom and gloom ... even though it is true they can cause disruption and misunderstandings, we have to realize these are simply Universal "time outs" which give us the opportunity to go back to rethink and review our actions especially as the energy relates to the current sign that the planet is transiting through ... bottom line - though we often joke about it, retrogrades shouldn't always be feared and dreaded but perhaps approached cautiously ... the Universe is giving us a chance to right our wrongs and redirect ourselves to achieve more beneficial personal and spiritual growth !!!

Mercury retrogrades are simply a time for reviewing and revision ... as the saying goes, "it might be a good idea to drop back and punt" !!! ... during a retrograde journey it can be said that we are in a mental "down time" and often things will not register on a conscious level with us ... it is said that the use of Mercury retrograde cycles are to reconnect the individual with the Universal rhythm ... this is NOT the time to make vast sweeping changes ... rather one should keep an eye open for possibilities that could prove more satisfying once the energy has returned back to direct motion ...

Mercury retrograde in an earth sign, this time being Capricorn, brings the focus to determining the tangible results of ones life, to become more organized and to learn to deal with practical matters, to not allow life to be saturated with unfinished business, address security matters as well as ones most basic needs ... once Mercury returns to Sagittarius, a fire sign, the focus will shift to determining how ones inspiration can help create ones future ,,, often there are miscalculated attempts at trying to start something that will improve ones life overall ... creativity and how we use it to responds to life's situations will be emphasized ... we will be encouraged to learn to relax and enjoy the pleasures and situations of life that help shape our future direction ...

As Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn certainly career and public image will be areas of life potentially affected as Saturn rules Capricorn which is the sign that is the natural ruler of the 10th house ... there will be some very deep and heavy thinking an rethinking done here ... along with profession, reputation and standing in the community, other areas where issues to be addressed might arise for reviewing and rethinking may include the following : the ego, ones status, fame (or lack of it), promotions, ambitions, business or social activities, ones employer, the government or any other authority over one, personal achievements, how the world sees and evaluates one, the influence one exerts in their own circle, and the parent who is considered the authoritarian if both parents are still living, or the parent who remains should there only be one ... all areas ruled by the 10th house ...

When Mercury returns to Sagittarius on January 4th, it returns to a sign ruled by Jupiter which is also the planet that is the natural ruler of the 9th house ... areas that may then be given issues to arise in include: the law, religion, science, ideals, higher learning, philosophy, psychological issues, mental studies, our dreams and visions, long distance travel, foreigners, foreign dealings, commerce, big business, imports and exports, spirituality and the church, the clergy, in-laws, grandchildren, intuition, ethics, and lessons we learn through living as sometimes we just have a difficult time being able to perceive the bigger picture ... all areas ruled by the 9th house ...

In regards to overall health, remember Mercury is the natural planetary ruler of the 6th house which rules health and nutrition, among other things, so there could be more potential to have health issues in general during a Mercury retrograde ... while in Capricorn there could be more potential to have health issues with the bones, joints and knees ... while in Sagittarius, there could be more potential to have health issues with the liver, hips and thighs ...  

Also a reminder that a Mercury retrograde period is usually NOT a good time to have elective surgery as the healing process could be slowed down or there could be the chance of complications and having to go back at a later date and take care of something that wasn't done correctly or overlooked for some reason - this especially applies to any form of cosmetic surgery !!! ... as for emergency surgery, we have absolutely no control over that and trying to put that off might produce catastrophic results !!!

If you've had a natal chart done and know in which house or houses 15 degrees 8 minutes Capricorn back to 28 degrees 51 minutes Sagittarius lie in your chart, then you may get a good idea as to what the main issues this Mercury retrograde has in store for you !!!

Gemini and Virgo born since Mercury is your natural ruling planet, this is your time to "try" and slow down for personal review and rethinking - especially in regards as to what has transpired in your lives since Mercury last resumed direct motion on September 21st/22nd !!!

Below I have re-posted the "Mercury Retrograde Survival Manual" written by my teacher Lyn Hammond Gray ... hopefully it will help out :

"Here is your Survival manual: Mercury retro always creates a repeating action. The Re-Words are common. Some re-words that you will notice during this time are:

Repeat – The action you are making during the RX period you will probably repeat again during the period or later.

Repair – The need for repair will arise. If possible, put if off until Mercury turns direct (January 8th).

Reverse - You will be amazed at how many times you change your mind or reverse your thinking during this time. Watch out for that race car driver that is driving in reverse down the emergency lane on the freeway. Yikes!....

Recall - Your mind will wonder back. You will think of people from the past or you will encounter someone from the past. If old lovers show up, don't bet that it will stick. Believe me... it is just for a "review." (And if it does last, I want to be the first to know about it. E-mail me and let me know). And you know what, I wouldn't start a new romance during this period either. Hold off until AFTER January 8th !!!

Review - If you are reading instructions, you may find it necessary to review repeatedly because they simply don't make sense. Sometimes the publisher has actually left out a step. It happens!

Regroup - In corporations, it is a common experience during the Rx to hear the boss say, 'Alright, we are going to rework this thing and get it right.' Later when the period is over, they go back to the old way doing things. It is a laugh a minute. Stand back and watch the comedy.

Reboot and Revise - The computer world is a definite place to watch the comedy. It is common for one to suddenly, without fore thought, decide to revise their system during the Rx. Oh! Mercy! That revised system may never function in the normal way. Oh, please! Do wait until the period is over. However, it is fine to do your shopping for the new components during the Rx. When you do go to purchase your parts in January after the 8th, you will most likely find better deals and buys.

Return - Now here is a good one. You'll find that this period is a popular time for family or class reunions. Should you stay are home? Absolutely not! You go because this is a review that you don't want to miss. But funny thing is that in spite of the fact that you tell these people 'lets stay in touch' it will become lip service and you won't live up to your suggestion.

Rebirth – Often one will go back into the past and bring up old creative projects to work with during this time frame. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. Only you will be able to activate the discipline to keep it going once the retrograde period is over.

Recover - You can bet that you will dig into your files, boxes or storage to recover something that you need…you can also bet it won't be an easy find. It is likely that you will be looking for a legal document· While it is possible that you may not find what you are looking for, you may find something that you would like to put back in to use. Fun!

Re-examine – Well, just about everything. Smile.

Reduction – Over the years, I have been amazed at how many times a company or person decides to eliminate a job or to leave a job during the retrograde. It is my experience that a job changed during this period is 95% of the time regretted. Can you wait until the period is over, dear heart?

And so it is. Three times a year, sometimes four, we live with this cosmic "going to teach you patience routine". All and all when this retrograde period is over you may "Realize" this simple truth: The flow of the universe is very, very interesting and it is going to have its way with us.

Good luck and may the Universe bestow upon each one of you a special wisdom and unique insight into your journey through this life at this point !!!"

Those of you born between December 20th and January 7th will definitely have Mercury retrograde energy in their birthday chart for the whole year ahead ... those born on December 19th and January 8th may or may not get this backward energy depending on the time of your solar return !!! ... below is a repeat explanation of what it means to have Mercury Retrograde for the whole year in your birthday chart:

The significance of having Mercury retrograde in your yearly birthday chart or, as we refer to it in Astrology, a Solar Return, is summed up below by Mary Fortier Shea in her book titled "Planets in Solar Return" :

"A Solar Return is the time every year that the Sun returns to the same degrees and minutes it was at when you were born - all the more reason to know your birth time now isn't it, hmmmmm????? ... a new chart is run for you at the time your solar return occurs in that given year and it is run for wherever you are at the precise time of your solar return ... this produces a new horoscope chart which shows what energy you may or may not run into for the year ahead - that is from the current birthday until next years birthday ... its energy can be felt from one to three months out before the actual solar return occurs .... often people will relocate for the return time in order to get a particular energy in their solar return chart ...

Mercury is usually retrograde in a solar return chart every six years ... during this time it's best to be introspective ... you should be learning and thinking on your own rather than depending on others ... the mind is like an overstuffed drawer seriously in need of re-filing and reorganization ... in other words the time has come to "process" ...

The mental processes are not very receptive to new information at this time ... it's time to go back and re-examine and review things in your life which may have been started but not carried through to fruition or maybe interrupted and suddenly abandoned for some reason ... by focusing inward you might be able to see that your own opinions, thoughts and decisions work best for you rather than those made by others ... at the same time be very receptive to the feedback others are giving you especially if you have missed the mark in regard to some endeavor ...

Another side effect of this energy is secretiveness where you decide to withhold information or sometimes outright lie ... and why ??? .. because you have secrets that need to be kept or else were you to express your opinions and thoughts outwardly it could cause tension in your relationships ... have plenty of ice cream around to soothe the tongue you are most likely going to have to bite frequently this year !!!

This is a great year to keep a journal and put your thoughts down on paper and also to write original material ... sometimes you can see things differently when thoughts and ideas are written down which is a very helpful way to get organized ... this is a year where you will probably realize old opinions and beliefs are now outdated thus encouraging you to reassess your thinking, reformulate previously developed ideas, and shed new light on something on some level of your life that needs to be addressed ...

It doesn't really have to be a bad year ... done wisely, fast forwarding to the past and clearing out the "clutter", you can propel yourself further ahead in life than you originally may have thought !!! "

For all of us, now becomes a time to review and rethink what is going on in our lives and especially what may have been started or done during the last Mercury retrograde, that being August 30th through September 21st/22nd, or, like Gemini and Virgo born, actions we undertook since the last Mercury Retrograde ended on September 21st/22nd ... and it would not be out of the realm of possibilities to have issues arise from previous Mercury retrogrades in particular the retrograde periods from April 28th through May 22nd and January 5th through January 25th of this year ... all of these being the most recent Mercury retrogrades as well as the Mercury retrograde periods in 2015 ... and in some cases even further back than that !!!

Whatever the case, it is for sure that there will undoubtedly be lights going ON in our heads regarding these actions as well as other lights going OUT as this Mercury retrograde energy wreaks its cosmic havoc for the next 21 days ... Mercury remains retrograde until January 8th, 2017 ... so slow down and try not to act too impulsively and swim upstream in a raging current of cosmic chaos or the day may come in the near future when you live to regret what you did ... be aware that tempers will flare and patience may become very scarce at times ... most importantly, keep that sense of humor close at hand ... it will definitely be needed many times during the next 3 weeks !!!

As always my fellow beings of light, when all is said and done, the burning question becomes whether or not will we become the victim of Constant Cosmic chaos, the recipient of great Cosmic Clarity - or perhaps both ???

Finally, in the spirit of the festive Holiday season, I leave you with these slightly altered words to the beloved poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Major Henry Livingston originally thought to have been penned by Clement Clarke Moore - "BUT I HEARD HIM EXPLAIN, ERE HE DROVE OUT OF SIGHT" ... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ON THIS BLASTED MERCURY RETROGRADE NIGHT !!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Venus began her free-loving and often "shocking" transit through the progressive, rebellious sign of Aquarius yesterday, December 7th, at 9:51 AM EST, which yields the potential to breathe rather radical new life to any form of love that has become stale, stagnant and/or non-productive - or perhaps it will quickly bring an end to some relationship(s) letting you know in no uncertain terms it is time to MOVE ON !!! ... Venus in Aquarius is a detached yet magnetic love as well as highly unconventional varying greatly from the norm !!! ... Venus was last in Aquarius from February 16th through March 12th of this year ...

Venus in Aquarius can be extremely unpredictable and her capacity for love truly marches to the beat of a different drum!!! ... it indeed likes being unusual or going against the norm in some form or fashion ... relations can be casual, erratic or pursued with openness and tolerance ... affection is expressed experimentally, freely, and unconventionally ... pleasure is derived from being unique and sometimes downright kinky !!! ... the handling of money and possessions can be progressive, intellectual, unpredictable, changeable, or even rebellious ... freedom AND friendship is a requirement in love relationships ... trying to tie this Venus down is a big NO-NO - well except when you are, oh wait ... that's a whole other story !!! ... this energy is often viewed as cool and aloof and one can come across as impersonal and detached ... people of a race, creed, or gender that shock others may sometimes become ones object of affection !!!

Venus in Aquarius gives a kind and loving nature ... it makes one helpful, charitable, but NOT an emotional person ... PERSONAL FREEDOM IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE !!! ... in any relationship there must be the ability to explore varied interests and hobbies, meet new people, and enjoy a wide range of friends ... jealousy is not tolerated and overly emotional scenes will usually cause one to walk away ... this energy is more likely to have platonic friendships because sexual involvements are more emotionally binding than is desired here ... immense popularity and an attraction of many lovers is possible but not of the long lasting variety - romantic attractions are usually sudden and unexpected and can end just as suddenly and unexpectedly as they began!!! ... personal magnetism is directed toward larger concerns than mere romance ... if one wants to remain close to someone under this energy, they must allow their romantic or friendship interest freedom in their relationships with others ...

Venus in Aquarius teaches us how to learn to love through liberation - LOVE MUST BE SET FREE !!! ... there is an open minded and experimental approach to relating and to artistic expression ... it is often difficult for others to see where you are coming from emotionally as ones style can be disconcerting, shocking or just  outright odd !!! ... the ironic twist here is that this energy wants to allow a partner the freedom and space to do as they please, but by giving too much freedom it might actually begin to seem as though the partner doesn't care about you ... the secret though is to learn how to reveal, in a heartfelt way of course, your opinions and questions regarding the freedom of love for the person or persons to whom you feel the closest ...

Venus  in Aquarius can be socially inventive and creatively innovative ... love and friendship absolutely MUST coexist here!!! ... and while there is certainly the idea that with all this unpredictability and need for freedom that lasting love just might be impossible under this energy, one must remember that Aquarius is a FIXED sign !!! ... the energy one might encounter with Venus in Aquarius may include:

POSITIVE: free-loving, idealistic, easygoing, liberal, original lover, non-possessive, unique, mild, cultured, experimental, progressive, eclectic, sparkling, popular, friendly, tongue-in-cheek, convincing, refined, quietly persevering, humane

NEGATIVE: lacks feelings, naive, indiscriminate, erratic, odd lover, unfeeling, peculiar, touchy, insincere, kinky, superficial, promiscuous, impersonal, flattering, sarcastic, stubborn, manipulative, uncompromising, reactionary

Aquarius born individuals, the Universe is energizing you with luck and opportunity while shining the light of love on you for the next few weeks so keep your eyes and ears and heart open and ask for what you want as you just might get it ... Taurus/Libra born, your ruling planet is moving into a new sign - ready to learn some new lessons about LOVE ??? ... for all of us, Venus in Aquarius has the potential to suddenly and unexpectedly pop our eyes wide open to see and realize there is a different way that may be unique and ahead of its time to understand the process of love and how we approach it !!!

Venus remains in Aquarius until January 3rd ... Venus now  joins Mars for its last 13 days transiting through the sign of Aquarius - what a dynamic duo to potentially stir up romance and passion ... just keep in mind that for the last 14 days of this Venus transit Mercury will be RETROGRADE and as tempting as it might be to begin a new relationship especially with Venus and Mars in the same sign especially as exciting as Aquarius, it most likely run into problems and end up going nowhere !!!  ... this is the last full sign transit that Venus will complete before it begins its next retrograde journey which begins on March 4th ,,, Venus will actually complete the transit of Pisces on February 3rd, but due to retrograde motion will return back to 26 degrees 55 minutes Pisces where it completes its next retrograde journey on April 15th !!!

Remember that Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus the planet of the sudden and unexpected, so enjoy this unusual and open minded energy after wading through the rather "vanilla" flavored energy of Venus in Capricorn - which there is certainly nothing wrong at all with, right my fellow Cappies ??? ... and should someone approach you and say "WHOSE YA DADDY ???", just realize they are being infused with this delightfully twisted energy so go for it and play along - you might enjoy it ???

And by all means keep in mind that while Venus transits through Aquarius, and as Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which, among other things, rules Astrology, there is definitely a strong possibility you just might realize there is a "certain" ASTROLOGER out there that you discover you've developed quite a fondness for !!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Mercury began its sharply focused transit through the traditional, reliable sign of Capricorn Friday, December 2nd, at 4:19 PM EST ... Mercury was last in Capricorn from December 16th, 2015 through January 4th, 2016 ... this is the energy of a highly organized mentality ... it is a hard worker that stores up facts and figures for future practical use ... it is cautious and highly methodical as it knows what it wants and exactly how it plans to get it ... the mind as well as the tongue are serious and sensible ... communication is made cautiously, and for those born with this energy in their youth there could be doubt as to ones mental ability therefore yielding a need to prove ones self as having a good mind ... there is sometimes this doubt associated with limited educational opportunities in childhood that may be overcome by further study in adulthood ... words here are usually not spoken until they are well thought out unless, of course, MODIFIED by something else in the natal chart !!!

Mercury in Capricorn can make one appear to be rather formal, authoritative, reserved and self-sufficient which can sometimes inhibit communications with others ... natural logic and cautious planning are oriented towards material success and/or personal responsibilities ... thinking is well-organized ... learning is achieved through persistence, dedication, and steady progress ... one might become a little pessimistic under  this energy by mistakenly focusing on limits rather than potentials ... here we have a Mercury/Saturn (ruler of  Capricorn) relationship that will ultimately give a very structured, organized and well thought out quality to the mind and communicating especially if there is no other energy adversely modifying it !!!

Mercury in Capricorn can make one ambitious, careful, calculating and very patient ... one excels at handling detail and rarely loses sight of the overall picture ... people born under this energy often obtain positions of leadership due to their dependability and their air of authority ... one must guard against becoming too dictatorial though ... the darker side of life is often viewed under this energy, yet a redeeming trait would be the very dry sense of humor bestowed here ...

Mercury in Capricorn teaches us how to think and communicate through what it is we are "building" in our lives ... the mind rules the matter ... it's the organizer ... there is the capability of extended concentration and excellent organization ... one becomes realistic rather than idealistic in the approach to their goals ... little of practical consequence escapes ones attention due to a keen sense of awareness ... think of Mercury in Capricorn like a laser beam - pointed and locked on exactly what it wants and it will know exactly how to get it ... ultimately it is not the facts that ones mind contains that determines its quality - it is how you use your  mind and what you use it for that counts ... another essential lesson of Mercury in Capricorn is to learn to USE concrete facts but NOT be weighed down by them ... when you achieve this, you realize how ridiculous it is being enslaved to material status and belongings ... the energy of Mercury in Capricorn can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: good timing, mentally cautious, not easily fooled, retentive mind, methodical mind, orderly mind, serious when necessary, level-headed, clever, discriminating, shrewd, profits from little, employs others, sober, clear and deliberating mind, strong concentration, painstaking, patient

NEGATIVE: procrastinating, slow learner, skeptical, mentally overloaded, lacking originality and imagination, given to melancholy, boring and rigid, suspicious, devious, avaricious, uses others, stern, dry minded

Mercury now joins Venus, which will be leaving the party on December 7th when it enters Aquarius, and Pluto already transiting through the sign of Capricorn with the Sun to follow in 18 days on December 21st ... that is a LOT of very serious, focused energy encouraging us to build something in our lives that will be practical and long lasting !!!

Use this energy well and you will never lose sight of what really counts the most - your resourcefulness ... be sure to give your mind a break when it needs it, or IT may break !!! ... help to inspire others with a goal that you are able to see more clearly than they can ...

Mercury remains in the sign of Capricorn until ... WAIT FOR IT ... FEBRUARY 7th !!! ... and you wise, informed people out there know exactly why ... Mercury begins its next retrograde journey on December 19th when it will have gotten no further than 15 degrees 8 minutes Capricorn ... during this retrograde journey it will return to Sagittarius on January 4th and retrograde back to 28 degrees 51 minutes Sagittarius  where it stations back into direct motion on January 8th ... so it will have to reenter Capricorn, which occurs on January 12th, a second time to make its complete transit this time around !!!

No doubt my fellow Capricorns and I will come up with some truly scathingly brilliant ideas as it passes through our birth sign and eventually transits over our natal Sun placement ... but many of those brilliant ideas may have to be rethought and tweaked especially if we came up with them between December 2nd and December 19th - and that goes for everyone else as well !!! ... perhaps during the 61 days it will take for this transit of Mercury to completely play out, many of us may find ourselves summing up this transit by the very well known phrase made famous from the television series Dragnet - "JUST THE FACTS MA'AM" !!!