Thursday, February 9, 2017


Jupiter, the planet known as the Great Benefic, and the planet which symbolizes growth, the law, beliefs, ethics, expansion, opportunity, wealth, faith, higher education, travel - long distance, religion,  philosophy, joy, goodwill and often excess and extravagance, began its retrograde journey for 2017 on Monday, February 5th at 1:52 AM EST ... transiting planetary retrogrades are often referred to as global wake-up calls ... usually right before a Jupiter retrograde it will be discovered or become apparent that society, organizations and individuals will have "gone too far" in their desires to expand and grow ... often the actions will have exceeded positive limits which necessitates a time for stepping back ... it is when the "gravy train", as it were, slows down !!!

Jupiter retrograde is a period for everyone to grow internally and prepare themselves for new opportunities that arise when Jupiter stations back into direct motion ... in fact, we could discover that there was an opportunity which arose or was offered and for some reason we did not act on it or simply ignored it ... it is very important now during this period to go and look within in order to develop a better understanding and awareness which hopefully will enable each one of us to figure out if what is being offered to us is what we really want and/or need ...

People born with Jupiter retrograde in their natal chart usually find that society's religions, beliefs, philosophies, and cultural values are not compatible with their own values ... they have to step back from the "norms" and rethink these things on their own in order to develop their own individual "operating systems" ... needless to say, during a transiting Jupiter retrograde, we may all experience this and those born with Jupiter retrograde may experience an enhanced desire to pursue their natal energy in regard to this area of our lives ... as Jupiter goes retrograde roughly every 9 months for a period of about 4 months, there are obviously a lot of people, like yours truly, born with Jupiter retrograde in their natal chart !!!

Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23 degrees 08 minutes Libra... it will retrograde back to 13 degrees 13 minutes Libra during this period ... if you've had a natal chart done and know in which house or houses these degrees lie, you will probably get a good idea where in your life you may have to reconsider "growth" in those areas and whether or not you have gone too far too fast - and this would include "physical" growth as well !!!

Keep in mind that Jupiter in Libra is all about concerns with justice or moral principles in marriage, partnerships and close personal relationships ... its about the balance of reasoning and being impartial ... it's about being successful not only in the eyes of others but your own as well ... it teaches us how to achieve further personal and spiritual growth through how we relate with others ... it's where needs and desires are constantly being weighed against beliefs and values ... it's about learning to deal effectively in a direct, but non combative, manner with others ... and most importantly its about gaining a greater understanding of ones place in the universal scheme of things ... and now that we have been working with this energy since September 9th, it's time to go inward and find out if we can feel the abundance within from what we have been outwardly working on !!!

Sagittarius born individuals, as Jupiter is the ruling planet of your Sun sign, this is your yearly period of review and reflection ... it is time to step back and reflect on what has been going on in your life since Jupiter last stationed direct on May 9th, 2016 ... where have you possibly over-expanded, and what opportunities for growth and expansion have come your way that you either took advantage of or might well have overlooked or even ignored ???

Jupiter remains retrograde until June 9th entirely in the sign of Libra ... this is the only retrograde period Jupiter will have in Libra before it enters the sign of Scorpio on October 10th ... we all should still keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities for growth and expansion that might come our way - yes, even in a Jupiter retrograde ... just wait to take advantage of them until Jupiter resumes its forward motion ... and be careful otherwise you might find that you have overlooked what could ultimately be what benevolent Jupiter so joyously can bring to you -  a once in a lifetime chance !!!

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