Monday, March 20, 2017


The Sun blazed its way into the fiery, intense sign of Aries today, March 20th, at 6:29 AM EDT ... being the first sign of the natural zodiac, you will find many astrologers who will joyfully say - HAPPY ASTROLOGICAL NEW YEAR !!! ... also known as the Vernal Equinox, equal days/equal nights, but more readily known as the beginning of Spring - something we are all bound to put a little more of in our step for now !!! ... however, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere it's the first day of Fall !!! ... the astrological alarm clock has rung and we are awakened from the dream like state the Sun transiting through Pisces may have put many of us in ... we now emerge from those deep emotional waters of Pisces and "dry out" as we proceed to move forward and make potential numerous new beginnings somewhere in our lives as we start taking direct action ...

With the Sun in Aries, one needs to shine in the following ways: through valor and bravery; shine assertively; shine by being first; seek recognition energetically and impetuously; and shine in ones total self-expression ... Since Aries is a fire sign, the Sun is very comfortable here and maybe works a little more efficiently ... we are energized with a desire to start getting things done and begin new projects ...

Aries is a masculine/fire/cardinal (beginnings) sign ... it is active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, and open to change and new experiences ... its symbol is the Ram - assertive, sexual and able to climb to great heights ... its glyph represents the horns and long nose of the Ram ... symbolically the glyph is two half Moons joined by a straight line, which indicates idealism tied to authority and leadership ... its key phrase is "I AM" and keyword is "ACTIVITY" ... anatomically Aries rules the head - Aries born people are often prone to headaches, and sometimes subject to minor injuries around the head and face, and they are also susceptible to harm from fire and sharp instruments as well as being prone to accidents involving high speed ... sometimes they have a tendency to get into violent and dangerous situations ... Aries is the sign opposite of Libra ...

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars - the ancient God of war, aggression and conflict ... it indicates courage, passion, and competition ... Mars deals with your animal nature, desire and sexual energies ... it shows assertiveness, force, power, construction, work, strife, and competition ... it also governs surgery and operations, weapons, war, accidents, inflammation, wounds and cuts, burns, scalds, violence, tools, iron, and steel ... the action of Mars is sudden, self-assertive, and sometimes very disruptive ... its energy can be used destructively and angrily, in a fighting manner, or with courage and strength ... if you've had a natal chart done, where you find Mars is usually where you expend the greatest energy ... my natal Mars is in the 4th house - the house of home among other things - and I work out of my home !!!

Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house of the zodiac ... the 1st house keyword is "IDENTITY" and it is a house of life ... the cusp of the 1st house is known as the Ascendant or Rising sign - a very important point in the natal chart - often said to be the "mask" you wear to the outside world !!! ... it shows what the exact degree and sign was on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth - now you know why birth time is so important in Astrology ... the 1st house mirrors your personality, your natural disposition and tendencies, your individuality and the way you express yourself outwardly ... it shows how people see you - which may be totally different from your natal Sun sign - and the way you want others to see you ... the 1st house represents the way you "package" and "market" yourself ... it represents your physical body, your health and your early childhood years ... it usually characterizes your approach to life, your worldly outlook, your appearance and bearing, and the beginnings of all enterprises ...

The Sun in Aries teaches us how to LIVE THROUGH DOING !!! ... its the pioneer, the champion !!! ... this energy simply wants to get something started as the Will has free reign to express itself in this sign ... challenges that stir one to action are usually met with great enthusiasm ... patience is a lesson to be learned under this energy as the drive is so strong to move and MOVE NOW!!! ... physical, emotional and mental extremes are all desired in Aries which usually make one all the better for experiencing them - but go too far and one can expect to be extremely lonely ... remember what springs from your body or mind is only as good as what dwells in your heart ... the energy of the Sun in Aries can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: assertive, go-getting, crusading, enthusiastic, direct, frank, one-pointed, straightforward, spontaneous, energetic, stimulating, courageous, good starter, warrior caste, leader type, confident, independent, strong-willed, single-minded, original being

NEGATIVE: overly aggressive, unreflective, fanatical, arrogant, blunt, tactless, blind to side-issues, simplistic, impatient, restless, irritating, foolhardy, bad finisher, argumentative, uncooperative, pompous, self-centered, headstrong, thoughtless, intolerant

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN ARIES BORN !!! ... not only is this the time of year to begin a new astrological cycle, but also for YOU to SHINE - which you like to do naturally !!! ... for everyone, it is a time for fresh new beginnings on many levels of ones life ... and even better yet - IT'S TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING - right ???

The Sun now joins Mercury, Venus - currently retrograde - and Uranus already transiting through the sign of Aries - a lot of fiery energy being unleashed so proceed with caution !!! ... Just a reminder, Venus is currently retrograde in Aries which could potentially effect this solar transit for the first 14 days until Venus returns to the sign of Pisces per retrograde motion ... and the final 11 days of this solar transit Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus which is the sign Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is currently transiting through until April 21st ... so the obvious caveat here would be to be very careful about all of these new beginnings you are going to be encouraged to make with all of this fiery energy in play !!!   ... The Sun remains in the sign of Aries until April  19th !!!

Now that Spring has sprung - BOING - at least here in the northern hemisphere, it's definitely time to OPEN A NEW WINDOW ... OPEN A NEW DOOR ... that is if the pollen count isn't too high ... and, as Auntie Mame herself so vivaciously expressed what many would agree describes the feeling one experiences as the Sun transits through the sign of Aries - it's time to  LIVE ... LIVE ... LIVE !!!

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