Friday, March 10, 2017


MARS -  began its plodding transit through the methodical, persistent sign of Taurus yesterday, March 9th, at 7:34 PM EST ... Mars energy is challenged here as now being in the sign Taurus, which is ruled by Venus which rules Libra, and Libra is the sign  directly opposite to the sign Aries which is ruled by Mars ... Mars is therefore said to be in "detriment" in Taurus thus not operating at its full power, and it appears to take on more of the sign's rather than the planets
coloration ... it is said that if a planet is in detriment, it is visiting where it MUST conform to rules and regulations ... and what happens when a fiery planet transits through an earth sign ??? ... there can often be "burning" and "scorching" involved !!! ... Mars was last in Taurus from March 31st through May 11th, 2015 ...

The energy of Mars in Taurus is likely to be naturally sensual and it appreciates the physical gratifications of life ... determination and endurance are often quite strong ... one can assert themselves steadily and stubbornly ... being grounded is very important ... results MUST be tangible ... the energy moves towards consolidation or physical beauty ... one is happiest when they can control a situation and achieve material success through ones own particular personal method ... identity is tied to pleasure, possessions and comfort - too much material focus here will lead to possessiveness and/or overdrive ... sexual drive and physical energy can be very enduring - after all Mars is passing through the sign represented by the Bull !!! - and it can be influenced by a deep appreciation and savoring of the physical senses ... this energy is also frequently referred to as the "slow boiler of the zodiac" as it puts up and up with a situation until you think there will be no anger expressed, and then all of the sudden you see one who is ready to charge at something or someone and meet the situation head on !!! ...  there is good earning power here but one is usually very particular about how one spends their money ... even though one may judge others harshly under this energy, one will usually fight injustice to the bitter end !!!

Mars in Taurus teaches us all about getting what we want or need through stabilizing ... here one is able to progress easily and steadily in the material sphere of life ... however, sometimes one can get stuck dogmatically moving in the same direction unable to change direction ending up spending ones energy in a meaningless and frustrating manner ... the key here is the ability to establish what actually constitutes stability rather than blindly conforming to an overly materialistic society ... the decidedly sensuous nature may also find appealing the idea that ploughing back into the Earth what one has gained from it - in the form of possessions, pleasures or experiences - will naturally produce newer, fresher "fruits of labor" ... this energy likes wealth and comfort, concrete results, being dominated or dominant, taking its time and planning and foresight ... it dislikes wishy-washy relationships, being pushed and changes that are brought about suddenly ... the energy of Mars in Taurus can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: capacity for work, earning power, productive/industrious, methodical, practical, persistent, patient, close to nature, crafts person, mechanically skilled and able, dependable, sexually attractive, sensuous, passionate, executive ability, formidable, powerful reserves of strength

NEGATIVE: materialistic, greedy, wealth for wealth's sake, plodding, boring, slow to change, slow to act, brutish, mechanical and thick-headed, jealous and possessive, smoldering, carnal, intense, vindictive, bullying, violent when pushed

Mars in Taurus needs to identify its "beast" and re-channel its energy and transform its nature ... Taurus born individuals, enjoy this period of that extra burst of energy and use it for something constructive and productive ... just be careful not to "charge" at and knock down others with your boosted personal power ...

A WORD OF WARNING !!! - the effectiveness of this transit of Mars through Taurus could be somewhat compromised as there will be two personal planets, Mercury and Venus, retrograde during this period ... Venus is already retrograde currently in the sign of Aries (ruled by Mars) and Mars is now in Taurus (ruled by Venus) ... that will be the case for the first 25 days of this transit which will actually put the two planets in mutual reception which usually means their energies are blended together in a harmonious and often beneficial way bringing out the best energy the two planets can produce ... however, with Venus retrograde this could potentially impact the effectiveness of the mutual reception ... then on April 9th, Mercury will begin its first complete retrograde journey for 2017 first in the sign of Taurus (ruled by Venus) during the final 7 days of the Venus retrograde and then Mercury will return to the sign of Aries (ruled by Mars) for the final two days of this transit of Mars ... confused yet ??? .... could end up being a very challenging and potentially disruptive 44 day period for many !!!

Mars is currently the only planet transiting through Taurus ... Mars remains in the sign of Taurus until April 21st ... so try to focus on how your material awareness and/or position could end up being of benefit to others ...  oh yes, and be aware you just might end up running into a lot of horny people or finding yourself in the same frame of mind during the next six weeks ... or will you ??? - "Ole" !!!

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