Monday, June 12, 2017


JUPITER  - the planet representing growth, the laws, belief and ethics, expansion, opportunity, wealth, faith, higher education, travel especially long distance, religion, philosophy, joy, goodwill, as well as excess and extravagance - completed its retrograde journey on Friday, June 9th, at 10:04 AM EDT resuming forward motion at 13 DEGREES 13 MINUTES LIBRA ... while Jupiter has been retrograde since February 5th/6th of this year, we have all been rethinking and reviewing our growth and expansion and determining whether or not it may have gone too far too fast and needed some adjustment !!! 

During this period we all have hopefully experienced some kind of internal growth and have been preparing for opportunities that may now become available as Jupiter has stationed back into direct motion ... now is the time to finally determine whether or not what is being offered is something that you truly want and whether or not it will positively promote personal and spiritual growth, or is something that is merely stroking your ego !!!

This Jupiter retrograde period occurred from 23 DEGREES 8 MINUTES LIBRA back to 13  DEGREES 13 MINUTES LIBRA ... if you've had a natal chart done you know where these degrees fall, and the areas of life ruled by the house our houses involved are most likely where situations had gone too far in an effort to produce growth and expansion, and had to be addressed and adjustments made  !!!

Sagittarius born individuals, it is time for you to come out of your "hibernation period" and begin moving forward once again ... so where did you receive illumination and enlightenment and what have you been busy reviewing and rethinking in your lives since February 5th/6th ??? ... what is it that you really want, and what is it that is simply excessive and unnecessary for personal and spiritual growth and expansion ... and we all should have been doing that on some level of our lives !!!

The following is a reminder of what the energy of Jupiter in Libra involves and how it may affect you in your life :

JUPITER  began its transit through the sign of Libra back on Friday, September 9th, 2016 at 7:18 AM EDT ... Jupiter was last in Libra from September 25th, 2004 through October 25th/26th, 2005 ... Jupiter is the planet considered to bestow blessings which we must learn to use wisely and effectively ... Jupiter in Libra indicates a strong concern with justice or moral principals in marriage, partnerships and close personal relationships ...

Jupiter in Libra can bestow a magnetic and very charming personality ... good fortune can come to one through artistic talents and an "eye for beauty" ... this energy is often expressed successfully by talented musicians, painters, interior designers, fashion designers and art collectors ... there is an ability in making friends in high places ... a love of entertainment is prominent ... one can benefit from marriage as it frequently brings with it a good home life, social position, wealth and sometimes a fortunate entry into the business world ... this energy understands that one should rarely start a business all on their own ... as a balance of reasoning and being impartial are strong here, it yields potential for successful judges, lawyers and diplomats ... usually one finds a lot of friends accompanies this energy ... perhaps too many !!!

Jupiter in Libra can yield a great amount of curiosity as it sees opportunity abounding everywhere ... however, one should be very cautious as this energy is so oriented toward working through successful relationships, one can end up following what others say you should do and pursuing an appealing opportunity which is ultimately the last thing you should do ... so it becomes necessary to develop a strength of purpose and concentrate on one particular area in which you desire to succeed ... caution is mandated here so you don't end up being successful in the eyes of others and not your own as well ... 

Jupiter in Libra teaches us about achieving further personal and spiritual growth through how we relate ... this is truly the social "animal" as well as the one who desires to be the peacemaker ... it's about learning to relate fairly and wisely in life ... ones ethical, religious, spiritual and moral influences in their life have a direct influence on the success one achieves through their 
personal/social relationships ... it is said that with Jupiter in Libra one is standing in judgment either consciously or subconsciously with yourself and of others ... needs and desires are constantly being weighed against beliefs and values ... and one must be careful as trying to please everybody can end up causing one to feel they are losing their own identity ... 

Jupiter in Libra can, because of the many potential relationships being pursued, allow one to expand their horizons through travel - especially long distance, higher education, philosophy and/or religion ... as a result one often gains a better understanding of ones place in the Universal scheme of things ... "lucky in love" is usually a prominent theme here ... however, one must be careful as the drive to pursue so many relationships at one time may result in you getting involved with someone just so you won't be alone ... and a word of warning, be very careful about the pursuit of all these varied relationships for now until Mercury completes its current retrograde journey on September 22nd ... otherwise, that will end up being a lot of work and energy poured irresponsibly, as it has the tendency to do with this energy anyway, into developing a relationship that goes nowhere !!! 

Jupiter in Libra yields the potential for talents in dealing with people, teaching, counseling, psychology, meditation, public relations, direct contact forms of advertising and journalistic or literary writing ... the caveats with this extremely enthusiastic energy in dealing with other people include trying to make moral decisions for others, promising more than one can deliver, expecting too many favors and considerations, initiating too many close personal relationships at one time, and lawsuits stemming from unfulfilled legal or financial commitments in regards to business, property, marital or professional matters ... also in relation to matters of health, keep in mind there could be issues, either good or challenging, in regards to the lower back and buttocks, the kidneys as well as the throat, chin, cheeks and sense of taste ... the energy of Jupiter in Libra can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: cultured, cultivating others, encouraging, generous with wealth, well-meaning, conciliatory, greatly sympathetic, enhanced sense of justice, strong morality, considerate, good partner, idealistic, lasting lover, sociable

NEGATIVE: snobbish, patronizing, overly flattering, superficial, too nice, ingratiating, expecting too much, double standards, promising too much, constantly juggling options, disloyal, excessive need for praise

As always, for all of you who have had a natal chart run and know where the 30 degrees of Libra fall, you will probably get a good idea of where in your life there is the potential for the energy of Jupiter in Libra to expand your horizons on your journey through life !!!

For those of you born with Jupiter in Libra, are experiencing your Jupiter return at some point during this transit when Jupiter reaches the degree it was at when you were born ... this return occurs approximately every 12 years as that is how long it takes Jupiter to transit around the zodiac ... Jupiter returns often mark the completion of a cycle of religious, spiritual or philosophical understanding and thus the beginning of major new cycles of growth and progress ... it represents a time when one hopefully sees whether or not they are putting as much into the world as they expect to receive from it ... frequently people who are beneficial for you in some way will come into your life during this time ... and yes, there is always the possible potential to gain from some financial advantage ... one can experience prosperity, opportunity and abundance in the area of life ruled by whichever house in ones natal chart this return occurs ...

Jupiter remains remains in direct motion until March 9th, 2018 and in Libra until October 10th, 2017 not to return until August 24th, 2028  ... Libra born, your one year period with enhanced potential for growth, expansion - hopefully not around the waistline - opportunity 
and out right luck is heading in to its final months - but that is not to say that there won't be other opportunities after Jupiter leaves your birth sign ... be extra careful to keep your eyes and ears open to the many possibilities that may come your way !!!

One should always be trying to live life to the fullest with a steady, quiet self-confidence which is ultimately what Jupiter energy is all about !!! ... to that end, optimistic voices will hopefully encourage us as we all begin to "exuberantly" seek to expand our philosophy of life which in turn potentially will yield more positive personal and spiritual growth !!!

So be prepared as Jupiter moves forward to complete its journey through LIBRA to be focused, concentrated and busy perfecting the fine art of promoting  growth and expansion in your life through positive RELATING !!! 

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