Thursday, June 22, 2017


Mercury began its transit through the domestic, sympathetic sign of Cancer yesterday, June 21st, at 5:58 AM  EDT ... our thought and communicative processes now turn from a highly intellectual mode towards a more emotional mode of operation as the ruler of Cancer is the Moon which, among other things, rules the emotions ... our thinking and communicating often ends up resulting from how we FEEL !!! ... Mercury was last in Cancer from June 29th through July 13th, 2016 !!!

Mercury in Cancer has a way of subconsciously picking up signals from everyone else .. the mind becomes as much a receiver as a transmitter under this energy ... here we have a highly intuitive mode of thinking and communicating ... this placement also usually bestows a very good memory along with strong poetic power ... Mercury in Cancer thinks with the heart and often interprets the meaning of others communications through how it "feels" !!!

Mercury in Cancer does not always say everything it is feeling as it tries to avoid hurting itself and others as well with careless ill-spoken comments ... one is very protective of their thoughts ... it likes to nurture ideas and encourage growth before sharing ... one uses emotions as well as logic and often may end up letting sensitivities sway ones decisions ... subconscious fears, habits, or prejudices could inhibit ones objectivity or openness to the new !!!

There is usually an above-average psychic ability ... one learns through absorbing their experiences and making emotional connections ... interest here may include family, the home, the land, the past, the public or security ... Oh yes, we most definitely may find ourselves thinking about food A LOT, and hopefully that thinking doesn't become a nasty habit of overeating causing us to expand in ways we would rather NOT !!!

Mercury in Cancer teaches us the importance of about thinking through nurturing ... it is a caring mind ... one has to be careful not to take everything so personally here ... it is important to remember to look at the facts in addition to the opinions of others ... it is also important to remember and be aware that each one of us is our own source of light and warmth ... most importantly it is necessary to make a collection of good memories that will give rise to clear and positive thinking ... the energy of Mercury in Cancer can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: mentally tenacious, good memory, reliable, sensitive mind, poetic, intuitive, agreeable, absorbs information, attuned to public opinion, profound, polite, softly-spoken, discreet, diplomatic, arouses sympathies, emotionally appealing, persuasive speaker

NEGATIVE: mentally habit-ridden, distracted, inflexible, overly impressionable, impractical, irrational, yes-person, too open, taking things too personally, depressive, self-conscious, unclear, incomprehensible, diffuse,  prejudiced, untruthful

Mercury now joins the Sun having begun its transit through the sign of Cancer just hours earlier, and Mars which is about halfway through its transit of Cancer - that's a lot of "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" !!! ... Mercury remains in the sign of Cancer until July 5th ... only one more full sign transit to go, that being through Leo, until Mercury begins its next retrograde journey for 2017 on August 12th ,,, Mercury will actually complete its initial transit through Leo but due to retrograde motion will return for a brief period .... the next Mercury retrograde period occurs from August 12th through September 5th going from 11 degrees 38 minutes Virgo back to 28 degrees 25 minutes Leo !!!

While Mercury is transiting through the sign of Cancer, one should realize that the natural ability to influence others is worthy of only our highest motives ... tuning in to ones finer feelings and expressing them is ultimately more rewarding ... and finally, try to focus on what you are after, who you are with and why ... and then stick with that !!! ... and by all means - enjoy the mental trips down memory lane as they will surely "light the corners of your mind" !!!

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